Technical Solutions - Implementation

This Sounds Technical

Very. The scope of the prior technology incorporates multihomed multi-threaded scalable virtual machines and visualization with scale across multiple physical machines and locations, is a problem for computer scientists.

The more specific issues mentioned above, like character identification and perception with latency delay of signal input to simulate very open worlds and PK chains and collission have been 25 years of work in the making and alien to most conventional "game engine" software products offered by other companies. This "purpose built" system is more akin to an operating system than a stand-alone executable application, and has been likewise hampered by changes in hardware and software platforms for 25 years of development, including the recent RTX shortage of 2017-2021.

The Developers

The developers have worked with Newtek LLC, Luxology, Pixelogic LLC, Next Limit of Spain, and other firms to develop technology independent of their offering and suited to high fidelity image pipeline technology now generally recognized in hardware DLSS ray tracing. Disputes over this technology and its license, sale, and control further contribute to the need to stop inquiries outside the court system to internal code for the United States companies now subject foreign takeover bid by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, and on behalf of shareholders and independent partners working in projects not subject to sale with that firm or its hardware implementation.

The Purpose of Development

While most companies are using DLSS for improved framerate, SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is interested in logic and scalable systems in a virtual environment incorporating ray tracing test elements across distributed machines.

Efforts incorporating the HDE claims to deny access to these technologies in preparation for the takeover bid by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD interest in this and other titles employing the technology make claims by their employees to damage SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP a matter of antitrust legal scope and INTERNATIONAL TRADE activity.

Competitor Harassment

Harassment has escalated to overt identity theft and written plan to export and sell for sum certain amounts constituting a fraudulent offer of the licence and franchise of this work, a criminal act perpetrated by persons now hiding in STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

As a result, firms and labor in those areas are impaired by this organized labor activity to defraud the company of its Intellectual Property and franchise rights, and have contaminated the U.S. and foreign patent registration process during the 2001-2021 concealment of a child.

Legal Barriers and Delays

Some concepts, such as Virtual Worlds claim of avatars as a patent, have only recently been resolved by long standing litigation against Blizzard Interactive / Activison Inc.; in favor of developers everywhere and in contest of overly broad and obvious patents intended to disrupt development of technology in the United States and in favor of foreign unlawful development in Socialist Sovereign Nations.

As such, much of the how and why of the products remains subject Oklahoma privacy and industry laws prohibiting forced disclosure similar to financial records and state secrets, contrary fraud to assault this legal right.

H.265 vs VP9

In other areas, theft and abuse of audio and video codecs for criminal piracy and global distribution of stolen property further bias the courts against communication technology proposed by and for Beyond War in ship-to-ship communications and vital technology necessary to complete the product for many years; ultimately ending with the normalization of MP3 format and commercial adoption by Apple Inc. and YouTube. Netflix use of NodeJS and HLS, DASH, and other formats not based in prior Adobe and FLV format, continue to challenge unauthorized but popular formats like RTMP (a clone of Adobe Flash Media Server). As Microsoft pushes for H.265 software decoder licensing and RTX supply chain issues bar H.265 hardware deployment scheduled in 2018 still held after 2022, developers are reliant on the ability of companies to build devices capable of the format in media exchange made in prototype stack for Beyond War.

Piracy and Fraudulent Cloned Projects

During that time, substantial piracy and gray-market competition for investors, including false offers and claims of speculation on non-existent technology predicated on hardware capabilities (not owned by the software company in question making such claims as prospectus to divert funds away from our legitimate partner companies real securities) were widely circulated and are still employed today in ongoing (albeit greatly discredited) illegal and unfair business activity.

These claims served to dilute the prospectus value of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, and further damage its rights to bring qualified investors to the table without coercive forced sale or liquidation to satisfy an ultimately illegal bond issued to disable the company by alleged fraud (18 USC 1341) committed by State agencies sympathetic to foreign investment in State of Texas. Securities are now handled by the licensee DEEP LAYER INC., which manages all subscriber-based digital-distribution of the product.