Security & Illegal Labor Union Activity

How is the Security Threat Affecting Development?
Work in this area because of actively hostile HDE parties has conjoined both traditional movie set security (similar to the level mentioned by Mark Hamill of Star Wars final film) and that of a military software and defense contractor job site.

For this reason, security identity verification; incident logs, live on-site personnel to observe for trespassing and burglary attempts (May 20 2020 and July 2021) and similar "gifts" from the Democrats including (3) dead animals since 2015, continue to make both the U.S. Postman and our local law enforcement very uncomfortable. Someone has hit at full force our U.S. Mail Box five times in recent years with vehicles to destroy a fully reinforced steel box and open its contents. After a prior incident this makes the 3rd time someone has broken into mail at the office with a vehicle in recent years, and stolen mail and packages have been reported in addition to this suggesting increased video surveillance requirements similar to a bank branch.

As a result, running up to our employees and putting your hands on them or threatening them for not responding to you in public is a fast way to get yourself blacklisted from license eligibility permanently. The situation for developers and their families is that of witnesses in a Federal Interstate organized crime case, and all contact is strictly limited to appointments with lawful cause or court process.

Just this week, a person pretending to be a licensed Private Investigator attempted to reach officers; and it was discovered they had no valid license and was making demands of an unlawful nature upon the employees. No statement was made or authorized for her release in the name of the company or its employees, and suggestion to do so if not satisfied resulted in her termination of access. i

Disturbing incidents like this, including contact with retired family members in this cause, on no lawful investigation authorized by the State during a Federal criminal complaint, punctuate the serious nature of security concerns by our workers and stakeholders against fraud and ongoing pattern of fraudulent identity theft to coerce access or forfeiture of the project and properties in a criminal fraud and pending court case of record.

Horror writers have had bad experiences with fans, especially those who are deluded to confuse reality and fiction; but these incidents suggest commercial intent to sabotage and cause extreme emotional and financial distress in concert with concealment of a child for blackmail and fraud in investment and securities tampering. As such, we advise all persons to treat contact or claims as potential fraud, and verify the ID and digital signature of all correspondence when possible with our office.

Abuse is a symptom of a fundamental mental illness among Radicalized Foreign Corporations' Contractors

Attacks in this context differ in no way from 9/11 motivation to destroy the lives and family of the Oklahoma developers, and to style them as being unfit to enjoy their prior income (now themed $90,000 to $480,000 USD in median income, per 2001 job title preceding this active terrorism hoax).

Where such developers can, by fraud and threat, obtain job and contract opportunities from major firms valued at nearly $500,000 USD per year; the financial resources to carry out domestic terror attacks in criminal market sabotage and public intimidation through abuse of access to high value media is substantial.

For example, we observe 20,000 requests per hour from one source for 3 years in a pattern of a single point of origin, adapting to disrupt our business network from November 2017-2021, in like style to prior 8 million ICMP packets sent in 3 days and modified to carry threatening text ASCII payload by the Texas Developer Donald Beal.

This conduct, clear violence among the member States of the Federal Union, is denied protection by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS in a $44 billion Federal Fraud, now under criminal complaint after 20 years of this tortious interference and ongoing concealment of a child to extort.

By dismissing this overt and juvenile volume attacks in regional courts, to carry a fraud, did the two states aid the concealment and abuse of a minor child in extortion to obtain forfeiture of Beyond War and other properties, and in doing so sustain the major concerns and complaints in actual serious injury which the American People later witnessed by abuse of media in 2016-2021 campaign to wrest control of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES using identical tactics.

The firm therefore considers these attacks to be a form of foreign political and commercial sabotage in concert with kidnapping, and an act of war by the contractors who did carry out these abuses and make false claims during 2001-2021, whose baseless and crass nature predicated on a foreign theory of law are now evident in Genocide to achieve economic advantage for PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and their assets and financial partners in SAUDI ARABIA and data facilities in ITALY and other nations used to execute the attacks over 2001-2021.

Lack of basic education in public and claims of ignorance to carry out any enforcement of law by the States without Federal Aid then also denied and refused, do so affirm the serious nature of claims against the forced taking of intellectual property by Hegelian Socialist extremists in the United States operating out of trusted data centers and employment in friendly member States of the Federal Union and to shield such activity from the ordinary relief and protection obligated and due by the United States Department of Justice.

By wrongly carrying these claims as if a domestic cause at law to defame and damage recovery of a child to extort an intangible property, disable development and investment, and harm domestic commercial rights, including the RIGHT TO WORK, did the UNITED STATES and its member states so admitted to Statehood work a corruption of blood and forfeit all trademark, patent, and copyright claims against the firm subjected to taking and 19 year concealment of a child to extort control over the estate and discoveries of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., an established business of registry in 1998 and incorporated firm of the 1992 business of the child's father there established and of record.

