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About Beyond War

Beyond War is a ship-to-ship MMO RPG game based on network software and hardware available via the IP7A private network.

The game has been in public development since 1991 and dealt several setbacks in deployment due to criminal conduct by the United States and its member States in actions of industrial espionage and direct violation of International Law.

Beyond War questions the use of strategic weapons of mass destruction in a large scale online universe under player control, and challenges concepts in automated remote technology warfighting, with a story centered on humanist values and hard science fiction.

Due to key elements of Beyond War, found in blockchain and multiplexor technology, as well as ray tracing technology for logical spatial navigation beyond early 3D technology, a challenge to control the credit and rights to patented technology in the Beyond War product by the United States and its corporations have in turn blatantly violated the Berne Convention, removed family members from the developer, and denied employment and benefits to the developer through identity theft and fraud without due process or right to face accusers at trial from 2001-2018.

As a result, the protections of the Berne Convention have been suspended to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ukraine, and United Kingdom in the ongoing development of Beyond War under the IP7A jurisdiction and rights reserved in 1907 contract with the United States.

Beyond War development continues despite this harassment and abuse by United States socialists and opposition to the development under duress similar to those techniques used by Soviet Union agencies during the Cold War against American developers of the project. Beyond War is a conservative Constitutional project based on human rights, unlimited unrestricted warfighting technology, and the right of a people to self defense as defined in Article II-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma.