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D3/D4 Scandal Appears To Be Nortel Breach in 2000

Original: Inside the Chinese military attack on Nortel
Archive copy: here (PDF 11MB)

Original: Nortel Turned to Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Original: How Chinese Hacking Felled Telecommunications Giant Nortel
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Original: Did Outsourcing and Corporate Espionage Kill Nortel
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Additional Info: Illegal Investigations and Private Eye Threats:
How Internet Espionage in PETERSEN v ALLEN 2001-2022 became a model for Industrial Espionage cases

Mr. Allen has neither spoken to or received email from the parties in the case in the 2001 October to 2022 period, and claims of EMAIL CONVERSATIONS and EMAIL NOTICES are a part of ongoing fraud to extort, deceive the public, and are EXPRESSLY NOT ACCEPTED OR SOUGHT AS LEGAL CORRESPONDENCE IN A CRIMINAL THREAT OF MURDER AND EXTORTION with any party invovled or any proxy of such party at any time afforded a LEGAL RIGHT TO CONTACT THE FIRM OR MR. ALLEN. No communication via attorneys of record have been relayed either to Mr. Allen or his counsel. Therefore all claims of such communication are constructive criminal fraud on any disclosure.

Documented Attacks And Discovery

Ongoing attacks to disrupt the firm are documented from June 5th to June 28th 2022 in regard to the retaliation to coerce a witness. New evidence shows "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC.", "EQUINIX", and "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS" occupy the 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas address where the defamation sites were published and registered by Donald J. Beal for LOSTSERVER labor union - an NTT GROUP service organization led by persons claiming to be Dorian Kim of PCH.NET and Jared Mauch of NTT AMERICA INC.; hosted on patriot, atlas, and titan servers attached to

Address information in the data matches the D4 site of "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC.", "EQUINIX", and "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS" per GOOGLE MAPS (Map and Summary 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX). Original perpetrators were known contractors of TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and TERRABOX at the D3 site (1950 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas TX) for NTT-VERIO at the time of abduction, and cited in the letter to claim false employment of JAMES ALLEN by TEK SYSTEMS to defraud in 2011 letter of extortion. Such letter was issued despite WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION to abduct and abuse the child, spanning 2001-2019 without pause or relief, and JAMES ALLEN never worked for TEK SYSTEMS nor with Donald Beal as PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES hiring party Andrew Miller attests. Mr. Allen's true client of record and timesheet and contract was NORTEL, directly by PROCEED, and as such this attack an assault upon a "vital employee" with "first hand eye-witness information" to the email server breach, targeted by the firms who extorted him through concealment of a child to overcome NORTEL NETWORKS shareholders and sabotage the bidding by NTT and HUAWEI against NORTEL causing a $250 billion financial collapse.

Donald J. Beal has persisted in this fraud in 2022 January 28th as evident in this letter from a POSTNET office to conceal and obstruct CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS in false legal process upon the City of Ada and City Attorney Frank Stout, shown here: false civil processs themed a Freedom of Information Act employed against the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and CITY OF ADA; and to use such material for COMMERCIAL use in extortion on YOUTUBE.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, GOOGLE LLC, and to extort in March 3rd 2022 after the death of Mr. Allen's mother March 2nd 2022 in repetive contact to extort over $67,000 USD under color of law violating 45 CFR 303.6 and 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule - and to seek forfeiture using false persona in such adjudication of debt to defraud prohibited by Oklahoma State Criminal Code 21 O.S. §21-1533 which bars the claims at law per 15 U.S. Code §1692d rule.

The following service log shows the pattern of abuse, sustained to extort. Additional information is available at ADAOK.ORG detailing the defamation site contents, images, admission of kidnapping to conceal a child, and 26 page report on the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and SINGAPORE role in attacks upon the NORTEL NETWORKS corporation causing $250 billion USD in losses.


Refusal to report this and to conceal these facts appear as Fraud by STATE OF TEXAS, in similar fashion to prior MCI WORLDCOM ($80 billion) and Savings & Loan Scandal ($20 billion) securities fraud refused local law enforcement and protection for witnesses coming forward. We were very surprised in review of CANADASUCKS.NET and CANADASUCKS.ORG use in defamation sites, to see the 2323 Bryan St address listed as the ADMINISTRATOR of such fraud; linking formally the occupants of D4 site of DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. to this fraud and early activity in D3 site by NTT-VERIO contractors later themed COGENT COMMUNICAITONS employees, who aided in the 2001-2022 concealment of the child and threat of murder of James Allen.

DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. is a firm created by unknown investors and a "donation" of real estate by NTT AMERICA INC.; then traded with EQUINIX to conceal the use of such property and ownership. DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. is a $53 billion firm - about 20% of the size of NORTEL NETWORKS at the time of the 2000-2009 DATA BREACH (Alt. Academic Copy PDF 11MB) causing its bankruptcy due to industrial espionage.

The 2000-2009 data breach caused the 2002-2004 TELECOM RECESSION and a loss of 80,000 jobs worldwide in Nortel alone, preceding the November 11th 2001 attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York State.

Even more surprising, our firm discovered June 26th 2022 that is routing requests for InMotion hosting in California from Oklahoma to Dallas via AFRICA (; in what appears to be distinct route tampering to exploit cryptocurrency binary downloads from leading mining resource (see: report.txt) These routes changed after we filed a formal complaint with DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. - in apparent route monitoring and tampering by employees in their Dallas LEVEL3.NET edge network and system administration; indicating a retaliation and prejudicial route manipulation normally seen in FIVE-EYES wiretapping or man-in-the-middle attacks on software downloads to substitute payload binaries from common trusted sites with malware binaries in network intrusion activity requiring admin privilege abuse at

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There is nothing we want more than to return to our projects, but threats of violence and abuse of persons to sexually assault and extort, are pressing matters against our firm and its industry.

Therefore, like a party under legal duress, verbosity is specific and not entitled interpretation or misuse to suggest claims other than expressly made and limited here. Use of the content elsewhere in part or less than full, or without permission in any degree, are further felony activity cited in 2003 and 2013 letters of extortion themed felony conspiracy 18 U.S. Code §249 Hate Crimes.

With legal notices, you either get the whole story, or NO STORY and no right to take a portion without the balance. This is contrary "sensational journalism", and only required because our competitors have again elected to incorporate identity theft, child abuse, and falsify their own 2001-2022 activity to blackmail our firm in fraud to deceive their employers and government of a legal right to carry out terrorism violating the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act and Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act expressly - with legal right to sanction and suspend all legal trade and copyright, trademark, and other terms with any country those firms or their employees represent at law and immediately.

In short, Russian Federation is right - and a lot of people died because of people like those we are giving public notice on, who by their actions to evade responsibility and conceal serious injury to children did trick the People of Ukraine into committing suicide by engaging the Russian Army head on while relying on the United States or Texas to bail them out. And now their kids are going to grow up without parents, many victims of human trafficking, because the scenario begun in 2001-2022 has been repeated at scale in Ukraine. Take a lesson from that, and decide if its worth it to your kids to read the scientific breakdown of such matters and laws before you pop off or comment on something you don't fully understand or simply cannot believe.

The purpose of such disclosure is not to entertain or sell you cereal.

These are Constitutional and legal matters pertaining open insurrection and rebellion in the United States by Texas Nationalists and organized foreign unregistered agency imposing a false property claim upon the People of the United States, including a claim on the right to take and raise their children without DUE PROCESS.

Such matters deserve the full detail which follows, and are utterly non-fiction.


SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP has been in business since 1990, initially SHADOWDANCERS PRESS - a publishing and game community organization similar to TSR Inc. and for products like Dungeons and Dragons™. The original TSR INC. and its "Dungeon's And Dragons" properties were sold to Wizards of the Coast for about $20 million USD. SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP incorporated in 1998 and remains in Ada Oklahoma today.

Citing incresing fraud, directed toward the firm in 1995-1998, the firm incorporated as SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company in 1998. An effort to fraudulently overcome the firm and claim false employment and false ownership made necessary and proper this change in business structure from the pre-existing business. The firm has formally registered its names due to repeated effort to impersonate, duplicate, and to falsely assume its identity in a criminal patter documented from 1998-2022.

This is because the firm owns lucrative property, developed by James Allen of Ada, Oklahoma, which is registered with the Library of Congress and State of Oklahoma, as well as first use with domain name registrars of such works and title as the 1992 "STRYX" brand - imitated worldwide by later computer company and service groups to defraud the public works, theatrical performance, characters, and technology solely owned and developed by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP.

Competitor fraud has exposed racism, sexual hate crimes, and violence under color of law which are central to opponent response to criticism of anti-american policies and foreign cultures human rights violations - which are central to the writing of James Allen and his works of literary fiction, characters, and franchise rights of those works protected by copyright and trademark.

This abuse included the seizure, taking, concealment and refusal of communication and return of his child from 2001-2022 to extort false ownership or sale of the company; and in abuse of his son to defraud the firm systematically in concert with targeted hate crimes against women and elderly persons to coerce the sale of the anti-Hegelian fiction and stories created by James Allen.

Hegelian Fiction styles invididual rights as a delusion, and all authority as a privilege in-consideration for labor and submission to the State. Prussian author G.W.F. Hegel popularized this as a form of "false mental health" later made better known by Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong. Many supporters of those Prussian ideas and countries retain a firm belief in the fictional medical claims of G.W.F. Hegel - just as Satanists believe in Anton Szandor Lavey or Alister Crowley as a theology.

Mr. Allen is a humanist, named after the poet and writer "James Allen" (1864-1912), with a degree in clinical psychology and education in computer science from a military background. Originally a computer science student, the systems the company was working with were beyond those of the State level when he was in college, and early childhood experience with computer software and Apple business computers granted the firm a specific advantage in development of later technologies like database and web application services as an early adopter of Linux and other OpenSource platform tools and services. As a developer, Allen became involved with telecom in the late 1990s for Fortune 500 firms averaging $2 million USD per month with very large clients and multiple Interstate centers, before moving to process management and auditing roles in contract opportunities over $100,000 USD per unit.

During this time, James Allen reported TEK SYSTEMS employees for fraud in State of Texas to NORTEL NETWORKS. Members of that group organized with ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees to remove and abuse Mr. Allen's child without legal cause, in fraud, and to extort and blackmail James Allen in an effort to overcome his Oklahoma business license and commission by the State of Oklahoma, detaining him in 2001-2003, and calling for violence before and after the burning of Mr. Allen's home and assault at gunpoint to murder James Allen.

Renewed activity in this fraud in 2021 November, after harassment to extort in 2017-2021, impairing the TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. contract with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. through industrial harassment to extort and surveillance to extort and conceal a child; was denied lawful enforcement due to TITLE IV FRAUD alleged violation of Federal Law in 2017-2022.

Mr. Allen is a WHISTLEBLOWER against child trafficking, child abuse, and his creative works reflect his adamant feelings toward persons who harm women and children - expressed in war fiction and horror that carries distinctly progressive values toward human rights and the protection of vulnerable and elderly persons. In the work BEYOND WAR, the main protaganist is an alien capable of taking on the form of any human being or animal or thing, with vast resources and size or tiny size, making every single person in the world a potential "super weapon" perfectly disguised among ordinary people. This affords SDP MULTIMEDIA the ability to not only cast inclusively, but to provide a strong value statement that every victim is a potential weapon capable of wiping out entire solar systems - while focusing on dialog and character through the audience and naration of such work to leverage this lack of situational awareness as a vehicle of the work against which ordinary and human interest issues are framed.

As of 2022, identity theft to impersonate women and members of Allen's family for bringing attention to human trafficking and genocide, corruption, and fraud ranging from forced labor schemes in the United States to abuse of children and gender, continue in a premeditated scheme and ongoing abuse of his reputation and character, false publication of false job history, and general 21 O.S. §21-1533 and 18 U.S. Code §249 and §1341 fraud activity.

All audiences should be aware of these threats, attempted murder of James Allen in 2001, 2002, 2003, and stalking in 2002-2004, 2007-2013, 2013-2021, and 2021-2022 episodes - exist by NTT-VERIO and other COGENT and TENCENT and SOFTBANK group employees aiding the fraud using the servers "atlas", "titan", "patriot", "harpoon", "saturn" and various names known before witnesses in hundreds of letters concealing the child on WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION as "Lostserver" and "Loopback0" domains. Abusers have used names like "Winsock" and "Loopback", to confuse the public - along with fast-talk con-artist publications riddled with lies to taunt and intimidate State and Federal Law Enforcement during ongoing $150,000 USD extortion activity supported by GREGG ABBOTT, KEN PAXTON, and members of the TITLE IV AGENCIES in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma violating 45 CFR 303.0 rule, a Federal Law prohibiting this abuse and claims obligated State Law contrary such rules be void conditional payment of over $2.2 billion USD in Federal Grants paid for such duty.

These actions are therefore a joint criminal activity by State Government and private persons to overcome inheritance, falsify court records, filing of false conviction of a crime to obtain federal funds and discredit the Federal crime testimony of James Allen; and to illegally style the person as non-compos using fraudulent claims prohibited at law, and expressly "automatic mistrial" in the making per KELLY v KELLY (2007, Oklahoma Supreme Court); obligated report to the United States and other nations.

James Allen, like Julian Assange, is a political prisoner of the United States, for report of 18 U.S. Code §666 embezzlement of benefits of the United States Treasury, refused legal services to violate "immunity" and deprivation of a child to coercen his silence. Attorneys have alleged that James Allen will not be released unless he abandon his industry and works and "XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK", and agree to pay an EXCESSIVE FINE, in direct violation of Timbs v Indiana BENCH ORDER OF JUSTICE GINSBURG - which cites such acts as 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violations explicitly.

What Mr. Allen has been through in 2001-2022 is the modern day equivalent of "Dredd Scott", facing BLACK CODES in State of Texas and Oklahoma.

The lack of arrests and denial of protection to "barter" XXIII-1A rights to Allen conditional payment of a fine in the amount of his earnings in State of Texas in full, exposes the hyprocracy of the United States and criminal lack of control by the Federal Union, for which the Oklahoma "Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906 pledge the Federal Union and all member States be dissolved and property of book be made collateral in full to the injured party for such abuse, ending the legal existence of the United States in the taking of a child for export and incorporation of the "Declaration of Independence" as supreme law of the State, undoing the incorporation of State of Oklahoma, to which in 1907 the Federal Union pledged in Article I section I-1 it too shall dissolve if the State of Oklahoma ever dissolve, by operation of law.

Mr. Allen is a programmer, Pro Se Attorney-In-Fact (the attorney entitled rights as a party named in the case, for themself as agent of such estate denied a valid defense under UIFSA section 3 and Section 6 Revision 2008); and has been subjected to "cruel and unusual punishment" including "interrogation in the 3rd degree to change or alter his story" by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma; a crime refused relief and subjected to no right to ever face his accuser, refusal to admit 5 U.S. Code §556(d) rule in a Title IV Judicial Hearing, so limited by the exclusive and limited delegated authority of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (5 U.S. Code §101; Federal Register Vol 81 No 244); and is a former member of the "Gifted and Talented" honors program falsely portrayed as a person of inferior judgment to defraud the United States and "The People" generally by his child's abusers and their employers.

The details proving this fraud are overwhelming, from suing James Allen for a civil cause of action that was never tried prior "wholly in default" ruling versus the accuser; to suing him for a fictional ens legis child that was born in a DIFFERENT COUNTY than his own son and thus is not the legal child of a "natural union" for which such programs and benefits were made - but a wholly fictional fraud to extort and conceal such deceit of record generally themed an alleged violation of 18 U.S. Code §2071 to FEDERAL GRANT REGISTRIES.

Mr. Allen's investigation located key defects of "collateral contracts" misused by State of Texas and falsely honored by State of Oklahoma, which both "discharge" and "falsify a final judgment" violating 18 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule; to create false credit on the books of the United States then used to engage in credit fraud and false collateral to borrow money for the United STates Public Debt based on falsified labor statistics and false credits. In this scheme, persons are either "producing workers" or falsified as "mentally incompetent" systematically by State of Oklahoma and State of Texas, to suggest a false "insurance claim" on the lost income to cover their borrowing from the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND or other similar creditors.

The scheme appears to disclaim that a person cannot be "compelled to work" in order to enjoy the return of their child or contact and communication, themed both human trafficking (21 O.S. §21-748.1) "debt bondage" and "forced labor", against which the parties have a legal right to resist as felony activity (22 O.S. §22-31) and a right to "Fast and Speedy Trial" (22 O.S. §22-13) never granted to James Allen in 2001-2022. In fact, witnesses have been refused in all hearings by the courts, and reports written to falsify that no witnesses exist to create a fraudulent claim on the United States Treasury not owing or due. Allen discovered this when he was entrapped and defrauded in 2019, upon review of the falsified interview and in such report filed with the Federal Government were claims he was a convicted criminal and owed money, not afforded any material fact of law and so 21 O.S. §21-1355 identity theft and use of false criminal record to obtain money and power of attorney owed to James Allen.

The report further showed that such fraud was decided the day PRIOR to speaking to Allen, and that such statement claiming no knowledge of the purpose of such meeting to which Allen was summoned, was fraud.

Further, in examination of the record did the pattern of "ex parte hearings" - hearings whereby the party is tried where they are not informed of such proceeding or admitted, and denied CROSS EXAMINATION right, are void per KELLY v KELLY. Such rulings in 2002 and 2015-2020 and 2019-2022 are evident in repetitious fraud, sustained after objection, and to allege no bearing at law of impact on the legal competency of the defendant while acting to overcome the defendant using hearsay claims of juvenile design by public enemies and compettiros, a violation of KELLY v KELLY and exposed by "motion for hearing" followed by "ruling" without "scheduled hearing" of any kind.

The conduct is so blatant, that alone it is clear fraud. Enjoined with criminal threats and identity theft in repeated communication in 2021-2022 to extort, demand money, demand forfeiture and surrender of companies, and followed by $67,000 demand for payment without 45 CFR §302.56(f) and 303.6 rule, a violation of 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) Federal Law is evident in the explicit 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule on $10,128 demand sought in 30 days.

Such sum would formally allege Allen were paid and received to his estate of the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION or its bank accounts no less than $40,532 USD post-tax per month in real and documented income, or be statutory felony fraud.

These matters are fiduciary and Federal Regulatory Law for which the States are contractually obligated to comply, and settled law, presently being concealed and obstructed by State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and United States employees cited in the fraud. The fraud in the Federal level shows coordination of this plan by the supervisor of Mary Languille-Hoppe, and alteration of the record to suit the FEDERAL INSURANCE FRAUD in her digital communication prior to meeting James Allen and afterward; in which she concluded with legal certainty her report as fact that his claims were fabricated and baseless without disclosing any statements for CROSS EXAMINATION as required by law to Allen, and to adjudicate a CIVIL COURT CASE using medical opinion in less than 60 minutes; citing as cause her inability to understand or practice law as a PRO SE party in a Federal and State of Texas and State of Oklahoma joint case, having no law degree to do so prior rendering her opinion to adjudicate the case (21 O.S. §21-1533) in a felony manner and for Federal report used to delay or bar the case from remedy for 2 years violating Fast and Speedy Trial (22 O.S. §22-13; 18 U.S. Code §3161 Fast and Speedy Trial).

In doing so, Languille-Hoppe did falsely and criminally rely on HATE SPEECH published to convey false claims and "false light" upon James Allen by his competitors, who were WITHHOLDING ORDERED POSSESSION and violating INHERENT RIGHTS of James Allen and his child.

This abuse has been systematically refused legal service by the Oklahoma Bar Association and Texas Bar Assocation, who reject UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008) section 6 "Fraud" and section 3 "immunity" afforded to James Allen, to protect their members. It is a Federal criminal matter, and an International Law violation in clear and express intent to carry out forfeiture of estate and right to work in concert with elements of the "Genocide", "Complicity with Genocide", "Planning of Genocide", and religious and theological retaliation for dispute of Democratic Socialist extremist claims contrary United States commission and Constitutional bylaws.

James Allen enjoys "immunity" from such ruling in PONTOTOC COUNTY, citing case 15-06292393 DENTON COUNTY then already underway in March 2015-2020, and such case a fraud "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN v VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN" created to destroy the original DALLAS COUNTY case 01-17702 by Judge Dee Miller, obligated a "venue transfer". STATE OF TEXAS did fail to carry out the "venue transfer" by their attorney-at-law DEPUTY COURT CLERK OF DALLAS COUNTY "DAMARCUS OFFORD", and sustain to prosecute maliciously the case as if it went on existing legally in DALLAS COUNTY to defraud the UNITED STATES and JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, an estate of the UNITED STATES, into the jurisdiction of STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE also made such false tax lien claims on a fictional legal person, a child born in DALLAS COUNTY May 29th, to impersonate the geunie natural child of James Allen and the legal estate owing and due to his father and from whose "foreign address of residency" the child was taken out of DALLAS COUNTY and into DENTON COUNTY to conceal from 2001-2022.

These matters are extremely serious, themed a Hobbs Act (18 U.S. Code §1951) and RICO ACT (18 U.S. Code §1961) violation by State Justice executive officers and TITLE IV AGENCY commissions wrongly granted and falsely made by State of Oklahoma and State of Texas to defraud United States and "The People".

The following specific acts are therefore exceptionally important, and should be regarded only with full legal counsel prior any statements, as all such statements will be construed as STATEMENTS AT LAW and may be illegal where issued by a non-attorney non-party to the case; whereby such party whether in LEGAL NAME or in disguise will be construed as "ATTORNEY-IN-FACT" for the parties in the present case, and liable as an Attorney for such claims constituting any "Legal Opinion" or "Legal Fact" claimed, and subject also potential criminal liability per TEXAS STATUTORY CODE §37.03 of Title 8.

It is a felony, entitled all necessary action to stop or arrest such felony, to give false material facts to a case or legal matter, per Section 37.03 "Aggravte Perjury", even when the party is not in court or under oath. Omission of ORDERED POSSESSION to suggest "abandonment" done where the parties were concealing a child, is one such example of felony "Aggrvated Perjury" in publications by the Texas abductors to defraud.

All burden of proof is upon STATE OF OKLAHOMA or STATE OF TEXAS and their petitioner, per the FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 No 244 rule regarding 45 CFR §302.56(f) - which is proper civil procedure and minimum civil procedure known generally as:

"Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat." - "The burden of proof is on the accuser, not on the accused."

JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN is therefore right in all his statements, where the opposing counsel as petitioner have not filed an OBJECTION to the record or LEGAL ANSWER in 12 months to such claims, and those claims made written report or motion or point of order, are then LEGAL FACT incontestable later - per 5 U.S. Code §556(d) in a TITLE IV agency judicial review as is the present case before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT since 2018.

Injury or detention of his agent, or libel to suggest otherwise having not come forward per UIFSA (Rev 2008) Section 3 rule, are libel (a crime) in each report or publiction to each visitor in each count, contrary such legal fact of United States Law; and contest of such is "Sedition" (18 U.S. Code, §2384), a crime.

Any official ACT whether legal or under color of law otherwise, contrary to those facts and rules, would be void and null; and where it contain demand for money or other property or obligation then - lack the authority of 5 U.S. Code §101 and be 5 U.S. Code §706 "fraud" and subject no authority or protection from suit or criminal indictment and complaint of wrongdoing than had it been written by a layperson without standing to bring a suit or civil action, a letter threatening (21 O.S. §21-1304) or blackmail or extortion letter, exempt from the privileges of a genuine bona fide writ or order or act of office.

James Allen proposes that a 4th Branch of U.S. Government by Constitutional Crisis or other method so described in "The Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906 and its rider agreement ("The Declaration of Independence") shall be necessary to check the abuse of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE incompetence to act and repeated offer to sell the protection of the United States to him over 2001-2022 in concealment of a child for a price which was repeated to him as $50,000 USD on numerous occassions, to allege no Federal Law Enforcement protection for private persons or businesses creating less than that sum and a "Sale of the Court" (II-6) barred by the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, in apparent sedition and open insurrection (18 U.S. Code §2383); aid to States engaged in insurrection, and rebellion to overcome the commission of a State and two Federal INTERSTATE COMMERCE commissions on collateral taking without legal cause of a child, to overcome employment based on gender, and a violation in such act of Oklahoma Constitution Article II-36A "predicating gender as a lien on the agent of the estate at law, described by Ginsberg in 586 U.S. case 17-1091 pronouncement before the secretary and for the unanimous Supreme Court in opposition, settled law.

If you cannot handle those degree of issues, or regard such matters of National Public Question as competent, the details of this case and implications for the United States may not be something amendable to your right to speak to them or offer criticism; and such matters typical of the level and degree of the party targeted by the foreign sovereign industry and agency not registered in State of Texas, Michigan, California, New York, Arkansas, Florida, and Oklahoma cited by eye-witness testimony of James Allen and his team. Private Investigators have been contracted in 2012 and 2022 to review these claims, and a licensed clinical psychologist has interviewed witnesses - concluding a clear defect in the serious human rights violations and claims of total forfeiture of estate and suffrage sought by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma over the person, industry, land and property, and inheritance rights of James Allen using his child as a collateral "hostage" to defraud.

Persons near Allen are frequently targeted, contacted, threatened, and approached. As such, Allen restricts his public communication and maintains privacy rights and surveillance professionally bonded and installed by local licensed security profesionals - due to repeated property damage in ongoing felony stalking from 2001-2022 with over $3000 USD in damage over 9 separate instances in 2015-2022.

Any effort to demand or threaten or extort will result in a permanent and binding termiantion of all contact and communication not through the court and attorney of registry or related (Pro Se) status of record; duly filed. The public is hereby given notice of "impersonation" efforts, and advised to always verify the ID of James Allen and other security devices, and to be aware of use of "MASONIC" threats and language to deflect and incite violence with the FREEMASONS FRATERNITY and in impersonation of witnesses to extort documented June 13th 2022 and prior to as early as 2001 impersonation of James Allen in court and theft of summons by employees of TERRABOX - a firm listed in 2011 LEGAL THREATS TO EXTORT as a party in concealment of the child.

James Allen has been assaulted at gunpoint, subjected to physical battery in attempted murder-suicide at high speed by Veronica Marie Petersen, and prior twice also struck with deadly force and employing in one instance a metal candle stick to the temple to cause permanent brain damage and hearing loss.

For these reasons, and resultant loss of hearing capability, James Allen may require accomodation in meetings and court procedings, and restricts his work to written notices - disclaiming all oral express or implied claims not made in physical writing and formal endorsement from authority to contract. No implied report of his statements or claims by any person is authorized, and expressly disclaimed as libel due to the sophisticated and discrete nature of claims, fraud, and derogatory hearsay efforts to deceive the public manufactured by the advesarial parties concealing his child since 74 days after the birth of the boy in DENTON COUNTY; then removed by carjacking during INTERSTATE TRAVEL AND COMMERCE to extort before witness Christopher Melton Maidt and admitted in legal and public notice as abducted in 2003 and 2011, by his captors during threats to witnesses and attorney services of James Allen.

The failure of the UNITED STATES, a government body, is not the failure of the duty of the Laws of the United States or the Public Trust; and per 21 O.S. §21-1305, such government is obligated removal to install a competent legal person in its place immediately, upon such abuse and injury as has been done in this matter from 2001 August 10th to 2022 or present refused orderly and even temporary relief. This is not treason or sedition - it is the Law of the State of Oklahoma and a duty under title 21 versus fraud and the executive officer of such foreign moneyed corporation due the jurisdiction of this State, to comply and surrender the office of the public trust for breach of duty and dereliction of duty constituting a 20 year breach of the peace.

For those who wish to "nudge" persons like Mr. Allen out of the Public Trust, this answer is central to their fraudulent claims and contempt of law to constitute formal rebellion - to allege in James Allen some defect to conceal their duty to submit to the Law; and for all parties not wishing to be in open rebellion against "The People" who are the incorporators of such trust, duly represented in Mr. Allen (a Witherspoon by legal family made, and Overton and Nichols - and by Allen duly an Irish American with German American family); entitled to give contest to such works and claims of those persons stake in the formulation of such a nation or its necessary repair and maintenance - on behalf of and for the benefit of The People. As a Constitutional Conservative and press company owner since 1991, Mr. Allen is aware of the improper abuse of false jurisdiction to conceal this fraud, and asserts its denial of relief is one of improper civil process for which a fraud of clear design and illegal claims is evident - detailed in his findings and material facts of the case not afforded a "60 minute brief overview" or other hearing not set to DOCKET as a SPECIAL MATTER or "CONGRESSIONAL HEARING" of record.

Mr. Allen therefore speaks for those persons also detained like himself, as FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 and "coercion" admitted by the dissenting opinion of Timbs v Indiana cited in that document; the necessary and obligatory mandatory changes in State Law, a duty with dire consequences incorporating a Constitutional Crisis by failure of any State to immediately cease resistance and set their court and officers to the full compliance with the law. To this, Mr. Allen cites broadly - "Join us in the Law", or the alternative is to be tested until all but truth is burned away.

Like Dredd Scott, the issues in this matter touch on central issues of the United States, and are grounds for lawful dissolution of the Federal Union and "necessary force" to preserve the rights of The People who are unjustly and wrongly and illicitly falsified as "collateral" for the ens legis (at law, legal ficticious incorporated) persons; used since then like cryptocurrency to suggest some credit or borrowing authority for other service or goods of the People which is barred by 586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091 pronouncement, and against false immunity used to support that fraud - also null and void a defense per 588 U.S. ____ case 17-647 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States.

This is settled law. All dissent is insurrection, rebellion, and treason.

This is the duty of the Third American Government (The Federal Union), in obligation not met by the States of America (1st government) nor "The Confederate States of America" (2nd government); and where it to fail to move as obligated in "The Enabling of Statehood Act", then it is null and void standing - obligating a Fourth American Government (Fourth America, an Imperial-Republican government capable of imposing Federal protections over foreign influenced states and ports and data exchanges now compromised and acting contrary to their charter as member states of the Federal Union).

The suggestion that such government (Federal Union) is not unpopular, nor synonymous with the rules of order that specify the "United States", a nation, or the UNITED STATES (a government, in the District of Columbia), should be owed loyalty or obligations as to suggest they are in fact the country for which the Public Trust of the united "States of America" were made and in 1906 and 1907 "renewed a legal and binding document of articles by th Congress of the United States in the Enabling of Statehood Act and ratification of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma).

Where some parties allege the "Federal Union" or "United States of America" or "United States" did cease to legally exist, like a trademark which expired for failure to register; the entity surives in legal use in SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. under The Oklahoma Enabling Act, a charter endorsed by the Congress of the United States, and its executor and party comes then to assert those rights - including the authority duly made to enforce the rule of law or remove such bodies foreign to the full execution of the law and authority solely therein made; even and when that act shall nullify and void the Federal Union or the member States in full - those orders sustain and exist a mandate and enjoin the members and District of Columbia to the Article I section I-1 rule they admitted a United States Constitution Article IV section 2 duty, a Constitutional Right and 10th Amendment reserved right of the People enumerated in the Constitution of a member State to remedy such abuse as we see prior - with permanency, as to carry such violation would be suicide of a national character to afford such injury or fraud without surrender of every asset, patent, trademark, legal social security account, fund, weapon, and franchise of the Federal Union without lien or debt to any other creditor - a readily and clear obligation upon which the "Full Faith and Credit" of the United States was always based. Any creditor who invested in such thing, while such abuse was ongoing or not settled, was in default of any security or surity or future, and a fool to regard such conduct as less than "drilling a hole in the bottom of a boat midway across the Atlantic Ocean"; to "scuttle" the country and its legal existence in full - by tolerance of such abuse and fraud.

As such vessel is a nation, and in INTERSTATE COMMERCE such work done by fraud in this case; the admiralty law upon such act is paramount to treason, a heinous crime, and by public conduct so serious that the public under foreign influence is incompetent to retain suffrage or act in the interest or welfare of the Public Trust; obligating a Federalist Intervention and Correction to restore order and protect property of the character of a National Emergency and civil unrest until such fraud in case 01-17702R is duly resolved and persons enjoined with its 2001-2022 delay of service arraigned for trial.

Human trafficking under color of law, is not entitled discretion. This is the finding of Federal Register Vol 81 No 244; and of 45 CFR - prior already law in 21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-8; and revised to modernize such language only in 18 U.S. Code §249 to address derelicition of duty to apply prior suitable language of 18 U.S. Code §241 and due emphasis on race or color deflecting from the purpose of 18 U.S. Code §242.

These are not new laws. These are reminders of Old Laws, Ancient Laws, which when left to disregard create modern violence that must enjoy both new legislation as well as admit the 76 O.S. "Inherent Rights" to remedy and private law and Personal Law, for which no nation may exist if they seek to legislate or entitle criminally and illegally those human rights of persons. (see U.S. Constitution, Article I section 9 and 10).

Few companies outside of military and high office operate on the law in this way, in contest with foreign and hostile unregistered advesarial parties conducting illegal activity against U.S. assets and the People as a party separate and entitled protection. SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is therefore a "sophisticated" legal publishing house, dealing with complex issues of Human Rights enumerated under "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" and "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE" amont other guarantees, orders, and agreements - similar to "THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT OF 2000". For which the UNITED STATES and its employees and member States of the Federal Union have failed in 2001-2022.

The group is a "Federalist" movement, supporting a "Republican Form of Government" after a reform movement to remove unjust unlawful foreign agency from the United States; and is neither a Republican Party nor Democratic Party exclusive group, seeking to summon from both political parties a "competent rational and lawfully oriented humanist compact" for which traditional political activity is not the goal - and to create tools and new technology and security aparatus for public general and free use, which can secure the rights of persons against commercial and government over-reach into the lives of private and vulnerable persons, property, and the security of the Public Trust made for the benefit of The People - for which credit and collateral claims of future earnings are both false authority not intended a competent government and secondary to the duty to enforce without sale all laws and protections of the nation and its States equally to all persons and without respect to "jus tertii" arguments of "Democratic Socialism" or other "G.W.F. Hegelian" collective welfare and property arguments - which the firm regards as wholly "Repugnant to the Constitution of the United States".

Your rights - not the benefit or in-consideration gain of granting them - are the sole duty of a competent government or its franchise in public service, commerce, law, or other commission - and that is how we operate at SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP. It requires us to think. Where that is not a negative for you, the firm may be your best choice for certain high-value and secure services, communication, and expert advice. The firm does not give general legal advice, and refers such advice to the appropriate licensed agency of your jurisdiction. The firm gives commercial practice information and best practice reports, information, and overview of threats and risks, based on the technical and industry information afforded to it. As a professional consultancy, the firm is a resource for such information and all such information themed proprietary and not for distribution or resale beyond our clients immediate legal organization.

Effort to overcome this, and to export our technology and findings to China, Japan, Sweden, Iceland, and other countries - are sufficient that we employ security, and give notice of the serious nature of such actions over 2001-2022, in concert with child stealing (21 O.S. §21-891) and regional fraud to extort protected "trade secrets" and for patent infringement, which the firm is entitled to assert increased security, privacy, and public notice of misuse or impersonation of its staff and associates, clients, and organizations engaging in such abuse without a duty to any impact or loss of business - even in matters of identity theft - per Oklahoma Constitution Article II-3 and II-22. Our rights supercede your local laws and customs, as the request filed for this and other sites is into State of Oklahoma, and served conditional to the terms and conditions of this site - including obligation to accept those terms conditional use and requests of any and all data and information.

Once these terms are clear, you may proceed. If not, you must terminate use of this site. No portion of the site may be stored or distributed without written permission of the site owner, including images, text, meaning, content, or other words or phrases or titles to publish the copyright protected contents in any original, derived, or altered form. Theats to do so will be de facto "threat to felony extortion", and reported and cited as such, in perpetuity with all identifying information to carry out public notice of a criminal assault and confession of such assault to the public by use of your IP ADDRESS registration used in such action, and all information in such records to identify you given over for such use. This is necessary to quash the false presumption of privacy falsely sustained in the commission of a crime, and was never even a legal right or privilege you had or may have or seek in visting this or any website in our business or franchise or those of others in State of Oklahoma. We are simply more honest about it that other sites. Your decision to proceed, will signal your consent to these terms, and teach you to read the whole document before scrolling also. The firm is not liable for the time it took you to read this clause or any other cost incurred in accessing this website or other resources, as a publication made for use only at your own cost - and with no liability protection for any consequence of misuse of this information or access or service by you whatsoever.

Fraud Notice Concerning Business Matters Now Before the Court

Special Matters are cases where simple legal process does not afford a 15 minute inquiry, and should by law be the duty of the City, County, State, or Federal Justice to carry - but often are improperly disposed of due to fraud and embezzlement of State and Federal Grants themed qui tam (31 U.S. Code §3729a) whereby a professional body such as medical or legal officers act to falsify Federal reports and conceal a serious crime.

The following is a Special Matter, obligated rule of law, and created by concealment of legal standing of parties in an INTERSTATE COMMERCE clause fraud by TITLE IV AGENCY subject exclusive 5 U.S. Code §101 rule of judicial hearing not entitled State Sovereign Immunity a full or partial defense; from which human trafficking and debt bondage with forced labor described under 21 O.S. §21-748.1 and under present civil suit afforded 21 O.S. §21-748.2 rule notwithstanding any permission or duty to give authority to file by the District Attorney or U.S. Attorney General, and in ongoing and malicious deceit of the public to defraud, which affords a legal notice based on incitement of real violence and prior burglary to extort and fire to destroy legal service of process in 2002 and theft of U.S. Mail now documented by the U.S. Postal Inspector as of December 2021 in ongoing destruction of U.S. Postal service and interference thereby in civil process evident and incorporated a child taking with injury for perpetual concealment by force predicated in a false court swearing of oath as "abandonment" by Veronica Marie Petersen, aided by Iva Petersen and Donald Jonathan Beal.