That such persons who participated in this abuse or claims against the lawful return and restoration of civil honors per 21 O.S. 21-3 and 21-8 without conviction of any kind, should disclaim their fault, is criminal mental illness arising from a foreign jurisdiction not afforded standing, and those persons who sustain or employ them in such activity forfeit all legal claims subject to THE BERNE CONVENTION or other treaty for this abuse in full and without limit to claims made by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or the UNITED STATES or any member State consent or agreement required to do so, a function of the operation of law in wrongful taking and retention of a hostage without formal declaration of war.

Violence has Shaped Response

The MSF/AM24 products are, in response to this real world and serious violation of law, the mechanical proof of such fatally flawed logic applied to fiction and without apology to the parties who initiated this serious breach of normal civil order to circulate worldwide any claim or suggestion of a right to that fraud in criminal taking and kidnapping of a child to extort the Oklahoma firm. Such acts, so committed without evidence of remorse, release all parties from any accord of peace or treaty or other civil agreement with the same or by their representatives, per 76 O.S. 76-9, and install in them the authority with qualified immunity to act without restraint to the purpose of full and unconditional restoration of their civil rights and honors disbarring any agreement or consent by any state or nation.

MSF/AM24 is about that, and the very real cost of using children as a tool to compel persons in the 21st Century. Akira Matsumoto once spoke of this, in his work, Captain Harlock, episode 32.

MSF/AM24 is a lesson in long memories, and the importance of people which society cannot dictate or deem, from which all that is human and good arises - and the importance that we recognize that equation: "that one life is as valid as all the others in the Universe in trade" from which the jurisprudence of the American nation and its incorporation were made and for which the abandonment of that principle shall be its undoing by operation of law. Too often the memories of a society are defined by the ability to exterminate that experience and murder the love of a parent for a child. Beyond War and MSF/AM24 fiction is about the refusal of that memory to die, and the love of a parent for a child that society may not condition any thing whatsoever in-consideration.

If you are with us, and you understand this - join us. Failing to understand this, does not make your cause right. It simply means you do not admit our people to live, and we are not willing to accept that or admit yoru claims as "mental health" over our human rights.

Activity from 2001-2021 Violate International Law

All nations signed these agreements, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and any member of any signatory or party who disputes them by word, or deed, or act - betrays not only their nation but the Human Race. This is what MSF/AM24 stands for, and it will tolerate no suggestion that its position is irrational, only opposed to the treason that is made in such claims to the contrary.

Those persons, corporations, or nations that would put a price on that or destroy the technology if they cannot buy it, are engaged in a criminal enterprise that nations and states cannot defend, and a war against the fundamental nature of the Human Race which obligates our firm to not sell or license or disclose the technology to them in any way.

To a Hegelian, raised to believe that all things are negotiable (fungible) and compared to the greater benefit that such money could produce for their collective, will dismiss as mental dysfunction any claim contrary to that fallacy that asserts all things are negotiable.

To our side, some things are simply not for sale - including but not limited to our children and their relationship to know they are wanted and loved. If you want a cause for war, you have it there in that alone - and MSF/AM24 content serves to affirm that non-negotiable instrument and non-fungible nature of individuals and their right to relationships without a suggested price for the sale or consideration of their dilution. It is - simply - the acceptance of "boundaries" against which one cannot transgress, and the confession of a culture and development of persons who are incapable of understanding the extent or consequence of those limitations to their right to action. A position that should not require explanation or justification to a competent human being or competent sovereign.

The nations now positively identified in this fraud are:


All sales, license, and service of contracts to persons in these nations and states sovereign borders are prohibited and denied expressly, on kidnapping to carry out perpetual concealment of a child in extortion, and all patents and intellectual property claims are void without standing or right to relief under the law of the Territory declared independent of the UNITED STATES per Sept 9 2021 legal notice served upon the agent in fact and court of such right by Witherspoon et al and its estates, incorporators of the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION and CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES then also made, and such adjudication subject LEX REX IMPERIALIS doctrine in all disputes, a sovereign jurisdiction so made on default October 10th 2021 for failure to answer, a default by UNITED STATES against motion to secede in proper order and legal cause, a right reserved per Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1 and Title 22 section 22-31 in concert with Title 21 Section 21-748 and Title 76 section 76-9. These actions necessary due violation of 18 United States Code section 3161 for failure to make jury trial in February 2019 to October 2021 (32 months) in UIFSA complaint themed felony fraud and 18 United States Code section 666 and 1589 violation, and State felony violation of Title 21 Section 21-891 refused protection due 42 United Staets Code section 1981. Refusing then 22 United States Code Chapter 78 mandatory investigation not performed, and violation of section 7102 of that charter in $44 billion fraud, a 31st United States Code section 3729(a) qui tam suit duly filed without execution, and violation of 15 United States Code section 1673 and 1692d in concert with concealment contrary a duty of 15 U.S.C. § 1692n rule, mentioned further in express duty made law 2017 in all States a Federal Regulation per Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and 45 CFR, not eligible sovereign immunity or other defense expressly conditioned grants and per 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 and 588 U.S. ____ case no 17-647 disbarment of qualified immunity a defense to such fraud. So further a felony per 18 U.S.C. § 2261A abuse and pattern of violence denied ordinary record and protection, in Interstate interference in commerce, and to seize and export trade secrets from the State of Oklahoma and outside the jurisdiction of the United States in violation of the Wassanaar Arangement for dual use arms control. A fraud, themed 21 Oklahoma Statute section 21-891 felony, entitled defense per Title 76 and Title 22 of the Laws of the State of Oklahoma and Constitution thereof, reserved rights neither granted to the UNITED STATES or UNION, nor waivable by any terms or coercion (see Article XXIII-1A, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9 - Constitution of the State of Oklahoma).

