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Data Network Support

Customer service for network administration and planning, execution, and administration is billed weekly at $3,000 USD or monthly at $12,000 USD. Discounts are not applicable as our commitment of time without competitive billing at $150 per hour is not effective use of engineer assignment or field resources. Annual terms are $120,000 plus living / travel costs estimated to be $30,000 in most major cities, for an average net $75/hr full time cost on annual terms, payable in quarterly installments.

All positions supplied are senior leadership, with ten year base practicum, familiar with seven figure project roles. Positions are not subordiante to client management or supervision of duties, per 1099m code of conduct and obligation to market. Team meetings and collaboration for specific scope of task shall not be misconstrued to be an employer-employee relationship and shall not be subject to itnerference prior release of areas of authority.

For those firms who want to immediately raise their standards to enterprise class performance in Intenrational business, this is the entry level mark. Larger projects may be subject to quote. A retainer for new clients of $1500 is required with 14 day trial before full billing. Retainer fee is non-refundable. Billing is net 30, with 9% interest on unpaid balances.

All terms are Business-to-Business payments via the contracting agency for a minimum of 1 week of available time, on retainer pre-paid at a maximum of 10 hours per day. Payment is accepted by company check, cachier's check, EFT, VISA, MASTERCARD, Bitcoin, or Ethereum (cryptocurrency payment subject to prior approval).

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