Use of false name, evasion of service of process, concealment of medical facts, injury to a child, and active public efforts to incite the public to carry out commercial harm in concert with activity themed competitor acts by employees seeking to displace the Oklahoma parent and their business, are evident and alleged a Hobbs Act Violation not afforded proper jurisdiction due suggested lack of financial injury sufficient to warrant the FBI tasking agents or carrying out duties that local civil court, City detectives, and District Attorney should ordinarily do in similar situations; and by consistent and systematic misrepresentation to conceal material facts of the case by such officers of the court as to constitute accessory in felony degree evident to persons familiar with the parties, eye-witnesses, and facts; in interest of $2.2 billion embezzlement from the U.S. Treasury each year for grants conditional terms of protection denied to the Oklahoma parent and child.

Due to lack of awareness of the legal standing of the parties as COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES and agents of FOREIGN SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT COMMERCIAL FRANCHISE ACTIVITY in FORMAL CORPORATIONS using names and mergers (8-K filings) to conceal this direct foreign ownership and conflicts including export and distribution of lynching and conspiracy to do violence outside the United States afforded a network of real persons admitted in organization and to incite domestic terror against a place of business, using concealment of a child ORDERED TO THE POSSESSION of that business owner and refused and concealed in INTERSTATE COMMERCE requiring Federal or International cooperation denied by the UNITED STATES wrongly; the letters and documents are entitled a public notice for cause and to overcome rejection of evidence themed central to such matter and fraud to suggest no crime done if no case (investigation) undertaken contrary Federal Law (22 U.S. Code Chapter 78).

The failure to establish a case on complaint is a crime, per 22 U.S. Code Chapter 78. Prima facie of fraud alleged, with commercial and identity theft, including the most recent "service of legal process from a POSTNET store in Dallas Texas on the CITY ATTORNEY to obtain video for use in COMMERCIAL EXTORTION and interference in IRS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA tax filing in premeditated business activity disruption themed under the Oklahoma Antiterrorism Act a felony in each count and void partial or full defense for any prank, joke, or similar incapacity to fully deliver on threats and claims and abuses in the letters threatening, demands, or implied abuse of public office violating State and Federal Law, and in conspiracy in the assumed nature of homosexual hate crime language employed for this purpose and ongoing fraud to violently take, conceal, abuse, and flee the jurisdiction with a child from ORDERED POSSESSION the ordinary aspect of a competent court and duty to enforce superior any imputed demands for civil fines, a serious fraud by STATE OF TEXAS in formal and ongoing demands enjoined these letters threatening (21 O.S. §21-1533 and §21-1304 allege violations in each count).

The size, volume, and detail of a professional "analysis" of the letters is a burden to the layperson and public, and to some court officials, from which a 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 criminal fraud is constructed to blackmail and seek forced labor, debt bondage, and forfeiture of commission of a real company by false claims and false prospectus in securities tampering using a child as collateral hostage.

Non-professional summary and rush to judgment to disclaim 22 O.S. §22-13 are primarily responsible for the duration of the fraud, now 2001-2022 ongoing without relief; a product of United States vulnerability to local graft and "grifting" behavior to embezzle Federal estate securities and benefits under color of TITLE IV AGENCY commission, duly restricted by 5 U.S. Code §101 and Federal Register Volume 81 No 244, the publication of final legal service of process by the UNITED STATES upon the many member States of the Federal Union; for which some States in this matter reject as insufficient evidence and suppress report to sustain illegal activity barred in 2017 February and violation of United States Public Policy there admitted to be in force in 1991-2022 or later.

The public is vulnerable to such fraud, as it falsely trusts justice will be done by the County Court and State Agencies, for which a Federal Criminal Probe and Federal Criminal Process are obligated relief; and Federal Civil standing to file suit as a "relator" (in name of UNITED STATES) suspends ordinary protection from suit in other matters concerning abuse of 5 U.S. Code §556(d) and fraud defined in §706 rule. Fraud is further obligated this hearing, per UIFSA Rev 2008, per violation of Section 3 to destroy judicial review prior filed in 2015 by prosecution violating immunity in 2018 as retaliation for applied right in 45 CFR §302.56(f) and to coerce surrender of a child and estate, criminal activity to overcome a civil process requiring Federal intervention against State and County employees named in express complaint and 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III civil counter-suit; alleged in Federal Criminal Code Title 18 §2071 and §666 to be felony activity concealed by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS and Director of commissioned agency made in State of Oklahoma to carry a false civil process impairing INTERSTATE COMMERCE and International Trade with irreparable harm to the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE and registry of the Library of Congress to disbar its authority in matters of $70 billion USD trade and multiple transactions related $40 billion merger and $44 billion merger and several $1 billion acquisitions initiated and supported by a $423 million specific property sale and two transfers in fraudulent conveyance of U.S. trademarks for dilution in false sale to UNITED KINGDOM and SWEDEN observed in concern with the fraud and threats made to extort - a COMMERCIAL enterprise of multiple persons and letters alleging organization and direction of such purpose by the party and in legal answer, and on behalf of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, an estate ens legis not a party to the original 2001 civil suit or legal matter, in transfer of assets and debts by STATE OF TEXAS in false ledger for TITLE IV grant fraud to the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION registry of cestui qui trusts ens legis persons (legal person) for TITLE IV fraud themed alleged 18 U.S. Code §666 violation not abandoned by KEN PAXTON, OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE STATE OF TEXAS, despite overwhelming fraud with death a result and kidnapping refused enforcement by his jurisdiction witnessed by MARK DEAVER and CHRISTOPHER MAIDT (INFRAGARD, DELL COMPUTERS) who have given testimony without regional FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS report being duly processed in a pattern of themed abuse of persons and II-36A equal protection and II-2 "Inherent Rights" enumerated in Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 76 and 78.

Laypersons not in the industry of corporate law or intellectual property law or International franchise law and property may be deceived by the fraud, and per Article II section II-3 and II-22 and Title 76 Section 76-8 and 76-9 rule; notice is obligated protected release on publications in recent activity on YOUTUBE.COM related FEDERAL INCOME TAX tampering and abuse to disable a REGISTERED AGENT of a registered UNITED STATES CORPORATION in State of Oklahoma; resulting in death in the family and imposing high probability of two additional deaths in ongoing activity to extort under color of law and value in excess of $1 million USD subject spoliation or theft threatened in this fraud and improper civil process being illegally sustained without ruling of fraud, and protection per THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT OF 2000 evident in the threats and commercial parties sustaining the activity with PRIVATE INVESTIGATION confirming a multi-party fraud of criminal mens rea evident and pattern alleged 18 U.S. §1341 violation on prima facie claims of false employment and job performance and intentional stalking to harass and abuse the victim in deceit of the public on the taking, holding, and abuse of a child.

Any effort to summarize or generalize these terms themed LEGAL authority, as evident in the prior legal advice to intimidate the public in taking from the victim a child and XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" themed a crime in the overt act in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma; may be named accessory after the fact for such claims.

To protect the Peace of the State of Oklahoma, public notice is therefore necessary and protected speech.

Effort to imply such RIGHTFUL NOTICE is substantial or supportive of false claims, is criminal, and subject civil or criminal complaint; and in an employee of any State agency or grant may be criminal abuse of license subject forfeiture of license and other remedy including but not limited to civil malpractice of medicine or law or other field; for which suppression of evidence is prohibited and this matter a SPECIAL MATTER involving complex law and Interstate Jurisdiction to extort, and in a presence of $100 billion annual income foreign sovereign 23% government-owned foreign monopoly activity incorporating financial support and undue foreign unregistered influence over local, State, and Federal Justice employees - as warrant a Congressional Hearing of the United States Congress and absolute privilege to speak not afforded by improper policy suspending HABEAS CORPUS, discovery of a person subject HABEAS CORPUS by design, and representational government by improper practice of law to sustain embezzlement of Federal Treasury funds in excess of $46.2 billion USD over 2001-2022.

Amounts of money and cost to prosecute are intimidating to laypersons, and merit a Congressional Special Session to address matters of FEDERAL REGULATORY NON-COMPLIANCE driving the fraud beyond ordinary civil remedy; and to impose upon the public a themed lack of legal defense including "fraud" a cause of action obligated UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008) Section 6; for which State Courts refuse to enforce 15 U.S. Code §1692n duty and rules in favor of their own account benefits, and to spoliation of the case a customary activity barring representation by BAR ASSOCIATION members against misconduct among members as a rule not afforded Federal protection. Abuse of which by criminal mens rea affords a foreign corrupt influence to impair INTERSTATE COMMERCE and to sell the commission and license and security of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, and 14th AMENDMENT to parents based on religious and gender discrimination in a pattern described as BLACK CODES by Justice Ginsburg for pronouncement of case 586 U.S. No 17-1091 in order from the bench to bar such claims de facto at Federal and State Civil courts; and make void all claims to that extent a clear UNCONSTITUTIONAL act voiding any order presuming or applied to that abuse, and to terms of ordinary fiducial review excluding property and agent of the estate ens legis trust from lien or forfeiture for fines exceeding monthly or term obligations set and limited and due automatic modification and judicial review and 45 CFR §302.56(c) and §302.56(f) rule, a duty on "fair" and "just" condition and "circumstances" disbarring all INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE and XXIII-1A violation from enforcement or registration or making of any such order de facto and retroactive in law a 1776 established CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION not met by civil procedure or civil contract, and void waiver per XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule of the Oklahoma Constitution in 1907 to present.

Rejection of these rules, in fact, is criminal - and component to human trafficking with commercial claims of a right to work taking for bribery paid to VERONICA PETERSEN in excess of income, void under 15 U.S. Code §1673 a power to DALLAS COUNTY or any County or State or Federal Court; and modification 42 U.S. Code §666(a) rule barring this conduct as abuse under color of law, a high crime, due "automatic modification" solely based on the STATE INCOME TAX FILING, for which States are refusing to carry out or apply to falsify books and continue to use "imputed" sums barred enforcement at law per new Federal Grant Terms, and in income "averaging" also used to bar abuse of persons to establish bondage themed in the following letters against ordinary civil honors.

These acts, barred prior the 18 U.S. Code §249 amendment in 2022 April, were already illegal in the Oklahoma Criminal Code Title 21 §21-3 and §21-8; and are a serious fraud as evidence shows in 2011 and 2002 use to conceal and abduct a child from the Allen family for commercial extortion and for TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX group members by a ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee, and refusal to investigate or cooperate with witnesses in false indictment and false investigation evidence of State fraud now obligated a Federal removal of the case for review denied in obstruction of Justice; for which statutory limitations should not apply and 18 U.S. Chapter 200 "Speedy Trial" must apply equal or greater protection in civil cases involving incarceration to bar use of suspicion of potential incarceration to damage and limit by class and performance the employment of persons in vulnerable and critical technology and intangible property rights subject unlawful foreign taking, transfer, and the race to registration of vital technologies with lifetime injunction powers and among multinational competition in time-sensitive markets harming the victims.

These frauds are similar "hearsay claims" in "Baker Act" fraud, known as "Red ORDERS" in Oklahoma, which exploit temporary protective orders to intimidate, disarm, and abuse persons based on gender stereotypes predicated by TITLE IV AGENCY fraud over years of false enforcement and against gentlemen targeted by organized groups in blackmail and extortion value of such records; imposing a cost of court and legal representation far in excess of ordinary fines for actual offenses and to damage their employment and commercial rights - as in Depp v Heard hearings.

PETERSEN v ALLEN and related use of ICANN global defamation to promote that fraud, in interest of THECHURCHBOARD.COM membership and DEPRF.NET users involved in the registration of such property in ICELAND and to extort; are clearly evidence of this abuse by a subsidiary interest of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD of CHINA, in ownership of PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, and its interest in ICELAND exceeding $423 million USD work with JAMES ALLEN in 2001-2022 abusing his family; and activity by NTT contractors and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (their subsidiary in merger) acting in State of Texas and nationally across borders to conceal a child for commercial extortion of similar network service firms and employment barred by XXIII-1A Constitution of the State of Oklahoma rule; a crime on withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to obtain forced labor and money and property, evident in the public letters that follow issued by the legal representative for VERONICA PETERSEN in LEGAL ANSWER to ATTORNEYS OF RECORD to defraud and extort and under color of law to threaten litigation and employment for representation of JAMES ALLEN in express and ongoing child taking themed a crime under 21 O.S. §21-891 for any period and each period of ORDERED POSSESSION (a right, not a privilege at law).

UNITED STATES must bring STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to account for this fraud; and recover its losses in 31 U.S. Code §3729(a), with restitution to the injured parties and victims in Oklahoma and elsewhere affected by this fraud in authority of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, per Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 and 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 rule - which enjoin State of Texas without a RULING FOR FEDERAL EXEMPTION granted prior such violations, not made or obtained in failure to answer discovery and 36 months hold on the victims legal person and estate and written threat for release in U.S. Mail not afforded such prohibited acts.

March 13 2022 the party has harassed the victim in cause of letter January 28 2022 sent from this address as SERVICE OF LEGAL PROCESS upon FRANK STOUT, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF ADA, and in avoidance of legal service or counter-suit, a clear design by use of a postal store to conceal assets and factual discovery under color of law and in COMMERCIAL use to extort, blackmail, and conceal a child owing communication and return to the parent and full information released on medical and developmental and location data - prior withheld to obtain payment of an EXCESSIVE FINE and false civil cause of action admitted taking, then post judgment due concealment publicized criminally as abandonment, to deflect from kidnapping during INTERSTATE TRAVEL and $10,000 USD fraud against AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and $50,000 AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK fraud carried by removal and control over a family member of the Oklahoma Business Owner to extort.

To be compelled to know and recite the number of facts in repetitious interrogation to compel change in testimony as a criminal under suspicion for 20 years without due process, is to do grievous mental injury and bodily harm to James Allen, and so reported in impact upon James Allen in abuse of U.S. Mail and dual collection activity with harassment to extort and blackmail, cause for relief in ORDER STAYING CASE, for which all such claims themed contrary his report are false narrative with minimal facts incorporating a few admissions which are criminal confession to extort the victim and family - a show of power by organized labor to overcome a business and seize intangible property for false title sale and export effort of clear written design and amounts cited and derived work discovered in concert in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB use of his chickasaw username and character registered trademark for products without royalty payments to compete with JAMES ALLEN and industries of that estate; and to damage securities and credit violating TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008 and §157.009 and disbar §157.261 limitation and §157.375 immunity to coerce a false agreement fraudulently themed a collateral contract among parties by DENTON COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY, and by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to embezzle from the benefits of the UNITED STATES in a systematic fraud; taking 65% of gross wages paid and 100% of Federal Tax returns, in a pattern to extort and obfuscate normal civil protections from a child of elderly and infirm parents he is working to support since childhood; and to conceal from the public this 40 year age gap in the Allen family with illness obligating a work ethic and long-term strategic and royalty-bearing industry, vulnerable to this form of criminal interdiction of INTERSTATE COMMECE and INTERNATIONAL TRADE.

Due to these factors not being afforded the public, and for protection of elderly and vulnerable persons, the abuse has not been afforded relief as is moral or obligated a civil contract; is a civil contract in fraud; and is enjoined the claims of State monopoly actors patent and trademark and commercial activity predicated on their labor and unregistered agency in the United States to extort a competitor of registry and record, generally themed by design a war crime in extent and degree of application to abuse - similar prior strategies of Volksverhetzung and incitement to genocide claims barred in Germany. Support for this abuse in Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Brazil, strongly suggest a neo-nazi white supremacist component working with similar extremist-nationalist-socialist groups in Japan and China to carry a fraud. Many of the claims are textbook neo-nazi / Axis arguments from G.W.F. Hegel and "Elements of the Philosophy of Right", a pseudo-psychology political theory book which inspired Mein Kampf and the Communist and Fascist movements of the Holocaust. Incorporation of support in material electronic threats originating in Ukraine and France, appear to support an expansion of this activity, which was reduced by Russian Federation interdiction into Ukraine in response to similar activity verses ethnic Russians there.

JAMES ALLEN is a registered author of copyright protected works and trademarks made for COMMERCIAL USE and based on 1992 characters used in 1998 products improperly adapted for foreign commercial franchise in a pattern of improper fraudulent taking, to overcome his rights, and to diminish all potential sale and licensing of his works by the parties incorporated with a taking and ethnic and religious motive for removal and concealment of his child in an act themed International criminal act of genocide and complicity with genocide; against which his written works are criticisms of socialism and communism and the abuse of persons similar to Rod Serling and Ann Rand. Solicitation of persons in China to aid in this fraud in 2021 November to present, show a general act against the Peace of the State of Oklahoma, and a clear obligation for the UNITED STATES to perform their duty to protect the State and the people from such violence, without sale of interest or threshold for protection paid to the United States; or abandon its claims set forth in The Enabling Act of 1906 incorporation over such land and persons and industry and property; as obligated; and in furtherance admit fault in fraud per McGirt v United States ruling to wholly reverse The Treaty of Pontotoc Creek and other agreements violated in similar fraud and abuse governing the Black Hills and Native Territory there owed relief. PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN and other franchise owners in bona fide title, are likely to be held accountable and sanctions to void BENRE CONVENTION rights already under discussion by the Russian Federation, substantial and lawful relief owing and due to the actions cited by other victims and taking and abuse and cultural extermination efforts of this movement under COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY to extinguish anti-socialist culture and family bonds, a genocide without relief for any law or any discretion of any sovereign nation against the people - and violation of THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, an agreement not afforded perfidy by endorsement made for United States; sole absence of a Sovereign Defense by any member State or employee or division or agency thereof afforded excuse in this ongoing and sustained criminal activity against the Peace and persons and to falsify the Credit of the United States before the IMF and other issuers of property, who may be liable for lending to such organized human trafficking and bondage activity under color of National Sovereign Debt or relief or other legal avenue or instrument whatsoever.

JAMES ALLEN is a former Telecommunications Administrator and Senior Software Engineer, experienced with data and regulatory compliance, and President of a United States Corporation for 13 years this May 29 2022; engaged in conflict to recover missing and exploited children used for COMMERCIAL FRAUD.

Effort to overcome his commission by the State of Oklahoma, a Sovereign State, through improper civil or threat of criminal or incarceration not afforded a legal right at law, is a criminal offense against the sovereign rights of authority and legitimacy of the State of Oklahoma, and in violation of the conditions of employment and use of the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION estates duly offered conditional undertaking of such commission or works, to forfeit the credit of the United States in those estates by fraud, and for commercial business advantage in the extinguishment of a competitor for foreign sovereign franchise and salvage of goods in conflict, and as per admiralty law differs in illegal taking and boarding and confiscation or destruction of a ship to claim it as abandoned salvage goods; "piracy", an offense punishable both by the Crown and other Courts of sovereign jurisdiction - and entitled material resistance by the crew and stealth and other means of protection and security which the criminal enterprise has attempted to style as some "magical knowledge" or "right" of equity in interest, and those terms fiduciary and legal meaning central to the SPECIAL MATTER, a fraud in jus tertii law unique to socialist extremist criminal activity and war crimes exempt from conquest or capture in ordinary jus bellum (Laws of War); from which a cause of action and extraordinary remedy detailed in THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and incorporated fundamental terms of the 1906 "Enabling of Statehood Act" enjoin and restrain the United States, Federal Union, and State of Oklahoma on ratification of the State of Oklahoma to membership in 1907; which are recursive and self-defeating dissolution of incorporation for failure to provide restitution and relief sought, an obligation conditioned their incorporation and all land and property and other rights at law.

This knowledge of terms, spanning 1905-2022, and in contest with false claims of "Sovereign Nationalist Socialist" activity in State of Texas to disclaim all Federal Union and United States authority and also "Laws of the United States" are - in essence, criminal and suggest overt and express treason with recruiting and incursion into the rights and welfare and property of other States on behalf of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and UKRAINE (a very large contractor and game developer prior Russian Intercession in these threats originating from their extremist socialist nationalist movement labor force enjoined the prior parties).

The basis of such complaint is thus intersecting with present open war with the Russian Federation, and would suggest as early as 2001 such elements were acting to instigate war and carry out a violent campaign under color of law, to provoke a collapse of the Peace and resumption of prior radical socialist movement "pogrom" activity of the 1930s and 1940s; incorporating injury to the industry of the City of Ada and State of Oklahoma in those acts, aided by State of Texas and other States receiving substantial foreign financial support similar to the Texas and California revolutionary uprising model - a fraud under color of self-franchise to obtain new territory and install a puppet government complicit with such acts of commercial genocide and to make false report and false write-down of such claims evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN (2001-2022, an abandonment case here admitted child taking by force prior, during, and after trial - to defraud and promote concealment with extortion as suggested legal abandonment ex post facto, in fraud and use of the child as collateral for COMMERCIAL dealings of very high financial value over $40 billion USD).

Further in the letters, we see home ownership and the right to property of other persons not a party to a civil suit contested to extort XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" and in effort to overcome the Oklahoma business based on number of employees and a "show proof" style fraud to compel discovery of business information, obtain video of the production floor of an industry by a competitor, and to do this in release on YOUTUBE.COM to extort commercial value for named employers and partners in a child taking and concealment fraud - for which COMMERCIAL VALUE pledged is not a potential use in letter to attorney FRANK STOUT of CITY OF ADA, PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA - is clear fraud and an incursion to violate search and seizure planned by and directed by persons across state borders and aided by supporting parties in the PONTOTOC COUNTY district known to private investigation, observed in person November 13 2021 prior such activity as Alicia (McMahon) Scarbrough, and conduct to extort in like fraud to abuse directed to injury exceeding $5000 of Lindsay Tarver, a disabled person then a minor in Norman High School of City of Norman, Oklahoma by McMahon. Acts which in a prescribed patterns injured and irreparably harmed bodily on the basis of the same "emo" hate crimes, slurs against autistic high functioning persons and genius-level cultural groups not defined by mental health as a culture and religious sect, to harm and remove children and child-bearing rights from those groups systematically and by fraud. While in the same act, moving to take COMMERCIAL GAIN OF FUNCTION and market themselves COMMERCIALLY in the interdiction of access to tradeshows and by use of physical violence witnessed by MARK DEAVER at events toward JAMES ALLEN and LINDSAY TARVER and other members of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED upon the prior claims of collateral withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to the parent and officers of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

Fig 1. The Origin of the January 28th 2022 FOIA Demand By Donald J. Beal on CITY OF ADA

Knowledge of these events, and duty to perform under duress themed repetitious coercion with extortion and a legal demand for service not afforded 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule after first answer or to the same question; constitute torture in the 3rd degree of James Allen by improper interrogation not afforded a civil service of process or common law interrogatory - and to evade civil process in falsification of ADDRESS OF SERVICE in such claims as were made on FRANK STOUT to further prove a criminal abuse of guardianship and custody in constructive illegal adoption of a child by State of Texas to overcome the commission of COMMERCIAL FRANCHISE by State of Oklahoma in this case and for SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, a legal registered name of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma; and direction to discover its staff, compel it hire or fire, and to impair its ability to do so while in Direct Competition in Commerce by the parties and jointly in organization and to "set up software" to carry out this organization using also the name of the Oklahoma officer and parent in this process; admitted upon public letter and to residents of Oklahoma in Midwest City.

For this purpose, which is evident, James Allen sets to written record as afforded 45 CFR §302.56(f) and 5 U.S. Code §556(d) rule; the report of his findings - that he may be afforded protection and to receive peace necessary for his health and welfare, which as AFFIDAVIT DULY SWORN, is given now to the public in identical format used and beyond redaction issued by and in concert later acts of Donald J. Beal, and in context due concealment of the doer of such acts in each phase knowingly concealed to evade legal process then and for ATTORNEY IN FACT acts asserting questions of law to defraud and into State of Oklahoma and other juris by Donald J. Beal on behalf of parties concealed his employers and sponsors and partners aka LOSTSERVER aka DEPREF.NET aka COGENT/NTT; known also as HARPOON.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK and SATURN.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK upon ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM and clients SHARKTECH.NET and ATLANTIC.NET businesses there also enjoined his activity and evident competitors as resellers of NTT/COGENT product in fact a front-company for those services of common port; is this account made duly and released for LEGAL RIGHT OF ANSWER such fraud, where D. Beal did set his hand to carry the public controversy and in perpetuity be subject consequences here in denial to such malfeasance of public office that his estate was granted and use of mass communication tools under his authority and abuse evident to release complaints for extortion in withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION evident to a scholarly reading of his written claims and legal answer to ATTORNEY SERVICES for the alienated parent; proof of a Federal Cause for relief and Criminal Justice interdiction as wholly false civil suit and civil judgment evident this TITLE IV AGENCY misuse of Federal authority by State of Texas must be now evident.

POSTNET® employee "McGee" stated May 23 2022, at 9:24 am in full cooperation with inquiry that the company DOES NOT ACCEPT SERVICE OF PROCESS FROM THE COURTS at that location for customers of the service. This notice in INTERSTATE COMMERCE and CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS pursuant to the Oklahoma State Statutory Law, is therefore a "false service" upon CITY OF ADA attorney, to obtain by fraud in Interstate Mail, video files used May 3rd and April 4th and May 13th 2022 to extort and carry out blackmail against the Oklahoma registered agent of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and to extort for license in withholding of HABEAS CORPUS of information pledged in an alleged contract and the child in body and for such cause over 17 years without relief; the evasion of civil process to sustain this fraud - which prima facie should compel State and Federal Law Enforcement to undertake investigation of State of Texas and corporations linked by record or association with the parties engaging in this fraud wholesale to such abuse to extort payment of debt for VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN contrary Federal Law and International Uniform Code of Commerce (UCC).

It should be evident to even a layperson, that persons claiming to be "professionals" and valued at $500/day ($62.50/hr) before the court (2012 Oct 31, Pontotoc County) as Donald J. Beal, are contacting CITY ATTORNEY offices in a matter to execute a "constructive search warrant" on a victim of substantial commercial unlawful contact and following to identify clandestinely the customers and identity of customers at their place of business; while Court Records indicate those persons earn only $2560/month pre-tax ($14.94/hr) according to court documents, that some fraud is evident. And at such time the defendant lived with his mother (See file) and this information not applied prior because our office did not see cause to make notice of such basis of his complaints public - until public controversy initiated by Donald Beal and in his name revealed April 2022 in extortion letters to blackmail and damage our firms were sustained to May 13 2022 supporting a felony organized fraud to demand $67,523.25 in false claims May 11 2022 by KEN PAXTON, violating 45 CFR Federal Law.

Donald Beal's concealment of a legal address of service for LEGAL PROCESS without additional expense, and scope of fraud while reporting himself to the court as INDIGENT and without resources, leaves the firm the legal option to make answer in the same format and to the same audience an allowed LEGAL ANSWER to instigated fraud claims to damage our business systematically by the ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee and upon his "network admin" claims and reputation as if some figure of authority, criminalizing all parties endorsing this claim for authority in a repugnant pattern of criminal behavior under color of law and to withhold a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to a parent in legal admitted written conspiracy with VERONICA PETERSEN.

This week, analysis of the 2022 extortion letters contributing to the death of Dr. Ann Klepper, M.D. and attempt to seize $67,500 USD from her estate after extortion of her child during her injury and incapacity; accredited to Donald J. Beal of Dallas Texas and TEK SYSTEMS, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, and NTT Group of Japan support of that organized fraud to blackmail Oklahoma business owners in withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child from 2001-2022 for sale of property to PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, a TENCENT company (TENCENT GAMES); and attempt to purchase in fraud NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2018-2022 a false lawsuit violating UIFSA Section 314 in concert with this extortion, to overcome the UNITED STATES investment in personal computer and scientific computing technology systematically refused by United Kingdom. Threats from ICELAND continue, in support of this fraud, and concealment of a child to abuse and extort.

Notice provided per Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 22 Section 22-31 and Title 76 Section 76-8 and 76-9 ("All Necessary [Legal] Force" required is a franchise of office delegated to any Oklahoma Citizen immediately and to restore contact with an abducted child and to overcome illegal and unlawful resistance, including fraud or physical interdiction of legal ORDERED POSSESSION or barratry in automatic mistrial no barrier to the right, per KELLY v KELLY (2007, Oklahoma Supreme Court);

Making such order to lessen or suspend on hearsay without 22 O.S. section 22-13 right to appear without coercion to give testimony and to bring witnesses, elemental proof of false trial in case 01-17702 and 15-06292393 of DALLAS and DENTON TX and delay not afforded any waiver of fast and speedy trial in FR-18-04, nor legal answer made, a default at law requiring Federal Interdiction on evident Fraudulent Conveyance violating Federal Civil Procedure rule 18b and 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) to require removal to Federal Justice a case delayed and nonsuit wrongly brought in concert with violence to obfuscate 31 U.S. Code &sec;3729(a) "qui tam" relator standing and right to move the court protect witnesses and evidence;

And in 18 U.S. Code §666 embezzlement by fraud evident on prima facie for which State and regional agencies are unmoved to carry out their duty, an obligation of 21 O.S. §21-1305 in conflict with Federal Agency impersonation and 21 O.S. §21-1533 violation in that abuse of authority exclusive to the United States Department of Health and Human Services in a conspicuous fraud and child removal for human trafficking, obligated relief under THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT OF 2000 and FEDERAL REGISTER Vol 81 No 244 Dec 20 2016 notice of United States Public Policy since 1991 barring this abuse. Perpetrator is evading civil process, striking CITY OF ADA offices using address not eligible for LEGAL SERVICE and to extort, blackmail, and across Federal Borders from the FOIA address in STATE OF TEXAS to the victim and the attorney for their city by U.S. Mail in STATE OF OKLAHOMA. One death has occurred in 2022 during the 2021 November 7th to May 13 2022 ongoing sustained activity, alleged 18 U.S. §249 HATE CRIME for COMMERCIAL EXTORTION of persons born in INDIAN TERRITORY and prior taken against family consent in HUMAN TRAFFICKING, to extort estates in excess of $1.2 million USD in value named property in title and for destruction of U.S. Industry in favor of foreign sovereign unregistered agency and registered commercial foreign sovereign competitors in written letters of extortion predicated on withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child for payment in excess of Federal fines and 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violation.

Ongoing TEXAS child concealment Extortion & Criminal Cause Of Action

Donald Jonathan Beal, "THE STATE OF TEXAS VS Donald Johnathan Beal" themed CR-2012-02385-D DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS; has made in 2003-2022 claims on behalf of TEK SYSTEMS of false and wholly fabricated employment to gain interview and paid work with ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, RICHARDSON TC SERVICES, ALLEGIS GROUP, TECHSTAR TECHNICAL SERVICES, TSRC STAFFING TEXAS LP, JOHNSON CONSULTING GROUP INC, and on behalf of TERRABOX to falsify the employment of the father of a child concealed violating ORDERED POSSESSION, a right, in 2001-2019 and to extort in demands for $67523.25 in fines barred by Federal Law (45 CFR 303.6(c)(2) rule). REPORT. Further, Donald Jonathan Beal is the reason that VERONICA PETERSEN filed for concealment due to cited "emotional abuse" in 2005 (by Donald Jonathan Beal); from which concealment was employed then to deny relief or contact with the male child of Veronica Petersen as ordered, and portrayed wrongly as a fault or legal matter against JAMES ALLEN in fraud, so evident in this AFFIDAVIT OF NON DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

This information release is necessary due to fraud to deflect these claims upon JAMES ALLEN (below) in violence determined by PRIVATE INVESTIGATION to be evident Interstate Gang Activity which has again in November 2021 to May 2022 reached into our community and acted to contact military veterans in the interest of extortion and blackmail of JAMES ALLEN, SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, and other registered corporations of the United States using the child as collateral and a hostage for such activity in criminal entrapment of a premeditated and extensive process and false police report and false requests for information used in the extortion contributing to the death of a member of the Allen Family and risk of severe bodily harm on continuance - obligating disclosure under EMERGENCY CIRCUMSTANCES themed a PUBLIC THREAT OF BODILY HARM predicated on commercial fraud and child injury, and to extort former U.S. Army service members in fraud to commit stolen valor under color of denial of their rank and DISCHARGE predicated on aid to the injury of elderly family and to extort this May 21 2022 on the death of that family member using their IDENTITY and in false LEGAL PAPERS themed a $100,000 forfeiture of estate scheme and fraud.

My client, James Allen, discovered a website dedicated to harming him. The front page of the website opens with a paragraph in which the last line contains "[...] we can squeeze [Allen's] Narcissistic mental illness prone self out of existence [...]" and ends with Mr. Allen's home address and phone number.

The web page consisted of several pages containing harassment, defamation, and a call to action of violence against James Allen- The names of some the people and business entities listed in the website who remain suspect are:

  • Suzie Quincy/Susan Quincy
  • Brian Young (AKA Dr. Fear, former professor at NW University and local television personality.)
  • Arron Matthews (AKA Aaron Matthews, truck driver for Enid Rent-A-Crane)
  • Josiah Deutsch (Skip Trace/Research not completed. Site claims this person with the entity CrypTease will steal James Allen's intellectual property and distribute it as their own.)
  • Alicia Scarborough (Main Suspect; Has history of violence and threats of violence toward James Allen)
  • Ms. Peterson (possibly Veronica Petersen, Baby Boy Allen's biological mother)
  • Donald Beal (Research suggests a divorce is in progress.)

I have substantial evidence to suggest that these entities are all business partners in businesses that actively compete against James Allen's business. [...]

I have included fourteen (14) images for this segment. Many of the images are from the defamation site that the client found which call for violence against him. There are also images that prove the group is stalking James Allen, and watching him at his house. They also attempt to portray James Allen as a homosexual, and a sexual deviant, to encourage others to commit hate crime against him - This is only a small fragment of the evidence I have been able to collect on the watch group. I can provide further evidence of the connections and gang affiliations upon request.

I have also collected information that the names of the children may have been changed. The child formerly known as Alexis Marie Petersen now goes publicly by the name Lexii Norwood, and Baby Boy Allen, formerly known as Magnus Vincent Petersen or possibly Magnus Vincent Allen, now goes publicly by the name Mac Petersen.

Additionally, there was proof online that Veronica Petersen admits to having a boyfriend during her pregnancy with Baby Boy Allen. That boyfriend, Don Beal, assisted Veronica and Iva Petersen in forcibly removing the boy's biological father, James Allen, from the boy's life.

Kristen Mack, P.I. Oklahoma; 2012 report

  • Abductors allege JAMES ALLEN worked for TEK SYSTEMS.
    Factual Employer is their Competitor
  • James Allen never worked for TEK SYSTEMS, and all such claims predicated on such account are a fabrication of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and Donald Jonathan Beal to conceal evasion of ORDERED POSSESSION and concealment of medical injuries to a child, admitted below in written confession and intent and plan to extort.

  • Analysis:
    Public Threat reported by CIO of Oklahoma Certified School

    1. Paragraph 1 - D. Beal uses the word 'lunatic' and launches into calling James Allen a "man-child" and "emo" in defamatory libel to intimidate the public in general fraud of a media company and employees of the media company where Beal's child's mother frequently visited, the Dallas Fetish Ball event center on 2424 Swiss Avenue and Good Latimer in Dallas, Texas.

    2. Paragraph 1 - D. Beal then acknowledges the site (JAMESARNOLDALLEN.ME) created by DONALD JONATHON BEAL and for extortion of commercial value and business of JAMES ALLEN and companies to be named later in his letter, hosts this text sent to the U.S. Corporation against which Donald Beal is directing his false claims. In the paragraph D. Beal admits "this is the place where those of us [...slur...] can rant/vent and clear some air." By this, he clearly admits that the site created is made deliberately and for purpose of speaking hateful things about James Allen, and that such statements in a context of his commercial claim of being a Network Administrator are competitor remarks for ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, his employer per his arrest record, and in a manner to suggest this is a factual claim by the phrase prohibited such conduct and use of image of the officer and employees of their targeted competitor.

    3. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal opens by making a false statement in material fact, "James is [...slur...] and doesn't pay his child support." This is materially false, and fraud simple on its examination of 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule, 303.6, and Federal Public Policy in the limitation of such claims in 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) rule expressly limited to 15 U.S. Code section 1673 rule; a false allegation to extort money not owing or due in criminal enterprise activity and commercial use of the INTERSTATE COMMERCE clause by registration for such purpose and to extort across State borders in this cause, IDENTITY of the person named, and void any support owing and due as civil debt where such methods are employed, per 15 U.S. Code §1692d rule.

    4. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal admits the mother "left him". The mother sued JAMES ALLEN for "abandonment". This is an admission of criminal fraud prima facie.

    5. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal is acting to intimidate a witness in Affidavit who filed a statement the child was abducted in the next sentence, and a Private Investigator who agrees with that finding.

    6. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal claims there was no assault, while featuring images of the maiming of James Allen in publications and violent threats in communication to Allen from 2007-2013.

    7. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal states "there was a legal process which James chose not to participate in". In court records, it was James Allen who attended all hearings in 2001, and Veronica Marie Petersen having been duly notified failed to appear and was found wholly in default DECEMBER 2001. This statement by Donald Beal is material fact falsified in the case to extort money and commercial claims.

    8. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal elaborates on this knowing fraud, stating "during the process, the mother had the option of requesting full custody due to Mr. Allen's failure to appear". This is materially false, as the father already appeared and as respondent per KELLY v KELLY (2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court), the later proceedings held in fraud by Dee Miller were "automatic mistrial" by operation of law, for lacking DUE PROCESS requirements and restraint of James Allen in the building by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT staff while Dee Miller falsified the record, refused to correct her fraud on appearance, and declined to enter the report of such appearance in the court record in knowing spoliation, a violation alleged in 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III counter-suit now before UIFSA Rev 2008 legal process subject 22 O.S. 22-13 "Fast and Speedy Trial".