It has become exceptionally clear that some STATE OF TEXAS residents including Governor Greg Abott and Ken Paxton believe they are still independent and superior to Federal Law, and have taken hostages since 2001 in this purpose in fraud and under perfidy then tolerated by the POTUS and United States Congress while American technology companies were tortured, threatened, and extorted using their children as prisoners of STATE OF TEXAS. To this regard, in $14.4 billion USD and $30 billion USD taken by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in this fraud, waived in UNIFORM INSTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT and 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 all claims, expressly so made in 303.6 and 303.100(a)(3) and 303.100(a)(8) rejected by THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS and governors of both States to falsify such kidnapping and ransom across State borders as civil in nature, a fraud per 5 USC § 706 and contrary § 556(d) rule, a theft to embezzle UNITED STATES CITIZEN accounts in 2001-2021 themed cestui que trust by bondage of the cestui que persons illegally and for commercial claims irreparably disabling the BERNE CONVENTION and other registries of intellectual property in favor of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA; and to aid in takeover bids by KINGDOM OF SWEDEN and REPUBLIC OF GERMANY and NORWAY of the industry of the People of the Oklahoma Territory; has this declaration been made and duly filed a lawful (II-3, II-22) remonstrance and formal notice made legal fact in failure to answer and tacit acceptance by inaction from 2001-2021 October 10th to the removal of such property, lands, title, and estates from the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES and other nations as a Sovereign, separate, and protected enclave against this fraud reserved by the People for cause - by English Law so invoked an "Allodium" free of any bond or foreign claim or authority, and exempt from such taking as the Law of Nations afford the full right of self-defense against this human trafficking, debt bondage, and slavery wrongly and unlawfully instituted by UNITED STATES and several of its agents without any authority, per 42 United States Code section 1994 and expressly prohibited by Justice Ginsburg in oral pronouncement of 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 as prior ruled "null and void" in KELLY v KELLY (2007, Oklahoma Supreme Court) and "MALONE v MALONE" (1970, Oklahoma Supreme Court) by operation of law. These rights set forth also in 42 U.S.C. § 666(a)(10) failure to perform "automatic" compliance duties of the State, and § 666(a)(9) "operation of law" made a duty which enjoin all member States of the Union per 18 U.S.C. § 2383 and 2384 as obligations enumerated in "Laws of the United Staets" which may not be disputed or contested ex post facto or in exemption for any case a bill of attainder made to excuse the letter of marque issued by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA wrongly carried by UNITED STATES in 2001-2021, a fraud per 5 U.S.C. § 706 on face and such beneficiary never entitled more than $500 USD per TEXAS FAMILY CODE § 157.261 "final judgement" and further December 2001 being in record declared "wholly in default" without award or judgment due then rendered for the parent of the child seeking their return for 20 years of concealment, a holocaust war crime on face and by letters of express criminal plan to commit "Genocide" by the prior nations duly employed contractors, partners, and other Sovereigns in criminal fraud.

No legal cause ever existed for the child to have no contact with the father, and to the contrary did the STATE OF TEXAS pledge that the child would be returned, then demanding money conditional such contact or communication be paid prior return; and used the power of the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS to threaten the Oklahoma resident and all persons duly associated with them of false incarceration and public humiliation, emotional abuse, and loss of RIGHT TO WORK ( (XXIII-1A, Oklahoma Constitution), in coordination with TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and during abuse by DIGITAL OCEAN, OVH Hosting, HETZNER, and on such behalf to enrigh REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, NATION OF JAPAN, and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in extortion and dilution of the name, brands, and property of the Oklahoma computer scientist from whom the child was taken and against the business of the same established 10 years prior to the kidnapping.

