SDP Multimedia Group

Established in 1991, the firm provides services for Shadowdancers Digital Press (SDP), a science fiction gaming community in Southeastern Oklahoma. SDP owns and develops several intellectual properties including Beyond War.

Oklahoma PC Gaming League

SDP manages the Windows PC gaming group in Ada Oklahoma. Members receive wholesale pricing on PC components, updates, newsletter, email, and registered rank on TeamSpeak 3 Servers Hosted by the company on designated servers.

Membership is $49 USD per year.


  • Automatic Drop Invites and Free TeamSpeak Server Use
  • Advertise your twitch Channel to get instant local followers
  • Pre-release news on new AMD and NVidia product testing
  • Weekly and monthly event schedue to meet other players
  • Discounts on headsets, voice, and video equipment
  • SMS text notifications of event starts

Fees support Hosting Service Internet and Administration Costs


TeamSpeak 3 Hosting

SDP provides TS3 hosting using a minimal set of TeamSpeak 3 voice conference software to protect our users from common exploits and attacks.

Use of a non-standard query port, manual agent assisted configuration, minimal bots, and 99% idle processor goals lead to the highest capacity performance TS3 servers found in the world.

Lease a TEAMSPEAK 3 Server right now


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