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"Seven Alpha" Community Terms
(Effective July 1st 2021)


SHADOWDANCERS PRESS, now known as SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS (SDP) or "SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP" since the early 1990s, was a member in formation of the HTML Writer's Guild, International Game Developers Association, and other groups including convention hosting services in the 1990s for tabletop and miniature (28-32mm scale) hobby wargames and fiction themed "Fantasy and horror" literature for young audiences.

Attempts to disrupt the firm by criminal elements in the late 1990s disabled the well known Warhammer 40,000 content site run by the firm, and sought to impersonate the owner, author of "Celestial Knights: Beyond War", known among event promoters since 1992 as "Stryx" - a computer engineer and telecommunications administrator over accounts for national services including Best Buy USA, Toshiba America, BankONE, Southwestern Bell Internet Business Services, Yahoo, and PeoplePC. These acts included abusing his child, then a newborn, to seek false claims of equity and rights over his business, works, and publications in 2001-2021.

Properties in this field have sold for over $432 million USD in 2018-2021, and represent a $2 billion USD global licence. Effort to aid or support the false claims including concealment of a child to extort or harass the firm will be themed criminal activity in Interstate racketeering already under Federal criminal complaint contrary an order for custody refused service by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to violate 45 CFR 303.6 Federal Law.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP producted impression brands in computer services including "DREAM ENGINE", "DREAM MACHINE", "ADVANCED GAMING SYSTEM (AGS)", "Bastion Hosts" workstations and network architecture, and "MILITECH SYSTEMS"; in addition to the registered marks "STRYX", "BEYOND WAR", "CROSSBLADES", and other trademarks.

Organized infringement by members of the convention promotion community and self-described music promoters not lawfully registered, in concert with NPR affiliate stations in Enid Oklahoma and Dallas Texas, aided in this fraud to conceal and extort the company from 2001-2021. Federal Law prohibits this abuse as 18 USC 666 felony activity and such law enjoins all states comply per 2017 February Federal Register Deadline issued in Volume 81 Number 244; or file suit to exclude themselves from 45 CFR mandatory rule making those claims prior embezzlement at-law.

Due to this 2001-2021 legal case, the firm has closed its ordinary public access to appointment and qualified persons only, subject background check, citing attempted murder and multiple deaths of associates during this fraud.

The firm has been vindicated by 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091, 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647, and 593 U.S. ____ (2021) case no 20-157 (Caniglia v Strom) affirming the violation and fraud imposed by 18 USC 2071 false claims to sustain this abuse; a criminal corruption of the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE during heavy unlicensed use of the brand and name in computer products and services, literature, and fiction in an concerted effort to support progressive socialist movements in the United States funded by Saudi Arabia, Nation of Japan, and People's Republic of China during acquisition of Verio Inc, Sprint, and other clients of the SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS owner/founder systematically, including NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2020 September for SOFTBANK GROUP CORP. The firm cites this abuse in concert with fraud and joint $9 billion ventures to disable labor laws in the UNITED STATES and UNITED KINGDOM by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD as component to the claims of fraud made in kidnapping for ransom of the child in FR-18-04 and related 01-17702-R fraud in 2001-2021.

Consultation and media services are subject to approval, and not available or granted sale to members of the prior firms due to this ongoing abuse, information gathering, and over 300,000 false requests per day transmitted from 2018 November to 2021 May to network services in disruption activity by persons named in formal criminal complaint to the prior matter, an ongoing fraud to disrupt U.S. business in kidnapping, human trafficking, debt bondage, and embezzlement of benefits from the United States Treasury (18 USC 666), a qui tam fraud (31 USC 3729a) under formal civil and criminal complaint. Employees of NTT Group and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, and their affiliates, are barred from all communication with the firm and its employees, as well as barred from all services and offers. Identical bans are in effect for TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and their employees and associates, due to threats in writing in 2007-2013 of an explicit and criminal nature to extort.

The Firm is therefore selective of its clients, access to its offices, publications and notices of employee activity and whereabouts, and operates in a manner consistent with a Military Security Clearance level of access control.

  • The Firm owns several characters, including "Stryx", a 1992 character created by James Allen for performance work in public theater and demonstrations. No sale or license of this character has been made to any foreign firm, and all such work and imitation are unlicenced activity to defraud. "STRYX" is a registered trademark of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., and protected in first use rights so demonstrated in registry in 1992 and prior 1987 work.

  • The Firm is an Affiliate of "Twitch Interactive, LLC", and owns character art and voice performance work on display without license or transfer there, including "ACID SQUIRREL" and other intangible property themed art or performances. Terms and conditions of use and sub-licensing apply.

  • The Firm is the developer of multiple domain properties, and such work for hire and contract does not entitle any company to seek claims over client work or properties by virtue of association or work for hire, nor are any properties pledged as collateral or subject taking in value for civil claims, per 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091, settled law.

  • The Firm has multiple registered impressions, in use throughout the 1990-2021 period, and use of those fictitious names to suggest fraud by the firm for their lawful use is securities fraud; a felony.

  • The Firm designs and sells high-value computers known as workstations and enterprise servers. These products are used for computer generated imaging and visual effects post production in film and media. Citation of products and applications used in major feature films to direct customers to vendors and work performed does not constitute a claim of ownership of the films or studio end-user work as legal property. Failure to regard this is criminal fraud.

  • The Firm has worked with FASA CORPORATION, PIRANNA GAMES, and other companies with various degrees of confidentiality and resulting compliance with certain companies in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, and China. Any attempt to defraud the firm of its work or characters in property not made express licensed sale by SHADOWDANCERS LLC of those works constitutes fraud and infringement in violation of the Berne Convention, and may result in legal action.

  • The Firm has worked with many pen-and-paper publishers for games including STEVE JACKSON GAMES and R. TALSORIAN demonstration of obscure properties. Any influence or artwork adopted from our employees or their characters is not component of authorized use, and unauthorized reproduction. Claims to suggest 1999 filsm or other works of fashion or screenplays contained in our protected works are imitation will be treated as fraud by the claimaint to a criminal degree.

  • The Firm deals in intellectual property rights for domestic clients, citing a pattern of theft in this industry initially widely recognized in appropriation of Harmony Gold properties and images, designs, and products now settled cases. Efforts to deceive the public as to the rights of the license or content owner will be treated by criminal by the firm on first contact or discovery, and part of a criminal fraud if sustained against enforcement of the rights of the firm or any property owner to recovery and reputation (Oklahoma, Article II-6 and Title 76 section 76-1 and 76-6 rule).

  • The Firm therefore restricts its professional work to contract in writing only, disclaiming all oral contracts or other understanding not in print and so registered, a formal contract. Any attempt to contest this policy will be construed as fraud. Unregistered persons and non-registered businesses will not be considered for contract, citing enforcement standards of a minimum $1 million USD liability of any agent to any agreement a minimum commitment for rights in any limited use or grant.

  • Persons not familiar with the registered agent contract rule of formal business are therefore denied access and entry to any person in the capacity of a SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. or SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or similar registered impression; and must make appointment to seek busienss or negotiations with prior claim of record to be heard. This is for the protection of the public and content creators, for whom the officer or agent is representative in rights enumerated at law and for limited commercial use not subject layperson or inferred claims without contract of registry.

  • Any attempt to "persuade" by coercion (illegal demands) will terminate negotiations and may bar or void prior agreements fully. All conduct and suggested consequences, claims, and threats will be viewed in a legal context as if a matter of record and before open court by the firm. Conduct yourself accordingly. Legal conditional offers and enforcement are not subject to this penalty, but must be expressly supported by law and statute. Any act outside those authorized at law will be construed a potential criminal threat. Repetition of such abuse will be construed as harassment, and in unsolicited contact as Federal felony stalking subject a formal criminal complaint (18 USC 2261A).

  • "Casual" events so labeled will prohibit all busienss and agreements from having binding force without subsequent registered meeting on the schedule and formal contract endorsement barring all external and oral agreeemnts. Gatherings and forums under these terms are clearly labelled, and separate from explicitly "formal" designated meetings of record. On appointment you will be asked if this is a "Formal" or "Casual" meeting - the terms of which will set the terms of such communication in legal rule.

  • All product demonstrations, public appearances, employee appreciation events, and unscheduled meetings are themed "Casual" by rule; and the prior terms apply contrary any other claims or intent of parties, having no authorization to deal "as the firm" in concert with this rule. Casual events are for "fun" and not designed to allow side channel access or dealings with the firm.