State of Texas resumed its seat in the Congress of the United States on March 30th 1870, conditional it support the Union and the Laws of the United States. No exemption or right was made in this agreement, and such agreement broken in 2001 August 11th with aid of UNITED STATES, a government body not entitled to the right to seize or conceal persons to extort labor or sustain a bond against those persons prohibited such making in 1991-2021 written public policy of the United States defined in Federal Registery Volume 81 Number 244 issued December 16 2016 on this subject. Illegal bonds and their issuance, so prohibited in 18 U.S.C. § 1961, make void per civil procedure any claims of the State of Texas or its government body, or those of the UNITED STATES, its beneficial owner in franchise so made by the UNION and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, per 15 U.S.C. § 1692d; dismissing as fraud all such claims by the parties to any legal standing in 01-17702-R or a case arising in violation of $1000 USD maximum fine permitted no later filed than July 31st 2021. "No Enforcement" is permitted after such date, and all claims to suggest a duty or failure to make payments are criminal felonies under 18 U.S.C. § 666 which suggest a debt by the Oklahoma parent or his firms, per 45 CFR 303.6 Federal Law. States having accepted any TITLE IV funds are subject unconditionally these laws, and all State laws contrary their execution made void February 2017 per TITLE IV GRANT, a 31 U.S.C. § 3729(a) qui tam fraud now sustained 20 years in FR-18-04, a barratry (21 O.S. &Sect; 21-550) under ORDER STAYING CASE in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA subject full defense of fraud and 23 Oklahoma Statute § 23-9.1 "unlimited damages" in addition to $8 million USD in punitive fine for barratry (a crime (21 O.S. § 21-551) not enforced in false claim filed Nov 2017 subsequent the laws, without registration of any order or a hearing to enjoin any person to such order then or since made, and in excess of such fines and limits set by Federal TITLE IV AGENCY rule, extortion under color of law of over $70,0000 USD and future "unlimited taking" prohibited any lawful order or support defined by 45 CFR Federal Law and TITLE IV GRANT PROGRAMS of the UNITED STATES.

Efforts to conceal and deceive the public are prohibited under Title 76 Section 76-3 and 76-4; and under "Terrorist Hoax" a felony in State of Oklahoma to deny public office and right to work to the firm in favor of NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, and their partners themed shareholders in 3 major firms and two telecommunication firms jointly with TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, corporations resident in STATE OF TEXAS whose employees and partners did make written confession of such plan to take, conceal, abuse, and extort a real and registered business and owner of the same in State of Oklahoma in cause of this fraud, terminating the rights of those nations and States to any claims per TEXAS FAMILY CODE § 157.375 and perpetual rule then made by spoliation themed "unlimited damages" over $40 billion USD in trade value in 2018-2021.

Those actions prohibited per Oklahoma Constitution as a Crime per Article XXIII-1A, despite failure to register this TEXAS/MICHIGAN/CALIFORNIA labor union in coercion and child concealment activity spanning 2001-2021; and subject full legal relief including public notice of all grievances and legal cause of action in "All Necessary Force" to include "perpetual immunity" and "Sovereign Allodium" component of 18 USC § 1591 Restitution for bondage and forced labor claims made by the agents of those states, nations, and foreign sovereign powers themed "war crimes" per the CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE (a U.S. Treaty, Supreme Law) and "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" which such claims stand clear opposition and reflection of CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (CCP) and NATIONAL SOCIALIST government made in GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN, a 23% owner of NTT GROUP and franchise parent of SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, partner of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD of China and sharing then a common director in JACK MA for both firms at the time of such fraud in antitrust activity.


1. A crime has occurred by the act, not by the indictment of a person or conviction.

2. A right to response and affirmative action is the reserved and enumerated right of self-defense of all legal persons (natural and ens legis, per Title 22 Oklahoma Statutes);

3. Public denial of a criminal or civil wrongdoing is not legal basis to dismiss or void a legal right to action and all remedy afforded the injured party/parties.

4. Any order in the making of such claims of "unlimited damage" is not a "sum certain" and void any standing under the "UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT", as well as any order asserted in excess of 65% of gross earnings made "null and void" in its making.

5. Inherent Rights are part of Oklahoma Constitution Article II Constitutional Rights, and per Article IV section 2 clause 1 of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES were and are still in full force prior any claim by STATE OF TEXAS or DALLAS COUNTY of other order or lack of an order, obligating return of the child to the Oklahoma parent and sole financial provider whose home was the legal residence of the child and from whose car the child was taken by force on threat of murder August 2001.

6. The Statute of Limitations for 21 O.S. § 21-891 does not begin until the child has entered State of Oklahoma, and is perpetual in right of return and restitution per Constitution of the State of Oklahoma (Article II-6).

7. Contact has been pledged in bad faith and abandoned in sustained concealment by the Texas abductors and DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in 2016, to suggest payment of illegal fines a duty prior any verbal or written or teleconference contact with the Oklahoma Parent by the child. Further, did DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT assert that disclosing the fraud and deceit to the child - then injured and subject psychological healthcare for such injury in anger over the loss of contact - would be further harm to the child and attempted to suggest such fault in any harm were solely that of the Oklahoma Parent despite kidnapping to conceal and ransom by STATE OF TEXAS.