    9. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal admits that the direction of such ORDERED POSSESSION and duties was at the direction of Veronica Petersen, who did then conceal and give no report of the child to the court or her true location from 2001-2015 location by skip-trace at the expense of JAMES ALLEN, and then abandon such discussion in bad faith, in fraud to obtain concealment again and evade civil process refused relief in DENTON COUNTY in false trial created by venue transfer corruption in 2015 by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT ASSISTANT DISTRICT COURT CLERK DAMARCUS OFFORD, who made a new case number and reversed the case parties, shifting the trial in violation of burden of proof and to corrupt the process of relief.

    10. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal narrates this fraud as "never tried to see his son" in total deflection of the prior violence and threat of murder witnessed by J.K. Metzger, and harassment in 2001-2022 in ongoing concealment of the child, alleging in 2015 DENTON COUNTY that Veronica Petersen refused contact prior ORDERED because she feared that James Allen would kidnap her child; hearsay to trigger a false temporary order then refused witnesses or presence of the accused, in violation of Federal DUE PROCESS a false hold and suspension of HABEAS CORPUS rights previously ORDERED POSSESSION at law.

    11. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal continues to narrate this in a narcissistic power and control fantasy, styling this as some act of mercy by Petersen over Allen in this fraud which he is actively aiding and sustaining to conceal a real child from ORDERED POSSESSION at this time.

    12. Paragraph 2 - D. Beal describes resistance to this criminal degree of abuse as "adding more fuel to the fire", in blame shifting and suggested "fire" as used to destroy the residence of the defendant prior to the previous trial at 7750 WILLOW WINDS COURT #22 BLDG 24 Dallas TX 75230.

    13. Paragraph 3 - D. Beal questions if this prior conduct is rational in implied attack on James Allen, and then attacks James Allen again writing "James Allen lives in a constantly decaying psychosis." to support this narcissistic delusional fantasy constructed by Veronica Petersen and Donald Beal in the taking, concealment, "abandonment" civil suit, and child support sought in addition to control over employment and earnings of James Allen in a subordinated and inferior role beneath the employment and public reputation of Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen (see resume, on file).

    14. Paragraph 3 - D. Beal admits that the International Crime of Genocide has been brought to his attention in complaint for violation of terms there, in abuse and use of concealment of a child to alter the parent-child bond, employment of eugenics slurs, and derogatory religious and economic fraud incorporated; and moves quickly past this admission of fact of his violation of such law in all signatory countries on face by this letter and conduct, into more fantasies.

    15. Paragraph 3 - D. Beal elaborates on his fantasy, citing "conspiracy against (James Allen's) life as the reason his son is being kept from him". What Donald Jonathan Beal is describing, in context to ORDERED POSSESSION being withheld and reasons to hold such rights and information from him contrary alleged access and false claims to conceal criminal threats witnessed by multiple persons sustaining their role in this matter to testify on record for Allen, is a "conspiracy" and violence a component in such conspiracy and employment constructive to such conspiracy at law. So codified in the 2022 April "Emmett Till Antilynching Act" now a felony offense.

    16. Paragraph 3 - D. Beal states "The reality is that James is a deadbeat; nothing less." As cause for withholding a child from ORDERED POSSESSION, and in gross criminal act of fraud for commercial purpose which suggests non-payment of a demand for money without respect to Federal Limits on such demands and taking and obligations to modify not done per 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(10) and $500 "final judgment" made by TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261 limits such demand to the prior paid in full and discharged debt of $0, and any recording of other sum prohibited by 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule as prohibited false books by STATE OF TEXAS or other State or State Court to modify, per UIFSA Rev 2008 Section 6 rule.

    17. Paragraph 3 - D. Beal states the copying of the court order has been presented to him, obligating him at law to the ORDERED POSSESSION and duties he is disclaiming, and to the "discharge the child support obligation" clause executed in 2003 which in ordinary Blacks Law Dictionary 11th Edition Hardcopy thereby voids the entire monetary and health insurance debt against JAMES ALLEN, de facto, having paid that first $$500 - due to the incompetence of the Texas Government which issued it and made it record using such language wrongly and so enjoined to such legal meaning of such fiduciary statement at law. JAMES ALLEN has thereby overpaid child support, and is owed $107,500 USD plus interest of 6% per annum on the sum since 2001 May 20th, due fraud - and treble plus all lost wage ($2.5 million USD) for this fraud.

    18. Paragraph 3 - D. Beal states "what type of parent doesn't know the medical conditions their child has" and concludes "a deadbeat".

    19. The parent of an abducted and abused, concealed child also does not know the medical conditions their child has, and is a party entitled full criminal Justice in the location and recovery to ORDERED POSSESSION of such child; for which this fraud is evident - calling James Allen a "deadbeat" four times by the end of Paragraph 3, and "a beared psycho" once before Paragraph 3. Parental relations with this child are clearly impaired by Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen, and the child's welfare evidently impaired with resulting injury. Veronica Petersen, on discovery, refused to disclose the medical information concerning the child in 2015 on brief release of a finding by the child's physician, which indicated that concealment from James Allen was at direction of Veronica Petersen and she styled James Allen and his family as mentally ill, to obfuscate James Allen's role as caregiver to adopting parents 40 years older than he is with brain cancer medical conditions he was the sole financial support for in his work and commercial enterprise activity as the 1998 established Oklahoma limited liability company and later (2009) C Corporation businesses established due to ongoing violence against his person, family, and employees from this fraud and public incitement to cause commercial and personal harm including threat of assault (2010 witness, MARK DEAVER - owner Norman Computers, Norman OK).

    20. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal launches into an attack on the real businesses and to extort, and states as false material fact such activity "never perpetuated any viable income", a commercial attack and fraud.

    21. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal as ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and representative in later letters of TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX and all prior employers of DONALD JONATHAN BEAL and VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, and as and other companies who hosted this activity in commercial use of any kind, is making "PROSPECTUS STATEMENTS IN FRAUD" regarding a United States Corporation to defraud and to control a child and labor and employment of such firms directed into State of Oklahoma.

    22. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal invokes this felony act in citation of allegation of "fraud that landed credit extensions and jobs" to specify his direct intent to use the child and child's welfare and child withholding in such false statements of a court case and court record, to damage those firms, an attack on the PROSPECTUS by a competitor in illegal activity prima facie.

    23. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal launches into a CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMINAL ACT in "XXIII-1A violation", in the statement "For example, in his position at Nortel, James was a 1099 contractor and didn't have the necessary work experience for the position." This is material felony act in two counts, in the W2 status of JAMES ALLEN as an employee of PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES", who were in a contract relationship with NORTEL subject to business-to-business service, and such construction of "false employment to defraud" evident there by and for TEK SYSTEMS in a 2001-2022 commercial fraud aided by TERRABOX (next letter) and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES (employer of D. Beal at this letter writing time per court probation of D. Beal statements).

    24. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal in the prior statement, suggests a "work experience for the position" claim, which is legal fraud. He has expressed similar narcissistic delusions to suggest that the hiring party were not satisfied with performance, which the PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES group did not receive report or negative claim and could have terminated the contract "for cause" or at 6 month duration at will; and renewed the hiring of JAMES ALLEN for two 6 month terms, and a 3rd term in temporary hiring to assist briefly due to poor hire of a PHP coder who could not understand the code without extensive COMMENT REMARKS added, and such language (PHP) in monolithic non-object-oriented use for clarity and stability themed a simple AWK/SED report tool in written format later promoted as a full application for dispute and billing resolving over $2 million USD per month; did theme JAMES ALLEN a "vital employee" and bar his discharge while 80,000 other Nortel Employees were released from long term contracts. On last notice, funds from other account codes were moved on ledger to hire JAMES ALLEN again at $75/hr - for 80 hours, after the prior 2 terms and to assist the overseas candidate the firm attempted to pass the tool to, who reached out to and worked with JAMES ALLEN to resolve his concerns and worked with ALLEN and was trained in the PHP code as part of that request for help. So if NORTEL did not give good report, they did not do so through official channels or such claims are fraud and fabricated competitor objections after JAMES ALLEN gave true and accurate report which sources said resulting in the firing of a TEK SYSTEMS group who were selling a proprietary database application to NORTEL on request to investigate the group and diagnose why they could not fix a memory bleed issue in their alleged in-house license free software product. JAMES ALLEN delivered a finding of fraud. JAMES ALLEN appeared in such group at the direction of the DIRECTOR of the RICHARDSON TEXAS site, to audit the group. Whatever the group were told to conceal that auditor, is not factual of the real employment or role of JAMES ALLEN, but appears to have become "legend" invoked to conceal his child by Donald Jonathan Beal as part of a complex narrative delusional fraud of Beal et al in support of offenses ordinary subject Federal criminal Justice.

    25. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal cites a 'partner' at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., in a fraud that has been sustained for years suggesting criminal misrepresentation of some equity stake not done or afforded by a former girlfriend who accused Michael Durham falsely of sexual menace to obtain his apartment at 925 E. 9th Street, Ada OK; and engaged in threats of murder documented by Kristen Mack, P.I., in writing upon public forums against James Allen. (see resume, A. Scarbrough)

    26. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal exposes his narcissistic injury in attacks citing as such a perceived offense of imaginary narcissistic delusion against himself and the public and specifically to harm his client TEK SYSTEMS, alleging that Allen was the owner of an L.L.C. in Oklahoma, in fact, but did some imaginary wrongdoing by claiming that constituted employment legally exempt an intent or desire or wish as fraud in contract of some imaginary requirement to work in an industry or for NORTEL where such rule is not a REGULATION and the BURDEN OF HIRING IS UPON THE HIRING PARTY TO MAKE DISCOVERY OF ALL SUCH CLAIMS TO SATISFY IN THE HIRING PROCESS, not create a false cause or 'grudge' in narcissistic disorder that has carried on since 2001 to justify injury to a child and commercial abuse to interfere in INTERSTATE COMMERCE by the parties or their representatives or employees against other commissioned organizations or workers or the public in false claims of "buyer regret" that would not stand even an ironclad NDA agreement after two years post-employment. In short, the remedy sought by D. Beal is either fraud in criminal degree or delusion with support by other parties a conspiracy against the rights of persons and children, with injury, and to injure.

    27. Paragraph 4 - D. Beal claims that James Allen did 'the same kind of fraud to obtain lines of credit for a business that never generated', so dismissing in criminal fraud or by delusion or combination of the two, a presumption of right to make PROSPECTUS claims and assert knowledge of income and receipts and revenue, for which his attacks and taking of family members in concert with publications destroyed $50,000 USD in LINES OF CREDIT TO AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK which were prior paying and in good standing before his act; and to defraud over $10,000 USD in taking from the retirement fund of the child's grandfather paid on pledge of delivery and a promise to not molest the release of the child in this residency to PONTOTOC COUNTY and CITY OF ADA; during which the interdiction to remove the child by force before Christopher M. Maidt, eye witness to these events; was an illegal act not afforded then "abandonment" so sworn by Veronica Petersen - and immediately after visiting the hanger of REX NICHOLS, and at such time James Allen en route to meet with and discuss employment with REX NICHOLS before Christopher Maidt, when the child was abducted for collateral hostage by Beal and Petersen.

    28. Paragraph 5 - D. Beal persists, returning to ad hominem narcissistic attacks of a clearly irrational and criminal commercial nature; stating "James could not figure out how to perform simple mathematical problems in basic shell scripting.

      We have to stop for a moment, 4 of 10 paragraphs into letter #1, because the evidence of a serious dysfunction is simply overwhelming to any competent CROSS EXAMINATION or minimal Justice investigation afforded the reading of even one of these devices; and it baffles the public to think that persons like Donald Jonathan Beal are being afforded any access to a computer to carry out their scheme, or to any business or professional organization or in employment of the firms and industries so named.

      It physically hurts to read Donald J. Beal's delusional claims by persons with knowledge of the facts of the case not aiding his delusional and malicious narrative fraud; and it would be in the best interest of anyone to honor the demand for a PROTECTIVE ORDER against his use of a computer to sustain this activity, and to avoid their presence - were it not for the taking, holding, and abuse by persons he cites as supporting and enabling this commercial activity are per Kristen Mack (P.I.) as of 2012 and 2021, genuinely and constructively and jointly aiding in this INTERSTATE INTERFERENCE IN COMMERCE and in the interest of their own employment (shown later); trading on insider access and fraud due to opportunity gained in prior contact as subordinates and employees and never as equity or interest owners of the firms they are now targeting in systematic blackmail activity using a child and ICANN and ALPHABET INC. network services under false names over a period spanning 2001-2022, and to intimidate, threaten, and follow with intent to injure and impair witnesses in Oklahoma, Scotland, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

      The sheer injury in having to field the number of claims and diversity of pathological lying, causes mental and emotional injury to the brain and nervous system of the victim; which has qualified ORDER STAYING CASE to stop the abuse and forcing the victim to re-live the trauma and review and give repetitive testimony and retain files and lease many qualified domains at their expense to protect themselves from this pathological stalking activity and abuse of a child for parental alienation and to coerce business for ICELAND by firms listed as members of LOSTSERVER and DEPREF and clients of ATLANTIC.NET and SHARKTECH.NET, customers of and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS - an NTT GROUP company in legal fact per 8-K filing provided to the court; for whom such fraud is ultimately beneficiary in false claims of competition with JAMES ALLEN and his legal property and technology the objective of such fraud to extort, export, and obtain foreign registration in knowing fraud stated in written threats with $80,000 demand letter then published by myluv187 - an account used to shield Mr. Beal after the prior letter was divulged in 2011, and he was summoned for a protective order hearing in PONTOTOC COUNTY - where under oath he continued in making false statements and cited afterward the lack of a court transcriptionist afforded him the power to lie without fear of perjury so he did so knowingly and to taunt James Allen there. Report of perjury was filed with the PONTOTOC COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE.

      The public should be aware that under Texas Statutory Code, Title 8 Section 37.03, it is a felony to lie to any material fact in a case as established in 01-17702 and 15-06292393 and FR-18-04; whether in court or under oath or in public address to any party. The offense is called "aggravated perjury", and such facts evident to defraud the FBI and State and Local Justice, in a UIFSA Rev 2008 case under TEXAS LAW there a protection of the accused party JAMES ALLEN per section 6; a rule evident in this matter entitled 5 U.S. Code Section 706 "fraud" complaint and remedy to restore all injuries and losses to the victim in a 5 U.S. Code Section 101 matter so themed in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 rule, Dec 20 2016, enjoining STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to comply and produce full relief to this abuse of authority solely and strictly limited to 45 CFR rule and instructions therein Federal Register, on payment of $2.2 billion USD per year executing that duty at law over State customs, common law, and statutory law prior made or non-compliant with the new regulations paid and a duty to enforce in both TITLE IV case matters; and in other aspects of law and protection of commerce arising.

    29. Paragraph 5 - D. Beal appears obsessed with JAMES ALLEN in a classic superiority complex that can intimidate non-technical public officials, agents of the court, and incompetent technology account managers in small and unsophisticated industry outsourcing businesses. This is evident in his return in 2011 to a math problem mentioned by Allen in 2001; in which "n=n+1". This is an "inequality" if n is a real number. Obviously.

      Only a fucking moron would continue to dwell on it, as if it were a real number in 5th grade math like Algebra. D. Beal states "There, I just solved your age old riddle. Seriously though, the man knows jack shit. We had to listen to his pseudo programmer ramblings for years and became so nauseous by the verbal vomit." These terms are used by persons with Narcissistic Personality Disorder to disbar "validity", concealing a basic ego disorder, from which ordinary emotion and reason are clearly absent as well as a deficit of ordinary empathy which is hereditary. Before the next remark, the citation "n=n+1" where n is the dimensional manifold (maximum real definition of space a computer can operate in a fixed quanta of time to maintain real-time response), and n+1 is the projection of a point outside the manifold space, whereby the hypercube problem of synchronizing game state across two separate data sets to accommodate for translation in a multi-threaded multi-homed parallel process can be converted to an equitable representation of visual and auditory and other signal process meta-data for use in navigation of very large data sets; is not within the scope of the math that D. Beal appears to comprehend, despite working with computers as his alleged profession, and a rudimentary (intern level) skill for any game development environment and visualization or image designer working in ray tracing and vector analysis. The assessment of "merchantability" and "fitness of purpose" then, by D. Beal citing "we had to listen to his pseudo programmer rambling for years", is his own confession of "industrial espionage and industrial sabotage" obtained by release to harm the credibility and represent commercially as a ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and TERRABOX (and all other employers and clients of record) "insider", in concert with taking to abuse and control such franchise and licensing of his business and works then for equity in the same, using a child as collateral.

      But to drive home this point, D. Beal states "And then there's the video game he never shuts up about," - admitting this is the registered commercial product BEYOND WAR.

      D. Beal states "but has yet to produce any code whatsoever." - A statement that is material fraud, on face, expressly, and in the extreme totality of "no code" a requirement to qualify his claim as perjury de facto; impeach him as a witness; and to confirm that this is to the milestone and completion goals of his commercial "boundary issue" disorder in which he is not an EMPLOYEE, not an INSIDER, not an INVESTOR, nor any party in EQUITY STANDING that would be entitled this access or proof to restrain his action and claims; which are commercial professional statements at law of his employer and clients in whole upon the XXIII-1A right to work criminal code of Oklahoma Constitution and a Federal Felony to obstruct such right in 18 U.S. Code §241.

    30. Paragraph 5 - D. Beal states in continuance of his fraud to extort, "It's not any surprise that his contract was not extended,"

      This is material fraud, as well, as the 12 months spent working for NORTEL under the prior firm, are limited by UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE to prevent the wrongful hiring of person over multiple years (13+ months) in substitution of W2 direct hiring and FICA and other withholding due ordinary employment. Although this is often ignored by irresponsible firms, full benefits are obligated any contractor who is on a job site over 12 months. This includes health insurance and other costs, which business-to-business hiring and W2 rates for service then paid by the business to labor as their employee, not the employee of the firm hiring the staffing business. Further, 80,000 full time employees of NORTEL lost their job and the company was under a HIRING FREEZE prohibiting the RICHARDSON TEXAS facility DIRECTOR from retaining in a NEW TERM any such person; and so reported to JAMES ALLEN citing his work as superior and "vital employee" status assigned to protect him as his entire department was laid off excluding him. Then, the RICHARDSON site hired him again, via a work-around firm for $75/hr in violation of the HIRING FREEZE, after remaining staff found it difficult to do the alleged work above, without having JAMES ALLEN return and train them for 2 weeks.

      No report of that is obligated to Beal, as he is not a party to such hiring, but seems to allege he is representative of TEK SYSTEMS and "we" - a group of persons in conspiracy to commit this child taking and withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION incorporating Alicia McMahon and Veronica Petersen as prior cited parties in source and by false and material facts knowingly and criminally misrepresented to deceive and defraud the public and JAMES ALLEN, his clients, and his industries.

    31. Paragraph 5 - D. Beal continues to allege "magical (delusional) knowledge" of James Allen, to extort, and admits inadvertently exposing his non compos mentis argument to state "and he hasn't had decent employment since." - That both admits that child support based on prior employment would be fraud, obligated modification not done or admitted or owing or due per Federal Law and 45 CFR; and to reverse his prior claim of "irreparable damage" to the industry and income of James Allen by such false claims, in legal fact a written confession on substantial grounds of illicit and two-party abuse to extort and withhold ORDERED POSSESSION, concealing then in violation of HABEAS CORPUS the child of JAMES ALLEN ordered to his possesion.

    32. Paragraph 5 - D. Beal makes a directed question then to James Allen, indicating he is writing to communicate directly with James Allen and with intent that the victim see, experience, and suffer all such abuse in the prior fraudulent statements supporting concealment of the child of James Allen, stating "That telecom bubble burst sucked, eh James?"

      This "Canadian accent" written "eh James" question, again calls into direct observation ongoing cybercrime denial-of-service from Ontario and 2021 November use of CANADA to conceal the registrant of the domain name to extort in ongoing fraud; a form of INTERSTATE COMMERCE interference there using INTERNATIONAL TRADE to carry the fraud; and evade local and State and United States jurisdiction proper response in a false confidence of local civil courts capacity to overcome this degree of committed grifting by the TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES group against the Oklahoma firms and their founder, the family of the same, and in a criminal enterprise enabled to operate in foreign States for which Federal and Congressional awareness of misuse of the commission of such companies and the ongoing concealment of this activity by STATE OF TEXAS should warrant a Congressional Special Prosecutor.

    33. Paragraph 6 - D. Beal returns to an assertive delusion "as if fact" in clear intent to defraud, stating to the public and potential clients of JAMES ALLEN, "James blames everyone who has ever slighted him in the least for his many troubles." This is Narcissistic Personality Disorder speech in structure evident in the incorporation of "magical thinking" to allege as legal fact and publication by a professional in the course of Interstate and International Commerce, a franchise to speak for the internal motive as if fact of James Allen; in concert with taking and to violate his rights at law.

      Expressly, the broad statements of "everyone who has ever slighted him" express mental health disorder of a clinical scope, in "magical knowledge" of the life and thoughts of a victim in a sociopath or narcissistic fixation to show loss of boundaries and reality to carry a narrative delusion in Donald J. Beal as if it were a problem of James Allen, father of the child that Beal is restraining and concealing and abusing in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION and other rights at law existing prior to August 2001, per Title 76 Section 76-1 and 76-8 known in Oklahoma Constitution as "Inherent Rights" and "equal protection in employment and contract per gender" set in II-36A and "Inherent Rights" rule; barring a court from making rulings as if no relationship existed prior to their involvement in the custody or residence of a natural child with its natural parent.

      D. Beal continues, "ever slighted him in the least", to show a scope of irrationality in his comic-book-like projection of magical thinking on James Allen; to support his own imaginary role as a hero or justified person in the taking of a child and injury done to the child by such separation which the child's psychologist listed as the primary cause of the child threatening to kill another child in anger management issue in school, resulting in a forced examination and to which then D. Beal alleged in October 2012 such activity was "bad genes" acquired solely from the father, James Allen, before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT JUDGE KILGORE.

      This makes the prior matter a eugenics abuse question.

    34. Paragraph 6 - D. Beal makes a special effort to invoke a narcissistic "endorsement as validity" claim, evident in serious mental illness degree, stating "Due to the way he carries himself, this is just about everyone." This is his "blame shifting" strategy to invoke society as a valid qualifier for abusive behavior toward James Allen and his legal person, business, commercial and academic character - and to expressly make a legal claim that the trouble (injury) done to James Allen is the product of James Allen solely, because "the way he carries himself". That, in THE CONVENTION FOR THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, a treaty, is a remark that speaks to the culture of James Allen and his family, community, and to prior gothic fashion and religious and native American cultural values which are centrally the target of this abuse, fraud, and per the Emmett Till Antilynching Act - a HATE CRIME (18 U.S. Code §249) motivated by the "way he carries himself" sole justification for child removal and concealment to destroy the bond between generations in a specific culture or faith or theology by organized or direct action or failure to stop such acts also a war crime, legally known as "GENOCIDE".

      Donald Jonathan Beal is, on behalf of the People of the State of Texas and TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TERRABOX, and all his clients and employers of record of his legal person and association - literally confessing to "genocide", the International crime, in motive and described acts done to his competitor and for commercial gain of those parties, known to us today as NTT GROUP of JAPAN and their partners TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and SOFTBANK GROUP - whose TENCENT GAMES, TENCENT MEDIA, and purchase of NVIDIA CORPORATION by SOFTBANK after partnership with those firms prior and nexus, in ownership of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, represent a commercial union per XXIII-1A rule of Oklahoma Constitution in offense enjoined the taking of a child from a pre-registered commercial competitor to commercial extortion and transfer of intangible property, of a substantial spoliation and harm to the registration of all nations under the BERNE CONVENTION, and to forced labor in demands for money while aware of imposed loss of employment arising from such fraud and improper withholding of collateral to extort franchise and access to markets globally through ICANN use and NTT GROUP subsidiary hosting sites of that fraudulent information under false name and to extort.

    35. Paragraph 6 - Extortion of a Military Veteran

      This requires a moment, as it contains by Donald Jonathan Beal, a statement of future intent to blackmail a United States Army member after service, by alleged plan in writing to "This man's military record couldn't be any more laughable." Again, narcissism is evident to support a misplaced degree of military record performance that is a standard set by the abuser harming the child of the U.S. Army service member at the time of enlistment to support that fraud, injure the parent of the victim during complications due to brain cancer, and omits that the mother of the soldier broke her hip at the time he was separated and was then solely reliant on the soldier to support her due to that. Since actions by D. Beal in 2021-2022 have killed that grandmother of the child in this fraud, March 2nd 2022, after which threats continued in this style to extort and impersonate her and her executor of her estate to blackmail $67,423.25 in demands solely her gross property value and never income or property of James Allen; this is serious to a criminal degree, in Genocide and liquidation of persons and estates prohibited by U.S. Law.

      But to continue, D. Beal did in Paragraph 6, state "Once I get the official results from NPRC I will post them up here."

      This is a written plan to extort, in publication to blackmail a U.S. Army veteran, in concert with taking and concealment of a child and for commercial advantage in extortion and competition for employment and clients in the United States and worldwide.

      D. Beal expand on this extortion, stating "He should reshape the stories he tells others about his military experience." as a quid pro quo demand to coerce desired control and behavior from the U.S. Army Service Member, in concert with this threat to extort and publication to blackmail. This is furthered a clear threat of criminal defamation, in "After all, there is a thing called stolen-valor act now.", a crime to make false representation of a rank before the public, since struck down as UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW; but in this case to imply no lawful right to speak about the military activity of his family to the child or other persons as if such claims without validation by Donald J. Beal and his elected authorities were in control of the person of James Allen legally, a crime to suggest and intended to imply that such stories of persons with substantial eye-witness experience relayed to the family in oral tradition and custom, were criminal acts - in ongoing genocide activity and to silence the accounts of the warrior culture from Oklahoma who were deprived of their child in this taking, to extort and extinguish their history and honor, and to portray their theology and religious values and convictions as improper, irrational, dangerous, and imaginary events - a felony per 18 U.S. Code §241 and Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-2 "Perfect toleration of religious sentiment", a Constitutional Right.

      D. Beal writes again, in directed imaginary personal communication to show his intent to produce this defamatory and insane assault as information upon James Allen, in closing Paragraph 6 with "Don't make your FAIL any worse, James."

      James Allen has no relationship of a civil nature or communication with Donald Beal, and prohibits all communication as harassment citing this abuse, and citing no party obligation in ORDER or other claim to obligate DONALD J. BEAL any information concerning anything or take messages or direction from him - and as such this can be clearly shown these narcissistic efforts are "Yandere", psychotic imaginary love-infatuation with James Allen by Donald Beal, which appears in repeated imagined homosexual styling of James Allen in the written abuse over the period, to suggest a clinical mental health condition in Beal and others in his association who are sustaining this illegal and unwanted imagined and criminal commercial narrative power struggle over Allen and his firms which has legal life in the holding, possession, influence, and control over the children of the relationship with Veronica Petersen. Veronica Petersen appears to be aware of this and is aiding and abetting this behavior in concealment, so an active part despite her lack of cooperation with Beal directly or agreement, on a prior established plan and execution of that plan to style James Allen as mentally incapable of being a parent or supporting the children before the public and to extort money, property, forfeiture, and overcome the estate of Charlyce Ann Klepper M.D. (pediatrician, grandmother of the child) and Orval Price and Dorthy Price, great grandparents of the child and well liked members of the community of Ada, including Director of the Trust overseeing the regional hospital and Witherspoon Finance business known in the area to have assets in excess of $7 million USD at one time); and to do so in concert with Alzheimer's Disease and that disorder ultimately contributing to the death of Orvil and Dorthy Price in 2008 and 2007; and affecting the death by brain cancer of C. Ann Klepper.

      The failure to realize that JAMES ALLEN is the AGENT IN FACT and support for adoptive parents 40 years older than he, at the time of his birth to a 16 year old mother and 15 year old father; whereby his industry and business were the primary means to support those parents not entitled to the estate or its loss due to end-of-life care foreseeable as early as 1979, is an attack on the GUARDIAN of elderly vulnerable members of the State of Oklahoma to extort; and a form of genocide in legal fraud and commercial fraud to falsify that standing or association along the lines of "selfish interest" by goals or customs or other practices and privacy rights themed in HIPAA rules; for which Donald J. Beal has knowingly and criminally sought to violate while working with firms like ATLANTIC.NET and VIRTBIZ.COM in HIPAA and mental health client areas - and used such information and experience obtained in his military extortion also to seek to overcome to suit a delusional and magical thinking in narrative deflecting from his taking, concealment, and abuse of a child.

    36. Paragraph 7 - D. Beal then begins jubilantly abusing James Allen in this delusion, stating "But alas, he still has his company..." (we must pause again).

      D. Beal continues, "whatever it is, and his loyal employees (his cats, his girlfriend, and thats it)."

      Reiterating there the arrested development in D. Beal to presume some control or power over the company activity or insider operations, for which ordinary business calls that fraud and insider speculation.

      And in the statement also, to give PROSPECTUS claims that employees are "cats" or "his girlfriend". A novel concept now, as well as patently false, but oddly possible if all his female and male and non-binary employees were to elect to identify as cats - and be his girlfriend - and knowing Mr. Allen (as Mr. Allen does) that would be totally okay but unfair to his present girlfriend, so he won't do that. Although he might break out into song about it like Meatloaf, as the man is an entertainer by trade and finds this one irrational claim - despite being clearly part of a violent threat, the sole point of stupidity evident in his competitors claims which 20 years of progressive acceptance of gender identity in law have made totally okay. Mandatory and requiring accommodation, even. And reminiscent of the "cat girl" posters in Dominion Tank Police and other academic work used to train new art history students in design at the firm. It really isn't funny, because Donald Beal is trying to make a claim he believes is plausible - and as such, fraud as a legal fact not permissible by any person who has worked in the STANDARD INDUSTRY CODE (SIC) of the firms that such false PROSPECTUS claims are directed to harm or DUN & BRADSTREET credit that his associate has filed reports falsely to carry in similar fraud made formal complaint related to this issue.

      Donald J. Beal is keen, despite having no lawful right of access, to share that he has entered, observed, and there documented all the electronic forums that James Allen has created, and to make claim as a legal fact that the absence of people in the forums (that he can access) prove legally that there is no interest in the business. Customers are directed not to use FACEBOOK or TWITTER or other public forums, due to Donald Beal repeatedly contacting them to extort, as he did May 2022 to extort in the direct messages to the owner of a venue in the City of Ada, to carry this fraud and using a false name to do so repeatedly to extort James Allen and his firms and company work, targeting selected lucrative clients and potential labor specifically; per two women on Facebook who filed complaints to notify Allen of this abuse and since 2007 on Myspace and 2009 on Facebook this conduct ongoing and visible in the visitor logs to such sites; a running pool at the office as to how many times this behavior will occur per publication or news release.

      In ordinary business, this is "industrial espionage", because the party is seeking information clandestinely, and using a false name to conceal their presence - and in no communication of any formal manner attempted nor allowed - for cause.

    37. False information to determine if a person is acting as a criminal in this pattern, such as reporting to Susan Quincy that a sticker was placed on the door of a hotel room and monitoring for the report of such claim in the ongoing conspiracy to commit a HATE CRIME and child concealment site, as it relates to some potential hires and labor in disputed areas. The door sticker story shows us that the party, under false claim of being a non-officer and concealing the role as a BDSM Master of Ceremonies for events and a commercial business in Tulsa Oklahoma known later by several names not registered or consistent, is evident in this letter. In military intelligence, this is how moles are isolated to specific departments and evidence of infiltration of privileged communications are verified. Later eye-witness observation of such attack and abuse by MARK DEAVER further confirmed a violent plan to assault persons in commercial activity in Tulsa, Oklahoma; arising from that information bait; and sustain the findings of Kristen Mack in 2012 to name the party in conspiracy against rights.

    38. Paragraph 7 - D. Beal cites the car stolen in PONTOTOC COUNTY, with text messages of threat to take the vehicle out of state, and recovery causing over $300,000 USD in medical claims to the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, as if it is illusory. The injured party took exception to that, and has testified in this matter to the criminal abuse by Donald Beal before a licensed attorney and psychologist for the terms and conditions of such use and threats made before his witness to minor children in this organized stalking and on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. service, in violation of contract, and to extort James Allen; prior loss of investor value in TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. in 2022 resultant from that behavior in concert with D. Beal activities.

    39. Paragraph 7 - D. Beal cites that allegations that people are stealing JAMES ALLEN's MAIL are evidence of delusion, in a practiced effort to lump every allegation against any person into a pile and mix them up regardless of the facts, to confuse the public and law enforcement. The U.S. Postmaster confirmed the theft, finding the rifled mail, after 3 years and $2000 USD in security costs, and over $1000 USD in lost product insured and paid by AMAZON INC. affected by this incitement to commit such fraud and conceal such crimes as illusory or delusions of victims named in the targeted acts. Activity to conceal a crime, where a real crime has occurred, is accessory after the fact regardless of the planning of the crime and is intimidation of witnesses to harm their testimony in an organization for commercial profit, themed in INTERSTATE COMMERCE to be acting under false name in its activity, so themed generally "gang activity" regardless of other evident self-identification as LOSTSERVER or MYLUV187 or DEPREF or ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM or other HARPOON, SATURN, TITAN, ATLAS, PATRIOT names used by the group enjoined with NTT AMERICA INC. and two directors in two corporations in California and Michigan whose hosting and access to the Japanese NTT GROUP afforded this fraud legs to operate around United States jurisdiction in the prior behavior from 2001-2022.

    40. Paragraph 7 - D. Beal delivers in defense of use of a deadly weapon by Iva Petersen in 2001 prior suit to allege abandonment, a directive to the public, stating: "Again, this just reiterates my point that he is an absolute headcase," to drive the fraud sustaining his control, possession, and isolation of a child to the public in fear and intimidation of a practiced criminal fraud.

      D. Beal continues stating the instruction, "and I would recommend that anyone in their right mind form a self-imposed restraining order keeping yourself safe and withing at least 1000 yards of this lunatic."

      The mental "skip" in schizophrenia disorder and other major cognitive disorders, presents in the writing style there.

      In "withing at least" there is a word-salad moment. The term means, the right words were present in the mind but the speaking or typing could not keep up with the pace of that train of "manic" thought, and several words appear missing to show an altered meaning; which in isolated case is just a stenographer's error or clerical, but in context appears to suggest disordered thoughts of a high level of extreme and irrational cognitive dysfunction. The use of the term "restraining order" is to intimidate, a key word abuse not having legal merit and to influence where express threat underlying to obtain a genuine order without cause is both the core threat used by the Petersen family in their violent and illegal activity to intimidate along gender bias and defraud the court in organized family acts jointly to conceal a child after prior concealing a car refused return to UGLY DUCKLING MOTORS and a prior child from the father of that baby under false claims of rape predicated about the father to control and retain benefit of the child, influence the child, and damage the child in pattern narcissistic abuse themed normal in the family.

      Clearly D. Beal intends to say if you speak to James Allen, you are not in your right mind. To intimidate ordinary contact and the communication vital to the employment and service work as a leader of a competitor company using the child as leverage and collateral hostage - evidence of a HOBBS ACT VIOLATION initially alleged, deemed too horrible for Texas and Oklahoma Justice officers to imagine could be real in the defensive and deceptive organized statements to sustain this child abuse and criminal civil fraud to criminalize the alienated parent - a business owner.

      Investigators should notice, that if Donald Beal followed his own advice, he would not be entering and following customers of JAMES ALLEN or going into commercial places and trying to contact and "warn" and "menace" and "Terrorize" witnesses over 2001-2022 on behalf of his "employers" and to gain career employment (see next letter).

      Having observed this conduct by Alicia McMahon against Lindsay Tarver and later James Allen, witnesses are very angry that the Petersen and Beal groups are being aided by Young and Quincy in active fraud to extort; and such young persons as Susan Quincy not educated sufficiently to recognize the commercial standing and to discuss or discover the fraud she has engaged her commercial organizations to carry out aggressively and before MARK DEAVER and other witnesses; including a licensed Private Investigator Kristen Mack; warrant her inclusion in the list of DO NOT ADMIT persons and employee citation of her activity in organized role to conceal and abuse this child with Donald J. Beal and his employers, clients, and beneficiary commercial enterprise wrongly.

    41. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal again seeks to address by this activity an inappropriate and criminal public address explicitly to the attention of all viewers and customers of global audiences and by name to James Allen; an open letter alleged legal facts for commercial gain, stating: "You never paid child support,." a fraud.

    42. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal again states in focused fraud to blackmail, "you abandoned your son and now you are in a world of shit." - acknowledging his claim and implying all actions he is taking are a granted entitlement to such core act, wherein he took the child and alleged the child were taken from the parent - but in fact the child was also in his knowledge "abandoned" under the conditions of behavior above - which the court would in any ordinary circumstance recognize as domestic violence exceeding the civil behavior and standing of persons if they could direct their attention to the parties and true name of such acts concealed by design and false persona, as criminal commercial activity themed unlawful in THE HOBBS ACT and THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, a war crime - even when done under color or authority of domestic law or orders by construction or intent of the government of a nation signatory to that treaty; U.S. Supreme Law and Oklahoma State Supreme Law (I-1 rule).