  • Disputes incorporating "magical belief" or "supernatural" character claims are delusions or products of competitor abuse of the courts and the public to suggest confusion between literary fiction, content creators, performers in theatrical works, and to coerce and damage rights holders in claims of property and child kidnapping for extortion in human trafficking activity pending present legal criminal complaint. Use of "Minds Eye Theater" products does not constitute a "sale" or "ownership" or "transfer" of performance or character rights to WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING or any other firm (PARADOX INTERACTIVE) or their owner (TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD). Fraud to suggest this right to sale of "STRYX" or similar sounding character and persona, is a fraud and foreign export of UNITED STATES registered property without license, similar to bootlegging or unlicensed use of GODZILLA or other character, a legal fiction and intangible property of immense value.


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Notice: Limited Offers to Oklahoma Residents Only and Minimum Solicitation Rule
Due to repeated fraud by a $100 billion foreign firm in 18 USC § 1951 violation, notice of false sale and false offer of securities by that firm is obligated public report pertaining rules set by the Oklahoma Securities Commission and Securities Act of 1934 (United States). All offers, claims, and representation not in line with the following should be construed as Federal identity theft and false securities offers by known felons in Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, California, and outside the United States pertaining the following equity or tokens. Any sale solicitation or prospectus published outside of the State of Oklahoma by non-issuer parties is a felony kidnapping act.
PREFERRED A$1000 USD $ 1.0 B

What is a Non Fungible Token (NFT). What do they do according to the Wall Street Journal. NFTs allow terms to be incorporated in the use, display, performance, sale, transfer, or other legal action. You can understand how this works for other tokens explained here.

The prior tokens are not stored on the etherium or other cryptocurrency blockchain, and are for Seven Alpha users. NFTs allow for royalty payments to the original artist on each subsequent sale, making them popular among some audiences.

We use NFT products to track ledgers separate from fungible blockchains that may be regulated, in a private network that requires similar terms and conditions without royalties or other fees. NFTs are not stock nor copyright filings, and are for terms of service use only as specified. "minting" NFTs is the term used for public blockchains. Private blockchains do not allow external or public general use of these contracts. Musicians are using the NFT strategy to redefine licensing.

NFT technology allows us to verify our customers use or transfer of NFT rights Tokens without a high risk of counterfeit. SDP does not encourage "speculating" on NFTs or any digital asset, and employs the technology only for its direct use in rights management and membership.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are an established contract honored by the United States in INTERSTATE COMMERCE already, so shown in established transactions at Christie's Auction House in Rockefeller Center, New York City (NY). NFT are essential, as the UNITED STATES has disavowed its duty to honor equity in children and protection of Social Security Estates violating 45 CFR 303.6 and 303.100 in FR-18-04, a case violating 18 USC 3161 Federal Law from November 2018 to 2021, a matter under complaint in 31 USC 3729(a) "qui tam" themed 44 billion USD fraud.

A foreign firm and its employees and contractors, in concert with a child abduction (21 O.S. § 21-891) have undertaken a false securities campaign to aid in 21 O.S. § 21-1732 activity in organized Interstate Racketeering (18 USC Chapter 96) with local and State officials. These acts, themed 18 USC § 666 embezzlement, 31 USC § 3729(a) "false claims", 18 USC § 2071 false records, and 23 O.S. § 23-9.1 "spoliation" activity affording unlimited damages, appear in concert with terrorism in 2001-2021 violating the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act now onging against our firm in an industrial espionage and industrial sabotage action by Nation of Japan, People's Republic of China, and affiliates of those foreign sovereign powers in the United States acting as unregistered foreign agents in concert with taking for concealment of a newborn child violating a court order. The purpose of which is a RIGHT TO WORK (OK Const. XXIII-1A) violation, now evident in broad campaign of national sabotage activity by a hostile foreign power in 2019-2021.

The purpose of such fraud is to force the sale of the firm or forfeiture for $100,000 USD in violation of Federal Law (45 CFR) and on a false-bond not authorized by contracting states, for which property valued in excess of $2 billion USD per year is incorporated value and targeted explicitly in writting for larceny of trade secrets and registered trademark infringement so confessed in writting and false bill of sale claims. Thus far, this activity has included impersonation of officers, false calls to state and Federal agencies, Theft of U.S. Mail, Interstate Wire Fraud, Welfare Fraud, threat of murder, threat of sexual assault against minors and the elderly, property damage to terrorize including home invasion and carjacking, battery with serious injury, and written sustained threat of serious injury or death sustained in 2001-2021 by the parties in multiple states cooperating in the concealment and kidnapping of a minor child to extort and blackmail.