8. During 2001-2021, the Abducting Parents gave NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER on the location, welfare, health, or needs of the child; actively concealed the child; and published threats to the Oklahoma parent while making false public claims to justify this abuse and taking of RIGHT TO WORK for the abductors, both of whom were former IT professionals of record and thus competitors of the Oklahoma parent, and that concealed by the court and STATE OFFICIALS and FEDERAL AGENTS in the region to sustain a narrative of victimization in TITLE IV GRANT FRAUD.

9. Attorneys for STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA professional BAR ASSOCIATION did both deny the right to a "fraud" defense or mistrial, despite the accuser never appearing in court and her evidence granted standing while the respondent was denied the right to call witnesses and give evidence citing the absence of the petitioner in 2001 hearings (all), and "wholly in default" finding of legal fact December 2001, refusing then to grant default judgment to the Oklahoma parent while threats of arson and destruction of his legal address by fire disrupting his receipt of service of process, followed by theft of SUMMONS in concealment of service of process at 722 S Haskell Avenue (Dallas, TX) occurred in May 2002 giving less than 24 hours notice of any hearings in the period from 2001 December to 2002 May.

10. All documents, claims, and complaints filed were illegally destroyed by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and by UNITED STATES employees in contest, contrary 18 U.S.C. § 2071, to sustain the fraud and narrative of no discovery of complaint or resistance to this false cause made a TITLE IV claim from 2001-2021; and so witnessed by HOWARD H. HENDRICK, GARY W. DART, and other employees of OKDHS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA as well as CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, who refused to return the child or give information from 2001-2021 on written demand; and instead resorted to demands for money not afforded legal award on threat of false incarceration and taking of LICENSE OF PROFESSIONAL USE of the Oklahoma Parent if he did not comply unconditionally and pay interest on the EXCESSIVE FINE and silence his HABEAS CORPUS and CONTEMPT motions fully in 2016 threats to attorneys in DALLAS, TEXAS and TULSA OKLAHOMA.

11. Letters in 2002-2004, 2007-2009, and 2009-2013 reflect racist characterization of the Oklahoma parent, including in 2012 October 31st hearing by Donald Beal to suggest that the cause of such denial were delusions arising from "bad genes" in the Oklahoma Parent, confusing the LEGAL DISABILITY status of his foster family and their deaths in 2001-2012 aggravated by this violence with some fictitious mental health defect for demanding enforcement of POSSESSION ordered to his person and protection from RIGHT TO WORK violations in Global defamation hosted by NTT GROUP servers, VIRTBIZ.COM (PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO), and threats to extort $2000 USD by ENID PUBLIC RADIO KEIF-LP program manager Brian Young in concert with Beal and Veronica Petersen. KEIF-LP was fined $10,000 USD and failed to pay such fine, being then removed from registry, and Brian Young was later indicted for threatening to murder two women in written threats in 2018. Letters published by Beal, an employee of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES per his conviction for substance abuse and $15/hr income, claimed to have a $60/hr USD income in perjury before Judge Kilgore in 2012 October to impersonate the prior $200/hr billing and $75/hr earned net income of the Oklahoma Parent targeted in his fraud and kidnapping act. STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS refused to seek perjury charges against Beal, or issue a restraining order despite admission of sending 8 million ICMP packets to disable the AT&T Business lines of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP in key periods of 72 hour timespan, and alteration of such ICMP to include ASCII text defamatory of JAMES ALLEN as "an accident" during routine use of a computer in his role as an employee at EQUINIX/DIGITAL REALTY TRUST/INFOMART facilities in DALLAS, TEXAS. Prior, Beal was terminated for hosting high-value commercial software for distribution on customer machines, and employed violence against the reporting party witnessed by the Oklahoma Parent, before abducting the child of the Oklahoma business owner in 2001 and sexually assaulting the mother prior August 2001.

12. The Texas family has a pattern of violence and violent threats toward persons, including suggested murder and express plan to murder the Oklahoma Business Owner made in recording; in fraud to file a false police report to coerce surrender of the child, and use of a knife to take the child from the parent prior to filing "Abandonment" claim in October 2001 following such child abduction and concealment outside of DALLAS COUNTY, themed to be DENTON COUNTY (STATE OF TEXAS) during all such periods. This is supported by discover in 2015 that the parties had fled to DENTON COUNTY without giving notice of change of address to the court or Oklahoma Parent, thereby evading civil procedure entirely from 2001-2015 and again in 2016-2021 under protection of DENTON COUNTY without legal cause to further this fraud.

