Application and Physical Server hosting are two different services. We offer both in cooperation with very large data centers like Rackspace, Google, and Alibaba (China).

Because very small servers are given away along with discounts for new businesses, including up to one year free service utilities, we do not rent servers to the public on a per diem basis.

Instead, we offer 30 years of experience in server administration and support, on-call response, and technical liasion with those firms who physically provide servers in order to maximize value for Oklahoma users.

Qualified business candidates and geninue not-for-profit organizations may contact us via our sales department for more information and current offers. Unregistered businesses may not seek benefits or services as we are obligated to work with registered entitites on all projects.


The firm provides access to the United States public Internet, its services, and operates under those guidelines - as well as to other private networks and services which are not subject to the United States jurisdiction and are domestic to the property of The People, under Oklahoma law.


Due to overt acts, not all organizations are afforded equal access. Any organization or affiliate of the same who have made terrorist threats, acts, or opted to solicit, disrupt, block, or support the unlawful suspension of rights on record of our clients will be denied service and may be refused further assistance or aid.

The Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act defines these acts clearly, including the taking or concealment of children to influence a registered business, assert false title or bill of sale to a property or trademark, or other form of criminal racketeering coverd by 18 USC 1961 Federal Law or The Hobbs Act (18 USC 1951), without need of trial or jury to enforce 'all necessary force' provisions of Title 76 O.S. 76-9 Oklahoma State Law.

Persons participating in these acts are barred from our premise and are subject to charge of criminal trespassing for attempts to enter, either directly or by proxy or public notice of solicitation or hire to do so, any contact with our firm, its employees, its clients, or family members.

Repeated use of force may be met with 'all necessary force' to include lethal force, in cases of repeated criminal complaint regarding tortious interfrence to injure a child or deprive a child of communication with their lawful parent violating 76 O.S. 76-8, and any acts to this effect will be construed by our firm as aid to this cause in the area of Internet service abuse or fraud, based on a 2001-2018 pattern of criminal activity.



The Private Network (Protectorate) our company maintains is known as Seven-Alpha. This network is not accessible to the general public and represents a new venture into technology held exclusively under the Oklahoma Trade Secrets Act and privately in American hands.

Members of the Seven-Alpha are identified by strong cryptographic key technology and an application layer gateway similar to a private business network, designed to ensure maximum security against foreign and domestic unlawful surveillance and abuse of public and national data services presently held by the Nation of Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and other five-eyes information sharing groups.

Seven-Alpha is an "Imperial" protectorate, as it has express rights of acces and license reserved by a central authority to enforce protection of lawful users and asserts its domain exclusive to all other jurisdictions without exception as sole arbitrator and exclusive authority so enumerated in Oklahoma State Law Article II section 1.

This includes and is not limited to taking action affecting users for their conduct and behavior outside of the Imperial Protectorate, where such actions affect any aspect of the rights and privileges upheld for individual persons, property, or living things - as all such rights are subject to the authority and the duty of care regardless of jurisdiction or claim in conflict with the scope of territory or services offered by the Seven-Alpha infrastructure.

The concept of "Imperial American" technology as a requirement to enforce the enumerated rights of persons without prior writ prescribed in 76 O.S. 76-1 and so defined in Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section 8 and 9, and ratified as Federal Supreme Law in the year 1907 by the United States, has become necessary following failure to uphold State and Federal law in violation of 18 USC 241 on numerous occassions from the year 2001-2018.

As a result, all Seven-Alpha business and activity is exclusive of access to United States Citizens, and may only be accessed by members of the class who have provided evidence of their license and right to such powers and agreement with the terms and conditions of use, access, and disclosure.

Regulations of Seven-Alpha are directly adopted from the United States Code and Oklahoma Statutory Code, providing no violation of Article II or XXIII of the enumerated rights of the people defined in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and are therefore in line with criminal law enforcement and conditions of public law, Statutory law, and United States Code, contrary any action of the State or United States to the contrary of those laws.