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Sep 20th / Oct 14th 2022

On Sept 20th 2022, a white SUV was observed entering 126 N Country Club Rd, waiting on the end of the driveway, and then leaving Northbound and entering 130 N Country Club Rd driveway. No contact or persons left the vehicle. The vehicle upon being observed, did move to the end of the driveway and there wait for several minutes, prior turning into the road 90 degrees from the roadway direction of travel and turning Northbound again. The vehicle did not have regular plates, and bore paper dealer plates from a local Nissan Dealer. Professional surveillance video evidence of the behavior was retained.

Prior attempted Dayight Burglarly May 20 2020 and two previous daylight burglaries reported to the PONTOTOC COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE of related property with excessive force to make entry, prompt COMMERCIAL SURVEILLANCE following Nov 2021-2022 threats by DONALD J. BEAL of DALLAS TEXAS and fraud including solicitation for public records to use in commercial extortion under FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and false identity publications on GOOGLE LLC and VIRTBIZ and 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas servers to extort for control over REGISTERED SECURITIES of clients of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in explicit detailed written threats and by name of such companies expressly.

Further, we are observing Sept 21 2022 at 9:00 am CDT TWO (2) fake automated accounts created and installed upon the TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. chat server with 20,000+ followers for created accounts less than 10 months old, featuring women in a pattern of solicitation and sexual harassment of customers and employees during regular business; following identical threats on Facebook Inc. sites to target business customers in false 'stolen valor' claims and to blackmail. Accounts appear created using employee/insider access to TWITCH services, and to harass and cause harm and safety concerns to damage commercial use of the service and impair the recovery of a missing and exploited child. Repeated banning results in the two accounts being recreated in a procedural fashion, using marshalling automation, to harass and gather data on the victim in 18 U.S. Code section 2261A felony stalking activity of a commercial job site, in style and nature, and to harass patrons and customers systematically using credibility of TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. metric influencer tools and stats in this fraud.

This is not expressly new harassment, but distinct since January 28th 2022 direct threats via DISCORD using the same "catfishing" approach to harass, abuse, and sexually intimidate employees throughout a blackmail attempt in the cuase of the child abuse and child concelment. Runescape community members have observed such abuse, from 2017-2022, including approach of and harassment of minors solely for commercial association with the firm in organized stalking and defamation, account takeover, and false claims of death and falsified police reports (2011, Brian Young and Alicia Scarbrough) to extort for commercial purpose in concert with WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD.


"Catfishing" - approaching an employee of a competitive company in the false persona of another gender to gain industrial information or cause industiral or commercial harm, is a felony in Oklahoma per 21 O.S. §21-1533 and 18 U.S. Code section 1341 Federal Criminal Code.

It is also a form of sexual assault, because the false-victim fraud is based on gender to exploit and disable a person based on male stereotypes of role as aggressor in domestic violence and without regard to "false-female" role play by a male employee of another company such as COGENT or EQUINIX contractor group at 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas data centers (2) engaged in this activity.

Use of sexual assault to gain advantage or harm a person in the course of their daily business paired with other forms of injury to a child and public fraud are subect 76 O.S. 76-3, 76-4, 76-6 and Title 78 Section 78-53 civil cause of action for claims. Do not engage in false sexual identity to approach, solicit, or engage in our community to stalk, harass, or menace our employees. It is a form of 18 U.S. Code section 241 and 249 felony Federal Crime in the United States regardless of your point of origin or VPN use to evade civil liability and a "Terrorist Hoax" in this respect at this time on 2001-2022 pattern of criminal menace toward our company, employees, clients, their families, and persons to damage association with this company.