13. The actions, in concert with use of "TEK SYSTEMS" and other companies names in letters of threat to attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma and other jurisdictions, support this act to be a commercial kidnapping to benefit NTT GROUP, owner of NTT AMERICA of Michigan and their NGO "Affiliate" PACKET CLEARING HOUSE in State of California. Investigation suggests a tax shelter and scheme incorporating the INFOMART property in DALLAS, TEXAS with "Real Estate Investment Trust" status to deceive investors in securities fraud similar to ENRON, MCI-WORLDCOM, and SAVINGS & LOAN scams prior supported by Greg Abbott while he served in the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE STATE OF TEXAS; and in recent years passed by trade from DIGITAL REALTY TRUST to EQUINIX, concealing foreign unregistered agency of workers there acting for NTT GROUP as "COGENT COMMUNICAITONS" and other subsidiaries of NTT in STATE OF TEXAS. Attacks on networks of the Oklahoma parent appear to originate in coordination with sysadmin access to routers at NTT facilities in various countries including "The Omega Building" in Israel, as well as Australia, Italy, Singapore, China, France, Germany, Canada, Panama, SEYECHELLE ISLANDS, and other specific recurring destinations incorporated termination of circuits and VPN installations favored by the STATE OF TEXAS parties holding the child. Brands subject takeover bidding by NTT have been used to bombard and harass the Oklahoma firm, including "DIGITAL OCEAN", "OVH HOSTING", "HETZNER", and specific RUSSIAN FEDERATION colocation sites to deceive local and State law enforcment or cause loss of visibility of this complaint during buyout and merger talks by NTT/SOFTBANK/TENCENT firms.

14. The parties are therefore entitled full remonstrance and public notice, in like style to the "187" letter threats in 2009-2013 against the corporations and private investigator and staff of the firm with threat of rape and murder; and to call on all sovereign governments for aid in "Hue and Cry", a right of English Common law and obligation against DENIAL (a war crime) in the treaty "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE", for violations by the UNITED STATES, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, and their related subsidiaries active in this commercial triangulation activity and ongoing active human-directed criminal kidnapping and ransom activity using a child over 2001-2021.

15. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA defines this unregistered labor activity as a "union" regardless of lack of consent or identification by the parent company, in Article XXIII-1A, and a crime. As a crime, not a civil matter, so defined in protections in 15 U.S.C. § 1692d, all necessary force and public notice is the right of the injured party as is recovery and protection of their child despite any age of majority or other suggested claims arising from long-term concealment of persons. This is a crime similar to Japanese and North Korean taking of persons from China and South Korea, and warrants a full inquiry regardless of failure or complicity by local, State, or National government obligated a duty by Treaty to act and report this abuse. The Order MAY NOT BE BINDING as asserted by STATE OF TEXAS without the RIGHT OF POSSESSION due answer without condition of payment or duty prior relief and in a perpetuity contrary any false claims or "imputed income" disclaimed by FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244. As a UNILATERAL CONTRACT, the language is also subject interpretation by the enjoined party, and cites such debt "discharged" fully in 2003, contrary all false claims; due incompetent use of the word by STATE OF TEXAS and per BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 12th Edition, Corpus Juris Secundum in any tort or dispute themed an INTERSTATE COMMERCE claim at-law.

16. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by STATE OF TEXAS is the sole reason such complaint remains in legal life, and has no lawful standing unless the suggested "Secession" claims of independence from Federal Law and the Union effective August 11 2001 were to be admitted legal record; an undeclared and concealed act of war against the UNITED STATES and United States public trust and incorporator(s), of which the business owner is a class member by name and estate ("WITHERSPOON", of "JOHN KNOX WITHERSPOON" of State of New Jersey, for the Founding Incorporators by marriage and legal right so made uncontested as of Oct 10 2021 a LEGAL FINDING OF FACT in default, per 18 U.S.C. § 3161 and failure of answer.

17. It is alleged that NATION OF JAPAN, jointly with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, have formented civil unrest, piracy, and export of title illegally in false bill of goods upon such fraud; in a sustained promise of aid to secession and economic support of STATE OF TEXAS as an independent government from the Federal Union and United States (a nation); and employed kidnapping and genocide in case FR-18-04 themed cause 01-17702-R from August 11 2001 to October 11th 2021, disbarring their standing and all claims under the BERNE CONVENTION and LAW OF NATIONS before Witherspoon et al, the class and American People so injured by this criminal taking and act of war. Where UNITED STATES or other registered government has failed to act, are they so also void in standing any sovereign claims or rights against the declaration of and powers assumed for abandonment of the duty of the public trust and public office prior made, which may be imagined by "All Necessary Force" and Oklahoma Constitution Article I-1 and II-1 rule; and other rights specified in those documents in full.