Systematic stalking of clients, employees and known associates by the Texas-based group have led to increased privacy practices by the firm, pursuant a formal 18 USC § 2261A felony stalking complaint filed in concert with this Interstate Organized Racketeering and false claims to violate 76 O.S. § 76-6 and § 76-8, and false claim of waiver of rights not afforded the civil court as a power in 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 and Constitutional Law Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 (OK Const).

Specific issues in The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 and The Clayton Act of 1914 are raised in a 47 page Federal Trade Commission complaint, citing the three businesses involved and $9 billion USD investment in Uber, Epic Megagames, Riot Games, Paradox Interactive, Verio Inc., and related real estate investment trust entities engaging in knowing violation of FTC rules prior made against the foreign sovereign responsible. Federal law prohibits all claims against the Oklahoma victims and Oklahoma firms targeted in this fraud, and renders them void explicitly by operation of law.

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"Militech Systems" and "Militech.ORG" are registered tradenames of SDP Multimedia Group of Oklahoma. Additional peripheral packages are available from Militech Systems and Militech Operational Readiness Group. Base systems are available from SDP Multimedia Group.
Example Workstations
Prices Shown are "Well Equipped" Heavy Machines by RTI

Stryx.64-3090AMD 3990X CPU$29,750
Warlock.32-3090AMD 3970X CPU$25,250
Isomer.24-3090AMD 3960X CPU$19,950

Designs depend on current market availability and technical support. Each design spans 10 years of support agreement. All AGS Agreements include ten years of support and service assistance. Upgrade pricing is based on this agreement.

Well Equipped "Heavy Machines" are computer workstations, designed for gaming and industrial applications. Unlike "office" PCs and clerical-data PCs, these machines are built for multi-role media content creation in an H.264/265/HLS environment. Features include discreet sound processor technology capable of high quality audio mastering work, playback, and performance audio and hardware video production core availability.

Event - - - Age Limitations

A summary of services and events. Not all services and performances are open to the general public. Membership in Seven Alpha and other services may be required for access to cooperative events, online multiuser environments, and other notices.

Disclosure of event times and locations, attendees, and any form of solicitation or release of information themed confidential to members will be subject to restrictions and possible suspension or termination of privileges associated with guests, passess, and memberships.

These steps are for the safety of members, citing prior threats against TWITCH.TV streamers, family, property, and animals.

The safety of our members is paramout to our entertainment and mature audience science fiction, literature, and horror products, performances, and meetings which contain critical performance and theatric review of subject matter from World War II and other political matters in history.

Competitor efforts to discredit or disbar the right to these business activities while they are holding, concealing, or injuring children should be considered a serious indication of the need for privacy and confidential nature of such all-ages and MPAA rated content ordinary for television or broadcast network standards and events.

All content is suitable for ages 24 and up. Minors without an adult will not be permitted access or services.

Persons under the age of 18 will not be permitted entry to some events. Children under 13 must be given waiver to attend, affording proper child care and a responsible party themed a legal guardian or parent.


Omniserve Hosting

Single User Virtual Servers with Management by our SA-Op Desk.

Omniserve hosts are virtualized single-server instances, allowing the presentation of a virtualized server for full backup on dedicated physical hardware, affording upgrade and flexibility with single-tenant power not found in other virtual server instances.

Single-Tenant virtualized servers are a boutique industry for dedicated clients, affording power of dedicated hosting with security and future technology protection of virutalization, and full ownership of qemu images not often available from volume hosting solutions.

Pricing depends on market rate and availability.


Heavy Machine™ and AGS

Industrial Class Computers for Interactive Media and Online Game Content Developers like, built to support streaming and realtime Ray Tracing (RTX) game environments. Heavy Machines and AGS are not 'Office Computers', used for desktop document and Internet surfing. This is industrial computing.

Heavy Machines and AGS have merged with AMD 3900XE and 7742 chipset launch this September 2019. Affording 12-128 cores per workstation.

Learn More...


XCORE™ 10-year-service

Modular Computer Core Technology for Heavy Machine and AGS platforms offering a 10 year service plan. Each SDP workstation has a 10 year life plan, with upgrade options at 36 and 72 months to optimize their lifespan in production up to ten full years of business use.

Learn why some computers are so fast and others not.


