Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS)

Modern computers are now commonplace at $200 to $1200 in price range at retail stores. Many consumers are unaware of the professional grade of computers due to this target price in the consumer market of the United States.

Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS), or 'Heavy Machines'™, are computers in the $2000 to $10,000 range designed for content creators using modern processor and graphics systems. Smaller systems in price contain only 25-50% of the capability of a basic Heavy Machine™, crippled to create a consumer electronics model.

Professional gamers, video streamers, and high level content creators working with television and media are familiar with the technology used in these business class 3D and multiprocess-intensive service areas of industry.

Features include M.2 drives - which are faster than SATA interfaces - as well as high end ray-tracing 3D cards for new levels of realism in broadcast video content generated in real-time video games. Other features include performance ram to minimize delays in scene load and maximize response times for competitive play, high frequecy peripherals for precision aim and control, and high frequency displays for higher-than sports-quality presentation and capture of real-time interactive events.

In performance of game events and gameplay, or creation of content and multi-tasking, these systems grossly out perform consumer products giving users an unfair advantage against consumer players in online games and media.

Heavy Machines™ are recognizable by their large format expansion and case size which allows longer life, upgrade plans and solutions over a 10 year period, and power to operate large arrays of systems and tools in a single machine, drawing less power than multiple computer rigs common in start-up video production and gameplay.