18. It is the testimony of the Oklahoma business owner that use of 'crypto currency' ledgers, later themed "BITCOIN" appear to have arisen out of established money laundering and securities fraud activities in the DALLAS/FORT-WORTH area, in verbal notice to him in 2000-2001, and such activity there initially solicited to incorporate his aid so refused prior this action as to suggest an economic plan of sabotage to global securities and fiat currency use and banking essential to the UNITED STATES, and to deflect such attention by design upon NATION OF JAPAN and Satoshi Nakamoto, to conceal money laundering and counterfeiting of U.S. money in circulation and across Federal borders as part of a strategic action against NORTEL NETWORKS telecom and long-haul optical data packet switched network bidding in PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, later suspended on suspicious bidding by NTT GROUP of NATION OF JAPAN in 2001-2004. It is the testimony of the Oklahoma parent that such persons were engaged in cooperative action including fraud to embezzle equipment and to defraud the public in Dallas, Texas, including theft of company property for sale and Inter-company employee meetings to do such fraud against multiple clients, centered around Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, and Brian Wolf; so also witnessed by Michael Marino, Sarah Moore, and other parties themed INFRAGARD members Chris Maidt at that time which have been sustained by STATE OF TEXAS in concealment of kidnapping of a child. Tax evasion, evasion of restrictions imposed by the UNITED STATES FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION on NTT AMERICA at formation citing its foreign sovereign monopolies, and antitrust concerns voiced in formal letter by the UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION at formation, are further evident in detailed analysis of the business dealings and relationships, high value ($7 billion USD) joint operations between TENCENT and SOFTBANK, and nexus of such firms in business plans absconded from the Oklahoma Firm in later public claims and style to be expressly identical to limited disclosures before Veronica Petersen, then engaged to marry the Oklahoma business owner, and by former independent business owner Alica (Ally) Scarbrough - whose claims of false ownership of securities or member certificates subsequent to theft by check in State of Oklahoma are a known fraud to the Oklahoma Tax Commission despite citation in 2010-2013 ongoing kidnapping and extortion letters suggesting the death or serious bodily injury to the Oklahoma business owner in over 300 pages of documents hosted on GOOGLE servers (which they have refused to remove over 2013-2021) despite this kidnapping and concealment of a child in DMCA notice upon their legal registered agent. Evidence of this financial nexus in representation of Veronica Petersen was further made evident in 2016, in excess of income and means the legal fees paid and real estate titles citing such activity inconsistent with her high school education. Placement of persons by BSDPRO service domains linking the LOSTSERVER group, further suggest organized criminal enterprise activity and a theme carried by Ontario Canada resident THEO DE RAADT; to support concealment of the child by a BSD user community representing the DALLAS/FORT-WORTH community of INFOMART employees joint commercial activity against the recovery and to sustain deceit of the child. Use of termination points in ONTARIO, CANADA during large volume attacks, including 16 gigabit per second multi-day sustained flooding of LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATION and LINODE LLC of NEW JERSEY, further affirm a criminal enterprise with employee aid in STATE OF NEW JERSEY for which the UNITED STATES has failed to admit is their jurisdiction on claim such loss to UNITED STATES in real earnings shall require a prior $50,000 USD to qualify for assignment of a case and tasking by the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION in 2010.

19. Any competent person, so affected, will therefore concede that self-defense is the directed order of UNITED STATES in its abandonment of duty, and allodium the chosen defense citing no will to act and express "Spoliation" (23 O.S. § 23-9.1) a component of later 2015-2021 acts deemed abandonment of public duty by the 117th Congress of the United States; so wholly evident in 2020-2021 similar to prior "RIGHT TO WORK" threats falsely predicated on large numbers of Americans in a systematic fashion by ALPHABET INC., FACEBOOK INC., YOUTUBE INC., and other companies linked to SAUDI ARABIA SOVEREIGN INVESTMENT TRUST, a $200 billion USD foreign slush fund used by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN to direct technology influence over APPLE INC. and other major gatekeepers against the full and clear commission and regulations of any franchise of UNITED STATES made in a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES (whether publicly traded or privately held).

20. These claims, in identical language arising from CCP/PRC and NATION OF JAPAN rhetoric contrary the Laws of the United States, have become evident in 2014-2021, and asserted as-if-law contrary ordinary rule, aided by CNN and MSNBC and other Saudi owned news outlets (FOX NEWS) to the exclusion of national communication and free expression contrary this foreign theory of law and foreign "value" system of radicalized "Hegelian" Socialism themed also Chinese Communist Party and State approved religious system known generally as "Ruism" - which substitutes "settled (democratically asserted, authoritarian delegated) science" over Constitutional Law and written law as is customary of China and Japanese rule and values; a repugnant foreign theory of law to a Republic as was made "United States", and with aid and comfort provided to this fraud before the public by the legal person of the government organization known separately as "UNITED STATES" and its franchise "STATE OF..." commissions themed members of a "Federal Union" formed in 1865. This rule, not lawful, per finding of Chief Judge FOX (U.S. District Court of Michigan) in "MILOSZEWSKI v. SEARS ROEBUCK, 346 F.Supp. 199 (1972)(2)" is LEGAL FACT not subject dispute, and defined in Oklahoma Statute Title 22, as natural persons and anatrual persons ens legis (at-law, a legal fiction deemed a fact) for which the biforcation of duty of the nation and performance of the duty by the government as separate legal person shall not be conjoined to suggest a change of the commission or franchise nor excuse or disbar the duty from its performance, a requirement of the government to be granted standing or any authority which is conditional this charge and execution due.