Game Servers Group (GSG)™

Ada Oklahoma's private server list, whitelist access, and member support services. Exclusive assistance on event planning. Members receive promotion and community channel assistance. GSG is a private social community of high-end media users in the Pontotoc County area (Oklahoma, USA), who assist new members with streaming and online community development to monetize their time. As a business group, all members are expected to be 24 years of age or higher, and comply with conduct and ethics terms.


Seven Alpha and Beyond War™

Overview of the Manifold Space Engine RTX C++ project known as "Beyond War™" under exclusive development by SDP Multimedia Group of Ada, Oklahoma. Seven Alpha provides security and PKI authentication for users of our Beyond War simulation product. Overt industrial espionage by United States companies and Citizens led us to secure our offering to other nations after fraud in Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan to force us to conceed our product in violation of Federal Law. Learn more...


Managed Cloud Hosting

Major companies offer virtual servers for free, so we do not host physical equipment in the City of Ada for the general public. We manage hosting and server infrastructure for clients who meet our criteria as legitimate businesses and organizations. Customers are protected from networks known to be hostile to our country like NTT Group, NPR affiliates Gebhart Broadcasting, and other radical progressive Hegelian movement NGOs. If you cannot see our site, it is because you are permanently BANNED.


Business-Class TeamSpeak3™

Servers over 32 users and for any commercial activity by any unregistered not-for-profit group, a commercial license is required. Commercial users can charge, sublet, etc. We also offer gamer license for non-commercial use on request, for groups over 10 members, who are willing to contract for services per year.


Computer Network Systems Consulting

Mr. Allen and his associates in Norman Oklahoma accept limited contracted projects related infrastructure and media applications of packet-switched network technology starting at $35,000 USD per quarter. Projects are term limited and defined by written scope, subject exclusive enumerated deliverables, and are not open-ended subcontractor labor roles suited for junior I-IV positions. The cadre represent 25 years of computer science practicum per member, and do not accept PhD or industry candidates credentials for this scope of work (tier V+).


Charitable Work

The firm has performed charitable work for disabled persons in Blanchard and Norman Oklahoma, and support free voice conferencing commercial software services for members of the Oklahoma community who are legally disabled or unemployed due to disability or injury. Efforts to misrepresent these grants or programs as money to any event, such as Soonercon did in 2010, in false claims, will be met with legal action and criminal complaint. Members of any charity which wishes to apply must be registered and their officers identified in the formal registry prior preliminary review. We thank James Clark, DDS, for his substantial work for our patients dental needs in Ada OK.

Policy Statement

After 45 years of software development, the criticism and harassment of regional companies to infringe upon our work, marks, and efforts in overt blackmail have left our confidence in the United States very low.

Acts of child kidnapping to extort and blackmail our company are facts documented in confession and record of fraudulent order requiring the return of the child not performed or honored in any way over 2001-2019 contrary demand of a writ of habaes corpus and unlawful false claims in fraudulent "final judgment" in excess of $100,000 USD through criminal conspiracy against State and Federal Law so alleged in formal complaint in this matter now before the District Court.

Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions in 588 U.S. Case #17-647, 586 U.S. Case #17-1091, and prior 564 U.S. 431 rulings in combination with Federal Register Vol 81 Number 244 changes in policy to 45 CFR and other rules, are the sole reason we are still supportive.

Acts against these rulings are 18 USC § 2383 "rebellion and insurrenction" against the laws of the United States, and their suppression and denial as decided law are 18 USC § 2384 "sedition" against the laws of the United States. We take these matters by the States against the United States and American People very seriously, and do not tolerate fraud or terrorist hoax (21 O.S. § 21-1268) abuse in this business or its community.

Likewise, claims that we will not honor our warranties or provide service due to: 1.) unlawful interference; 2.) intimidation by publications in fraud and terrorist hoax activity; 3.) arrest or other form of criminal intimidation on no legal cause; 4.) capitalization of firm in market compared to other channels; 5.) claims of fault in competency or character derived from the taking and concealment of a child illegally by custom or fraud; are violations of 21 O.S. § 21-1200, § 21-836, and/or § 21-837. These are crimes in the State of Oklahoma, and will be regarded as criminal activity on observation, discovery, or utterance before any agent or officer of the firm as coercion described in 22 U.S.C. § 7102 and/or 21 O.S. § 21-748(A)(1).