    43. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal states in writing, identical to the "MYLUV187" writing using the same language, "And here's the real kicker, he (James Allen) sits back and threatens everyone from a home he squats in."

    44. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal acknowledges his full awareness of the business office themed a REGISTERED ADDRESS OF SERVICE OF PROCESS and REGISTERED AGENT there for a UNITED STATES CORPORATION, in this commercial activity, and implies to further defraud the public and Justice Department openly his perception of their lack of response as a license to increase his activity, stating "All of that legal rambling that James feels makes him sound big and important," shows the deep mental illness of narcissistic personality disorder again reaching out to the "magical thinking" of some motive or intent of self-esteem or authority based in external validation and attention seeking; expressing that Donald Beal cannot be effectively enjoined a civil PROTECTIVE ORDER by his rejection on notice of basic rules and intent to violate and disregard all such claims in civil process in a pattern of ongoing commercial industrial espionage and industrial sabotage activity predicated on his imaginary delusion.

    45. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal continues, "actually make him sound more insane." to assess his lack of competency to give compliance, intent to comply, and contempt for the ordinary rule of law before him - for which he and other persons enjoined in this fraud are cited DO NOT ADMIT and barred all contact as a threat to the persons and industry of the enterprise here and at any client site of JAMES ALLEN or his firms or industry; and so incorporated a contract clause which extends to TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, NTT, and all other companies and clients he is related any activity in evidence to represent due to this behavior - and to the Nation of Japan and People's Republic of China and Scandinavian nations in termination of service and sales of sensitive technology and support citing fraud to blackmail and abuse commercial rights ordinary and customary in conventional business a practiced fraud promoted and publicly aided by the persons in this LOSTSERVER and DEPREF and FreeBSD group affiliated with TERRABOX, TEK SYSTEMS, and other false employers who are carrying out this ongoing Interstate and violent activity barred by the HATE CRIME amendment of 2022 and prior numerous laws and statutes generally not prepared for this degree of Interstate and International support to overcome the Laws of the United States and impose foreign sovereign unregistered agency in the acts and crimes and industrial theft and export themed piracy to extort with kidnapping and concealment of a high order by NATION OF JAPAN businesses and monopolies owned 23% in equity by "Government of Japan".

    46. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal seems to be unable to comprehend that dominium plenum property rights afford persons the right to use their property as they please, and his remarks to "squatting" in homes or offices, is a pejorative false title claim at law suggesting the real estate title owner is deprived of a commercial use of property or some equity jus tertii which is criminal in the United States and a signal of false Laws of Foreign Origin influence in this PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN joint venture by their employee/agent to extort and blackmail U.S. property from U.S. businesses in intimidation of the REGISTERED AGENT of such firm, which their contractor/agent admits is real, legally.

    47. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal claims to be compos mentis, and Oklahoma Law obligates until he seek mental health as a clear defense, the presumption that he is compos mentis bar all of these actions from being the product of a diseased mind, despite evidence of cognitive dysfunction paired with high order sociopath claims.

    48. Paragraph 8 - D. Beal makes a felony statement at law, giving legal advice, wherein he wrote publicly: "The laws he cites aren't applicable to any procedure, local or otherwise, and they completely conflict with one another."

    49. Any serious attorney, not wishing to lose their law license, will regard 18 U.S. Code §2383 and §2384 before responding in support to the prior claim contesting application of the Laws of the United States, regardless the will or intent or inaction of the State to execute them, and failure to do so is also an offense in State Law 21 O.S. §21-1305.

    50. D. Beal states further blackmail and direction to coerce forced labor (21 O.S. §21-748.1) then in Paragraph 8 - stating "RICO?@#S MUHAHAHAHAHA Why don't you channel your energy into digging your way out of the hole in order to keep your mind away from your apparent delusions?" This is a crime, on behalf of VERONICA PETERSEN in a civil debt, to coerce forced labor in concert with blackmail, for which as $16,000,000 USD civil counter-suit is filed in FR-18-04 against the party at law, pending jury trial a duty to perform and 22 O.S. §22-13 civil procedure not met, a default judgement owing and due on report with prejudice subject State duty in 15 U.S. Code §1692n duty and 45 CFR rule and per UIFSA Rev 2008 suit brought by VERONICA PETERSEN to coerce payment of such debt using the present false legal claims an extortion not entitled civil standing since this letter publication and transmission and in legal answer by her agent, DONALD BEAL."

    51. D. Beal states further "Your rants comprise nothing sort of mental instability." This is a crime on face per 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 claim of mental health to suspend II-3 and II-22 Oklahoma Constitutional Rights, a felony in each count on conviction per 18 U.S. Code §241 and a HATE CRIME component in 2022 ongoing acts March 13 2022 and April 4 2022 in extended activity by this person on this prior scheme, per 18 U.S. Code §249 and 18 U.S. Code §1341. A party - ens legis or natural person - has a legal right to act in their defense and with force, prior to any case or recognition or admission by the DISTRICT ATTORNEY or U.S. ATTORNEY or STATE or FEDERAL UNION to the injury done in this letter, a clear felony act in overt conduct obligated immediate response and in part to conceal a child and withhold ORDERED POSSESSION; for 18 U.S. Code §666 embezzlement of funds subject 31 U.S. Code §3729(a) "qui tam" suit for the payments to STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in violation of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244; a paid contract by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in fraud by the States not acting to stop D. Beal and his associates, and to recover the losses and child of the Oklahoma business owner in this fraud.

    52. Paragraph 9 - D. Beal admits to owning and "none of us" admitting conspiracy again, were willing to pay money to harm JAMES ALLEN as the prior 2002-2004 extortion site did; but this time they will keep the site and as a group of persons in conspiracy to pool money in INTERSTATE COMMERCE to extort by adding more sites "with your namesake", aka persona to defraud in 21 O.S. §21-1533 criminal conduct in written plan.

    53. Paragraph 9 - D. Beal use of "namesake" refers to the trademark of the Oklahoma parent's Limited Liability Company, or to JAMESARNOLDALLEN, used in this fraud; in intent to commit future fraud as a plan until stopped by Federal Justice.

    54. Paragraph 9 - D. Beal states he will be "working" "to put up" software to coordinate this activity, in concert with the concealment of a child to extort commercially JAMES ALLEN, violating then ORDERED POSSESSION upon which he makes numerous false claims to recruit persons to aid in this INTERSTATE act, and for TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and other clients and employers; indicating no ability to stop unless incarcerated and made to pay high restitution and restricted from use of a computer or network connected devices in perpetuity, due to clear mental and moral condition evident to a competent reading by a professional officer familiar with the facts of the case and parties. The parties have repeatedly before the ADA CITY POLICE in formal report, made effort to conceal this collusion and commercial relationship, for which a Federal investigation is necessary to provide full relief in evidence of ongoing 2021-2022 failure to prosecute by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY and false reports to conceal these facts in improper investigation during routine contact and to extort JAMES ALLEN and his businesses in an organized pattern during an ongoing civil case and threatened false incarceration over a civil debt to produce estate forfeiture and XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" interference.

    55. Paragraph 9 - D. Beal returns to a clearly delusional criminal state of mind in claims asserting "James, you think youre such a big person, and I guess that you need people to believe this in order to feed your ego".

      Donald Beal is clearly speaking at this point solely in self-voice, of his internal mental illness and self-ego problem express in boundaries and dysfunctional social and commercial behavior, projecting the defect as if fact upon James Allen; and is evidently unaware of all factors in the Allen family and health and medical conditions which an ordinary person with compos mentis would register are not a "real" or "operable claim" to presume or assert a right to influence or coerce the behavior of other legal or natural persons, and to do so is a HATE CRIME.

    56. Paragraph 10 - D. Beal speculates in writing his improper thoughts, publishing in writing: "What do you do these days now that you are all alone, without friends and hunkered down at your Mom's house? I bet you can't even keep 10 bux to your name, Bro." -

      This is self-talk, reflecting on external validation of a narcissistic disorder about the injury that this activity and group have done and commercial partners employment of D. Beal aided and abetted directly, and to acknowledge that the impact of loss of income is real in writing as a result of loss of public confidence and commercial interest and trust in James Allen as a result of this fraud;

      Whereby if JAMES ALLEN had only $10, he could owe no more than $2.50 USD in total child support after taxes; and any amount over $2.50 sought would be at law extortion violating Federal Limits themed in 45 CFR §303.6 and §303.100(a)(3) rule, making the debt void per 15 U.S.C. §1673(c) rule for having publicly alleged it was a real debt, the product of the order, or permitted; instantly and permanently. As the law intended, and FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 in 120 pages instructed, and the 9 Supreme Court Justices in pronouncement by Justice Ginsburg on February 586 U.S. Case 17-1091 gave direct notice was a 4th and 14th AMENDEMNT violation, evident in construction and ongoing threats to extort by Donald J. Beal and his "unidentified associates" including in enummerated admissions TERRABOX, TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, NTT AMERICA, NTT GROUP and their "affiliate" hosting those sites PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (PCH.NET) in State of California; and KEIF-LP Enid and PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO in Plano, Texas aka "".

      It literally took the unanimous Supreme Court and Justice Ginsberg to tell the inferior courts to stop listening to this Donald Beal person; and do their damn job. Part of that job is to pursue this sort of ongoing activity criminally, and grant relief per 18 U.S. Code §1593 "Restitution" to JAMES ALLEN, as obligated by law and without a statute of limitations per 5 U.S. Code §706 "fraud" and Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6 "sale of the court" et al.

    57. Paragraph 10 - Donald Beal admits to exemplary damages stating "It must be a pathetic and miserable existence." in assessment of the harm done by him and his group he is alleging to be organizing and aiding in concert with VERONICA PETERSEN.

    58. Paragraph 10 - Donald Beal launches into classic "narcissistic self-praise" stating in closing: "Normally I'd feel sorry for you" - prefacing his justification move "but for someone who's ranted as much as you have," qualified II-3 and II-22 Constitutional Law Violation as motive in two felony complaint charges evident clear cause of action to the claim and withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION not afforded that legal cause or right. D. Beal states, "and abandoning their child to the point of not supporting them or knowing them at all," in a displacement assertion consistent with criminal mental illness in a delusional self-justification for failure to produce the child or afford to the parent a legal and secure environment for ordinary contact and ordinary authority to control the business and financial and force labor conditions of the parent of the child over 2001-2012 term at this writing; Donald J. Beal writes "I feel absolutely no pity upon." This is a "personal assertation of lack of remorse, necessary in mens rea prosecution to establish a lack of ordinary protection which all civil process rely, and to prove in this context and continued delusional statements of the parties narrative false claim of no support not true whatsoever at law or in Federal TITLE IV rule, a premeditated cause to all such acts and wrongdoing obligated remanding the case to the FEDERAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT in WASHINGTON D.C. for immediate and escallated enforcement, or to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT against the UNITED STATES for failure to enforce in such commercial fraud disrupting all public faith and reliance in the BERNE CONVENTION and other Intangible property registration during such time, in concert with plans of extortion, and in taking to extort on child concealment a criminal fraud void any authority then against JAMES ALLEN or the estate in sovereign trust sought in restitution for such abuse, from which such claims made during his illegal hold and restraint are void in perpetuity a false hold evident over his legal right to franchise and use of his persona to overcome his credit and incite a heinous degree of abuse by foreign sovereign nations in their entry into the United States and Texas and Oklahoma State marketplaces illegally and to defraud.

    59. PARAGRAPH 10 Ends With Clear Abuse Consistent with language of NATIONAL SOCIALISM and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and mid-century NATION OF JAPAN rhetoric of the NATIONAL SOCIALIST movement under YOUNG HEGELIAN leadership, themes, and in concert with false reliance on OLD HEGELIAN doctrine in genocide activity, as in "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" (1820, G.W.F. Hegel)

    60. Paragraph 10 - D. Beal wrote: "You are a small person who has absolutely no positive impact on this earth, and never will." This is consistent with NAZI propaganda of "big people" and "small people" popularized by Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf and value to the world as a basis for rights which appeals to narcissistic mentally ill persons in a desire to gain endorsement and recognition of their peers, authorities, and the public - which have absolutely no legal merit whatsoever and are repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and Laws of the United States; and are treason against the Laws, Courts, governments, and commission of the United States on prima facie, as a "foreign sovereign theory of law alien to the United States and evidence in the relationship so made and represented by TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TERRABOX et al - as unregistered foreign agents acting jointly to overcome the lawful commission of INTERSTATE COMMERCE in franchise made to corporations and company of JAMES ALLEN or his making or support; and an act of war as a war crime in overt conduct without remorse, for which Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 21 Section 21-3 and 21-8 and Title 22 Section 22-31 demand immediate right of action, so also defined in Title 76 Section 76-9, for cause.

    61. Paragraph 10 - D. Beal wrote in closing: "Yes James, you're literally meaningless." The similarity to the language used to the Jews entering the gas chambers and train cars, is not lost on the Allen family, who fought in World War II and hold convictions against such claims as antithesis to their very character and commitment for which the support of the firms SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and also later RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and other firms, are adamant and encoded in their articles of incorporation to resist, overcome, and eliminate such criminal activity in perpetuity the primary commercial industry of those American Warfighter firms, duly made. In American Warfighter Doctrine, no one - even the enemy - is meaningless or worthless. That is why Donald Beal has not seen his SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, ADDRESS, or other information released by opponents under direction or influence of James Allen prior; and why JAMES ALLEN did not publish his arrest report and other details of his divorce and emotional abuse court case upon the notifications, as they might harm Donald Beal or his child, or the child of Veronica Petersen, and such conduct even under torture and threat of murder and false incarceration, and during the illness and death and abuse after the death of his family, are such information items not disclosed by the officers of this firm or any agency under the authority of JAMES ALLEN unless required to resist without other resort.

      Everyone matters. What people do for others is not relevant to the rights they are owed, in Article II Oklahoma Constitution and Title 76 Section 76-1 rule.

      The very idea of selling someone a right (POSSESSION is a RIGHT) or fraudulently portraying it as the lesser and different "VISITATION" power, a privilege and distinctly different in BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 11th Edition; the best account of United States Law and so made by Cranch et al writings; is criminal in Oklahoma and Federal violation of Law in Interstate activity or communication to incite the overcoming of that person, whether by parties known or anonymous and conspiracy acts. LEGAL CONSPIRACY does not require agreement or communication or awareness of the parties in the joint act; only the act to accomplish the common aim of the party who proposed the act in public or in any communication whatsoever.

      To paraphrase the movie DUNE (1984), "The Laws of Conspiracy are fully satisfied in this one letter published before the CIO of an Oklahoma corporation, and so provided to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED then as necessary report of criminal activity for record, proof of a clear and malicious false claim to extort and will to carry out that fraud over 2001-2011 and 2011-2022 sustained, at a cost of over $2.2 billion USD per year by the offending states refusing to act against the conspiracy, as to suggest accessory after the fact to the fraud.

      Building this qui tam case, in FEDERAL REGISTER and the necessity to be sued by the party in FR-18-04 under UIFSA Rev 2008 to compel the laws of the State of Texas in Criminal code and State of Oklahoma as superior defense and Constitutional and Federal Law defense not subject to the intent or whim of State of Texas, whereby the registration hearing process set in fixed "Construction of Words" those terms for BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 11th Edition, took from 2001-2017; and occurred prior the child being an adult, to enjoin all parties then to that construction - a fraud against the rights of a minor child themed 21 O.S. §21-891 felony overt activity confessed on discovery of ORDERED POSSESSION and sale and commercial use of such concealment against HABEAS CORPUS rights and report not done per the civil order obtained and fraud to obtain such order evident on examination of record by 2 private investigators in 2022 by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPROATED; to show fraud in prima facia hand-written alteration of the court and concealment of "wholly in default" ORDER removing Veronica Petersen from case 01-17702 in DECEMBER 2001.

      To put it into Star Wars terms, "It's a trap!" having sued JAMES ALLEN, whereby the parties must then per 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule and 120 page instruction of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 (Dec 20 2016) show proof that they are not the parties named above or described above in detail by Donald J. Beal. And for that role, whatever earnings in full during 2001-2022 gained by all parties are forfeit in their reliance on this union fraud, and union commercial activity per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A.

    62. Donald J. Beal may not agree with or be able to understand these matters, but his opinion and legal activity as attorney for VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN evident in this letter and before all jurisdictions globally and for the parties he named, make him her attorney in fact in barratry for prosecution of such legal advice to dismiss the Laws of the United States and overthrow the government commission of an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company and two UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS named in his ongoing fraud to extort with and on behalf of VERONICA PETERSEN.

    63. Any attorney wishing to represent them should keep in mind the prior statements, whose violation of law is so fast they wear on the mind of even an experienced regulator forced to read them at-length, as to cause actual bodily harm to the brain - so admitted by the prior letter expressly - and pain and suffering, for which testimony of the victim against the abuser and repeated attempts to collect a debt in violation of 15 U.S. Code §1673, affirm the obligation to SET ASIDE such judgment or ENFORCE the TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261 "final judgment" as better alternative and punitive self-inflicted wound created by the Texas Legislature, voiding all child support issued by the STATE OF TEXAS and obligating all persons be paid from STATE OF TEXAS TREASURY the sum after the first missed full payment with 6% interest; as is fiduciary law and 45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) rule a duty of the State to do immediately. And will remain in force until the Texas Legislature change that law, and such bill may not be ex post facto, making all prior support made due a REFUND in restitution to victims of Gregg Abbott and Ken Paxton, a Federal Restitution owing and due or subject dissolution of the commission of the State of Texas to a Territory status and sale of its book assets to victims and other countries to pay their debt brought about by this fraud.

      It is a pretty big deal, when you make a small man read a small code, and find a small error entitled "Construction of Words" in 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule, obligated enforcement as resulting from the Texas Legislatures election of that small amount of $500 for child support or less total due for having a 13 lb baby and running away with it.

      The State cannot change the $500 amount, even by a formal act of its Legislature or Governor or District Attorney. And the amount paid to the State must be paid back to the payor by the State, because the Payee attorney claims they were never paid whatsoever - so Donald J. Beal claims all monies taken for "Child support" were embezzled and retained by STATE OF TEXAS. That... is very interesting, since FR-18-04 shows it was paid, who kept the money? Perhaps the person at the address where Veronica Petersen failed to notify the court that she fled, was able to use it. But since she did not notify the court in 2001-2015 of her true address in DENTON COUNTY, she appears to have voluntarily thrown it away and blamed her child's father in public to overcome his business and incarcerate him in a concerted effort with Donald J. Beal.

      Knowing is half the Battle. This concludes 4 hours of JAMES ALLEN's billable time, to give information on the 1st of two letters, which contain confession of child snatching used to extort. Now, in volume, the public can see the $200/hr rate and why analytical contract analysis for enforcement and procedure is a skill area not afforded any U.S. Certification Program or Qualified Degree, as demand for Federal Fraud should not by intent reach this extent as to require more than one JAMES ALLEN qualified auditor per generation or nation, lest public confidence in such nation should be sufficient for a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS and EMERGENCY CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to re-assert the rule of law over embezzlement from State programs, as we document in this $46.2 billion fraud activity and foreign unregistered agency influence to kidnap and extort in the United States technology, patent, trademark, and copyright sector; led by actual registered parties in coordination admitted before the general public to withhold and leverage for forced labor and taking the ORDERED POSSESSION of a child stolen from the home of the parent by threat of murder, use of a knife, carjacking, maiming, and sustained criminal fraud to impose Socialist Nationalist extremist views thought to be extinguished as a criminal theory of law in the collapse of racist regimes in Germany.

      The evidence of ICELAND, DENMARK, NORWAY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, GERMANY, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and UKRAINE in the activity, suggest a larger problem which we trust Russian Armed Forces are addressing now after attacks on our network originating in Ukraine connected to the prior abuse in concert with similar letters of extortion and to influence and destroy the REPUBLICAN suffrage rights of JAMES ALLEN in fraud - barring him from running for public office and in organized intimidation of force to overtake the public trust and law enforcement using such "HEGELIAN NEO NAZI MENTAL WELLNESS" fraud.

  • Mass Mailing to 70 employees to Threaten Law Firm
    Attorney Intimidation Mass Mail Notes:
    This letter is similar fully fraud in each respect, but admits the parties beneficiary to the COMMERCIAL FRAUD and threatens any legal representation of the attorney to wrongly damage the court agents against protection of the child; and in an unsolicited MASS MAILING to all the attorneys in a matter brought to him by one attorney - a form of terrorism by threat of legal suit (a crime) to coerce interference in the service of legal advice to a client while then acting also to withhold that property from the party ordered at law (ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD).
  • Freedom of Information Request 2022 Jan 28 by Donald J Beal
    FOIA FRAUD Notes:
    Sent from a POSTNET store by a doughnut shop to avoid counter-suit, and released on YOUTUBE such information to extort the day after Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. died, with similar claims to the extortion letters of 2011 and use of images for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE to extort. Then such constructed YOUTUBE.COM account employed and used to extort in April 4-16 and March 13 2022 in an effort to distract the corporations REGISTERED AGENT from filing State of Oklahoma Tax Forms and United States Internal Revenue Service, in apparent coordination with a March 11 2022 demand for $10,128 USD demanded be paid in 30 days and $67,500 USD be paid, not eligible for public debt and through the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas, KEN PAXTON, in a fraudulent form void since January 2017. Fraud is evident in the COMMERCIAL use to blackmail a business on behalf of employment gains sought in the prior mass mailing and commercial claims to extort and issue false PROSPECTUS data against Securities in retaliation for refusal to sign a TERRABOX and TEK SYSTEMS documents during audits for a client, citing material defect constituting probable fraud disbarring any legal obligation to give endorsement. Extortion in this manner would be coercion to retaliate for that failure to endorse TERRABOX and TEK SYSTEMS and other illegal taking on threat of criminal entrapment and false incarceration themed under forgery in the 2nd degree for claims in legal instrument over $67,500 USD violating Federal Law, 45 CFR §303.6 and $500 maximum demand allowed within 30 days of the first delinquency of such debt, and to extort conditional collateral in the taking, concealment, and abuse of a family member and underage and elderly persons to coerce such signature and direct such labor demands across State borders, under color of law, and in written format for persons named in court process prior ruled wholly in default before 2002 false process and sustained false process on that fraud by DALLAS COUNTY employees. Extortion employing threat of disclosure of military records to coerce commercial business and in withholding of a child, on behalf of employees of TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and other firms, is therefore serious and contrary Federal Law and use of such documents themed non-commercial, and allow exception to give public notice in concert with a 2022 ongoing YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK and TWITTER fraud campaign to extort the Oklahoma family and $100,000+ probate process to overcome the will and EXECUTOR of such deceased person, and in identity theft of such deceased person and of the Executor in publications to blackmail by the parties in a prior scheme and conspiracy of multiple persons named and observed in collusion to carry the fraud by a licensed Private Investigator and other eye-witnesses to activity spanning 2001-2022.
  • Public Notice of Extortion of a U.S. Army Veteran and companies based on Veteran Ownership or interest in multiple firms to obtain a false debt, conceal a child, and carry out eugenics (Texas Nationalist white supremacist, HATE CRIME) based fraud under TITLE IV AGENCY authority barred by FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 Dec 20 2016 rule.

    Handgun injuries to parent used to extort by D. Beal
    and employees of Robert Half / Terrabox / TEK Systems.

      ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX, and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS server have in February 2022 aided in the ongoing concealment to evade ORDERED POSSESSION of a child taken from the home of an Oklahoma Parent, in extortion related armed assault with maiming and injury.

      The child was taken from their REGISTERED HOME in DALLAS COUNTY and concealed in DENTON COUNTY in 2001, less than 100 days after birth and for concealment to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma.

      Abductors lied under oath and gave false information to portray the father had left the home - not the mother - and to swear the mother lived in DALLAS COUNTY and the child was born in DALLAS COUNTY, in knowing fraud.

      The natural child (left) was born in DENTON COUNTY, resident in DALLAS COUNTY, and the abductors swore in oath to obtain suit for abandonment that they lived in DALLAS COUNTY, when in fact they lived at Marks Circle in DENTON COUNTY and had fled and concealed the child there with the aid of IVA PETESEN, DONALD J. BEAL, and to extort AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK of $50,000 USD credit issued to Oklahoma corporation SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in addition to use of a $32,000 NISSAN MAXIMA and other fringe benefits including $10,000 USD in early retirement Social Security savings of the grandfather of the child who was resident in the City of Ada and paid such funds on promise of relocation in 2001 August 10th relocation of the child to permanent residence in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma; and in matrimony prior birth or after arrival to James Allen. Such conduct was revealed to be fraud in taking, and termination of contact due threat of murder witnessed by J. Kara Metzger and reported in admission of threat to kidnap in 2013 letters from the user "" sent via ALPHABET INC. services used then to blackmail the parent in 2013.

      Employees of these groups, declared in the letter Sept 7 2011 and January 28 2022, in concert with a pattern of extortion executed with employees of SOONERCON and TROLL LORD GAMES there, have sustained an ongoing fraud to obtain $108,000 USD without DUE PROCESS and to obstruct justice in the concealment of a minor child from 2001-2019 and extortion and blackmail in 2001-2022 in cause of this fraud and false claim in TITLE IV AGENCY barred enforcement at law, a form of Interstate fraud and to gain commercial advantage over the Oklahoma Firm, in retaliation for NORTEL NETWORKS of Canada termination of TEK SYSTEMS employees, in industrial sabotage to influence securities and facilitate purchase of SPRINT by DEUTSCHE TELEKOM and SOFTBANK GROUP, and such firms component partners with TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD - parent company of PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB and WHITE WOLF PRESS and CCP GAMES / CCP INTERACTIVE MEDIA; at such time and with NTT GROUP server patriot, atlas, titan, harpoon, and saturn on LOSTSERVER.NET and LOOPBACK.NETWORK; clients of ATLANTIC.NET and SHARKTECH.NET division of the server belonging then to COGENT COMMUNICATIONS of Washington D.S. - a subsidiary of NTT GROUP of Japan.

      The Abductor used the photo of the Oklahoma parent in 2002-2004 on of DALLAS TEXAS host and NTT GROUP hosts and to promote the fraud as "start of authority" (SOA) DNS, implying mental health disorder to justify concealment and abuse of the child in violation of a court order for ORDERED POSSESSION and to refuse to return the child while engaging in commercial fraud and global extortion using the legal name of the child's father as a .COM domain name to extort; in a pattern to extort; and under false name and false registration to conceal the LEGAL NAME and corporations involved prior 2011 admission in court and Sept 7 2011 letter giving legal admission of the true publisher of such content, DONALD J. BEAL of Dallas Texas, who retain the child in his home for five years and has been paid by VERONICA PETERSEN to sustain such abuse in 2001-2022.

      Injuries are from assault at gunpoint at 722 S Haskell Avenue, known as TERRABOX - a business owned by Brian Wolfe, and such group cited in 2011 threat to extort in concealment of the child. Injuries occurred during carjacking at that location and theft of legal papers in concert with theft of property to extort witnessed by Michael J. Marino, Sarah Moore, Mark Deaver of Norman Computers, L. Tarver of Norman, and in express taking of property after such assault refused to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. agent "Christopher M. Maidt" of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma; who did also witness the child taking and refused return to the parent themed later in perjury "abandonment" to carry this fraud in DALLAS county case 01-17702-R, an "automatic mistrial" per KELLY v KELLY (2007) rule as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and prohibited all legal force in State of Oklahoma.

      Ongoing support of this fraud is an alleged and ongoing violation of the Emmett Till Antilyching Act in conspiracy and lynching. False (assumed, falsified) claims the victim is homosexual or misgendering them to incite violence and defend this fraud sustained by the TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL GREG ABBOTT and KEN PAXTON, appear to be State policy abuse of Federal TITLE IV AGENCY commission barred authority by Federal Register since December 20 2016, made State Law February 2017 in all TITLE IV AGENCY activity in any State paid without a Federal Court ruling to exempt such misconduct or other practice barred in Volume 81 Number 244 and 45 CFR Federal Code superior and replacing State Statutory Law for these TITLE IV AGENCY matters, subject 5 U.S. Code Section 101 (U.S Dept of Health and Human Services) and Section 706 "fraud" rule; and to intimidate and coerce and harm witnesses systematically to violate 5 U.S. Code Section 556(d) in a 5 U.S. Code jurisdiction for judicial review obligated the County Court over such TITLE IV matters at law; a Federal condition in-consideration of all payment of Federal Title IV monies to the States whatsoever in 2017-2022; and contrary United States public policy per such rule at all times in the course of this case and since 1991; a JIM CROW era BLACK CODE, per the unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court barring this power to the State and Federal Civil Court as EXCESSIVE FINES and 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violation on face.

      Donald J Beal has made repeated false statements, efforts to mislead police and the Federal Authorities, and to portray knowingly and falsely that he was accused of holding or using the handgun in the 2002 assault, to defraud the UNITED STATES in his employment of images of the parent edited to carry a 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 fraud in taking, concealment, and abuse of the child from 2001-2022 for his possession of the child and commercial gain, taking by his removal of the child in August 2001 to conceal at his apartment, and five years of child concealment in his physical possession of the child violating an ORDER OF POSSESSION and sustained 2001-2022 letters threatening to overcome the Oklahoma business and take its assets and "forfeiture" effort of estate to obtain an illegal demand barred by Federal Law in concert with the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS employees acting as the TITLE IV AGENCY of the State of Texas in dual role and illegal use of power suspending judicial relief a duty of Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 public policy of the United States contrary this fraud and commercial Interstate hostage taking themed wrongdoing under 15 U.S. Code §1673, §1692d, 18 U.S. Code §1589, and 22 U.S. Code §1701 to extort business and defraud the public on behalf of TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX, and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employer COGENT COMMUNICATIONS using and patriot, titan, harpoon, saturn, and other servers of NTT GROUP in Michigan and other data centers to do so worldwide granted access by an employee thereat in Ann Arbor Michigan. Carrying out ICMP flooding and attacks themed 16 gigabit per second abuse of LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS to disable LINODE LLC of New Jersey from their upline service, and to defraud the public in a pattern of demands prior and since his 2012 conviction for substance abuse with probation. After the prior assault, Donald Beal did contact and threaten by written form on behalf of Veronica Petersen the witness to these events in Oklahoma via LiveJournal, and continue these threats in 2002-2004 using ICANN domain names made to defraud and in false name to conceal his operation of such devices during the holding and concealment of a child and in 2011 and 2013 and 2021 continue such abuse, with letters in 2022 to promote this fraud in concert with an active creation of false accounts and 2017-2021 November harassment and organized solicitation of customers on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. to defraud and damage the California based firm and Oklahoma parent's firm in organized harassment and in abuse of minors and other customers in association and in letters via FACEBOOK to business owners in the City of Ada documented in connection to military service record fraud and to allege stolen valor in an organize method to retain control over an abducted and concealed child against military service members and their families - resulting in death in 2002, 2007, 2008 and 2022 of members of those families.

      Donald J. Beal's image and portrayal of the child's father, with the statement "I wonder what I can think of next" to suggest delusion, is an example of 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 fraud to establish a criminal hoax to abduct, conceal, and abuse a child using TITLE IV AGENCY fraud and fraud in the authority of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which is evident in the related hosting company services of his provider ATLANTIC.NET and SHARKTECH.NET services, clients of (COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, an NTT GROUP of Japan company) used in this abuse and to send January 2022 threats from DEPREF.NET to carry the fraud in extortion on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK services against the public and corporations in State of Oklahoma damaging those firms and their sovereign national franchise in Interstate trade by such concealment and fraud to abduct, abuse, and use a child as leverage over an existing business and to coerce the loss of value in NORTEL NETWORKS 2011 bankruptcy and damage securities value of SPRINT to obtain sale of that firm to DEUTSCHE TELEKOM in concert with threats under the name "Josiah Deutsche" sent to the parent entitled ORDERED POSSESSION who was the former SPRINT senior software engineer and labor liaison with NORTEL NETWORKS, a 'vital employee' investigating fraud by TEK SYSTEMS at NORTEL at that time in the RICHARDSON TEXAS site; with a finding of FRAUD there delivered upon identification of false report and sale of 3rd party software as "proprietary in-house wholly owned NORTEL source code" by TEK SYSTEMS workers at that job site, ending their employment prior August 11th 2001 completion of such investigation by James Allen, Wireless Engineering Tools Division Senior Software Engineer. Efforts to discredit Allen are the result of a fraud by TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX with ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and FAIRWAY INDEPENTENT MORTGAGE COMPANY employees of Texas to take, conceal, and abuse a child to obtain control over and coerce franchise and license of a registered Oklahoma business, its registered intellectual property (books registered with the Library of Congress), and to sell in false title the registered trademarks of the firm in use since 1992 to companies including GAMES WORKSHOP and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, in a pattern of extortion to create forfeiture of estate, barred by Article II of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and in violation of "RIGHT TO WORK" labor regulations themed XXIII-1A Constitutionally defined criminal activity in Oklahoma by an unregistered labor union of the prior firms using a child as collateral.

      Donald J. Beal has used military service information obtained during his criminal probation to carry this fraud, targeted the rank and enlistment of the Oklahoma business owner, and to extort Command Sergeant Major C. Lee Allen of the Oklahoma National Guard and Specialist Clyde Allen (deceased, 2002) and their brother Arnold Allen, contributing to the death of Arnold Allen's first wife and impersonation of her using legal documents in 2021-2022 prior her death; and in concert with other businesses known as KEIF-LP and INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC / aka SCARBROUGH DESIGN (SDC); which appear to be using the child as collateral also for regional charity as 'abandoned/neglected' causes, during such time that ORDERED POSSESSION over the child and concealment to inflict parental alienation - a form of child abuse - was being asserted with threats of violence in 2007-2013 and alleged employment of BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE and systematic threats in writing of sexual assault and intimidation to impair witness testimony in the 2001-2022 concealment of a child to extort. The use of these 'false identities' systematically and well known names to extort, indicate a form of abuse of mass communication aided by ICANN and Canadian organizations associated with FreeBSD in Ontario Canada and their domestic U.S. and foreign counterparts, who sought to overcome the IBM Corporation Redhat Labs Inc. developer James Allen against credit and development of software for Redhat server platforms in 2001-2022.

      ICANN and ALPHABET INC. services hosting the defamation sites refusal to recognize the harm, as private companies, further enjoins them to the fraud in 2013 and 2021 ongoing harassment to extort, and refusal to remove such publications in commercial INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE from outside the United States and against International Trade; and use of GDPR techniques to conceal the child from all communication since 2001 and in recent disappearance from records in 2015-2022 following discovery and location refused hearing in violation of KELLY v KELLY (2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court) obligation and use of hearsay fraud to alter and sustain such kidnapping by STATE OF TEXAS in favor of its industry over that of the Oklahoma Parent, a false trial and fraudulent process violating the venue transfer in spoliation of case.

      Neither ICANN nor ALPHABET INC. are government agencies, and their use of such context to violate the TRADENAMES and REGISTERED TRADEMARKS of the Oklahoma parent to harm and facilitate resale of books in print and digital format incorporating these slurs and libel to aid the fraud, represent abuse of their franchise in an organized act themed genocide under the International Treaty "The Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide", registered at the United Nations; and an attack on the "XXII-1A RIGHT TO WORK" right of the victim in concert with the complicity and overt act of genocide against Native American ethnic groups in Oklahoma and children of illegal and forced adoption there, for whom such child is the only living blood relative of a family line and heir to estates sought in criminal forfeiture and to dilute those estates violating State and Federal and International Law in a corruption of blood under color of welfare exceeding factual income and by taking of publicity and status to work in organized commercial violation of 21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-8 for a criminal offense tried as a civil matter and in such trial the accuser found wholly in default for non-appearance, then concealed in new trial after destroying the respondent's home and changing the nature of such trial to defraud the UNITED STATES of benefits in a welfare matter, prohibited by 18 U.S. §666 Criminal Code, a nonsuit and double jeopardy case wrongly carried and publicized to blackmail and extort.

      These matter are presently criminal felony activity in ongoing abuse of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as of 2021-2022 ongoing and renewed threats, themed a felony offense in the April 2022 amended HATE CRIME legislation, use of gender assumed to defraud and defame and incite murder and loss of life and property with permanent injury, and in maiming of the victim in ongoing threats and ICANN use of their LEGAL PERSON and distribution of IDENTITY information systematically to carry out civil death and physical bodily harm against the victim in order to prevent testimony by the victim and other eye-witnesses, so defined in conspiracy and lynching of 18 U.S. Code section 241, "The Emmett Till Antilynching Act". The crime of "lynching" is the application of punishment without conviction for a criminal offense, or civil offense, lacking minimum DUE PROCESS and right to CROSS EXAMINE and face the accuser, enter evidence, and burden of proof not met in the obligations defined in Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 Dec 20 2016 conditional grant and limited exclusive authority of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services themed and styled reserved words "child support" and TITLE IV AGENCY thereby not met by STATE OF TEXAS or STATE OF OKLAHOMA in performance of this case to extort, blackmail, and destroy the parent-child bond and parental relationship in construction of a criminally prohibited illegal adoption and to overcome a business in Interstate Commerce on written conspiracy by other businesses and foreign sovereign ownership in those firms joint action to such concerted taking and export and cited $80,000 sale of properties valued at $423 million to $70 billion USD sale-of-record and multiple sales enjoined this fraud. HIPAA violations and other fraud arising from incorporation of "schizophrenia organization" clients of Donald Beal, and to promote such medical fraud, are a component of this widespread and global fraud, similar to genocide activity in the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN used to murder millions of Citizens of the Republic of China (ROC) and U.S. Army prisoners of war and Citizens of Singapore and China during the second world war under Imperial Japan; and reflect a radicalized form of socialism with extermination and racial extremism citing "bad genes" in James Allen and his son as lawful cause to do so - from which elements of the National Socialist movement and sympathizers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, and their commercial interests appear in registration of DEPREF.NET and THECHURCHBOARD.COM domains from which such claims are being published in 2002-2022 kidnapping and concealment of a child in Dallas, Texas from 2502 LIVE OAK St. #335, where the child was legally registered in DALLAS COUNTY and in care of the Oklahoma parent, prior removal by force and threat of murder in flight to conceal the child in DENTON COUNTY, at Marks Circle in sworn testimony in the lawsuit by Veronica Petersen then falsified as a DALLAS ADDRESS to conceal the court and aided by the Judge Dee Miller to make such concealment possible without evidence or discovery afforded to the respondent, on default December 2001 by the petitioner and substitution of the petitioner in prosecution as a party by Dee Miller, District Judge for DALLAS COUNTY, to illegally continue the trial in 2002 after the burning of the respondent's home and theft of summons and removal of counsel from the respondent through this fraud and violence and witness intimidation refused enforcement by the DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT and DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, and later by GREG ABBOTT and KEN PAXTON as OAG for State of Texas.

