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PC Builds - Shipping Oct 1st 2018
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Advanced Gaming Systems™ (AGS)

Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS) provide workstation class multi-tasking (up to 64 threads) for interactive media professionals who need RTX support for high 3D video image fidelity. Intel solutions provide the highest memory performance while AMD Ryzen solutions offer the most affordable entry-level solutions with extremely high resolution and/or refresh rate.

Each AGS build is a Server Chassis EATX FRAME designed to be serviceable over a 10 year lifespan for maximum reuse of components future technology. This makes our systems manageable for five to ten years without creating major electronic waste found in conventional pre-build solutions.

Disposable Computer Solutions are a thing of the past, when you can buy an AGS that will last up to ten years with proper maintenance and regular factory direct core technology refits. Change CPU. Change Memory Architecture. Change the way you spend and invest in technology to cut ewaste 75%. Disposable computers do not meet the needs of modern users. AGS is a tool, not a toy, and built for streaming video, music, and games at the same time on a single platform at home.

What is a MT/s - versus MHz DDR4 Speeds?

Most sellers rate DDR3 and DDR4 Ram by MHz. This is not truly accurate.

As this chart shows, The speed of RAM modules is actually correctly measured in Megatransfers per second (MT/s). PC4-25600 is only 400 MHz, but conveys 3200 megatransfers per second (MT/s).

Quad channel will be faster than Dual Channel, as it accesses at the MHz speed the same data multiplied by the number of channels. This is how Intel has been kicking the AMD systems hard, and most vendors have not made the connection.

Our systems feature 4500 MT/s RAM, where specified, in combination with this technology of Dual or Quad channel memory controllers, to maximize your system performance. Memory rated at this level can be underclocked to match your chip, and is capable of running VERY HIGH SPEEDS which future chips will likely support.

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