As such, do not engage in this behavior without accepting our prior disclaimer that your name and affiliation will be recorded and disclosed for your conduct in perpetuity and before a federal and state criminal felony complaint in organized racketeering activity prohibited by 18 USC § 1951 and/or § 1961; or other clauses in Title 15 Chapter 41 Subschapter V of the United States Code or other powers (76 O.S. § 76-9) related.

Claims of mental health defect to justify this condict either in your person or against the parties you are defaming by slander and libel are also criminal activity and subject to this 22 O.S. § 22-31 right of resistance by public notice and citation, should you violate on face 43A O.S. § 43A-5-104 or any section subject to the riot act of the State of Oklahoma or other criminal code.

If you are unaware of the laws of the State of Oklahoma, you are obligated to contact an attorney and conduct yourself accordingly to our "privileges and immunitiies" per the recent 586 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-1091 ruling against this fraud in the Supreme Court.

All communication with this firm falls under INTERSTATE COMMERCE code and is subject to United States Code (USC) and Oklahoma Statutes (O.S.) as well as the protections of the Article IV section 2 and 4 rule of the Constitution of the United States and Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 domestication of those codes and language in full as prescribed in the prior United States Supreme Court ruling as superior to State and Federal law in matters of pecuniary fines, forfeiture, or other claims based upon such acts of the State or Federal Legislature, as made prior notice in 42 USC § 1981 and 1994; and also in 15 USC § 1673(c) rule against both State and Federal agents and courts and their legislatures explicitly barring the terrorist hoax known as alleged order 01-17702-R.

You have been duly notified and served, per your request of this page.



Frequently Asked Questions

New Format

Because of criminal harassment, we have reduced our website for Brazillian and South American Nazis who keep sending sexually explicit threats of rape and murder to our family members and staff. This should eliminate any confusion as to what remedy at law is affordd our company to identify the employees of Robert Half Technologies, Tek Systems, NTT Group, Equinix, and their affiliates who are engaging in ongoing harassment from 2007-2020 in concealment and kidnapping of a minor child to extort.

Employees of the prior firms are prohibited from use and all communication without legal counsel or similar legal duty in writing by U.S. Mail only. Violation will be construed as felony stalking (18 USC 2261A) and harassment.

Fraud Notices

Entertainment Streams

Disclaimer: Programs on are for entertainment purposes.

Like television, they do not represent real-life people or events. Efforts to portray such entertainment as factual characterization of performers will be viewed as a mental health issue and referred to law enforcement for state prosecution of harassment, stalking, or claims violating 43A Oklahoma State Statutory Code 43A-5-104 (a crime).

Our content is written from a military veteran perspective, has an age limit posted, and is unsuitable for minors without parental permission, like a RESTRICTED (R-Rating, MPAA) film due to subject matter including war, politics, and matters of Supreme Court determined law discussed.

The Acid Squirrel

Acid Squirrel is a deviant little bastard, killer of men, and hunter of the MMO-RPG Battle Royale, proving you don't have to be human to be humongous horn in the side of other players and teammates.

Acid Squirrel is "Jacks Angry Spirit Animal" from a movie about soap, seeking revenge on all that is progressive, narcissistic, and dumb. The Shwartz is with him, and a few hundred rounds of 7.62 AP.

Acid Squirrel (character) began playing Mechwarrior Online in beta, where small fast scout mechs weighing 20-35 tons are called 'squirrels' in tactics. The meme "Do Not Chase the Squirrel" became the basis for his callsign as a forward operator and scout - striking 75-100% of enemy players in first contact action employing fire-and-maneuver tactics.

Acid Squirrel also appears as a psychotic manager in Oxygen Not Included playthroughs - driving dupes (simulated workers) to their comic demise, and again in Fallout 76 as a kill-crazy little post apocolyptic "Insurance salesman" in the Wasteland, selling "Squirrel Insurance" before gunning down hordes of undead customers and robots who do not buy a policy.

Effort to confuse this comedy with real life is both tragic and sad delusion of a mentally ill person watching an online entertainment program - and evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN letters to ALLEN and his family by the Dallas family concealing the abducted Oklahoma child.

H.M. Stryx

Game Testing in Alpha and Commentary from an acidic tone by our in-house developer.

Herr Magus Stryx literally means "Mister Mage Owl", and has been in gaming and events since 1992. He is cranky, vulgar, and to the point. If you don't like that, or have a mental illness that can't deal - GTFO.

Critical thinkers who don't have a narcissist or sociopath complex are welcome. Prior advice to others. Real talk.

The Trademark

"STRYX" is a registered trademark of our firm in class 38 publications and literature, pertaining to science fiction and online electronic media, and has been in use since 1992. Efforts to resell or use the name during the 2001-2019 kidnapping for ransom of a newborn child are alleged felony 21 O.S. § 21-891 'child snatching' now under criminal complaint.

The Kidnapping

Infringement of which is designed to influence the legal right to voter sufferage in Oklahoma, cause forfeiture of estate, and damage trade secrets by employees of a Texas and Michigan corporation acting in Volksverhetzung (hate speech, promoting genocide) against American developers based on eugenics in the FBN1 genetic delta and effort to promote 'forced labor' to resolve pecuniry fines (18 USC 1589) ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL as of Feb 20 2019 in 586 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-1091 by 9-0 in the United States Supreme Court, barring the fraud from ever having legal life in 2019.

Company Policy

We take these acts by the Progressive Democratic Party of the United States very seriously, and consider them war crimes as of 2019, in violation of 18 USC §1091 and 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 fraud aginst the laws of the United States. Acts to kidnap and conceal children of American Service members shall be themed as rebellion, insurrection, sedition, and treason by this office and its officers.

A formal criminal complaint, made possible by P100 2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling, followed by 586 U.S. ____ 2019 docket #17-1091 and 588 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-647 made possible this notice after 17 years and 9 months of suppression under color of law and in violation of 22 U.S. Chapter 78, 18 USC Chapter 95 and 96, and 21 O.S. 21-748 State law in felony activity spanning 2001-2019.

Horror Hosting

Join our horror host to talk about monsters in science fiction and film every week in context to upcoming "Beyond War" titles and products.

Learn about modern horror in social fiction and the issues that new media have created which force political writers to hide their work.

See how horror - like the 1950s Twilight Zone - helps keep writers from being targeted by violence in Western socialism and progressive "hate speech" movements.

With collective identity politics, sometimes you have to wear the face of a monster to speak about the dignity and values of being a man and of family without overt reprisal.

Our programs are based on the recognition of this fundamental "dignity" as expressed in Article II-6 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and United States Executive Order 13563.

Recent rulings by the Supreme Court in case 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 588 U.S. 17-647 affirm this fraud, and illustrate how the use of monsters to portray human and humanist values in the science fiction of James Allen relate to prior 1950s works by Serling, Roddenberry, and Matsumoto - later made famous in film and art. Efforts to suppress or sell this body of work and rights are at the center of the child concealment and extortion activity, and such fraud to discredit the work as a property or patent exclusive of the content and themes expressed therein an express effort to cause 'civil death' and 'forfeiture of estate' in prior Lebensborn and Lebensraum claims of progressive terrorism against Jews and Poles in the 1930s and 1940s, repeated in PETERSEN v ALLEN in 2019.

The works discussed are themed to teach lessons against genocide, eugenics, and discrimination based on wealth and earnings which undermine the dignity of individuals in favor of the state or collective.

As such, they have evoked extreme hatred from left-wing extremists themed terrorists in 2001-2019, and active threats to harm the business and family arising from this abuse affirm the hate speech and gender based violence which our horror hosting is designed to oppose and educate against.

Literary interpretation of man against nature and man against society are central to most of the works, and discussed while playing various games like Fallout 76 and social battle royale (death celebration contests), as those areas are the most frequent place to find candidates who need the ethical and social counselling.

We consider this an outreach program to audiences that are under-served by public schools and family programs, and a civil rights project.

Code: "Seven Alpha"

Discuss the liberty and security aspects of a dedicated network like that of The Russian Federation and other nations resisting social sabotage by terrorism under color of law in 2000-2019.

Seven Alpha™ is based on the concept of the "individual estate", a universal legal person in which rights are attributed and may be estimated in any injury against any "single individual" regardless of benefit to the community or other claims of "general welfare" notwithstanding.

This substitution of person in pronoun has become the standard for Oklahoma

Article II-36A discrimination tests, and is our baseline for all policy.

An injury to "The One" is an injury to all. Any "One", in the objective sense of Ayn Rand, and without qualification to prove their "contribution" prior the affirmation of rights and protections.

When you start seeing people resort to "mental health" to deflect from criminal wrongdoing, there's something there that obligates society to come to the defense of a person so accused and ask "why".