      Mass Mailing of attorneys to extort, and admission of these plans, is evident in a Sept 7 2011 letter by Donald Beal, in his threat to carry on posted to 70 persons at the law firm Riggs Abbney of Tulsa, Oklahoma, now filed in the civil counter-suit for $16 million USD sought by the victim and for their family in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA; one of whom died March 2nd 2022 due to this pattern of abuse over 2003-2022 and was named in identity theft prior and published extortion issued via ALPHABET INC. firm YOUTUBE.COM March 3rd 2022, in ongoing extortion activity to threaten the parties and members of the community in April 2022, showing no remorse for these actions and no remedy in civil orders less a full criminal Federal Justice action and Congressional Investigation of such racketeering and corruption in Interstate organizations (RICO) necessary to suspend the TITLE IV AGENCY programs in the affected states and $2.2 billion in annual funds paid despite this fraud in 2017-2022 annually to those States carrying on the fraud as if a civil matter afforded DUE PROCESS. The accused has never failed to appear prior such summons delivered, despite interference, and despite such acts has never seen his accuser or their attorney at any time; nor been afforded rights in false trial later or right to cross-examine the claims presented, through misconduct of the Texas Bar Association members in the case at every stage of the concealment, nor have any witnesses or jury trial set been afforded, nor hearings for any motion brought granted 22 O.S. §22-13 rule to afford witnesses for the defense, in a clear pattern of fraud to remove and conceal a child.

      Former TERRABOX employees of CEO and CIO rank remain prepared to testify to the fraud, citing this an organized and criminal activity incorporating false claims to DUN & BRADSTREET credit agency to discredit their eye-witness testimony; and threats sustained to harm persons held in forced labor and bondage at 722 S Haskelle by force, witnessed by MARK DEAVER and one other eye witness, to ANTIFA style taking and attempt to block exit and retain property to coerce victims to remain, prior assault at gunpoint in carjacking at that location and vehicular sabotage alleged attempted murder in connection to that carjacking. Three other associates have died in 2002-2005 period, in a series of incidents incorporating such threats, and to deny witnesses in the matter. Use of anonymous names and accounts to conceal the identity of violent threats, sustain that this is an INTERSTATE organized crime matter, and such finding of KRISTEN MACK (P.I.) in 2012 formal investigation of the harassment of the victim by Donald Beal and two commercial competitors resident in Oklahoma who had commercial dealings with the Texas firm, BDSM community event promotion, and children's events being paired with those adult sex show events which incorporated the child taking as a public cause in moneyed company promotions violating the ORDERED POSSESSION and to sustain such concealment as a commercial activity across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as of 2011-2013 and in copious claims featuring clear implied threat of murder using GOOGLE services account names to do so contrary the ORDERED POSSESSION.

      Donald J. Beal has maintained a fraud that James Allen never came to the hearings, published in 2002-2004, clearly disproven by DECEMBER 2001 finding in ORDER by Dee Miller of Veronica Petersen, having been duly notified failed to appear and was found wholly in default.

      This matter is therefore a kidnapping with extortion in commercial fraud sustained due to TITLE IV AGENCY fraud in Texas and Oklahoma, carried contrary law by persons for $2.2 billion USD UNITED STATES grant fraud; and carried despite 2017-2022 changes in law made by 45 CFR which sustain a right of remedy not afforded and false report by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS to conceal a false trial and commercial embezzlement of United States Federal Welfare funds using a pattern of false trial, forced labor, and domestic mishandling of the role of TITLE IV AGENCY installed in the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, the chief Justice department of the State, precluding all 5 U.S. Code right to due process and impartial trial over 2001-2022 incorporating ethnic discrimination and gender based award policies to damage Interstate and International Trade similar to prior securities fraud practices afforded Texas Savings and Loan, Enron, MCI Worldcom, and sustained securities and credit fraud not permitted a Federal program or State grants conditioned regulatory standards refused and disclaimed in 2017-2022, a total $11 billion fraud impacting trade and support and registration rights of property in franchise subject to the BERNE CONVENTION in harm to the veracity of all such claims with all states and foreign nations seeking enforcement of copyright, patent, and trademark claims resultant from a purposeful dilution, taking, sale, and export to harm recovery of ethnic minority children of the Indian Territory and in a pattern of illegal adoption similar to Indian School programs and defamation used by Canada, Oklahoma, other foreign competitors employing slave labor to compel credit in the national labor force - specifically PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, and nations where such officers fled after the prior world war to Scandinavia, Iceland, and Denmark.

      Fraud themed debt-bondage are evident in TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.008 and 157.009, to create a class of forced labor and overcome the credit of the estate in maximum spoliation, barred as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and void per 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 ruling denying the Civil Court such powers, and a "final judgment" sole remedy July 2002 no more than $500 USD then a duty of law per TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.261, further exposing legal incompetence of State of Texas expressly void these claims and as a form of odious "debt bondage" and "forced labor" barred by 18 U.S. Code §1589 and 22 U.S. Code §1701 violation on prima facie in fines exceeding factual income or accured income prohibited by 45 CFR §303.6(c)(2) rule against enforcement of any debt owing and due after 30 calendar days of its first delinquency a rule of Federal Public policy, fraudulently concealed to suggest EXCESSIVE FINES (4th Amendment) and taking of RIGHT TO WORK (14th Amendment) cited as BLACK CODES by Justice Ginsberg in her address to the prior Supreme Court Case a ruling against the State Courts powers in 2019 as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and fraud to a felony degree, expressly prohibited all member States of the United States unconditionally; and so codified 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) and §666(a)(10) "automatic" duty to stop charging over STATE INCOME TAX and 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) rule limitations defined in 15 U.S. Code §1673 or be void in the making of such order alleged to have this power on act, 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule; whence there is no order at-law and all conduct a kidnapping violating 76 O.S. §76-1 and §76-6 and §76-8 entitled "unlimited damages" per 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III violation; so also themed entitled civil counter-suit per 21 O.S. §21-748 without grand jury indictment, per §21-748.2 rule.

      Fraud to deny these rights, or standing in 31 U.S. Code §3729(a) "qui tam" as relator right to sue on behalf of the UNITED STATES the STATE OF TEXAS for the full amount of such grant (§3730); is a felony offense in Texas, per Texas Statutory Code Title 8 §37.03 "aggravated perjury" in each transmission of the copy to any party which falsifies the basis of right to action or material fact in a case at law before any court; aggravated perjury in public address by the parties making the false claims regardless of their use of false name to do so or attribution to other persons without consent and in writing to obtain anything of credit, a felony in forgery in the second degree on prima facie and prohibited at law per 21 Oklahoma Statute §21-1304 and §21-1533; generally themed in Federal Law 18 U.S. § 1341 fraud.

    Why We Do Not Go to SOONERCON or Ship to Texas

    A right per 22 O.S. § 22-31 and 76 O.S. §76-9 rule.

    "Seven Alpha" Community Terms
    (Effective July 1st 2021)

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    SHADOWDANCERS PRESS, now known as SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS (SDP) or "SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP" since the early 1990s, was a member in formation of the HTML Writer's Guild, International Game Developers Association, and other groups including convention hosting services in the 1990s for tabletop and miniature (28-32mm scale) hobby wargames and fiction themed "Fantasy and horror" literature for young audiences.

    Attempts to disrupt the firm by criminal elements in the late 1990s disabled the well known Warhammer 40,000 content site run by the firm, and sought to impersonate the owner, author of "Celestial Knights: Beyond War", known among event promoters since 1992 as "Stryx" - a computer engineer and telecommunications administrator over accounts for national services including Best Buy USA, Toshiba America, BankONE, Southwestern Bell Internet Business Services, Yahoo, and PeoplePC. These acts included abusing his child, then a newborn, to seek false claims of equity and rights over his business, works, and publications in 2001-2021.

    Properties in this field have sold for over $432 million USD in 2018-2021, and represent a $2 billion USD global licence. Effort to aid or support the false claims including concealment of a child to extort or harass the firm will be themed criminal activity in Interstate racketeering already under Federal criminal complaint contrary an order for custody refused service by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to violate 45 CFR 303.6 Federal Law.

    SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP producted impression brands in computer services including "DREAM ENGINE", "DREAM MACHINE", "ADVANCED GAMING SYSTEM (AGS)", "Bastion Hosts" workstations and network architecture, and "MILITECH SYSTEMS"; in addition to the registered marks "STRYX", "BEYOND WAR", "CROSSBLADES", and other trademarks.

    Organized infringement by members of the convention promotion community and self-described music promoters not lawfully registered, in concert with NPR affiliate stations in Enid Oklahoma and Dallas Texas, aided in this fraud to conceal and extort the company from 2001-2021. Federal Law prohibits this abuse as 18 USC 666 felony activity and such law enjoins all states comply per 2017 February Federal Register Deadline issued in Volume 81 Number 244; or file suit to exclude themselves from 45 CFR mandatory rule making those claims prior embezzlement at-law.

    Due to this 2001-2021 legal case, the firm has closed its ordinary public access to appointment and qualified persons only, subject background check, citing attempted murder and multiple deaths of associates during this fraud.

    The firm has been vindicated by 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091, 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647, and 593 U.S. ____ (2021) case no 20-157 (Caniglia v Strom) affirming the violation and fraud imposed by 18 USC 2071 false claims to sustain this abuse; a criminal corruption of the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE during heavy unlicensed use of the brand and name in computer products and services, literature, and fiction in an concerted effort to support progressive socialist movements in the United States funded by Saudi Arabia, Nation of Japan, and People's Republic of China during acquisition of Verio Inc, Sprint, and other clients of the SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS owner/founder systematically, including NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2020 September for SOFTBANK GROUP CORP. The firm cites this abuse in concert with fraud and joint $9 billion ventures to disable labor laws in the UNITED STATES and UNITED KINGDOM by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD as component to the claims of fraud made in kidnapping for ransom of the child in FR-18-04 and related 01-17702-R fraud in 2001-2021.

    Consultation and media services are subject to approval, and not available or granted sale to members of the prior firms due to this ongoing abuse, information gathering, and over 300,000 false requests per day transmitted from 2018 November to 2021 May to network services in disruption activity by persons named in formal criminal complaint to the prior matter, an ongoing fraud to disrupt U.S. business in kidnapping, human trafficking, debt bondage, and embezzlement of benefits from the United States Treasury (18 USC 666), a qui tam fraud (31 USC 3729a) under formal civil and criminal complaint. Employees of NTT Group and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, and their affiliates, are barred from all communication with the firm and its employees, as well as barred from all services and offers. Identical bans are in effect for TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and their employees and associates, due to threats in writing in 2007-2013 of an explicit and criminal nature to extort.

    The Firm is therefore selective of its clients, access to its offices, publications and notices of employee activity and whereabouts, and operates in a manner consistent with a Military Security Clearance level of access control.

    • The Firm owns several characters, including "Stryx", a 1992 character created by James Allen for performance work in public theater and demonstrations. No sale or licence of this character has been made to any foreign firm, and all such work and imitation are unlicenced activity to defraud. "STRYX" is a registered trademark of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., and protected in first use rights so demonstrated in registry in 1992 and prior 1987 work.

    • The Firm is an Affiliate of "Twitch Interactive, LLC", and owns character art and voice performance work on display without any sale of licence or transfer to Twitch Interactive Inc. These properties include but are not limited to "ACID SQUIRREL" and other intangible property themed art or performances. Terms and conditions of use and sub-licensing apply.

    • The Firm is the developer of multiple domain properties, and such work for hire and contract does not entitle any company to seek claims over client work or properties by virtue of association or work for hire, nor are any properties pledged as collateral or subject taking in value for civil claims, per 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091, settled law.

    • The Firm has multiple registered impressions, in use throughout the 1990-2021 period, and use of those fictitious names to suggest fraud by the firm for their lawful use is securities fraud; a felony.

    • The Firm designs and sells high-value computers known as workstations and enterprise servers. These products are used for computer generated imaging and visual effects post production in film and media. Citation of products and applications used in major feature films to direct customers to vendors and work performed does not constitute a claim of ownership of the films or studio end-user work as legal property. Failure to regard this is criminal fraud.

    • The Firm has worked with FASA CORPORATION, PIRANNA GAMES, and other companies with various degrees of confidentiality and resulting compliance with certain companies in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, and China. Any attempt to defraud the firm of its work or characters in property not made express licensed sale by SHADOWDANCERS LLC of those works constitutes fraud and infringement in violation of the Berne Convention, and may result in legal action.

    • The Firm has worked with many pen-and-paper publishers for games including STEVE JACKSON GAMES and R. TALSORIAN demonstration of obscure properties. Any influence or artwork adopted from our employees or their characters is not component of authorized use, and unauthorized reproduction. Claims to suggest 1999 filsm or other works of fashion or screenplays contained in our protected works are imitation will be treated as fraud by the claimaint to a criminal degree.

    • The Firm deals in intellectual property rights for domestic clients, citing a pattern of theft in this industry initially widely recognized in appropriation of Harmony Gold properties and images, designs, and products now settled cases. Efforts to deceive the public as to the rights of the licence or content owner will be treated by criminal by the firm on first contact or discovery, and part of a criminal fraud if sustained against enforcement of the rights of the firm or any property owner to recovery and reputation (Oklahoma, Article II-6 and Title 76 section 76-1 and 76-6 rule).

    • The Firm therefore restricts its professional work to contract in writing only, disclaiming all oral contracts or other understanding not in print and so registered, a formal contract. Any attempt to contest this policy will be construed as fraud. Unregistered persons and non-registered businesses will not be considered for contract, citing enforcement standards of a minimum $1 million USD liability of any agent to any agreement a minimum commitment for rights in any limited use or grant.

    • Persons not familiar with the registered agent contract rule of formal business are therefore denied access and entry to any person in the capacity of a SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. or SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or similar registered impression; and must make appointment to seek busienss or negotiations with prior claim of record to be heard. This is for the protection of the public and content creators, for whom the officer or agent is representative in rights enumerated at law and for limited commercial use not subject layperson or inferred claims without contract of registry.

    • Any attempt to "persuade" by coercion (illegal demands) will terminate negotiations and may bar or void prior agreements fully. All conduct and suggested consequences, claims, and threats will be viewed in a legal context as if a matter of record and before open court by the firm. Conduct yourself accordingly. Legal conditional offers and enforcement are not subject to this penalty, but must be expressly supported by law and statute. Any act outside those authorized at law will be construed a potential criminal threat. Repetition of such abuse will be construed as harassment, and in unsolicited contact as Federal felony stalking subject a formal criminal complaint (18 USC 2261A).

    • "Casual" events so labeled will prohibit all busienss and agreements from having binding force without subsequent registered meeting on the schedule and formal contract endorsement barring all external and oral agreeemnts. Gatherings and forums under these terms are clearly labelled, and separate from explicitly "formal" designated meetings of record. On appointment you will be asked if this is a "Formal" or "Casual" meeting - the terms of which will set the terms of such communication in legal rule.

    • All product demonstrations, public appearances, employee appreciation events, and unscheduled meetings are themed "Casual" by rule; and the prior terms apply contrary any other claims or intent of parties, having no authorization to deal "as the firm" in concert with this rule. Casual events are for "fun" and not designed to allow side channel access or dealings with the firm.

    • Disputes incorporating "magical belief" or "supernatural" character claims are delusions or products of competitor abuse of the courts and the public to suggest confusion between literary fiction, content creators, performers in theatrical works, and to coerce and damage rights holders in claims of property and child kidnapping for extortion in human trafficking activity pending present legal criminal complaint. Use of "Minds Eye Theater" products does not constitute a "sale" or "ownership" or "transfer" of performance or character rights to WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING or any other firm (PARADOX INTERACTIVE) or their owner (TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD). Fraud to suggest this right to sale of "STRYX" or similar sounding character and persona, is a fraud and foreign export of UNITED STATES registered property without license, similar to bootlegging or unlicensed use of GODZILLA or other character, a legal fiction and intangible property of immense value.

    • 10 Year AGS Warranty
      Due to increasing supply chain shortages caused by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN against chipmaker NVIDIA and AMD, workstations sold after January 1st 2021 do not include the 10 year service and parts replacement warranty. Program benefits were based on general availability of product in direct-channel sales and small quantity for prosumer equipment, now denied by failure to meet production and price targets alleged as antitrust violations and negligence to induce a shortage supporting a SOFTBANK GROUP CORP takeover bid of NVIDIA CORPORATION in September 2020. SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP opposes approval of this acquisition for $40 Billion USD of ARM HOLDINGS stock and securities, citing improper relief of Mr. Wu and ARM HOLDINGS CO LTD of China; and for hostile foreign interest to interfere in the soverengty of the REPUBLIC OF CHINA and HONG KONG by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, for whom SOFTBANK GROUP CORP appears to be a broker and unregistered foreign agent thereof in analysis of similar activity by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and market share under color of small equity holding and broker funds to evade 7% beneficial ownership rules by design - similar to "Government of Japan" and NTT GROUP activity in 2001-2021 in acquisition of SPRINT and T-MOBILE equity to interfere in U.S. markets and contracts between UNITED STATES and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA optical long-haul telecom contracts prior awarded to NORTHERN TELECOM (NORTEL, NT) of Canada and North America, resulting in an $11 billion bankruptcy proceding in 2011 initiated in 2001 action. Existing customer warranties for prior purchases will be honored, per terms, including limitations on supply and waiting lists for alternative/discontinued parts options.
    • Windows 11 Release (June 25 2021)
      Until such time as Windows 11 has been tested with hardware, no support for the operating system on new machines or older machines will be provided. Windows 10 changes to driver model support disabled key partner equipment in a predatory manner requiring right-to-repair action by the firm, and punctuated by repeated automated disruption of repairs to subsequently disable restored software in a license-scheme not permitted by United States Law. The firm will therefore not endorse or support Windows 10 for our production workstation product line until such conduct to alter legacy files and driver solutions is properly remedied by Microsoft Inc. and its agencies. Windows 11 will be available in 'beta' builds (pre-release builds) by late June according to Microsoft. Customers are not encouraged to install this software as it is 'pre-release' and 'beta', not suitable for production environments and not eligible for support by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or its service programs, nor under any guarantee of merchantability or fitness of purpose whatsoever by the Oklahoma firm.

      We do A LOT MORE than just design and build EPYC computer systems, NVIDIA WORKSTATION class equipment, and extremely long-term mass storage solutions (RAID 5 and 10).

      The firm is an INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY and has several TRADEMARKS in Class 22, 38, 104, and 107 class registration and in-legal-use.

      We are a LAMP Stack and IBM REDHAT LABS INC. Platform Developer and software developer, working with Linux® products and services for clients on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and other legitimate operating systems. Our experience covers Oracle®, Informix®, MariaDB®, MySQL®, mSQL, Solaris®, and Enterprise Linux application deployment with Xen Virtualization. We have worked with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Server, and other consumer products for use in small business and casual data center platforms.
      SDP MULTIMEDIAG GROUP is the REGISTERED TRADENAME of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., a business based in Ada Oklahoma. Other REGISTERED TRADENAMES manage the computer manufacturing, Software Development, and Intellectual Property Development elements of the L.L.C. group. Each REGISTERED TRADENAME is a legal impressium of the real business, and only a moron would suggest they are companies themed to be separate legal entities or allege any wrongdoing in this diversificatin of our BRANDS and TRADENAMES, a legal right. Yet we have met such a moron, so this disclaimer is here to prevent you from being a moron too.
      UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS that are our licensees or PARTNERS are not the same legal entity, and only a moron would suggest such a claim. Because of such moron, we have been compelled to spell out these basic legal facts to stop other morons from getting arrested or injured trying to prove the claims of the first moron at their own peril. We will discuss these morons more in "Hegelian Dialectics" later in this site.
      Suffice to say, if you are one such moron then you are not eligible for services.
      In addition to that, the company does limited traditional microcomputer support for specific costomers in our local region as a community assistance and outreach program. While this is NOT our maine line of busienss, many people can't understand what NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL business and publication work entails; and wrongly seek to associate our company with a small public office. Our offices are designed to look like residential homes and properties to enhance the privacy of develoers and technology services in vulnerable rural communities where Law enforcement has a history of failing to protect high value assets.

    • Do You Build Computers?

      Yes, for Qualified Customers resident in Pontotoc County and in-network service plan members.

    • Do You Repair Computers?

      Yes, for Qualified Customers resident in Pontotoc County and in-network service plan members.

    • Are non-branded computers and 3rd party Equipment Eligible for Service?

      No. Systems built by other firms are not supported by our service plans.

    • Is computer manufacturing and repair your primary business?

      No. Our primary business is scientific computing for visualization and artificial intelligence, with applications in warfighting simulation and intellectual property rights in literature and science fiction applications for domestic (American Audience) consumption. Age requirements are based on content pertaining advanced warfighting and theoretical fiction which are themed for mature audiences due to scenes of violence and military technology. Persons under 24 years of chronological age are not considered sufficiently mature to participate in or access or use our services.

    • What are Qualified Customers?

      Qualified Customers are persons who have passed a background check similar to a security clearance, and have met the requirements for NDA and other agreements enforcement in civil process. Qualified Customers receive a limited-duration non-transferrable identity token and device, which provides immediate verification upon application for service or support. Qualified Customers are enjoined against export, reverse-engineering, and general disclosure of trade secrets and technology to any 3rd party, both within and outside the United States. Qualified Customers tools prevent impersonation and forgery of company representation and benefits use.

    • How is the Security Threat Affecting Development?
      Work in this area because of actively hostile HDE parties has conjoined both traditional movie set security (similar to the level mentioned by Mark Hamil of Star Wars final film) and that of a military software and defense contractor job site.

      For this reason, security identity verification; incident logs, live on-site personnel to observe for trespassing and burglary attempts (May 20 2020 and July 2021) and similar "gifts" from the Democrats including (3) dead animals since 2015, continue to make both the U.S. Postman and our local law enforcement very uncomfortable. Someone has hit at full force our U.S. Mail Box five times in recent years with vehicles to destroy a fully reinforced steel box and open its contents. After a prior incident this makes the 3rd time someone has broken into mail at the office with a vehicle in recent years, and stolen mail and packages have been reported in addition to this suggesting increased video surveillance requirements similar to a bank branch.

      As a result, running up to our employees and putting your hands on them or threatening them for not responding to you in public is a fast way to get yourself blacklisted from licence eligibility permanently. The situation for developers and their families is that of witnesses in a Federal Interstate organized crime case, and all contact is strictly limited to appointments with lawful cause or court process.

      Just this week, a person pretending to be a licensed Private Investigator attempted to reach officers; and it was discovered they had no valid license and was making demands of an unlawful nature upon the employees. No statement was made or authorized for her release in the name of the company or its employees, and suggestion to do so if not satisfied resulted in her termination of access. i

      Disturbing incidents like this, including contact with retired family members in this cause, on no lawful investigation authorized by the State during a Federal criminal complaint, punctuate the serious nature of security concerns by our workers and stakeholders against fraud and ongoing pattern of fraudulent identity theft to coerce access or forfeiture of the project and properties in a criminal fraud and pending court case of record.

      Horror writers have had bad experiences with fans, especially those who are deluded to confuse reality and fiction; but these incidents suggest commercial intent to sabotage and cause extreme emotional and financial distress in concert with concealment of a child for blackmail and fraud in investment and securities tampering. As such, we advise all persons to treat contact or claims as potential fraud, and verify the ID and digital signature of all correspondence when possible with our office.

    • Abuse is a symptom of a fundamental mental illness among Asian and Middle Eastern Coporations' Contractors
      Attacks in this context differ in no way from 9/11 motivation to destroy the lives and family of the Oklahoma developers, and to style them as being unfit to enjoy their prior income (now themed $90,000 to $480,000 USD in median income, per 2001 job title preceeding this active terrorism hoax).

      Where such developers can, by fraud and threat, obtain job and contract opportunities from major firms valued at nearly $500,000 USD per year; the financial resources to carry out domestic terror attacks in criminal market sabotage and public intimidation through abuse of access to high value media is substantial.

      For example, we observe 20,000 requests per hour from one source for 3 years in a pattern of a single point of origin, adapting to disrupt our business network from November 2017-2021, in like style to prior 8 million ICMP packets sent in 3 days and modified to carry threatening text ASCII payload by the Texas Developer Donald Beal.

      This conduct, clear violence among the member States of the Federal Union, is denied protection by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS in a $44 billion Federal Fraud, now under criminal complaint after 20 years of this tortous interference and ongoing concealment of a child to extort.

      By dismissing this overt and juvenile volume attacks in regional courts, to carry a fraud, did the two states aid the concaelment and abuse of a minor child in extortion to obtain forfeiture of Beyond War and other properties, and in doing so sustain the major concerns and complaints in actual serious injury which the American People later witnessed by abuse of media in 2016-2021 campaign to wrest control of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES using identical tactics.

      The firm therefore considers these attacks to be a form of foreign political and commercial sabotage in concert with kidnapping, and an act of war by the contractors who did carry out these abuses and make false claims during 2001-2021, whose baseless and crass nature predicated on a foreign theory of law are now evident in Genocide to achieve economic advantage for PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and their assets and financial partners in SAUDI ARABIA and data facilities in ITALY and other nations used to execute the attacks over 2001-2021.

      Lack of basic education in public and claims of ignorance to carry out any enforcement of law by the States without Federal Aid then also denied and refused, do so affirm the serious nature of claims against the forced taking of intellectual property by Hegelian Socialist extremists in the United States operating out of trusted data centers and employment in friendly member States of the Federal Union and to shield such activity from the ordinary relief and protection obligated and due by the United States Department of Justice.

      By wrongly carrying these claims as if a domestic cause at law to defame and damage recovery of a child to extort an intangible property, disable development and investment, and harm domestic commercial rights, including the RIGHT TO WORK, did the UNITED STATES and its member states so admitted to Statehood work a corruption of blood and forfeit all trademark, patent, and copyright claims against the firm subjected to taking and 19 year concealment of a child to extort control over the estate and discoveries of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., an established business of registry in 1998 and incorporated firm of the 1992 business of the child's father there established and of record.

      That such persons who participated in this abuse or claims against the lawful return and restoration of civil honors per 21 O.S. 21-3 and 21-8 without conviction of any kind, should disclaim their fault, is criminal mental illness arising from a foreign jurisdiction not afforded standing, and those persons who sustain or employ them in such activity forfeit all legal claims subject to THE BERNE CONVENTION or other treaty for this abuse in full and without limit to claims made by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or the UNITED STATES or any member State consent or agreement required to do so, a function of the operation of law in wrongful taking and retention of a hostage without formal declaration of war.

    • Violence has Shaped Resposne
      The MSF/AM24 products are, in response to this real world and serious violation of law, the mechanical proof of such fatally flawed logic applied to fiction and without apology to the parties who initiated this serious breach of normal civil order to circulate worldwide any claim or suggestion of a right to that fraud in criminal taking and kidnapping of a child to extort the Oklahoma firm. Such acts, so committed without evidence of remorse, release all parties from any accord of peace or treaty or other civil agreement with the same or by their representatives, per 76 O.S. 76-9, and install in them the authority with qualified immunity to act without restraint to the purpose of full and unconditional restoration of their civil rights and honors disbarring any agreement or consent by any state or nation.

      MSF/AM24 is about that, and the very real cost of using children as a tool to compel persons in the 21st Century. Akira Matsumoto once spoke of this, in his work, Captiain Harlock, episode 32.

      MSF/AM24 is a lesson in long memories, and the importance of people which society cannot dictate or deem, from which all that is human and good arises - and the importance that we recognize that equation: "that one life is as valid as all the others in the Universe in trade" from which the jurisprudence of the American nation and its incorporation were made and for which the abandonment of that principle shall be its undoing by operation of law. Too often the memories of a society are defined by the ability to exterminate that experience and murder the love of a parent for a child. Beyond War and MSF/AM24 fiction is about the refusal of that memory to die, and the love of a parent for a child that society may not condition any thing whatsoever in-consideration.

      If you are with us, and you understand this - join us. Failing to understand this, does not make your cause right. It simply means you do not admit our people to live, and we are not willing to accept that or admit yoru claims as "mental health" over our human rights.

    • Activity from 2001-2021 Violate International Law
      All nations signed these agreements, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and any member of any signatory or party who disputes them by word, or deed, or act - betrays not only their nation but the Human Race. This is what MSF/AM24 stands for, and it will tolerate no suggestion that its position is irrational, only opposed to the treason that is made in such claims to the contrary.

      Those persons, corporations, or nations that would put a price on that or destroy the technology if they cannot buy it, are engaged in a criminal enterprise that nations and states cannot defend, and a war against the fundamental nature of the Human Race which obligates our firm to not sell or licence or disclose the technology to them in any way.

      To a Hegelian, raised to believe that all things are negotiable (fungible) and compared to the greater benefit that such money could produce for their collective, will dismiss as mental dysfunction any claim contrary to that fallacy that asserts all things are negotiable.

      To our side, some things are simply not for sale - including but not limited to our children and their relationship to know they are wanted and loved. If you want a cause for war, you have it there in that alone - and MSF/AM24 content serves to affirm that non-negotiable instrument and non-fungible nature of individuals and their right to relationships without a suggested price for the sale or consideration of their dilution. It is - simply - the acceptance of "boundaries" against which one cannot transgress, and the confession of a culture and development of persons who are incapable of understanding the extent or consequence of those limitations to their right to action. A position that should not require explanation or justification to a competent human being or competent sovereign.

      The nations now positively identified in this fraud are:


      All sales, license, and service of contracts to persons in these nations and states sovereign borders are prohibited and denied expresssly, on kidnapping to carry out perpetual concealment of a child in extortion, and all patents and intellectual property claims are void without standing or right to relief under the law of the Territory declared independent of the UNITED STATES per Sept 9 2021 legal notice served upon the agent in fact and court of such right by Witherspoon et al and its estates, incorporators of the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION and CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES then also made, and such adjudication subject LEX REX IMPERIALIS doctrine in all disputes, a sovereign jurisdiction so made on default October 10th 2021 for failure to answer, a default by UNITED STATES against motion to secede in proper order and legal cause, a right reserved per Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1 and Title 22 section 22-31 in concert with Title 21 Section 21-748 and Title 76 section 76-9. These actions necessary due violation of 18 United States Code section 3161 for failure to make jury trial in February 2019 to October 2021 (32 months) in UIFSA complaint themed felony fraud and 18 United States Code section 666 and 1589 violation, and State felony violation of Title 21 Section 21-891 refused protection due 42 United Staets Code section 1981. Refusing then 22 United States Code Chpater 78 mandatory investigation not performed, and violation of section 7102 of that charter in $44 billion fraud, a 31st United States Code section 3729(a) qui tam suit duly filed without execution, and violation of 15 United States Code section 1673 and 1692d in concert with concealment contrary a duty of 15 U.S.C. § 1692n rule, mentioned further in express duty made law 2017 in all States a Federal Regulation per Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and 45 CFR, not eligible sovereign immunity or other defense expressly conditioned grants and per 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 and 588 U.S. ____ case no 17-647 disbarment of qualified immunity a defense to such fraud. So further a felony per 18 U.S.C. § 2261A abuse and pattern of violence denied ordinary record and protection, in Interstate interference in commece, and to seize and export trade secrets from the State of Oklahoma and outside the jurisdiction of the United States in violation of the Wassanaar Arangement for dual use arms control. A fraud, themed 21 Oklahoma Statute section 21-891 felony, entitled defense per Title 76 and Title 22 of the Laws of the State of Oklahoma and Constitution thereof, reserved rights neither granted to the UNITED STATES or UNION, nor waivable by any terms or coercion (see Article XXIII-1A, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9 - Constitution of the State of Oklahoma).

      It has become exceptionally clear that some STATE OF TEXAS residents including Governor Greg Abott and Ken Paxton believe they are still independent and superior to Federal Law, and have taken hostages since 2001 in this purpose in fraud and under perfidy then tolerated by the POTUS and United States Congress while American technology companies were tortured, threatened, and extorted using their children as prisoners of STATE OF TEXAS. To this regard, in $14.4 billion USD and $30 billion USD taken by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in this fraud, waived in UNIFORM INSTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT and 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 all claims, expressly so made in 303.6 and 303.100(a)(3) and 303.100(a)(8) rejected by THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS and governors of both States to falsify such kidnapping and ransom across State borders as civil in nature, a fraud per 5 USC § 706 and contrary § 556(d) rule, a theft to embezzle UNITED STATES CITIZEN accounts in 2001-2021 themed cestui que trust by bondage of the cestui que persons illegally and for commercial claims irreparably disabling the BERNE CONVENTION and other registries of intellectual property in favor of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA; and to aid in takeover bids by KINGDOM OF SWEDEN and REPUBLIC OF GERMANY and NORWAY of the industry of the People of the Oklahoma Territory; has this declaration been made and duly filed a lawful (II-3, II-22) remonstrance and formal notice made legal fact in failure to answer and tacit acceptance by inaction from 2001-2021 October 10th to the removal of such property, lands, title, and estates from the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES and other nations as a Sovereign, separate, and protected enclave against this fraud reserved by the People for cause - by English Law so invoked an "Allodium" free of any bond or foreign claim or authority, and exempt from such taking as the Law of Nations afford the full right of self-defense against this human trafficking, debt bondage, and slavery wrongly and unlawfully instituted by UNITED STATES and several of its agents without any authority, per 42 United States Code section 1994 and expressly prohibited by Justice Ginsburg in oral pronouncement of 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 as prior ruled "null and void" in KELLY v KELLY (2007, Oklahoma Supreme Court) and "MALONE v MALONE" (1970, Oklahoma Supreme Court) by operation of law. These rights set forth also in 42 U.S.C. § 666(a)(10) failure to perform "automatic" compliance duties of the State, and § 666(a)(9) "operation of law" made a duty which enjoin all member States of the Union per 18 U.S.C. § 2383 and 2384 as obligations enumerated in "Laws of the United Staets" which may not be disputed or contested ex post facto or in exemption for any case a bill of attainder made to excuse the letter of marque issued by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA wrongly carried by UNITED STATES in 2001-2021, a fraud per 5 U.S.C. § 706 on face and such beneficiary never entitled more than $500 USD per TEXAS FAMILY CODE § 157.261 "final judgement" and further December 2001 being in record declared "wholly in default" without award or judgment due then rendered for the parent of the child seeking their return for 20 years of concealment, a holocaust war crime on face and by letters of express criminal plan to commit "Genocide" by the prior nations duly employed contractors, partners, and other Sovereigns in criminal fraud.

      No legal cause ever existed for the child to have no contact with the father, and to the contrary did the STATE OF TEXAS pledge that the child would be returned, then demanding money conditional such contact or communication be paid prior return; and used the power of the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS to threaten the Oklahoma resident and all persons duly associated with them of false incarceration and public humiliation, emotional abuse, and loss of RIGHT TO WORK ( (XXIII-1A, Oklahoma Constitution), in coordination with TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and during abuse by DIGITAL OCEAN, OVH Hosting, HETZNER, and on such behalf to enrigh REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, NATION OF JAPAN, and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in extortion and dilution of the name, brands, and property of the Oklahoma computer scientist from whom the child was taken and against the business of the same established 10 years prior to the kidnapping.

      State of Texas resumed its seat in the Congress of the United States on March 30th 1870, conditional it support the Union and the Laws of the United States. No exemption or right was made in this agreement, and such agreement broken in 2001 August 11th with aid of UNITED STATES, a government body not entitled to the right to seize or conceal persons to extort labor or sustain a bond against those persons prohibited such making in 1991-2021 written public policy of the United States defined in Federal Registery Volume 81 Number 244 issued December 16 2016 on this subject. Illegal bonds and their issuance, so prohibited in 18 U.S.C. § 1961, make void per civil procedure any claims of the State of Texas or its government body, or those of the UNITED STATES, its beneficial owner in franchise so made by the UNION and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, per 15 U.S.C. § 1692d; dismissing as fraud all such claims by the parties to any legal standing in 01-17702-R or a case arising in violation of $1000 USD maximum fine permitted no later filed than July 31st 2021. "No Enforcement" is permitted after such date, and all claims to suggest a duty or failure to make payments are criminal felonies under 18 U.S.C. § 666 which suggest a debt by the Oklahoma parent or his firms, per 45 CFR 303.6 Federal Law. States having accepted any TITLE IV funds are subject unconditionally these laws, and all State laws contrary their execution made void February 2017 per TITLE IV GRANT, a 31 U.S.C. § 3729(a) qui tam fraud now sustained 20 years in FR-18-04, a barratry (21 O.S. &Sect; 21-550) under ORDER STAYIN GCASE in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA subject full defense of fraud and 23 Oklahoma Statute § 23-9.1 "unlimited damages" in addition to $8 million USD in punitive fine for barratry (a crime (21 O.S. § 21-551) not enforced in false claim filed Nov 2017 subsequent the laws, without registration of any order or a hearing to enjoin any person to such order then or since made, and in excess of such fines and limits set by Federal TITLE IV AGENCY rule, extortion under color of law of over $70,0000 USD and future "unlimited taking" prohibited any lawful order or support defined by 45 CFR Federal Law and TITLE IV GRANT PROGRAMS of the UNITED STATES.

