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Bastion Gaming Systems (BGS)™

Bastion Class Edge Systems are Ryzen 3rd Generation alternatives for consumer markets. Price changes in the 2060 market pending delay in 3950X chip production scheduled November 2019 indicate market conditions which will be addressed day-by-day in our pricing with verified customers. BGS models are economy builds with 3 year support plans, designed for conventional use cases under depreciation with tax code in the United States prior 2016 regulation changes.

Every Bastion design is customized for the customer use case, featuring cost effective identification of product applications and role. Users who require word processing may be better suited with mobile solutions, while graphic users will be interested in workstation-class laptop products, both of which are in our low-end line just below the Bastion XCORE frame service package. XCORE is designed for long life and extended use, so costs may be higher than disposable computers, as we recycle equipment when possible.

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