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Advanced Gaming Systems™ (AGS)

Retail computers are built for a three-year life. Buy, replace, full price each time

Advanced Gaming Systems and Heavy Machines are built to mount equipment like a business rack server chassis. They are workstations for media creators and professional computer users. Their design is built to exceed the thermal limits of console platforms granting advantage over lesser systems. They operate using a 10 year lifecycle plan, with frequent upgrade solutions at reduced pricing by the wholesale purchase of parts rather than entire machines.

Management of this lifecycle and support for your Account in our system and network provide our users more than upsell. We engineer solutions for our customers the way business IT departments develop server room technology and media tools for enterprise business cases. By focusing on the market of content creation and 3D imaging for public display, we achieve very high results in our specific area.

General purpose computing for home and office are not the reason for an AGS or Heavy Machine. Mobile and lightweight devices serve a specific task which is not the role of our equipment. When you know the competition you face, the choice is simple. The cost of ownership - vastly reduced - and the value of working with a machine that can evolve critical to your continuity of work.

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