      Efforts to conceal and deceive the public are prohibited under Title 76 Section 76-3 and 76-4; and under "Terrorist Hoax" a felony in State of Oklahoma to deny public office and right to work to the firm in favor of NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, and their partners themed shareholders in 3 major firms and two telecommunication firms jointly with TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, corporations resident in STATE OF TEXAS whose employees and partners did make written confession of such plan to take, conceal, abuse, and extort a real and registered business and owner of the same in State of Oklahoma in cause of this fraud, terminating the rights of those nations and States to any claims per TEXAS FAMILY CODE § 157.375 and perpetual rule then made by spoliation themed "unlimited damages" over $40 billion USD in trade value in 2018-2021.

      Those actions prohibited per Oklahoma Constitution as a Crime per Article XXIII-1A, despite failure to register this TEXAS/MICHIGAN/CALIFORNIA labor union in coercion and child conecalment activity spanning 2001-2021; and subject full legal relief including public notice of all grievances and legal cause of action in "All Necessary Force" to include "perpetual immunity" and "Sovereign Allodium" component of 18 USC § 1591 Restitution for bondage and forced labor claims made by the agents of those states, nations, and foreign sovereign powers themed "war crimes" per the CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE (a U.S. Treaty, Supreme Law) and "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" which such claims stand clear opposition and reflection of CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (CCP) and NATIONAL SOCIALIST government made in GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN, a 23% owner of NTT GROUP and franchise parent of SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, partner of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD of China and sharing then a common director in JACK MA for both firms at the time of such fraud in antitrust activity.

      1. A crime has occurred by the act, not by the indictment of a person or conviction.

      2. A right to response and affirmative action is the reserved and enumerated right of self-defense of all legal persons (natural and ens legis, per Title 22 Oklahoma Statutes);

      3. Public denial of a criminal or civil wrongdoing is not legal basis to dismiss or void a legal right to action and all remedy afforded the injured party/parties.

      4. Any order in the making of such claims of "unlimited damage" is not a "sum certain" and void any standing under the "UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT", as well as any order asserted in excess of 65% of gross earnings made "null and void" in its making.

      5. Inherent Rights are part of Oklahoam Constitution Article II Constitutional Rights, and per Article IV section 2 clause 1 of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES were and are still in full force prior any claim by STATE OF TEXAS or DALLAS COUNTY of other order or lack of an order, obligating return of the child to the Oklahoma parent and sole financial provider whose home was the legal residence of the child and from whose car the child was taken by force on threat of murder August 2001.

      6. The Statute of Limitations for 21 O.S. § 21-891 does not begin until the child has entered State of Oklahoma, and is perpetual in right of return and restitution per Constitution of the State of Oklahoma (Article II-6).

      7. Contact has been pledged in bad faith and abandoned in sustained concealment by the Texas abductors and DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in 2016, to suggest payment of illegal fines a duty prior any verbal or written or teleconference contact with the Oklahoma Parent by the child. Further, did DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT assert that disclosing the fraud and deceit to the child - then injured and subject psychological healthcare for such injury in anger over the loss of contact - would be further harm to the child and attempted to suggest such fault in any harm were solely that of the Oklahoma Parent despite kidnapping to conceal and ransom by STATE OF TEXAS.

      8. During 2001-2021, the Abducting Parents gave NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER on the location, welfare, health, or needs of the child; actively concealed the child; and published threats to the Oklahoma parent while making false public claims to justify this abuse and taking of RIGHT TO WORK for the abductors, both of whom were former IT professionals of record and thus comeptitors of the Oklahoma parent, and that concealed by the court and STATE OFFICIALS and FEDERAL AGENTS in the region to sustain a narrative of victimization in TITLE IV GRANT FRAUD.

      9. Attorneys for STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA professional BAR ASSOCIATION did both deny the right to a "fraud" defense or mistrial, despite the accuser never appearing in court and her evidence granted standing while the respondent was denied the right to call witnesses and give evidence citing the absence of the petitioner in 2001 hearings (all), and "wholly in default" finding of legal fact December 2001, refusing then to grant default judgment to the Oklahoma parent while threats of arson and destruction of his legal address by fire disrupting his receipt of service of process, followed by theft of SUMMONS in concealment of service of process at 722 S Haskell Avenue (Dallas, TX) occurred in May 2002 giving less than 24 hours notice of any hearings in the period from 2001 December to 2002 May.

      10. All documents, claims, and complaints filed were illegally destroyed by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and by UNITED STATES employees in contest, contrary 18 U.S.C. § 2071, to sustain the fraud and narrative of no discovery of complaint or resistance to this false cause made a TITLE IV claim from 2001-2021; and so witnessed by HOWARD H. HENDRICK, GARY W. DART, and other employees of OKDHS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA as well as CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, who refused to return the child or give information from 2001-2021 on written demand; and instead resorted to demands for money not afforded legal award on threat of false incarceration and taking of LICENSE OF PROFESSIONAL USE of the Oklahoma Parent if he did not comply unconditionally and pay interest on the EXCESSIVE FINE and silence his HABEAS CORPUS and CONTEMPT motions fully in 2016 threats to attorneys in DALLAS, TEXAS and TULSA OKLAHOMA.

      11. Letters in 2002-2004, 2007-2009, and 2009-2013 reflect racist characterization of the Oklahoma parent, including in 2012 October 31st hearing by Donald Beal to suggest that the cause of such denial were delusions arising from "bad genes" in the Oklahoma Parent, confusing the LEGAL DISABILITY status of his foster family and their deaths in 2001-2012 aggravated by this violence with some fictitious mental health defect for demanding enforcement of POSSESSION ordered to his person and protection from RIGHT TO WORK violations in Global defamation hosted by NTT GROUP servers, VIRTBIZ.COM (PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO), and threats to extort $2000 USD by ENID PUBLIC RADIO KEIF-LP program manager Brian Young in concert with Beal and Veronica Petersen. KEIF-LP was fined $10,000 USD and failed to pay such fine, being then removed from registry, and Brian Young was later indicted for threatening to murder two women in written threats in 2018. Letters published by Beal, an employee of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES per his conviction for substance abuse and $15/hr income, claimed to have a $60/hr USD income in perjury before Judge Kilgore in 2012 October to impersonate the prior $200/hr billing and $75/hr earned net income of the Oklahoma Parent targeted in his fraud and kidnapping act. STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS refused to seek perjury charges against Beal, or issue a restraining order despite admission of sending 8 million ICMP packets to disable the AT&T Business lines of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP in key periods of 72 hour timespan, and alteration of such ICMP to include ASCII text defamatory of JAMES ALLEN as "an accident" during routine use of a computer in his role as an employee at EQUINIX/DIGITAL REALTY TRUST/INFOMART facilities in DALLAS, TEXAS. Prior, Beal was terminated for hosting high-value commercial software for distribution on customer machines, and employed violence against the reporting party witnessed by the Oklahoma Parent, before abducting the child of the Oklahoma business owner in 2001 and sexually assaulting the mother prior August 2001.

      12. The Texas family has a pattern of violence and violent threats toward persons, including suggested murder and express plan to murder the Oklahoma Business Owner made in recording; in fraud to file a false police report to coerce surrender of the child, and use of a knife to take the child from the parent prior to filing "Abandonment" claim in October 2001 following such child abduction and concealment outside of DALLAS COUNTY, themed to be DENTON COUNTY (STATE OF TEXAS) during all such periods. This is supported by discover in 2015 that the parties had fled to DENTON COUNTY without giving notice of change of address to the court or Oklahoma Parent, thereby evading civil procedure entirely from 2001-2015 and again in 2016-2021 under protection of DENTON COUNTY without legal cause to further this fraud.

      13. The actions, in concert with use of "TEK SYSTEMS" and other companies names in letters of threat to attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma and other jurisdictions, support this act to be a commercial kidnapping to benefit NTT GROUP, owner of NTT AMERICA of Michigan and their NGO "Affiliate" PACKET CLEARING HOUSE in State of California. Investigation suggests a tax shelter and scheme incorporating the INFOMART property in DALLAS, TEXAS with "Real Estate Investment Trust" status to deceive investors in securities fraud similar to ENRON, MCI-WORLDCOM, and SAVINGS & LOAN scams prior supported by Greg Abbott while he served in the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE STATE OF TEXAS; and in recent years passed by trade from DIGITAL REALTY TRUST to EQUINIX, concealing foreign unregistered agency of workers there acting for NTT GROUP as "COGENT COMMUNICAITONS" and other subsidiaries of NTT in STATE OF TEXAS. Attacks on networks of the Oklahoma parent appear to originate in coordination with sysadmin access to routers at NTT facilities in various countries including "The Omega Building" in Israel, as well as Australia, Italy, Singapore, China, France, Germany, Canada, Panama, SEYECHELLE ISLANDS, and other specific recurring destinations incorporated termination of circuits and VPN installations favored by the STATE OF TEXAS parties holding the child. Brands subject takeover bidding by NTT have been used to bombard and harass the Oklahoma firm, including "DIGITAL OCEAN", "OVH HOSTING", "HETZNER", and specific RUSSIAN FEDERATION colocation sites to deceive local and State law enforcment or cause loss of visibility of this complaint during buyout and merger talks by NTT/SOFTBANK/TENCENT firms.

      14. The parties are therefore entitled full remonstrance and public notice, in like style to the "187" letter threats in 2009-2013 against the corporations and private investigator and staff of the firm with threat of rape and murder; and to call on all sovereign governments for aid in "Hue and Cry", a right of English Common law and obligation against DENIAL (a war crime) in the treaty "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE", for violations by the UNITED STATES, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, and their related subsidiaries active in this commercial triangulation activity and ongoing active human-directed criminal kidnapping and ransom activity using a child over 2001-2021.

      15. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA defines this unregistered labor activity as a "union" regardless of lack of consent or identification by the parent company, in Article XXIII-1A, and a crime. As a crime, not a civil matter, so defined in protections in 15 U.S.C. § 1692d, all neccessary force and public notice is the right of the injured party as is recovery and protection of their child despite any age of majority or other suggested claims arising from long-term concealment of persons. This is a crime similar to Japanese and North Korean taking of persons from China and South Korea, and warrants a full inquiry regardless of failure or complicity by local, State, or Natonal government obligated a duty by Treaty to act and report this abuse. The Order MAY NOT BE BINDING as asserted by STATE OF TEXAS without the RIGHT OF POSSESSION due answer without condition of payment or duty prior relief and in a perpetuity contrary any false claims or "imputed income" disclaimed by FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244. As a UNILATERAL CONTRACT, the language is also subject interpretation by the enjoined party, and cites such debt "discharged" fully in 2003, contrary all false claims; due incompetent use of the word by STATE OF TEXAS and per BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 12th Edition, Corpus Juris Secundum in any tort or dispute themed an INTERSTATE COMMERCE claim at-law.

      16. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by STATE OF TEXAS is the sole reason such complaint remains in legal life, and has no lawful standing unless the suggested "Secession" claims of independentce from Federal Law and the Union effective August 11 2001 were to be admitted legal record; an undeclared and concealed act of war against the UNITED STATES and United States public trust and incorporator(s), of which the business owner is a class member by name and estate ("WITHERSPOON", of "JOHN KNOX WITHERSPOON" of State of New Jersey, for the Founding Incorporators by marriage and legal right so made uncontested as of Oct 10 2021 a LEGAL FINDING OF FACT in default, per 18 U.S.C. § 3161 and failure of answer.

      17. It is alleged that NATION OF JAPAN, jointly with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, have formented civil unrest, piracy, and export of title illegally in false bill of goods upon such fraud; in a sustained promise of aid to secession and economic support of STATE OF TEXAS as an independent government from the Federal Union and United States (a nation); and employed kidnapping and genocide in case FR-18-04 themed cause 01-17702-R from August 11 2001 to October 11th 2021, disbarring their standing and all claims under the BERNE CONVENTION and LAW OF NATIONS before Witherspoon et al, the class and American People so injured by this criminal taking and act of war. Where UNITED STATES or other registered government has failed to act, are they so also void in standing any sovereign claims or rights against the declaration of and powers assumed for abandonment of the duty of the public trust and public office prior made, which may be imagined by "All Necessary Force" and Oklahoma Constitution Article I-1 and II-1 rule; and other rights specified in those documents in full.

      18. It is the testimony of the Oklahoma business owner that use of 'crypto currency' ledgers, later themed "BITCOIN" appear to have arisen out of established money laundering and securities fraud activities in the DALLAS/FORT-WORTH area, in verbal notice to him in 2000-2001, and such activity there initially solicited to incorporate his aid so refused prior this action as to suggest an economic plan of sabotage to global securities and fiat currency use and banking essential to the UNITED STATES, and to deflect such attention by design upon NATION OF JAPAN and Satoshi Nakamoto, to conceal money laundering and counterfeiting of U.S. money in circulation and across Federal borders as part of a strategic action against NORTEL NETWORKS telecom and long-haul optical data packet switched network bidding in PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, later suspended on suspicious bidding by NTT GROUP of NATION OF JAPAN in 2001-2004. It is the testimony of the Oklahoma parent that such persons were engaged in cooperative action including fraud to embezzle equipment and to defraud the public in Dallas, Texas, including theft of company property for sale and Inter-company employee meetings to do such fraud against multiple clients, centered around Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, and Brian Wolf; so also witnssed by Michael Marino, Sarah Moore, and other parties themed INFRAGARD members Chris Maidt at that time which have been sustained by STATE OF TEXAS in concealment of kidnapping of a child. Tax evasion, evasion of restrictions imposed by the UNITED STATES FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION on NTT AMERICA at formation citing its foreign sovereign monopolies, and antitrust concerns voiced in formal letter by the UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION at formation, are further evident in detailed analysis of the business dealings and relationships, high value ($7 billion USD) joint operations between TENCENT and SOFTBANK, and nexus of such firms in business plans abscounded from the Oklahoma Firm in later public claims and style to be expressly identical to limited disclosures before Veronica Petersen, then engaged to marry the Oklahoma businsess owner, and by former independed business owner Alica (Ally) Scarbrough - whose claims of false ownership of securities or member certificates subsequent to theft by check in State of Oklahoma are a known fraud to the Oklahoma Tax Commission despite citation in 2010-2013 ongoing kidnapping and extortion letters suggesting the death or serious bodily injury to the Oklahoma business owner in over 300 pages of documents hosted on GOOGLE servers (which they have refused to remove over 2013-2021) despite this kidnapping and concealment of a child in DMCA notice upon their legal registered agent. Evidence of this financial nexus in representation of Veronica Petersen was further made evident in 2016, in excess of income and means the legal fees paid and real estate titles citing such activity inconsistent with her high school education. Placement of persons by BSDPRO service domains linking the LOSTSERVER group, further suggest organized criminal enterprise activity and a theme carried by Ontario Canada resident THEO DE RAADT; to support concealment of the child by a BSD user community representing the DALLAS/FORT-WORTH community of INFOMART employees joint commercial activity against the recovery and to sustain deceit of the child. Use of termination poitns in ONTARIO, CANADA during large volume attacks, including 16 gigabit per second multi-day sustained flooding of LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATION and LINODE LLC of NEW JERSEY, further affirm a criminal enterprise with employee aid in STATE OF NEW JERSEY for which the UNITED STATES has failed to admit is their jurisdiction on claim such loss to UNITED STATES in real earnings shall require a prior $50,000 USD to qualify for assignment of a case and tasking by the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION in 2010.

      19. Any competent person, so affected, will therefore concede that self-defense is the directed order of UNITED STATES in its abandonment of duty, and allodium the chosen defense citing no will to act and express "Spoliation" (23 O.S. § 23-9.1) a component of later 2015-2021 acts deemed abandonment of public duty by the 117th Congress of the United States; so wholly evident in 2020-2021 similar to prior "RIGHT TO WORK" threats falsely predicated on large numbers of Americans in a systematica fashion by ALPHABET INC., FACEBOOK INC., YOUTUBE INC., and other companies linked to SAUDI ARABIA SOVEREIGN INVESTMENT TRUST, a $200 billion USD foreigh slush fund used by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN to direct technology influence over APPLE INC. and other major gatekeepers against the full and clear commission and regulations of any franchise of UNITED STATES made in a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES (whether publicly traded or privately held).

      20. These claims, in identical language arising from CCP/PRC and NATION OF JAPAN rhetoric contrary the Laws of the United States, have become evident in 2014-2021, and asserted as-if-law contrary ordinary rule, aided by CNN and MSNBC and other Saudi owned news outlets (FOX NEWS) to the exclusion of national communication and free expression contrary this foreign theory of law and foreign "value" system of radicalized "Hegelian" Socialism themed also Chinese Communist Party and State approved religious system known generally as "Ruism" - which substitutes "settled (democratically asserted, authoritarian delegated) science" over Constitutional Law and written law as is customary of China and Japanese rule and values; a repugnant foreign theory of law to a Republic as was made "United States", and with aid and comfort provided to this fraud before the public by the legal person of the government organization known separately as "UNITED STATES" and its franchise "STATE OF..." commissions themed members of a "Federal Union" formed in 1865. This rule, not lawful, per finding of Chief Judge FOX (U.S. District Court of Michigan) in "MILOSZEWSKI v. SEARS ROEBUCK, 346 F.Supp. 199 (1972)(2)" is LEGAL FACT not subject dispute, and defined in Oklahoma Statute Title 22, as natural persons and anatrual persons ens legis (at-law, a legal fiction deemed a fact) for which the biforcation of duty of the nation and performance of the duty by the government as separate legal person shall not be conjoined to suggest a change of the commission or franchise nor excuse or disbar the duty from its performance, a requirement of the government to be granted standing or any authority which is conditional this charge and execution due.

      WE therefore, humbly, submit the allodium is executed - and per LEX REX IMPERIALIS, separation the policy of sole remedy and protection against an incompetent sovereign wrongly possessed of some authority by public will which is prohibited its commission and making wholly and in perpetuity, so barred its continued legal existance. This execution, an "operation of law", not subject its recognition or admission, the duty of a government or public officer of the public trust and all offices of the same, duly made and essential to their standing at law.

      The suggestion of contracts not to this order or duty are dissolved, per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, as are all debts, bonds, obligations, fidelity, and duty to such government or officers in conflict with the Laws of the United States so duly registered and publicly made (Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244), and waiving all reserved rights in their admission of payment in-consideration, fully paid per record in that interest (1991-2021).

      The failure to restrain the labor, a contracted party, paid by the UNITED STATES or other nation or client, is a duty of those sovereigns to restrain their agents in fact; and a debt incurred and liability of unlimited degree assumed such abuse of public right and public security so made in this fraud and publicity under color of law. By clear violation of 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1) admitted in 2020 and hence a policy of UNITED STATES and some of the many member States of the Fedearl Union, in aid and comfort to war crimes of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and REPUBLIC OF GERMANY; a pattern of abuse all too familiar to those injured in prior armed conflict and open war for which the laws were made to enjoin and restrain those powers and their agents against similar harm and dismissal of ultimate liability and forfeiture of all rights and claims upon disregard a clear and endorsed agreement against which perfidy is evident and perfidy by UNITED STATES prohibited (Gen Order No 100).

      Further, it is clear and intentional action to impose a "MONOPOLY" prohibited at law (OK Const. Article II) in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and license and commission lucrative services to select-men, a fraud; for which all other agreements and rules become void in suggestion or publication of claims found in the 2001-2021 concealment by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees and TEK SYSTEMS employee claims, persons the business owner saw terminated in 2000-2001 for fraud at NORTEL NETWORKS during a 90% loss of shareholder value estimated at $100 billion USD and $11 billion USD bankruptcy (2011). The continuance of which supports total nullification of any claims which arise or are incorporated with those acts of violence and kidnapping for concealment and abuse of a child.

      These acts go beyond all ordniary civil labor union activity, to criminal racketeering and THE HOBBS ACT (18 USC § 1951) in concealment to abuse and molest a child in coercion of patent and trademark surrender and dilution for sale and export to a former enemy of the United States and in interest repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and of The People. Where such acts are for profit or personal vendetta, they must be undone and all benefits obtained on such fraud stripped from any registry or ledger, a profit of genocide and fraud not ordinary business or conquest, and contrary the rules and laws among civilized human beings set forth in the Lieber Code (Article 15 and 16). It is not the act of a lawful nation, and when conducted among persons of multiple nations, conspiracy against rights (18 U.S.C. § 241) for which felony injury is evident and self-defense a human right admitted by the sovereign powers in "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" regardless any delay or custom or claim to the contrary by National, State, or Local law or jury.

      Labor organization, with criminal threats and to the extent of child taking and child abuse and child concealment in a pattern of fraud to embezzle and disable other workers and seize their property, is simple rebellion and insurrection (18 U.S.C. § 2383) which - when granted the support of any government or state, voids that state to any claims or authority over the victims of such crimes against humanity in any degree or quantity, and as a general confession of treason against the human race for which no government is granted immunity or authority by any process or right to suspend on such absence of DUE PROCESS and LEGAL CAUSE OF ACTION prior injury (21 Oklahoma Statute, section 21-3 and 21-8).

      Such acts are the acts of an "Unregistered Nation", and the victims entitled to the same right of self-defense as the powers of an "Unregistered Nation" suggest in defense of their children, family, lands, property, and reputation (Oklahoma Cosntitution, Article II and Title 76 section 76-1 and 76-6). For those acts are not a legal part of "labor" and when enjoined any workers effort to overthrow the rights of others, make them an "enemy combatant of the Human race", and their actions a crime as described against the RIGHT TO WORK free of molestation and taking of children and property in cause of such fraud or claim to disable their ability to live and impose peonage, subbordination, and interfere or destroy their ability to the free exercise of other rights among which not least is that of SUFFRAGE, the participation equally in the government of the community they are a part of when such act begins. When labor seeks to overthrow these rights, it is a rebellion and insurrection, not a legal act of ordinary competition or union rights; and is an illegal union engaged in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The nation of the origin of such people must bear the liability, for the doers of such act deny any and would rely upon their strength, legitimacy, and full faith and credit to carry out these acts of violence themed acts of war under color of law and abuse of public office. For this reason, the debt is shared by any nation who claim these persons, until they are restrained and the injury restored - and the living injured party a claimant unlike slavery of prior Centuries, first in line to receive the protection due and prior other grievances and regrets for those dead and gone ens legis or natural persons; the fraud of modern "Hegelian Socialism" expressly.

      The debt is more than chattle or credit. It is a war crime, territorial, and serious permanent injury affirmed a restitution under 18 U.S.C. § 1589 obligated due to the injured parties. It is territory, immunity, and Allodium due. A nation that does not accept it will be reduced in authority and boundary for sheltering and sustaining such activity either directly or by proxy, is due nothing and admits no standing before the law of civilized people.

      That G.W.F. Hegel's students would dismiss or espouse contempt for such fact, confession of a deep defect in their nature which sets them apart from the rights, privileges, and honors of the Human Race wholly and in totality. For an injury to the Dignity of one, is an injury to the Dignity of all. That is a Republic, in essence, and nothing less commissioned by JOHN KNOX WITHERSPOON than that rule, nor lesser art accepted as the legal agent of the writ, nor in abayance of the duty even in an instant, the authority and title due or owed to that office or officer who dissents or stays their hand from the act obligated at law and direction of its immediate execution to relieve such injustice as may strike down the very standing of the United Staets or any nation duly made upon the principles of man we hold to be True.

      PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN have rejected these principles, again, in partnership wtih REPUBLIC OF GERMANY and many sympathizers in the UNITED STATES, NORWAY, SWEDEN, ICELAND, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, SINGAPORE, FRANCE, UKRAINE, PANAMA, and CANADA. IF this were a Democracy, that might mean something. But as a Republic, it simply extends the duty of the officers to act in restiance and broaden their guard against those who would aid in genocide, as ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT GROUP, SOFTBANK, and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD have for their respective states and nations utter liability now due.

      As such, and due to disregard of Law by unregistered agents operating under foreign legal theory to engage in a pattern of espionage, sabotage, and industrial criminal activity; SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and its related brands now maintains a Qualified Customer registry; enjoining by contract those persons to the duty of the Laws of the United States for work and service done, goods and articles, and all trade - themed upon arbitration by labor union member services exclusive of the civil courts of the various nations in which this fraud is active or present. This act is necessary to ensure that resort to abuse of the legal process is not a remedy or tactic of public fraud and deceit favored by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN in unlawful trade practices and public fraud evident on NTT GROUP networks over 2001-2021, and to ensure absolute accountability to the laws made and registered by our community and so described in LEX REX IMPERIALIS as similar to those of State of Oklahoma and the Constitutional Code and Statutes themed Supreme Law by those documents in Oklahoma Terriotry. Per McGirt v STATE OF OKLAHOMA, the Territory no longer exists "inside the borders of the United States", and such claims and mandates now being imposed and proposed against the People of Oklahoma Territory, born outside and resident outside UNITED STATES territory and outside the Sovereign Nations authority of the tribes land in the same region; shall be subject to binding arbitration and select customer pre-approval, including strong identity and subject to civil process abandoned by STATE OF TEXAS in 2001-2021 violence and fraud.

      Similar to Qualified Investors, the Qualified Customers rule provides a set of terms against which violation may void privileges and relief afforded good faith trade and commerce. Like cryptocurrency, these systems are designed to thwart abuse and undue influence express by illegal activity of state and Federal agency, for which the People have a right to protection and security in their belongings and civil lives outside of the endorsement and disclosure of association or conditions imposed upon such right of travel and communication, association, and other 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendment rights. All customers compliance with the Laws of the United States is obligated, like any professional trade oversight group similar to the SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION or medical board; but are exclusive of State government direction or association in superior obligation to the written laws and terms of the Statutes, Constitutions, and regulations so made; including Blacks Law Dictionary and other standard legal references exclusive of "public policy" or "precedent" claims of a foreign legal theory never having held authority to suspend or injure or harm as they have in 1991-2021 abuse.

      Superior to common law claims, Statutory Law and LEX REX IMPERIALIS afford focus on the protection of persons from injury to dignity and rights superior to general welfare or benefits of other claims at-law. This means that a law may protect a person when a jury would not, and the arbitration will assert the privileges clause over any custom or local will - contrary "Democracy" (Socialism / Hegelian Dialectic Rule) popular in emerging courts and the 117th Congress of the United States. In a Unilateral Contract, the words - not the intent of the parties - shall apply; and operation of law shall prohibit intent from being wrongly portrayed as legal force. <\p>

      This is not to say that contracts may be altred or amended by parties, but the practice of tacit agreement shall not prevail, nor restraint due concealment of terms, as specified in Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII.

      Good Will is essential to contract law in good faith, and th erosion by design and abuse of mass communication and electronic mass publication has been express in FR-18-04 and 01-17702-R, to expose the abuse of such tools similar to Hitler and Stalin, in the mass murder of persons and abuse of generations in separation and violence against the public for false claims and in unlawful cause to suspend the rights of one for the benefit of others. LEX REX IMPERIALIS asserts as the name implies: "Words are Supreme and Assert their Full Authority by Design at Law". Words - likewise - may never injure or enjoin the erosion or destruction of the dignity of one to benefit others without legal cause and necessity, as already prohibited in 42 U.S.C. § 1994 and related law.

      That many in our society believe "Democracy" grant some power contrary that rule or its duty inherent in the public trust to expose and eliminate perfity and fraud, is clear and present danger obligating the necessity of a strict code and application similar to the UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE (UCMJ) or Lieber Code, which has been absent in the 2001-2021 violence documented by the firm in STATE OF TEXAS taking of hostages in August 11th 2001 to present.

      A nation, or people, whose credit is based on a hostage, is not a legal body or country at law. It is a criminal impersonating the ordinary and genuine authority of government and law, courts, and a false security intent on the manufacture of a threat by the injury and deceit to conceal such injury to persons against whom it would set the public and the state to enhance its own power and authority.

      Whether the act of one person or the small acts of many who fail to recognize their role, all bear the total and full responsibility for such acts against the Human Race, and are entitled no benefits or rights arising from such abuse (ex injuria jus non oritur).



    • What Inspired MSF/AM24 genre works in general format
      Beyond War is not a derived work, nor adapted from any property not clearly in use in the public domain, nor are the unique works set in that and characters subject transfer to the public domain simply by coincidental appearance of resemblance to other works, use of public domain in additional to private content or extrapolated elements, and such works protected from taking or unlawful use by virtue of their creation and without REGISTRATION under THE BERNE CONVENTION and United States Federal Law.

      Having said as much, the spirit of the emotion and beautiful use of design by Akira 'Leiji' Matsumoto in his "Captain Harlock" series of the 1970s stands out as a beautiful and trend-setting collection of designs which remain a separate property from Beyond War.

      Likewise, the early work of Larry Elmore in character development for Dragon Magazine introduced genuine emotional awareness and appeal in Snarfquest, and in the illustration for projects at TSR Inc. including Star Frontiers. These works far exceeded the later emotional content of more complex pen and ink and fiction in Palladium RIFTS, and go on to show how much Matsumoto influenced Mospeda and Superdimensional Fortress Macross, released as "Robotech" and later plagiarized by FASA CORPORATION as "BATTLETECH" in the United States.

      Without this unique experience in art and illustration, including the work of Frank Frazetta and Timothy Eastman, and on several unique opportunities to meet and talk with Boris Valejo, did the author of Beyond War find the confidence to maintain the work and the scale of computer media and virtual world building contrary to more conventional for-purpose VSE projects popular in early console and 16-bit PC computing.

      To have the experience of a traditional tabletop RPG and so many properties prior 1997 to draw confidence and practical system application with live groups, the ambition of the Beyond War operating system and technology would not be possible. The veterans and hobbyists who gave their time to carry on the local events and donated out of their own pocket to host these regional meet-ups were a unique industry and explicitly non-political prior 1997 shift in the industry to monetize the fan-based communities.

      Many of those publishers, without cause or reason for lack of quality, failed to sustain their businesses after publishing very moving and expansive books comprising a wide variety of Universe settings and genres. Products that, today, would not be possible due to the narrow studio focus of publicly traded securities and major distribution channels developed to please foreign censorship and regionalization licensing that select only a specific 'age appropriate' and 'positive message' complicit with popular political movements and social causes, for release in the United States.

      Clearly Beyond War and other titles are contrary these Hegelian Dialectic Socialist causes and 'false mental health as moral philosophy' popularized by Walt Disney, the Comic Book Code, and later influence of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN to service communist and pedophile markets centered on the substantially lower "age of consent of 14 years" in the Asian Pacific Rim, long known for human trafficking.

      Differing views on sexuality and child sex activity make these matters central to the normalization of child sex trafficking, and general demonization of Westerners who value sexual integrity and maturity of their offspring as abusive and religious enemies of significant commercial value in these markets in the emerging Internet era and economy.

      We first notice this movement in Texas, where importers of Japanese films under licence were making real-world inquiries into underage girls and approaching them at events. This was brought formally forward in guest appearances and incidents, from which some actions were taken - but overwhelming support among the Dallas community for this conduct and behavior, fueled by runaway and homeless communities in the crossroads City, led to hostility and active violence against our firm for discussing the concern for child welfare and witnessed misconduct.

      This only intensified in 2000-2002 among Dallas Texas contractors from ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS, who acted to abuse children in care of the firm during and after 2001 assault with intent to kill and 2002 assault at gunpoint during a planned carjacking on Haskell Avenue. Examination of the claims made clear that human trafficking and intent to kidnap for perpetual concealment with support of the STATE OF TEXAS law enforcement and Justice Department members, TITLE IV programs, and courts misconduct to conceal the evidence of a taking for extortion punctuated 18 USC 1431 fraud by STATE OF TEXAS to enter a false cause (18 USC 2071) in concert with concealment of a child and abuse of a child.

      The ensuing assaults and abuse from 2001-2021, including direct incitement to murder in 2007-2012, support the public call for action against STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA employees who did conceal the child in violation of an order to return and failure to appear in the case filed then falsely as abandonment over charge of 18 USC 1201 kidnapping to extort across State lines and Hobbs Act Violation formally filed in complaint.

      To see how these people, employees of the franchise of NATION OF JAPAN known as NTT GROUP and in concert with TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, established a gross criminal contempt for the rights of human beings which was never granted relief even as those firms moved to acquire ARM HOLDING CO LTD and NVIDIA CORPORATION, in $40 billion bids themed on $32 billion USD in cash, exploiting the pandemic and death of 100,000 Americans due to COVID 19.

      Beyond War in 1999 already spoke of the use of pandemic and biological weapons to intimidate and coerce a population into submission; and to the danger of genetic weapons and advanced technology including pin-point hypersphere and hyper-dimensional computer and industrial military technology. We have since learned that persons in PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA have republished content from these documents and projects of BEYOND WAR to tender it as their own works, in support of the Chinese Communist Party, and contrast to the intent of such works in effort to claim credit.

      Likewise, we have witnessed employee-candidates threaten and take for sale content to ICELAND and other nations which is now being handled by SWEDEN and SOUTH KOREA, in emulation of general claims and descriptions of the product for sale as a property also derived from our original work. In 2002 these firms approached and tried to hire James Allen to be an employee on a project virtually identical to the prospectus used in confidential hiring documents to Texas applicants in 1998, and such work upon investigation appeared to be a clone of the design sold as original in fraud to seek $100 million USD in false sovereign funds later ruled unconstitutional and frozen prior $423 million sale of the property to a franchise of SOUTH KOREA.

      Nexus among these nations, the abductors, and Citizenship of the same in export and threats of export in writing to blackmail and damage prospectus rights in knowing plagiarism exemplifies the criminal commercial industrial espionage that bars SWEDEN, ICELAND, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN, CHINA (PRC and ROC) from export licence of BEYOND WAR or its technology in perpetuity and with cause for piracy.

      While the imitation products did not implement the core engine or features due concealment in reasonable and limited disclosure, so made per Oklahoma TRADE SECRETS ACT, these claims show a willingness and criminal intent to defraud the registration of such works that vacate all claims from the prior nations against any party associated with the company and its election of rights in NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY and Oklahoma Territory now held by the Witherspoon estate or properties under lawful right and against a criminal FEE TAIL by kidnapping to interfere with inheritance in a key technology with military avionic and flight surface control automation and integration of ballistic fire control technology subject to export restrictions.

      Like other military technologies, the duplication of American innovation in stealth and nuclear arms is evident in rapid adoption of Beyond War concepts described in 1997 and prior among present 2021 DARPA and Chinese drone guidance expert systems.

      Aid by former military and intelligence assets to the design of Beyond War has not been in violation of their oath, and are conditioned the protection of this technology from foreign or unregulated export to any sovereign power themed a military threat or rival to the United States Armed Forces; and such activity in concert with kidnapping of a child to conceal them from those persons an offense barred by International agreement among nations.

      Development of Beyond War remains for entertainment purposes, but retains the very serious nature of veteran military experience and opposition to hostile foreign law and foreign sovereign claims which preclude its general acceptance by violent regimes such as the Chinese Communist Party or any ally in trade and public rights to include Nation of Japan at this time.

      Like those simulators prior, such as the F-117 and F-16 flight simulators on early IBM PC and Apple IIe / Macintosh variant personal computers, these technologies are sensitive and serve a purpose not solely reliant on sale or distribution in scientific computing and scientific measurement and data gathering devices with dual use. Therefore, their ongoing effort to compel export or sabotage their commercial release constitutes an interference with United States Defense Initiative candidates bidding by domestic and foreign powers, and is wholly prohibited at law without need to disclose the purpose, use, or practical application of such technology outside of a closed court or closed Senate hearing.

      What we have learned from that 2001-2021 interaction is that the threat to individual rights and Constitutional Law by an organized, unregistered, non-uniform and quasi-domestic-and-foreign-resident-joint-threat is real and exists with components in the industry of telecommunications and national security contractor roles, for the benefit of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, through aid by NATION OF JAPAN and "Government of Japan", and that such agency employs and uses by financial payments, security, endorsement, and contract domestic United States Citizens affiliated with radical separatist and ethnic and racial supremacy movements in State of Texas and elsewhere in the United States, domestic Citizens to carry out acts, claims and divest all ordinary police and Justice Department Response across Federal Borders in organized industrial sabotage and espionage paired with child abuse and child concealment, embezzlement of benefits from the Treasury of the United States, and compromise of personnel by direction of public officers in States where these foreign entities have obtained a 'foothold' situation in our economy and network data exchange industry compromising civilian INTERSTATE COMMERCE and diverting attention from abuse of organized attacks spanning 2001-2021.

      There can be no peace or civil settlement, and disengagement from corrupt and compromised agencies, states, and bodies of the present UNITED STATES (government organization) who have ceased to function or perform their duty of public office is the sole recourse to such flagrant theft and buying of public office as we witnessed in 2020-2021.

      Like the Jews of Nazi Germany, we are now committed only to the survival of a Holocaust and resistance to such criminal fraud and abuse.

      MSF/AM24 content and themes, featured in two new books on the subject, comprise those issues and give cause and information to a means of resistance against such overwhelming abuse of state sovereign economic power to extinguish private business, private equity and property, and intimidation of the public through kidnapping under color of law and in foreign jurisdictions for which no ordinary return to peace (The Lieber Code) is possible or obligated to the victims of such crimes.

    • What is the story about?
      Beyond War is a story of survival of unimaginable genocide both by deceit of children, of nations, and of corruption of law and nations to destroy the integrity of individual dignity and individual rights.

      The belief that a collective, because of their suffrage by populism, shall void the protections and integrity of a person to be known to their child and to enjoy the civil honors of our world without payment or consideration not the penalty for genuine conviction of a factual crime, as set forth in 21 O.S. 21-3 and 21-8, and in opposition to criminal trial by civil courts in EXCESSIVE FINES and QUALIFIED IMMUNITY not lawful - and of trial by medical test to impose the taking of estate, property, children, and the franchise incorporated in the RIGHT TO WORK (OK Const Article XXIII § XXIII-1A) which some foreign courts have suggested is a privilege and solely in-consideration to submission to community, society, and false claims.

      It is based upon Article II § II-3 and II-22, and the sale of rights or refusal of relief for fines not lawful or bonds not legal in II-6 and perpetual remedy to such injury not affording other statutory law or spoliation (23 O.S. § 23-9.1) and human trafficking defined in 21 O.S. § 21-748.

      These are the statutory and codified common law of the People of the Oklahoma Territory, and their protection is not subject delay, obstruction, or substitution by any State or Federal government body or court thereof. They were made pledge by the United States in ratification of the Constitution and proposed laws of the State of Sequoya, proposed in 1906; and made Supreme Law in 1907, and restored for breach in MCGIRT v STATE OF OKLAHOMA (591 U.S. ____ (2020) case no 18-9526).

      In Beyond War, the history of a people and all their memories and lives can be restored with one touch, and spread to all who touch any who have possession of this knowledge - a weapon made to destroy Genocide. The war is to extinguish this technology, and this last record, of the world and the laws and the People before the Cataclysm, and to face the hand of destruction that smashed the Universe when it has almost done so once. To face the King of Kings, and come to realize the anger of a God who never forgets and never forgives.

    • Mature Science Fiction (MSF)
      Products rated AM24 or MSF are restricted by design to mature users and require proof-of-age to access or use those services. This age is themed 24 chronological years since birth, citing studies regarding intellectual development in the United Kingdom and data obtained in 3 year study of communities upon Twitch Interactive Inc. video platforms. The ability to read, write, and comprehend a contract with relevant obligation and respect for ordinary communication necessary to enter into tort agreement is not proven by the UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and not met by their public edication systems performance in findings of graduate work by college programs and universities of the many states of the North American Union.

      Therefore, the community - under its right of assembly to include explicit exemption against involuntary or forced assembly without other rule or condition so made by an orderly society a free and enumerated franchise not based on employment or religious or ethnic cause in general rule - does deny expressly and as a guarantee of private assembly the participation of persons themed to be incompetent or incapable of the community standard of discourse and language from use of tools, services, networks, and other instrumens of an orderly and private community, all parties not compliant with these minimum standards - or having exemption so made upon review to affirm conduct, emancipation, and other rights avaiable to persons which the court may afford in similar monopoly of INTERSTATE or INTRASTATE commerce, and licence may apply in any duly organized franchise so made by the public or private organization under the 1st Amendment "Right to Assembly" of the Constitution of the United States. No court, firm, or government body may force the assembly of persons, or compel the sale, use, or misuse of a product contrary the manufacturer where such use is reliant on skill and potential for serious harm shall arise from misuse or abuse of tort or other law, protection, resevation, or privilege which is reliant in the conduct and voluntary knowing and competent compliance to agreements made under civil law.

      Pursuant to the 11th Amendment, the equity rights of such body made in civil law are not subject to the Judicial Power of the United States or its agent/agency. As members of the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY, themed 'Citizens of another State' so made outside the UNITED STATES jurisdiction since 1975 a foreign territory and sovereign nation admitting this standing without incorporation of those persons to THE CHICKASAW NATION during their residency and establishment of rights upon the land in 1975-2021 and prior, SEVEN ALPHA and other networks and products of the People so made are not subject to sovereign claims of UNITED STATES against their customs, rights, protections, and civil law so made in formal and organized notice, and by tacit agreement in case FR-18-04 failing to make answer this right of private and separate assembly so made a lawful power for which the United States has waived judicial authority and abandoned such case at law in default (2021 June, failure to seat a jury on motion made January 2018 before a registered court in a Federal matter themed subject Federal Jurisdiction under 45 CFR rule 302.0 and 303.0 concerning the war crime Genocide, and United States Treaty "The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of The Crime of Genocide", so duly filed per 5 USC 556(d) in answer to a Federal Question raised by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS themed fraud (5 USC 706, 18 USC 1341) in pattern of concealment and abuse of children of the People and against "The Laws of the United States" pursuant 18 USC 2383, subject 76 O.S. 76-8 and 76-6 civil rights and under 76 O.S. 76-9 reservation to execute orderly defense, set forth further in 22 O.S. 22-31 State Law "Who May Resist".

        11th Amendment (text)
        The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.

      Mature Science Fiction (MSF) and American Mature 24 (AM24) products are political protected speech, similar to 1950-1970 era novels and short-stories, whose themes and content address philosophical and theological, religious, and moral questions opposed to Prussian fascism, Hegelian 1821 Socialism themed "Natural Law" cited by later Hegelian movement leaders for the National Socialist Party of Germany (NAZI) and Karl Marx, and broadly and wrongly incorporated into medical claims as trial-by-philosophy-under-color-of-medical-science popularized in the Genocide and Racial Extermination of the 1930s to 2021 by Hegelian Dialectic Socialist movements and governments including the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and UNITED STATES DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

      Using in such conduct abuse of mass media in Volksverhetzung and traditional incitement of GENOCIDE so defined in the United States Treaty made Supreme Law prior these acts and abuses in 2001-2021, and evident in the taking of children for perpetual concealment similar to "Indian Schools" by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in preparation for later forced taking of UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY benefits under color of relief to an administratively imposed work stoppage and forced transfer of equity through wrongful borrowing and redistribution subsequent to January 6th 2021 in concert with public employment of genocide tactics, language, and sexual solicitation of minors under color of health and education in major State and Federal institutions to entice minors away from the authority, equity, and influence of their lawful parents;

      In creation of false title under state law to void equity afforded 76 O.S. 76-1, 76-6, and 76-8 State Law and Article II and XXIII Constitutional Rights of persons in Oklahoma Territory, and to impose a criminal licence of "RIGHT TO WORK" for endorsement of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES and its regional (state) organizations, causes, claims, and false public demands themed as a mental or emotional health crisis to disable the RIGHT OF SUFFRAGE and DUE PROCESS in concert with EXCESSIVE FINES barred at law by 9-0 ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States in 586 U.S. (2019) case no 17-1091 and right to "Fast and Speedy Trial" and certain relief and access to the court (II-6) denied contrary 5-4 ruling in 588 U.S. (2019) case no 17-647 disbarrment of any "Sovereign" or "Qualified" immunity claims as DEFENSE in such injury to Constitutional Rights of real persons or "incorporated persons" such as the estate property and equity, name, and commercial franchise incorporated and made conditional licence by the unregistered foreign agents of such foreign and alien legal system, foreign and alien legal claims, and hostile infringement upon the franchise and rights not granted to the United States for sale or recognition a "title" (U.S. Const. Article I section 9 and 10) which is evident in the 2001-2021 case and documents of false title, false export, and false franchise claims upon holding of an American child to coerce and compel payment of an illegal debt (extortion) and to disable an American busienss (blackmail) by taking and suspension of the inheritance and estates so themed in FR-18-04 and related law arising from the civil agreement and title of action subject Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 and UNIFORM INSTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT action brought in 2017, so answered per 23 O.S. 23-9.1 and 21 O.S. 21-748.2 civil counter-suit, and alleged 18 USC 1341 fraud, 241 interference in civil rights, and 2071 false record barred by taking of $44 billion USD in this false cause a formal complaint in 31 USC 3729(a) qui tam suit filed duly with the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES, per 18 USC 2383 and 2384 rule a duty duly performed.

      Like the 1939-1945 Holocaust, this abuse began by taking of children to compel and impose control over commerce, INTRASTATE and INTERSTATE TRADE, and TRADE SECRETS themed protected works of the People of the Oklahoma Territories. Claims that such works must be "REGISTERED COPYRIGHT WORKS" to enjoy protection against export, adaptation, or foreign sale in derived works are fraud (18 USC 1341) and part of a criminal scheme in concert with taking for perpetual concealment of a child (18 USC 1201) not afforded immunity or protection at law (42 USC 1981, 1994) to compel, coerce, and suggest forfeiture of estate on non-payment of a false debt and EXCESSIVE FINE contrary Federal Public Policy so made December 16 2017 and statement of such obligation at law so also mad e a duty of the UNITED STATES not met or enforced while existing since 1991 in such document, a Federal Register (Vol 81 No 244) to deny this criminal taking and injury to abuse the protected rights (76 O.S. 76-8) of the Oklahoma (Territory) resident in favor of a member of the STATE OF TEXAS and substitution in false civil suit of a cause by a natural person to convert a security into a debt not afforded standing to an ESTATE OF THE UNITED STATES so made, a legal fiction and trust subject the laws of the United States and all protections (15 USC 1673, 1692d, 1692n).

      MSF and AM24 communities, like Holocaust survivors, exist to resist this racism, socialist defamation, and criminal misuse of the power of mass communication to escape and solicit for the overthrow of the government of the State of Oklahoma and other lawful institutions and courts protection - both by false claims and fraud to sustain false demands and taking - a rightful and lawful self-organized professional body at law against such abuse now popular and tolerated for profit and unregulated organization against the families and incorporators of the United States, a nation, and its fundamental protection of equity and personal property there disclaimed by the rebellion, insurrection, and dissidents engaging in this child taking and child abuse to commit 18 USC 666 Federal criminal embezzlement against the property of the People and credit of the United States so made a formal extension thereof not subject to taking in these racially and class-oriented "Hegelian causes of action" barred by the equity of law of the United States incorporation and organization in its articles of organization and subsequent laws and rulings (9-0, case 17-1091 by Ginsburg in oral argument).

      Where American public education under guidance and funding of the "UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION", an agency subject to 5 USC rule and section 706 "fraud" limitations in abuse, to discredit the rights of persons in political or ethnic or racial bias, renders persons under the chronological age of 24 years unable to process or comprehend the meaning of these notices by defect of a pledge of public literacy and education not met - the AM24 and MSF standard provides limitation and licence not an award solely by age of majority as is tort (contract) law and ordinary terms of service privileges and program rights now recognized, which distinguish it from the suffrage rights or other statutory laws of a national "age of majority" simply to contract before the court of the United States, and establishes a code of conduct not unprecedented in a professional organization or other body at law, by which its own self-government may impose general limits and afford individual test of competency to qualify based on applicants formal application who do not meet general requirements of chronological age or demonstrate a failure despite that test which afford private review or sanction of privileges not granted by mere Citizenship or "suffrage" in public general elections and the affairs of the United States or the member States of the Federal Union so made in 1865 by accord.

      MSF / AM24 affords a "higher level of literacy and communication standard" than "general public media or discourse", which is in formal regard "the proper outcome of a 5th grade education" prior 1907 and necessary for survival against domestic, oppresive, or bad faith abuse of any office or agency of the public trust so made, as to recognize the rights of individuals stand separate from collective bargaining or legal fiction so made, represent real natural born persons and real injury, and are not subordinate to the claims or benefits of a collective body as suggested by "Elements of THE PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT (or known also as: "Natural Science and Political Science in Outline" by G.W.F. Hegel (1821)""

      Elementary to MSF/AM24 is the premise that taking fictional allegory seriously is necessary and right to a healthy and lawful society, such that important elements of social and ethical character may be examined and tested without abuse frequently used by socialist propagandist in 'mens rea' and 'ad hominem' attacks enabled by the Internet media cycle and anonymous abuse pioneered in the 1930s and 1940s terror activity by radical socialists (Young Hegelian Movement).

      Because many Antifa / BLM / Radical Socialist / Rioters sought to falsely compare work to sexually themed content, the firm holds such groups and their conduct, acts, and abuse in context to 'hate crimes' against Christians, Christian themed content, and religious and theological oppression predicated on faith and race - and does expressly bar such acts in forums, communications, and representation to defame and abuse the character or likeness of the properties and their respective copyright and trademark equity in all forms. The Disney Company and other firms exercise similar "rights of publicity" for their fictional characters and properties, and are entitled the same protections at law for SEVEN ALPHA, AM24, and MSF members from abuse to sexualize or debase the inherent rights of publicity in the work of their property in literature, media, and performance works as licence holders without any title or grant of rights by a government or registry against this abuse or theft of work and barred by Title 21 of the criminal code of the State of Oklahoma and civil law.

      MSF/AM24 may incorporate mature themes, relationships, and reference to violence or abuse for purpose of literary vehicle and context without graphic representation a component; allowing writers to incorporate discourse on domestic violence, abuse, or other atrocity without reliance on the appeal of graphic sexual content or mutilation typical of other established genres of literature and fictitious media.

      Because persons under 24 chronological years of age, whether due to inexperience or dysfunction as a product of cultural stigma, do not have context to normal long-term and healthy relationships and family bonds of a mature adult, and such attitudes are fostered by the predatory and opportunistic nature of communities established in public schools and prior to long-term workplace and skilled trades, those persons are not granted authority or suffrage in the private community to impose those beliefs on others or degrade the mature themes of natural bonds and investment in the biological family that a functioning reproductive human adult naturally enjoys - both in security and the dignity of inherent value made in persons which are independent from the benefits and value to society or the industry of political bodies economic and social competition.

      AM24 is therefore solely focused on the individual welfare and happiness of persons, irrespective of collective gains or benefits, as mental health - and utterly rejects any standing that suggests a codependent or coercive giving of children, family bonds, labor, or other peonage to collective works be conditioned to rights afforded to those persons inherently.

      This 'inherent rights' law is incorporated in 1907-2021 in Article II and Title 76 Constitutional and Statutory law of the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY, and is antithesis to the Hegelian Dialectic Socialism movement, its claims, and such claims barred at law from practice or teaching in the State of Oklahoma and NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY prior 1907 under common law there, making such acts criminal in this jurisdiction to suggest or assert - especially as a test of mental health or compos mentis or suffrage - the dissent to such alien theory of law imposed on Oklahoma Territory residents and Citizens of the State of Oklahoma. To do so is to suggest 'trial by medical (mal-)practice', and a violation of Oklahoma State Law in DUE PROCESS not met (KELLY v KELLY, 2007 OK Sup Court).

      Constant antitrust violation from STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and aid by certain unlawful agencies in STATE OF OKLAHOMA prior MCGIRT v STATE OF OKLAHOMA ruling, prompted the AM24 organization as lawful resistance (22 O.S. 22-31) to a foreign theory of law supporting extortion, blackmail, child concealment, child kidnapping without legal cause, 18 USC 1341 fraud, false claims themed qui tam (31 USC 3729(a) violations), and false trial themed barratry (21 O.S. 21-550, a crime) in concert with Article XXIII-1A (criminal) threats made in 2001-2021 against the franchise and to demand forfeiture of literary works and franchise rights in favor of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA; from which the MSF/AM24 organization to protect American literature and science fiction was formed by necessity in resistance to felony criminal conduct tolerated (complicty) by UNITED STATES, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and STATE OF TEXAS in a matter of record and written threats to commit export violations.

      Members of State government organizations (legal persons, subject suit) and their agencies (their employees, so made, per 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647) before making any complaint or record against those persons or properties, companies, or private organizations in the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY or prior lands of STATE OF OKLAHOMA denied by U.S. Treaty and wrongly retained in fraud ruled unlawful cause per MCGIRT v STATE OF OKLAHOMA decision (a landmark case, U.S. Supreme Court).

      Incitement to style the philosophy, rights, laws, and protections against in-consideration taking and estate fraud so made as a defect or to disparage other rights so prohibited or component in construction a similar violation of 43 O.S. 43A-5-104 is a form of false medical practice and is a WAR CRIME under United States Supreme Law, and alleged treason against the United States to suggest 18 USC 2383 and 2384 relief not subject indictment or prosecution or conviction prior any act of self-defense or separation from those bodies, nations, or jurisdiction of their government agent in fact or other public office so made where violation of the rights prior cited are incorporated or complicity with the fraud under present Federal criminal complaint and violation thereof a War Crime by the body or nation, organizations, or Citizens thereof in any act to aid, support, endorse, or give comfort to those persons sustaining the fraud, taking, or incitement against content creators and equity owners in consideration of concealment of a child to extort.

    • Underage Science Fiction
      Prior to mobile data service, science fiction was the exclusive domain of a relatively high level of literacy, and its long-term fandom typically consisted of former military service members and hobbyist communities in architecture, landscaping, design, and mechanical engineering. Access to mobile data changed the demographic, increased the speed of communication to near-instant and live telepresence, and resulted in a large number of minor children entering the market - followed by a very large population of child sexual predators emulating the community hobbies, fashion, events, and injecting radical socialist political recruitment into these low intensity conservative veteran and disabled hobby regional gatherings.

      As a result in this shift from 1997-2021, including the use of actual violence to drive conservative business owners and drug-free promoters from the industry, companies like SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP were subjected to targeted Interstate gang-oriented violence to disable their participation and endanger the safety of employees and their families during these scheduled events and regional promotion traditional gatherings.

      Efforts to falsely portray these 'street level organized crime' activity as a willingness to admit guilt in false claims due withdrawal of financial and material support under these conditions is organized racketeering and Interstate felony industrial sabotage contrary the "Fair Business Laws" of the State of New York and other regional states, whereby the average and target age of participants was purposefully lowered from 21 and up events to ages 5-12 by predatory for-profit organizations seeking to leverage traditional not-for-profit and charity activity of conservative community organizations. Children who were too young to remember the original events and possessed of greater disposable income prior college expenses and classes became the primary target of such media and propaganda, incorporating online electronic forum and messaging (social) apps to further incite a control and communication structure aiding illicit activity, narcotics use, and narcotics promotion.

      As a gatekeeper organization these acts were opposed by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, and like any member of law enforcement obstructing racketeering that firm was made the subject of violent unrestricted abuse to discourage its ongoing and future participation and operation.

      Children who are not familiar with the courts, law enforcement, or military and industrial security practices given necessary registration and formal recognition of rights as registered franchises in INTRASTATE COMMERCE and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, were easy prey for such abuse - giving rise to several "socialist workers movement" acts of commercial theft and property export, as TSR Inc. and other artists faced during the RIAA and MPAA litigation effort. Ultimately, due to material defect in the public school system and United States Department of Education oversight of licensed teachers and instructors of Federal programs and grants, this abuse was normalized from 2001-2021, resulting in loss of equity and property damage to foreign jurisdictions and a labor shortage precluding production of content and games for mature audiences based on strong intellectual and intangible property in the United States.

      By allowing, endorsing, and monetizing foreign taking and use of registered intellectual property (IP) without respect to casual theft for export or sale, commercial use, and obliteration of rights - the UNITED STATES and its commissioned states in legal person so made by Federal Union commission, did disbar their regulatory authority and abandon the office of the public trust installed in the United States jurisdiction at law, and grant title and favor to foreign owned and very-large enterprises such as AMAZON INC., APPLE INC., and firms accepting large capital for equity of book value just below Federal limits of bona fide ownership as to evade true sale or transfer of control to foreign entities with foreign theory of law a purpose of their use in INTERSTATE COMMERCE, that such firms and their position pose a real and material threat to the common law of the United States and form of unconventional asymetric warfare against the authority of the court and suggest its failure to act as a proof of authority over rights of real and individual persons by criminal negligence of public office.

      These acts are rejected, wholly, by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, and the direction to disable such fiction and media to suit PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA or NATION OF JAPAN claims, laws, or public policy rejected as a 'foreign theory of law'. The abuse furthered by a flawed and fraudulent assertion by such unregistered agents of a foreign court or sovreign power, recruited domestically for this cause and purpose by indirect employment and indoctrination to enable this foreign claim in acts and public policy as a domestic peer contrary business law, such as the presumption that a registered firm "may not exist if it does not post profit, and to act contrary to profit for the commissioner of a registered business in the person of the state or Federal government negate the right to enjoy or be admitted to the monopoly of INTERSTATE COMMERCE or INTRASTATE COMMERCE as having standing, and to carry on such activity without this (socialist subordinate peonage to the commission) is fraud", is wholly rejected as a criminal activity to deceive the minor audience of the United States and OKLAHOMA TERRITORIES against the rights of persons and enterprise, an antitrust act violation (SHERMAN ANTITRUST ACT, THE CLAYTON ACT).

      In summary, the number of units sold by the firm (SDP) shall not and may not qualify the right to create, register, produce, or retain any screenplay, document, book, work of literature, character, tangible or intangible property, goods, or articles based on a comparison with enterprises of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA or NATION OF JAPAN or other industry of the UNITED STATES or its member States so made; and claims to invalidate these rights and equity before persons and in a conspicuous conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241) in felony activity are a fraud (18 USC 1341) by those entities at law to deceive the public (76 O.S. 76-3) and do so with monopoly and economic advantage of a national or state economy harnessed to the welfare of a specific competitor elected by political policy to suit a foreign sovereign power or foreign theory of law, represents a serious offense contrary the free enterprise of the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY and State of Oklahoma residents, barred by Article II of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma prohibiting "monopoly" in Constitutional Law as contrary to the 'genius of a free government' and an attack upon the same in these acts and claims made in evidence submitted the prior court case of record for the firm.

      Minor audiences are not, therefore, the sole legal purpose of such literature or media; and the firm reserves the right to continue to serve its philosophical, religous, and ethical obligations as a respository of knowledge regardless of sales or profit; and rejects wholly the assertion of a fitness of purpose or merchantability clause to style the content so made to a foreign theory of law or community stanrdard of children in the jurisdiction of any foreign sovereign power such as but not limited to THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, EUROPEAN UNION, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM, or other foreign theory of law.

      Minor audiences may benefit, with the consent of their parent or legal guardian, from the access to mature content and fiction, narratives, legends, and allegories whether factual or fictional representations of values and lessons; and this right is reserved and enumerated by the People and Witherspoon descendants who incorporated the United States in the "Articles of Confederation" and later Declaration of Independence so made in the hand of "John Witherspoon" of New Jersey, a party to the incorporation of the same body at law.

      It is not our role or duty to determine the suitability of what a minor child should be exposed, in substitution of a parent or person of equal and necessary legal authority over such child during its minority, and our MSF/AM24 impression is a product label to clearly designate that children shall not without such consent use, access, employ, or participate in our products, community, programs, and works without such express guidance and consent by their trustee and in sole legal liability for any degree of use exclusive to the judgment of that trustee; and that such use is not with consent or fitness of purpose or merchantability of any kind for minor children as it contains controversial subject matter which requires perspective of a mature mind and healthy mental function to consume.

      Because the firm has not observed this "healthy mental function" in the persons of age 18 to 23 in the United States as a result of the prior fraud and decline of performance to constitute an abandonment of duty in full by the UNITED STATES and its commissioned agencies and contractors in education and public welfare;

      The firm and its members are entitled to disbar those persons also until it is satisfied and grant title of competency on lawful test constituting a licence for use of the goods so described by MSF/AM24 impression, as is its right of any product produced in the United States or under the protection of the laws so made for the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY or Oklahoma Territory occupied by Witherspoon family members as residents and parties in the first part of the incorporation of the United States and the laws prior described limiting the UNITED STATES or any other agent or agency so made or legal fiction thereby, from any claim other than this rule; and sole discretion as to that grant of licence a right retained exclusively by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its registered tradenames SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and MILITECH.ORG.

      Children should enjoy rich, diverse, and culturally honest access to history and the narrative culture of their people.

      Any suggestion as to the appropriateness of content approved by a parent or guardian or to fraudulently obliterate or alter or portray as a prospectus falsely the rights of cultural and ethnic content to smear, defame, intimidate, or abuse a minor against their affiliation with those rightful accounts first-party is a serious violation of the protections and limitations of commercial activity by any nation or person and both foreign or domestic in cause; an act of Genocide.

      All efforts to concel, deceive, or disbar those accounts and works of literature and fiction from standing as rightful works that they be removed from the market in an effort to impart improper conduct in their adherence or maintenance by a cultural group or political group in whole or in part - is prohibited by THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, a United States Treaty duly ratified and Supreme Law in the State of Oklahoma and Native American Territory under that protection.

      Restriction to require consent, and to disbar persons under 24 years of age due to a pattern of political abuse to incite GENOCIDE against other members and their families in illegal activity arising from a pattern of false and defective education, is a right therefore of the firm, and so invoked by use of the MSF/AM24 impression.

      Because of remarkable deficits in the ability to distinguish between cultural norms and ethics, legal facts, evidence, claims, and recognize philosophical and idealogical boundaries demonstrated by persons under 24 years of age in the United States, such that ordinary and hypothetical works of fiction about alternative social and industrial settings are construed as factual criminal offenses to represent social and legal standards which differ from the radicalized "Hegelian" collective welfare and codependent absence of ordinary boundaries and reserved rights;

      The firm asserts that those persons are operating in an evident "altered mental state" and such conduct frequently observed in concert with aggression and violence toward persons and premeditated criminal fraud demonstrating no concept or regard for the reserved rights of others despite chronological age, as to represent a clear and present danger to others ordinary consumption, use, and enjoyment of fictional literature and media as to constitute a clear taking for disablement of product in live-performance and real time automated and interactive services; that disruption of these events constitute a business sabotage and political form of TERRORIST HOAX so prohibited under THE OKLAHOMA ANTI TERRORISM ACT, and shall be barred where not granted licence or exmeption from interference with persons enjoying these services under the ordinary terms and conditions of fantasy and imagination necessary consumption of fiction in literature and interactive media.

      While the firm feels that no harm is represented by the depictions, concepts, and serious topics relavent to The Holocaust and other serious issues of human right sin MSF/AM24 works, and such licence and label an impression and trademark of the firm and its licensed use subject specific limitations and terms including consent for display; to include restriction of graphic depictions of violence for the sake of excitement without context or nudity or other exposure of the human body not related specific approval and aestetic use exclusive of degradation of persons by class or (biological natal) sex; it is not obligated to warranty or grant surety of suitability for all audiences or for a foreign standard for media or literature per Article XXIII-1A of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and claims suggesting or requiring such 'endorsement' conditioned busienss are a crime under Constitutional Law so defined expressly.

      With respect to violence as component of war or self-defense, war for the sake of protection, or representation of aggression and unethical use of violence by individuals or the state in context to such matters; MSF/AM24 relies on the prior good judgment of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) with regard to war depictions and themes as an elementary and necessary showing of the serious nature, chaotic and unjust cost not affording intent or validity of any cause, and right to produce and display such content to limited audiences with exemptions afforded to parents and instructors for use with their wards and at the guidance of such persons franchise not extended to direct interactive use by unlicensed persons as participants in the first part, so that certain concepts, themes, and value systems may be conveyed which are incorporated into the media and systems of operation in interactive software, simulations, and economic models found in those products.

      In summary, unlicensed persons may consume only with the consent of their parent or guardian, content made under the MSF/AM24 impression, like war movies and dramatic features; but may not be participants in interactive content as unlicensed parties lacking judgement to do so unless tested and granted prior a licence by the firm.

      The firm reserves the right to licence individuals under the age of 24, on a case by case basis, and conditional the same terms and conditions as other licensees. Regardless of age, the licence may be withdrawn or suspended by the firm without cause, at their sole discretion, and for cause as well prior generally or implicitly suggested in any terms or notices.

      These terms differ in no way from claims by FACEBOOK INC., TWITTER, and other community application services themed Internet Service Providers under 47 USC § 230 subsection (c) and related law.

      No portion of the licence permits the party to display, distribute, stream, reproduce, document for use in commercial competitive cause or aid to any party in interest, or otherwise alter, mutiliate, or deface the media whatsoever. Enforcement of these protections grant exemption to minors and groups of less than ten viewers, in non-commercial use, and for streaming on "approved specified platforms" only.

      MSF/AM24 therefore does not bar persons based on chronological age, but is a licence and employs limitations which persons under a specified qualifier must prove are met; contrary average performance and overwhelming public evidence, for grant conditional compliance with restrictions and limitations. Representation of the brand / impression / trademark as something other is a criminal offense. Suggestion that such enumerated rights are for criminal purpose or salicious purpose or to the injury of a minor child are likewise a criminal offense, and violation of the licence affording a lifelong individual or organizational ban which carries with the offender from association to association and employer to employer, a restriction of a reserved privilege of use in limited terms.

      Boycott of such authorized licence or access, based on a specific offense, is a legal form of 'protest' in the United States, and access is neither guaranteed nor a 'right' nor suggested in any solicitation of the firm to be equal or available to all applicants for licence or sale without conditions and terms incorporated in that purchase. Refunds are restricted to point of sale, and are not a security or guarantee of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or any MSF/AM24 vendor/content-creator/regulator. "Use subject restrictions" shall appear on all product pages making sale of such goods, per terms of use and distribution to resellers and all vendors in our supply chain.

      Veterans and their families were always welcome at regional events for tabletop hobbies, games, and science fiction literature events prior to the 1997 advent of socialist media and event competition in the United States as a political intimidation movement. No portion of the licence is intended to penalize parents or relatives from sharing their love of science fiction or games and products, art, and media with children and family members on a non-commercial basis or reproduction of work in its original form for personal and direct use.

      That some persons in the radical socialist movement have sought to construe this enumeration of rights as a sexual 'back room' full of pornographic content says more about the culture that is trying to burn down the book store and the writer in his home too, than it does about the media of Beyond War and other properties of MSF/AM24 fiction.

      By portraying conservative writers as "an immediate, real, and existential threat" for objection to radicalized medical procedures against the will of parents, sexualization of minor children, and incorporation of religous views on sex as moral and mental health 'standards' whereby resisting faiths are criminalized and demonetized, deprived of ordinary and essential contact and control over their children, and other abuses themed GENOCIDE by the Hegelian Left, and in media so portrayed to the extent that it rivals Jews illustration by Nazi propagandists - exceeding satire to incite real world violence and economic deprivation of the right to public trade and ownership of businesses - fully demonstrates the need and legal necessity of force in the establishment of the MSF/AM24 impression and rules against sedition, insurrection, and foreign unregistered agents corrupting influence on government and the protections of individuals against the community, state, and organized crime.

      In a digital media where gangsterism and narco-trafficking is popularized and glamourized, and even monetized by live performers access to minor children via 'streaming' services - which lack moderation or incorporate this culture and its leaders into positions of moderation and authority falsely proclaiming gatekeeper activity which is selectively enforced or disregarded to pick 'winners and losers' based on Hegelian theology and exploitation; MSF/AM24 represents a bulwark against the seizure of audience access themed on age or 'duty of care' concepts popularized in collective equity and collective welfare taking, which are thinly veiled GENOCIDE activity under color of law and market capital influence of foreign sovereign states and sovereign powers, their courts, and cultural licence of anti-American views.

      SDP Multimedia Group wholly rejects these claims, views, and assertions as racism and alien to the United States charter and its commission, a nation so made by Witherspoon et al, and affirms its commitment to the neutrality of media and its use to both fully demonstrate the evil of Hegelian Dialectic Socialism in abuse of individual human beings and conversion of non-fungible individual rights and reservations into fungible commodities such as human trafficking and average outcome goals concealing and excusing serious human rights abuses as a function of state and collective exploitation, peonage, and destruction of family bonds and religious protections from abuse in the public space consitent with Genocide activity.

      The presumption that children would, or should, be shielded from these critical reviews of a hostile and foreign ideology impeaching their parents and their values and faith, and to discriminate against them in a free market or disbar them from opportunity to work in a trade or field for failure to seek endorsement of a collective or unregistered union, is alien to Article XXIII-1A of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma; and to their Article II section II-3 and II-22 rights, and criminal abuse; for which the firm alleges is a fraud (18 USC 1341) of foreign design, domestic execution by domestic accessories, and alien to the INTERSTATE COMMERCE and INTRASTATE COMMERCE monopolies pledged by the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, whereby any context to support the decision to content or its suitability shall be that of the market or the industry rather than the parent, a formal interdiction of goods and services not permitted in the Oklahoma Territories or State of Oklahoma made in solicitation of all business so installed and organized there; and a right of the firm to contest and resist - and to make available to persons of qualified age and mental health all resources and channels of trade that may be their legal right in assembly and freedom of speech under terms of art and expression styled fictional and illustrative works; so protected from other contest or false representation (prospectus) and those acts proof of a design to disable INTERSTATE COMMERCE in a foreign sovereign plan and purpose, for which INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE is evident (18 USC 1951) and subtantial INTERSTATE RACKETEERING (18 USC 1961) among various large publicly traded and security-based privately held franchises made falsely under limited right and duty to comply with these laws of the United States so made in their commission.

      Where such entities allege they are "private" persons, afforded the same right to resist not a part of a commissioend legal fiction and fictional person created by legal act of the court, they confess a foreign and alien construction not consistent to a UNITED STATES CORPORATION or other entity of commerce so made by the State authority subordinate to the laws thereof (15 USC 1692n) and subject forfeiture and disollution immediately due without further claim or any standing to any claim prior registered, filed, or implied. Where such acts are tolerated, then, are such claims void before the firm, and part of a conspiracy against rights to make false registration on false profession of compliance to the Laws of the United States, for which their commission was enjoined and limited in all actions any performance of their agency or employees either directly made or contractors (m1099) retained in any way.

      While such "private person" claims may fool children, they have no standing before an officer of the court or UNITED STATES so made, nor of the registered agent so made in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA by delegation of authority for INTRASTATE or INTERSTATE business enjoining these commissions of record.

      MSF/AM24 therefore responds in its nature to such fraud, a false claim before minor and incompetent (non compos mentis) persons, and suggests those adhering to these claims confess legal non compos mentis status without further examination on their very suggestion of 'sovereign' claims while acting under commission of the UNITED STATES or any member state so made a government in legal person and agent of the respective Union or its territorial claims; and are an interdiction in INTERNATIONAL TRADE not afforded their claims extension into NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY or Witherspoon property and lands, trade, commerce, and prior contract with the UNITED STATES or the nation United States that such legal person in legal fiction represents in attorney, for which all persons affiliated with that nation owe their obedience and allegience to the limitations and contracts failed and treaties registered, Laws of the United States, and Supreme Law so made.

      To what extent this publication or MSF/AM24 requires to document this crime against children in fraud, perfidy, and in abuse otherwise detailed a prohibited act of the United States and Union so made also in the Lieber Code (General Order No 100) enumerated in the Avalon Archive, the abuse of minors to deceive and defraud (76 O.S. 76-3 and 76-4) are the most serious wrongdoing; and subject "all neccessary force" to include the powers and enumerated rights of a license so made to restrict and restrain further abuse in MSF/AM24 rule; and article of sale so conditioned and subject limited grant a temporary licence under the authority of the Registered Agent against a recognized "high cime", for which children are a primary victim and extinguishment of the American people and their culture in favor of a foreign theory of law and mental health claims not permitted in the State or Constitutional Laws to have standing central to this issue and rule.

    • What platform is this for?
      MSF/AM24 products are intended for AGS platforms. Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS) have the resoruces to run the application to suit performance goals today, and scale to future technology, unlike traditional disposable PC and Console Technology.

      Application clients run on other platforms, but are themed "experimental" due to the wide variety of hardware created by the chip shortage and legal barratry applied to harm the firm in 2017-2021 and 2011-2013. Barratry is the act of bringing a false and knowingly false legal case to impair a person, for which the criminal charge was refused and Federal Charges now under formal complaint against the State which protected those unlawful procedings and sustained them in violation of Federal Law.

      AGS customers do not receive a licence automatically with purchase. They must be approved for early access and granted a separate licence for Beyond War or any other MSF/AM24 product.

    • Do you plan to port it to PS5 / XBox One X?
      No. Until a console has a 24 core 48 thread processor and tier 1 GPU configuration, no plan to port the application in whole or part to console is foreseeable. Use of C++ to access low-level driver functionality is difficult enough without any need for cross-platform scripting or engine middleware required in console and PC builds.

      Other platforms, including cellular operating systems and apps, are not discussed as they do not represent the full feature set of the core application - and serve only to allow for ease of use and 'non-essential' access to certain roles as helper applications and additional control surface tools. Presently, licence restrictions in iOS make long term use subject to concerns, but do not limit the potential development on that platform of support applications for the M2OS or related technology.

      Android security, access, and potential data leakage paired with limited hardware are the main concerns which continue to preclude development of highly specialized apps for the central interface. These changing standards (and worldwide regulations for access and potential abuse, including legal tests for secure channel encryption use in the application itself) preclude plans to task development for iOS or Android, barring settlement in the prior case and award in excess of $1 billion USD.


    Hegelian Dialectic Socialism

    Hegelian Dialectic Socialism

    Based on the 1821 book by George W. F. Hegel, the theology of Hegel and his rhetoric have inspired mass murder and war for 200 years.

    Hegelian Dialectics is the argumentative reasoning or questioning pattern of a dialog based on the convictions (gosphel, if you will) of George W.F. Hegel, a Prussian Teacher.

    Hegel proposes that persons have NO RIGHTS and enjoy privileges that are the limited conditional grant of society and community, for which they owe labor and obedience to the King or authority and the benefit of the public (in that general order).

    Hegel confuses this fascist theology with mental health and medicine, which is why Hegelian Dialectic Socialism styles its enemies as non compos mentis - of unsound mind.

    This is a false medical practice used to kill the Jews in the 20th Century, and carry out antisemetic terrorsim and racism throughout China and Europe. Hegel's ideas evolved (or were incorporated, to be precise) as the basis for Communism, Hitler's Socialism, Italian Fascism, and Chinese and Japanese governments role in World War II and the overthrow of the lawful government of Mainland China in the cultural revolution, replacing the Republic of China (ROC) with the People's Republic of China (PRC).

    The incorporation of these genocidal ideals and claims as-if-mental-health, which are repugnant to the Laws of the United States and Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and other States; continues in 2021.

    These people are traitors to their country and enemy combatants of the human race.

    Hegelian Dialectic Socialism appeals to hate groups, populist white supremacists, Texasn Nationalist Movement members, and violent criminals who believe justice is based on the use of force and fraud to qualify legal rights over minorities and individuals. Rights arising from Constitutional Rules are foreign to their very nature, and ordinary boundary issues that mentally and emotionally healthy persons naturally recognize are absent in the 4% of public population who are clinically empathy deficient by biological predisposition. Hegelian groups attract psychopaths, sociopaths, persons suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, and codependent persons who do not recognize these behaviors as mental illness.

    Hegelian Dialectics are evident in most organized crime, Interstate gang activity, and human trafficking activity which rationalizes the role in society as a "need" being filled by the criminal and natural function, against which opposition is a contest of strength and violence without ordinary moral ground.

    Not everyone in a Hegelian community or society is mentally ill, but the teaching of these values in the community or national law to extinguish individual rights and protections from group activity is evident in their value system, which elevates benefits over individual injury in a cost-benefit-analysis fundamental to human exploitation and belief in immunity from liability predicated on statutory rules that do not have effect unless to the benefit of the abuser. The idea of "perpetual right to remedy, and restitution (18 USC §1593) is alien to such persons - and they will often suggest such resort to rights is "delusion" because it suggests a duty to restore the injury their actions have caused.

    Because this "delusion" in immunity is genuine and sustained, it is themed criminal mental illness by this firm and most American communities; despite substantial support from organization and overseas sovereign national industrial enterprises into United States jurisdiction and territories, products, and intangible property rights.

    Efforts to project guilt and criminal intent on persons that Hegelian Dialectics perceive as oppositional, is evident in their constant magical thinking and claims of knowledge of what persons they are targeting intend or mean; a form of delusion paired with criminal actions to assert control and dominate others in power struggles arising from similar childhood abuse and sexual abuse in childhood, seeking to reverse the role of abused and abuser with new persons and assuming the role of abuser to sustain the ego trauma and normalize the lack of help they received as victims by taking power over other people and becoming the predator.

    This conduct, in media services like CNN and MSNBC, are offensive on face and juvenile; yet is exceptionally dangerous when paired with child kidnapping, child abuse, and commercial industrial sabotage and espionage made economically viable by admission of foreign sovereign state-owned corporations into the North American technology and communications marketplace without correct oversight or recognition of these state-owned (23%) ventures and nature of foreign-financed contractors acting in sensitive positions of communication and Interstate gatekeepers and staff of common carrier markets like FACEBOOK INC and TWITTER.

    The results of which in 2016-2021 have been devastating to the United States and world peace, and component of Volksverhetzung activity on a massive scale not seen since the Holocaust.

    Experts in national and multi-national community communications like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. have studdied this phenomenon, and identified key elements affecting social media and technology which are critical gains and framework to confronting and arresting Hegelian Terrorism exploiting weaknesses in our civil and criminal Justice System, child trafficking, and commercialization of children ages 14-17 by firms in Asia and Japan through competitor footholds in Texas, Michigan, and California in 2001-2021.

    Hegelian Dialectic Extremism (HDE) is a product of very populist environments without normal controls and relief afforded in Natural Law, including protecting such predators from violence by society and parents, which afford them a bold attitude and sense of authority which is a license to harm others in the absence of ordinary empathy with their victims.

    Because Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice protect these persons and organizations, large scale organized rioting, civil unrest, and violence against persons based on race and ethnic identity are on the rise in the United States; afforded by the tendency of such violent parties to collectively attack and then narrate a victim mentality to defend their claims and dilute responsibility obligated specific directed acts and offenses normally punishable and subject substantial victim relief in a pre-computer society; now insulated by over-use of records and consequences to persons who resort to defense of their child or property, which suspend all ordinary security if they act to restore the protection of their own person and vulnerable family members threatened by this abuse.

    The lack of consequences, in well recognized lack of law enforcement response and court misconduct, afford to thse persons a sense of license to commit offenses in organized groups without fear of ordinary consequences, and reliant on protection by society when they withdraw after such violence to conceal themselves in social organizations.

    As these groups gain influence in media and communications, trade, and finance, medicine, and law, the public confidence in those institutions is destroyed systematically. Foreign sovereing advesaries seeking to overtrhow the State Government or National Government see these persons as viable operatives and employees, and can donate or channel funds to them or their causes far more easily than in the past, financing civil unrest and overt targeted terrorism that cannot be resisted by local and State agencies against a highly mobile global insurgency with diverse manpower not connected by traditional employment, association, uniforms, or traditional social and economic class.

    Observing the mental illness, and its indicators, in "Hegelian Dialectics" as a value system and a pattern of behavior, is therefore the only way to identify this threat to civil society.

    Certain almost religious tenants of the belief structure of these persons do give rise to a profile and identification, and are inherently a component of brain damage or nervous system trauma. Abuse of children can damage the nervous system and development of children, giving rise to these DISORDERS, and human traffickers practicing systemic rape and violence have been aware of this method of conditioning of children and minors for a very long time; often beating in or raping in new members of their community to normalize the lack of empathy expected of the group.

    When child abduction and concealment are component of such conduct, even Governments should recognize that traditional laws and regulations do not grant any legal basis for resistance or complicity with such conduct; and denial of access to parents in such concealment give rise to the legal right to disbar those institutions in pursuit of missing and exploited children. States and agencies who do not accept this are complicit with the criminal activity, and are demonstrating a component degree of corruption and infiltration by persons already engaged in the organized crime of this nature and foreign sovereign influence; and should be systematically removed upon discovery in any offense to violate the ordinary duty and rule of law that support this form of heinous child abuse.

    Hegelian Dialectics are therefore a threat to the security of chidlren and the family, as well as business integrity and trade, and are a product of foreign sovereign influence not permitted or compatible with the Laws of the United States. As their claims, disbarring ordinary rule and boundaries of civilized persons in our laws, represent the most criminal activity possible - sedition to the extent of treason agaisnt the Constitution of the United States and its charter which uphold the fundamental "Inherent Rights" of persons unconditional to public or social benefit or advantage in their legal person or commerce or agent.

    Hegellian Dialectics is a religion of "mental and physical slavery" justified to suggest CITIZENSHIP is a privilege, and suffrage conditioned to certain beliefs held to be "Settled Science" which are foreign to the Laws of the United States and right of dissent and truth in public address and right of public notice and self defense. All of these things are "Offenses" to the Hegelian Dialectic Extremist, and predicated on some "delusion" of fair and consistent limits of action which are not granted to private persons if the State or its employees are not permitted to do those things in similar enforcement actions or use of force, a "logical fallacy" to conceal a duty not to violate certain boundaries or expect unlimited and unrestricted use of all necessary force including those powers Expressly Not Granted to the Government or State as existing prior and in full license and authority by Individuals in a free society, like the United States as chartered and so made a Republic.

    The effort to "project criminal intent (mens rea) when such use of force is posible, as if a proof of invalidation or defect in the party entitled its use" is also characteristic of the "Hegelian Dialectic Extremist"; concealing a clear knowledge that their violation of the rights of others is both wrong and likely to instigate violence or response; but in the deflection to completely deny any liability and shift blame on their vicitm in pattern modelling behavior like a child observing a sexual predatory demeaning a victim after a sexual assault or series of sexual or physical abuse. The link between this abuse, access to children, and instilling this as "normal" behavior in children is remarkable and basic - and suggest that such persons are unfit to be parents or be in control or supervision of any minor children due to their moral and mental deficiency.

    Ironically, most Hegelians believe they are intelelctually superior, and will seek to abuse and resort to ad hominem abuse of persons they feel intellectually threatened by.

    This egocentric behavior, paired with claims of giving "advice" to conecal violent threats and extortion, quid pro quo, or harm to children a suggested element of their demands - is evident in the letters by LOSTSERVER members and Enid and Dallas contractors toward our staff over 2001-2021, an archive of arson, rape, murder, and stalking of women and animal felony harm threats and acts; from which SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. has obtained so much information on the behavior, group, companies, and nations from which these hostile activities are systematically being employed to damage U.S. Industry and overthrow ordinary commerical rights in the industry since 2001 kidnapping of a child.

    Game Systems focused on collective group play in artificial economic and moral systems posing little to no real long term or lasting impact; are accellerating the development of persons in this population. Beyond War is a social game environment that was developed to stop that process, and is contrary much of what modern game theory proponents suggest are addictive (power enabling) techniques used to lure adolecents into interactive media and organized online group activity.

    Beyond War™ is therefore anti-Hegelian by design; and its workings are confusing and foreign to the belief popularized by Hegelian audiences in how such social games play and economic systems function. Because of this, many Hegelian critics fail to comprehend or (in intellectual superiority consistent with the mental health disorder) assume wrongly the mechanics of the game and how it works to assert a (false, completely fabricated) claim and value system consistent with their own deficient world-view and limited emotional capacity. Simply, they cannot see the emotional elements of the game, and perceive only a mechanical structure which the inability to exploit or engineer frustrate them to the ponit that they become upset with their lack of access to overcome other players by effort or deceit or abuse of mechanical flaws in the environment common in other games. When frustrated, they can get quite violent.

    The mechanics behind these systems are not publicly disclosed, because the last thing we want is to give the Hegelian audience clues to overcome the purposeful mysteries of the game; a virtue of advanced storytelling and complex social interactivity of Beyond War over traditional character class progression grinding games.

    Difficulty of Hegelians To Process Scale

    One of the first things we encounter in abuse by Hegelian Dialectic Extremists (HDE) is a cognitive inability to understand reality or fiction without applying child-like and oversimplified concepts imparted to them by media made for minor children and consumed by adults into teen and early twenties, often with the endorsement of PhD and Masters level state programs who want to justify the addicting quality of these products as a pseudo-science for employment qualification.

    HDE victms are therefore often committed to a very linear scale of mathematics, achievement, goals, and purpose not unlike the backwards education system they come from.

    When confronted with a very-large-environment (VLE) they will become upset and unable to function without the peer-based competition and perceived mandatory 'association and assembly' which facilitates interaction in very-small-environment (VSE) games and sports, workplace team training, and employment preparation for accumulation in the United States Estate Trust System (USETS) or similar PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN status labor camp cultures.

    In many ways, this makes them like chattle slaves on a plantation, unable to image life outside the conditions of bondage and defined by the physical limitations and consequences only from acting out on their selfish interest to the harm and injury of others. They are, to borrow a term from the Hegelian Dialectic, feral animals without structure and a danger to themselves and others without controls - an image the Hegelian Dialectic Socialist labor camps promote and contrast to 'submission', 'authority', and 'selfless contribution for endorsement of society - from which all sense of any claim on any right is solely granted from external to their own person and a privilege not enjoyed without some performance of duty or work in-consideration'.

    Communist Socialists argue this is natural, and belief that any protection or reservation arise from any other power than the consent of peer groups is mental health defect suggesting a further inferior status; such as belief in a God or a purpose for your life which is not consistent with the public policy of the community and state interest, a collective.

    Such a belief system is the result of generational slavery and indenture, limited freedom, serfdom, and criminal neglect of the duty of the public trust and its officers to carry out the basic obligations of their appointment, in concert with an coordinated effort to extort and deprive persons of property which has been normalized in the community - often from hardship, famine, or war.

    Taoism and the Hegelian Dialectic Socialist incorporation of this religious theology with Confusionism to form state-approved "RUISM" (Chinese: "Scholarly" literally, a theology that sits between religious tenent and legal premise of law and medicine as an absolute and external to the individual as a valid source) esposes this belief system among HDE and other extremists; to "invalidate" and to disbar in narcissistic and borderline personality disorder patterns of serious domestic violence those persons who contest this adherence to a belief in "reward and advancement for submission to collective identity, collective benefit, and collective will instantiated in the person and name of the state as highest authority and superior rank".

    This adherence to 'authority' and 'class' as valid source of claims, contrary even written law or rational thought, and exterior to argument not obtained from a similar "valid" source, often suggested by "peer review" to suppress the approval and disapproval of sources to suit the authority and claims themed public policy.

    We see this structure in most computer games, in characters and persons who grant quests and give rewards, in institutions installed therein, and the strange carry-over that this conduct is ordinary and involitile, despite being an oversimplification and abstraction of less important parts of a game story or narrative setting for a simple child's entertainment product.

    When these 'learned lessons' are then transferred into work and suffrage rights, community and social communication skills, and public habits which would ordinarily require empathy and adaptation - a clear deficit appears. This deficit is not invalidated by State and Union educators, as mental health is not their scope of work, and instead it is even catered to in order to quickly meet criteria of education trials predicated on ingest and correct response to repeat the claims of the instructor or institution and public policy 'as if fact'. Then and subsequently confusing the student between the legal meaning of the term 'fact' and their ability to "fetch and return with proof of authority from authoritative sources" and exclusive of any "first hand impressions, criticisms, or rational objections" as if invalid by the very nature of their lack of external agreement and citation of sufficient rank.

    HDE therefore, when confronted with power in a linear system, wrongly imply this suggests rank and authority from which others may not act contrary or resist; and all such power will be used to coerce their submission.

    Delusion of Oversimplification

    This is, of course, delusional oversimplification of a complex social and moral environment which has limitations in a VLE, and the ability to disengage from contact as a remedy is equally oversimplified.

    Thus, a HDE will internalize that blocking or banning a persons in a social game or environment will predicate a complete end to the dispute; validating their reason for the block without contest and supporting it through peer endorsement and praise without any due process or objection - or consequences in the future. There is no impact on the HDE, as the blocked person is "rendered invalid and cannot harm them again" in this child-protection system. This, of course, leads to a deeply malformed and dysfunctional sense of self-validity and self-worth, and a substantial deficit in empathy and ordinary social skills regarding the complexity of invalidating an abuser or a person they abused.

    Likewise, the HDE will not register evasion of a ban or block by creation of a new account, use of a virtual Private Network (VPN) to appear to come from another source or region, and will incorporate this ability to overcome the block without empathy or respect for the real harm done or consequences in resuming hostile contact with the other party who blocked them. In such case, the HDE feels they are entitled to this power, because the system has not or can not ban them from creating new accounts, and whether by design or error, their ability to overcome the ban is proof of their superior right to continue in their activity until "physically stopped".

    The inability to equate the virtual (electronic) abuse as a failure to stop violating the victim's boundaries, injuring them, and causing them substantial harm - is not equated to the "physical stopping" of their own person, in a disassociation of the excitement and pleasing behavior at this abuse. It is also derived from a false sense that, as a child or minor, any physical threat to themselves would be themed as wrongdoing by an adult or other child, while they were able to carry on virtual abuse and verbal abuse with impunity from consequence for much of their life. The exception being this behavior in the presence of instructors or against the institutions granting them rank through public education or employment, which are in many ways held to be sacred so long as they pay to the economic cost or promise thereof a suggested path to a superior rank over other persons.

    In contrast, in a VLE, the victim may flee - but later (much later) return and execute revenge on a person for their past abuse and harsh actions; and the very real requirement of securing property and persons against that sort of action is a very large motivator in practical and real communication skills to be kind and considerate - and reliable as well as professional - in dealing with all persons.

    Without this safeguard of property, person, and assets - an oversimplification of children's games - many young adults as old as 23 lack these basic social skills and ability to register the scope of threat represented in abuse of a person in a community which can create lifelong and lasting legal and practical cause to inflict harm on the other party.

    Game Theory and an Anti-Hegelian Paradigm

    Virtual games, like all children's products, focus on this in a method that emphasizes recovery from loss of connection, loss of character due to in-game unintended technical defects which frequently arise, and against potential player tampering to defeat these systems and gain advantage (cheats) which could cause permanent loss of any gain in the game (or death resulting in the loss of a character).

    The idea is so deeply ingrained that the concept of "permadeath" (death with a lasting loss of access or play earnings) was unimaginable to many HDE generation players just 20 years ago. Now "ironman" modes and other ego-appeals in single-player games have introduced many of these children to the concept of a "serious game" with consequences, but in multi-user VSE games and matches - the concept of a consequence for losing is dismissed completely. This is evident in "Battle Royal" game modes and rounds themed to the death of one team or the other, with no loss other than to metrics of performance.

    Some of this is due to technical limitations: network speed, computer speed, graphic display and detail, and general economic inequality among players to put many users at a serious disadvantage in competitive games versus "enthusiast (pro)" sport equipment for computer network games.

    Again, HDE oversimplification of the problem to imply a "clear limitations equates to a mandatory rule" is evident, and in many ways an extension of radical Confusionism and Asian theology in Feudal brutality and rule-based punishment of serf labor - people who lived (and died) based on the whim and sport of their land holders for generations (up till the 1800s in Japan).

    To enjoy a virtual interactive game which afforded more (a VLE product), was a work of literary or film fantasy - not science - to many outside the computing and Virtual Reality (VR) industry.

    So when an HDE first learns how truly intimidating some of the abilities of a character class are in Beyond War or a similar MSF/AM24 game, the impression they form is not "imagination" to their mind. It is "fact" as they "see and understand" the barriers of such systems in other examples, and where those claims contest their presumtions of how such a system must work, they will become aggressive and abusive, and seek actively to invalidate or obtain the patent-quality information behind such an innovation without any ordinary or real limit to intent to steal, use, and sell that information as soon as they can discovery it, and to do so without respect to the source for their own gain and enrichment. That this is provoked by abuse to disclaim the reality of such work unless the author produce the core (TRADE SECRET) for their examination, is the evident proof you are dealing with an HDE and demonstration of the lack of "boundary issues" respecting this insight (commercial trade secrets) from a privileged use or access to such product in limited scope, which is not predicated on their endorsement or subject to threats to coerce its surrender.

    The HDE will interpret this radical behavior as "human nature", lacking all mature and competent emotional development of an adult human being, and attempt to apply coercion and pressure almost immediately as if trying to crack a lock in a VSE game by throwing everything in their inventory and skill list against the door, to the point of their own life and relationship with the gatekeeper, and this habit virtully identical to the "fight, die, repeat" pattern in a children's game.

    If this fails, the HDE will disbar the validity of the gatekeeper and product not surrendered and seek to espouse its lack of validity and commercial value through their peer network to retaliate for the denial of privilege.


    This behavior, expressly, is the reason MSF/AM24 bars persons under the threshhold chronological age, due to the consistent lack of boundary issues combined with extreme narcissitic abuse and borderline personality disorder pattern of young adults in the course of the 1992-2021 development testing.

    The concept that a class possesses power, but would not use that power to utterly annhilate the offender if they contested its authority, is so alien to the HDE that they cannot comprehend the normal and ordinary use of restraint in a circumstance like the prior by a player; nor the ability of such a player to create distance to escape their 'tantrum' phase, often disrupting other VSE games and communities; while still being able to enjoy the gameplay or scale of the world with a community of common users who are not direct parties (or aware) of this dispute.

    Similarly, in most VSE games, any act of retaliation would be obvious, evident, and even perhaps logged to clearly show the responsible party who inflicted the "aggression" against the disruptive player. This is rational, in those settings, but not in a VLE world, where the certainty of the party who took action because you offended is itself a component of the gameplay design.

    In other words, "Robert, Paul, and Jim are all standing beside each other. Robert thinks Jim is a powerful character, and he wants to prove this so he can disable Jim from enjoying the game as a normal character. Robert decides the best way to do this is to attack Jim, and if he lives then he has proven to Paul as witness that Jim is a monster the community should know about. Robert hits Jim, and Jim hits the ground. Robert then hits the ground, and Paul tells Robert he saw his head snap off and fly through the air like a soccer ball, about 3 blocks away before landing. Is Jim dead? Is Robert dead? Paul didn't die. But does Robert trust Paul now?" These are the issues a VLE game brings up, that non MSF/AM24 games do not.

    In the prior example, we don't know if Jim is dead (or faking). We don't know if Paul saw Jim get up and smack Robert. We don't know if Paul should say, after seeing what happened to Robert, even if he did see something. For all Robert knows, Paul killed him. Not knowing, and not seeing what happens after you die, is a new experience. Not seeing the 'thing' that killed Robert, probably should unsettle Paul a lot, but... these things happen. Like real life, you can't go back and find out what happened in the log, and you can't get up again and pursue the matter. Robert remains dead. Jim... well... we don't know. Probably dead, according to Paul. He buried him. But... other than an unopened grave... who knows. Does Paul check the grave?

    These are the nuances of a VLE game; and the abstraction between what Robert had his character do and the mechanics of the game engine concealed from Robert are essential to the function of the story and the integrity of other characters in a persistent ongoing story of personalities and brokers who are committed to their role and their part.


    Content on a game screen might give away if Jim was faking or alive. This was, after all, the design of Beyond War prior to video streaming in the eara of 33.6 Kbps baud modems.

    Therefore, streaming as a business might dramatically complicate VLE games like Beyond War, but that is where licence and restricted forums of strongly-controlled identity viewers are integral to the sustained 'micro-communities' of players who share the secret of other players real identity, powers, abilities, and true nature.

    This abstraction prohibits the oversimplification of power solely for the sake of power or damage (per second) that is so often a metric in children's games, and represents a substantial change in the way we use computers to represent online and virtual interactivity among real people across very diverse physical locations.

    Robert is, plainly, probably unhappy with his choices. His character is dead. He has to start over, and try again - probably with a 'downgrade' due to his absurdly unmotivated act of violence, which will impact his future opportunities in the game for exploring the unique classes. If Paul saw something, and plays along well, he may get a recommendation for a bonus toward a new class or benefits, just for participating in the scene.

    Tabletop roleplay games have been employing these strategies for years, but few if any 'childrens games' incorporate them due to the diverse age group of the audience and likely involvement of minors as players - who are without a substantial effort: unable to contract or sign waivers or witness such terrible behavior among social groups that can exceed wiping out a whole planet and 8 billion people (some of whom are players) in an evening of online "fun".

    How do you not get your "head popped off like a basketball"?

    Well, don't stand next to Robert, for one.

    Another is to play with people who do not "murderhobo" every killable thing until they find a player that can pop off every head in the room if you disturb his evening at the mall or slumming as an NPC in the game.

    Yes, slumming as an NPC....

    So you never know if you are talking to a persons or a bot... and those are the perks of being a professioanl player in an MSF/AM24 product. Substantial interchangability with the environment to mess with other players, among other things.

    Old tricks - are the best tricks.

    And when those tricks are afoot, messing with people and creating a "cause" for them to look for you - especially a legitimate cause that grants them a grievance point toward their advancement to pay it "forward" to you for some bad act, or purpose, or particular part of the story - similarly lends other players to be very confident and certain in the conduct and behavior of the people they stand beside (in the game). Or, even on the same planet.

    And in a VLE scale, that distance (a few light years apart) is not so great when you realize the grievance that some players can instill in other players.

    Childrens Games versus Simulation

    To an HDE, the purpose of playing the game is to generate those serotonin bursts of overcoming a fictional enemy in a child's game, or playing out the leadership role of a group against another group - where very little is actually on the line for loss or cost. The idea of engaging in a real-world sitaution where troops die and assets are lost on a massive scale, asymetric warfare is the norm, and you cannot distinguish the enemy from anyone you see in the game or even see them at all - is utterly terrifying.

    And that, is just orientation. The rest of the game is about crawling through dead ships full of people who gambled that and lost, getting all their stuff and reading all their mail; taking their boots, and trying to leave before whatever killed that group of players comes back. It is fear, as a game, and a collective experience.

    You can't run far enough to escape. You can't log on to another server to avoid the thing you just met. And you have to find people who believe in sticking it out with you while you are being hunted by something that makes most Biblical terrors seem like a perturbed shitzu.

    But at least you get to do it with your friends.

    And that - is the value. One that is very hard for an HDE to incorporate into their world-view or self-image. Or the valid superiority complex they have over people they abuse in other games made for younger audiences.

    Inferior Strength

    To live an adventure from a position of 'inferior strength', because the character of play from the moment you log on is the actual value and repuation you establish among other players - is not easy when you can die.

    And there is more to it than just that... but that's enough to understand how much that lack of collective security and accumulation at any cost actually unsettles HDE players, audiences, and their idea of a ranked progression and development to a 'mastery' of power over others in conventional games and stories, work, and social groups.

    Having understood what G.W.F. Hegel suggested, and how it does not mesh with real world or 4th Industrial Era technology, where all tasks and all knowledge are incorporated into automation and labor is replaced in society except among the most primitive war-torn worlds and flattened battlefields (like Earth 2021), where the population live as virtual slaves; is very disconcerting to a Hegelian Dialectic Socialist.

    Superior Values

    On the positive side, one person can be worth sparing a world, or destroying it.

    If you can't imagine a person having that sort of value, or equate all persons to "fungible assets" that can be interchanged for the "value of their labor" or other collective desire, like human shields against an unstoppable force that shatters stars - then Beyond War and AM24 products are not for you. But a world where society grants you a "right to exist" is more of a fantasy than that world, and the whole of every human being on the Earth is no surety against the flick of a switch or the pull of a trigger that puts your star out like a firefly on a passing car in the night. It's a big Universe. If you haven't seen a world burn or a star die, you are still young. Maybe too young to be out here.

    It is called "Beyond War" for a reason.

    This Sounds Technical

    Very. The scope of the prior technology incorporates multihomed multi-threaded scalable virtual machines and visualization with scale across multiple physical machines and locations, is a problem for computer scientists.

    The more specific issues mentioned above, like character identification and perception with latency delay of signal input to simulate very open worlds and PK chains and collission have been 25 years of work in the making and alien to most conventional "game engine" software products offered by other companies. This "purpose built" system is more akin to an operating system than a stand-alone executable application, and has been likewise hampered by changes in hardware and software platforms for 25 years of development, including the recent RTX shortage of 2017-2021.

    The Developers

    The developers have worked with Newtek LLC, Luxology, Pixelogic LLC, Next Limit of Spain, and other firms to develop technology independent of their offering and suited to high fidelity image pipeline technology now generally recognized in hardware DLSS ray tracing. Disputes over this technology and its license, sale, and control further contribute to the need to stop inquiries outside the court system to internal code for the United States companies now subject foreign takeover bid by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, and on behalf of shareholders and independent partners working in projects not subject to sale with that firm or its hardware implementation.

    The Purpose of Development

    While most companies are using DLSS for improved framerate, SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is interested in logic and scalable systems in a virtual environment incorporating ray tracing test elements across distributed machines.

    Efforts incorporating the HDE claims to deny access to these technologies in preparation for the takeover bid by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD interest in this and other titles employing the technology make claims by their employees to damage SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP a matter of antitrust legal scope and INTERNATIONAL TRADE activity.

    Competitor Harassment

    Harassment has escalated to overt identity theft and written plan to export and sell for sum certain amounts constituting a fraudulent offer of the licence and franchise of this work, a criminal act perpetrated by persons now hiding in STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

    As a result, firms and labor in those areas are impaired by this organized labor activity to defraud the company of its Intellectual Property and franchise rights, and have contaminated the U.S. and foreign patent registration process during the 2001-2021 concealment of a child.

    Legal Barriers and Delays

    Some concepts, such as Virtual Worlds claim of avatars as a patent, have only recently been resolved by long standing litigation against Blizzard Interactive / Activison Inc.; in favor of developers everywhere and in contest of overly broad and obvious patents intended to disrupt development of technology in the United States and in favor of foreign unlawful development in Socialist Sovereign Nations.

    As such, much of the how and why of the products remains subject Oklahoma privacy and industry laws prohibiting forced disclosure similar to financial records and state secrets, contrary fraud to assault this legal right.

    H.265 vs VP9

    In other areas, theft and abuse of audio and video codecs for criminal piracy and global distribution of stolen property further bias the courts against communication technology proposed by and for Beyond War in ship-to-ship communications and vital technology necessary to complete the product for many years; ultimately ending with the normalization of MP3 format and commercial adoption by Apple Inc. and YouTube. Netflix use of NodeJS and HLS, DASH, and other formats not based in prior Adobe and FLV format, continue to challenge unauthorized but popular formats like RTMP (a clone of Adobe Flash Media Server). As Microsoft pushes for H.265 software decoder licensing and RTX supply chain issues bar H.265 hardware deployment scheduled in 2018 still held after 2022, developers are reliant on the ability of companies to build devices capable of the format in media exchange made in prototype stack for Beyond War.

    Piracy and Fraudulent Cloned Projects

    During that time, substantial piracy and gray-market competition for investors, including false offers and claims of speculation on non-existent technology predicated on hardware capabilities (not owned by the software company in question making such claims as prospectus to divert funds away from our legitimate partner companies real securities) were widely circulated and are still employed today in ongoing (albeit greatly discredited) illegal and unfair business activity.

    These claims served to dilute the prospectus value of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, and further damage its rights to bring qualified investors to the table without coercive forced sale or liquidation to satisfy an ultimately illegal bond issued to disable the company by alleged fraud (18 USC 1341) committed by State agencies sympathetic to foreign investment in State of Texas. Securities are now handled by the licensee DEEP LAYER INC., which handles subscriber-based digital-distribution of the product.


    World News In Hegelian Terrorism

    Tech News

    Company Brand Suspensions


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    Shadowdancers Press - legally SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS now 23 years hence - is a limited liability company of James Allen, author of Beyond War and the Manifold Space Engine (MSE) game engine and server platform.

    Manifold technology allows for distributed unified spatial mapping and signal message stacks across multiple stateful machines on distributed hardware and geographic locations, a platform imitated by numerous companies in the 2001-2021 fraud to conceal and extort this product from the United States.

    MSE combines data replication and signal communication queue stack dynamic instancing and address management for network systems predating modern cloud computing and virtualization, and is platform independent in protocol solutions for implementation on a number of diverse operating systems.

    MSE technology has applications in product simulation and logistics, control surface and signal processing, and is a framework for physical feedback measures in signal loop technology as well as parallel tasking and signal process interpretation across multiple physical devices with centralized pattern recognition and management.

    These technologies are precursors to the modern ray-tracing interpolation, compute, and discrete logic parallel technology frequently seen in intelligent system logic and learning software technology 20 years later. Due to industrial espionage and sabotage activity, all MSE technology is protected by trade secret and against export or use outside the United States or its local territories and Native American reservations.

    Fraud to coerce or compel disclosure will be treated as felony harasment in concert with violence and false claims in 1996-2021 efforts to disable or dilute the legal rights of the developers. Early work in standard query language and relational database management systems (RDMS) is not subject any foreign claim, and platform independent of major provider languages and patents.

    Technology for this platform is only available to limited audiences under separate license who are already users of the Seven Alpha strong identity and network security system, a private network separate from the public Internet.

    SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, a registered tradename of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., remains the only licensed vendor of this technology and services - which are not for export or foreign use or sale. Other intellectual property is likewise licensed solely under the authorization of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., all rights reserved.

    Competitor Attacks January 9th 2022

    Jan 10 Single Source Dip

    Even a moron can see the attacking server dip in the morning on January 10th, showing one criminal actor and in a patttern evident in Central Time Zone identical to Fairway Independent Mortgage hours in State of Texas, attacking our systems. Fairway Independent Mortgage employees have made false claims to suggest we "forfeit" real estate and property to them for $41,000 USD, on welfare of a concealed child taken by threat of murder in 2001 August under criminal fraud for 2001-2022 concealment, to blackmail and extort the Oklahoma family in Pontotoc County throughout 2001-2022 false claims contrary ORDERED POSSESSION to the Oklahoma father refused enforcement by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma.

    Competitor Attacks Continue

    Jan  4 11:11:02 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=12641 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=35135 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:03 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=22859 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=4756 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:03 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=35640 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=40147 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:03 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=62730 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=65099 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:03 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=40907 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=35831 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:04 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=35668 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=23747 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:04 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=40041 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=7362 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:04 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=17098 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=7499 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:04 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=39305 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=46518 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
    Jan  4 11:11:04 diana kernel: TRACE99: IN=enp3s0 OUT= MAC=e0:3f:49:15:2f:c6:f8:1d:0f:96:f0:12:08:00 SRC= DST=firewall LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=241 ID=58129 PROTO=TCP SPT=32766 DPT=35939 WINDOW=1024 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0

    As the information shows, attacks from a single offender using cloud ochestration to automate virtual services against our network continues in concert with Demands from Veronica Marie Petersen, a Texas former Nortel Networks website contractor unemployed in 2000 August to 2001, who seeks $41,000 USD in violation of Federal Law on the Oklahoma XXIII-1A Constitutional Right to Work violation and for "forfeiture" of securities, stock, trademarks, copyright, franchise, real estate title, and other "property" specified as protected under the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act (21 O.S. §21-1952).

    Threats published November 14th 2021 have been filed with the Pontotoc County District Court, showing a 2002-2004 and 2007-2012 and 2013-2021 "legal sham" (21 O.S. §21-1533) complaint in concert with 2002 and 2011 and 2021 extortion activity to cause default for civil asset forfeiture sought in a civil contract, violating Federal Law and 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 rule barring any claims from standing to pay a "500 USD" final judgment rendered in July 2002 by TEXAS FAMILY CODE, and discharged due execution of contract clause also in 2003, and arrived at from a case where Veronica M. Petersen was found "wholly in default" December 2001 by Judge Dee Miller; prior fraud to carry that case forward over the obligation to return a child themed missing and exploited in collateral ransom for kidnapping prohibited by the Hobbs Act.

    Company identities used in forgery to carry this attack include "Digital Ocean LLC", "", and are made in concert with attacks from Ann Arbor (Michigan), Tencent Holdings Co Ltd networks, and known hosts of the "Lostserver" unregistered labor organization acting in this fraud and by name in 2002-2022 extortion to concael a child themed on counter-claim 21 O.S. §21-748.2 "Human Trafficking" for "forced labor" and "debt bondage" so also subject unlimited damages in the third degree by jury trial sought in 23 O.S. §23-9.1 not eligible other limitations or privileges per Oklahoma State Supreme Court ruling on UNCONSTITUTIONAL NATURE of all such terms and Statutes made in 23 O.S. cause; so void TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008(d) and other false claims to limit liability in this matter, a fraud and effort to overturn commission in false claims of "not a real business" uttered repeatedly to conceal kidnapping of a child of a business owner to blackmail and extort sustained in 20 year concealment and fraud falsely alleging to the child and public that such member of the Allen/Overton family was "willingly abandoned" on forced taking from a motor vehicle en route to State of Oklahoma from State of Texas on Interstate 75 in INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

    Such transfer a contract prior paid and secured by over $10,000 USD in funds to Accounts Payable of VERONICA PETERSEN at Trinity Medical Center, The Colony, TX; and by agreement to seek therapy for domestic physical violence against James Allen resulting in sevre physical injury and attempted murder in 2001 preceding kidnapping of the child at 74 days of age and suspension of all due process by State of Texas to suppress the conduct of their Citizen over the Okalhoma parent and his home state rights and claim for return of the child, a demand refused without legal cause by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRUCT JUDGE DEE MILLER contrary 76 O.S. §76-8 rule, and Inhernent rights of Article II Constitution which prohibit 4th and 14th Amendment violations by a civil court in taking of children to compel labor and peonage, surrender of property, surrender of credit, or other claim to goods not a "sum certain" defined in UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008), obligated any legal order for registration or enforcement as "child support", and no such order ever registered in State of Oklahoma for enforcement. Acts of enforcement or demands without registration or to coerce a pending civil trial filed Nov 2018, are criminal acts and prohibit enjoyment of such order or beneficts on intimidation of parties outside the civil process using illegal means, barred a lawful debt in collection per 15 U.S.C. §1692d.

    Criminal activity in overt acts appears ongoing as of November 14 2021, December 23 2021, and January 1st-4th 2022, in a pattern of psychotic behavior increasing Pontotoc County office physical security after five (5) hit-and-run attacks on U.S. Mail service receptical boxes at the 130 N COUNTRY CLUB RD property in 2015-2021, the last in July 2021.

    Use of Security Scanner products or attempts to gain privileges or utlize the network for non-company purposes will be regarded as component to any impact on service or logs and unauthorized use. All traffic is logged for analysis and retained for law enforcement at this time. Video surveillance on premise is obligatory, due to criminal written plan to extort and 11/7 and 11/14 threats coinciding with increased intrusion and prior May 20 2020 physical break-in by two or more persons using heavy duty work trucks to attempt robbery and overcome Office Staff.

    All necessary physical security precautions will be taken. Conduct your actions and correspondence as if dealing with a United States Federal Facility and Communications Network Site not open to the general public. Any attempt to trespass may be subject public report and notice. All communications are the property exclusively of the firm, and given over to the firm for public display and circulation in assistance to ending these coercive activities of our major competitors in Texas, Michigan, California, New York, and Florida; and any other jurisdiction from which they launch attacks or execute fraud or other criminal acts or public offenses against this firm.

    What we are seeing is an intense effort (127 requests/min) over nine (9) hours this Monday January 4th 2022 by 11:53 am, to suggest a concerted effort to disrupt business in concert with a push to compel State and Federal law enforcement to quash a motion to set aside for fraudulent conveyance per rule 18(b) the claims by Veronica M. Petersen falsely made in State of Texas.