WE therefore, humbly, submit the allodium is executed - and per LEX REX IMPERIALIS, separation the policy of sole remedy and protection against an incompetent sovereign wrongly possessed of some authority by public will which is prohibited its commission and making wholly and in perpetuity, so barred its continued legal existence. This execution, an "operation of law", not subject its recognition or admission, the duty of a government or public officer of the public trust and all offices of the same, duly made and essential to their standing at law.

The suggestion of contracts not to this order or duty are dissolved, per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, as are all debts, bonds, obligations, fidelity, and duty to such government or officers in conflict with the Laws of the United States so duly registered and publicly made (Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244), and waiving all reserved rights in their admission of payment in-consideration, fully paid per record in that interest (1991-2021).

The failure to restrain the labor, a contracted party, paid by the UNITED STATES or other nation or client, is a duty of those sovereigns to restrain their agents in fact; and a debt incurred and liability of unlimited degree assumed such abuse of public right and public security so made in this fraud and publicity under color of law. By clear violation of 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1) admitted in 2020 and hence a policy of UNITED STATES and some of the many member States of the Federal Union, in aid and comfort to war crimes of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and REPUBLIC OF GERMANY; a pattern of abuse all too familiar to those injured in prior armed conflict and open war for which the laws were made to enjoin and restrain those powers and their agents against similar harm and dismissal of ultimate liability and forfeiture of all rights and claims upon disregard a clear and endorsed agreement against which perfidy is evident and perfidy by UNITED STATES prohibited (Gen Order No 100).

Further, it is clear and intentional action to impose a "MONOPOLY" prohibited at law (OK Const. Article II) in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and license and commission lucrative services to select-men, a fraud; for which all other agreements and rules become void in suggestion or publication of claims found in the 2001-2021 concealment by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees and TEK SYSTEMS employee claims, persons the business owner saw terminated in 2000-2001 for fraud at NORTEL NETWORKS during a 90% loss of shareholder value estimated at $100 billion USD and $11 billion USD bankruptcy (2011). The continuance of which supports total nullification of any claims which arise or are incorporated with those acts of violence and kidnapping for concealment and abuse of a child.

These acts go beyond all ordinary civil labor union activity, to criminal racketeering and THE HOBBS ACT (18 USC § 1951) in concealment to abuse and molest a child in coercion of patent and trademark surrender and dilution for sale and export to a former enemy of the United States and in interest repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and of The People. Where such acts are for profit or personal vendetta, they must be undone and all benefits obtained on such fraud stripped from any registry or ledger, a profit of genocide and fraud not ordinary business or conquest, and contrary the rules and laws among civilized human beings set forth in the Lieber Code (Article 15 and 16). It is not the act of a lawful nation, and when conducted among persons of multiple nations, conspiracy against rights (18 U.S.C. § 241) for which felony injury is evident and self-defense a human right admitted by the sovereign powers in "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" regardless any delay or custom or claim to the contrary by National, State, or Local law or jury.

Labor organization, with criminal threats and to the extent of child taking and child abuse and child concealment in a pattern of fraud to embezzle and disable other workers and seize their property, is simple rebellion and insurrection (18 U.S.C. § 2383) which - when granted the support of any government or state, voids that state to any claims or authority over the victims of such crimes against humanity in any degree or quantity, and as a general confession of treason against the human race for which no government is granted immunity or authority by any process or right to suspend on such absence of DUE PROCESS and LEGAL CAUSE OF ACTION prior injury (21 Oklahoma Statute, section 21-3 and 21-8).

Such acts are the acts of an "Unregistered Nation", and the victims entitled to the same right of self-defense as the powers of an "Unregistered Nation" suggest in defense of their children, family, lands, property, and reputation (Oklahoma Constitution, Article II and Title 76 section 76-1 and 76-6). For those acts are not a legal part of "labor" and when enjoined any workers effort to overthrow the rights of others, make them an "enemy combatant of the Human race", and their actions a crime as described against the RIGHT TO WORK free of molestation and taking of children and property in cause of such fraud or claim to disable their ability to live and impose peonage, subordination, and interfere or destroy their ability to the free exercise of other rights among which not least is that of SUFFRAGE, the participation equally in the government of the community they are a part of when such act begins. When labor seeks to overthrow these rights, it is a rebellion and insurrection, not a legal act of ordinary competition or union rights; and is an illegal union engaged in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The nation of the origin of such people must bear the liability, for the doers of such act deny any and would rely upon their strength, legitimacy, and full faith and credit to carry out these acts of violence themed acts of war under color of law and abuse of public office. For this reason, the debt is shared by any nation who claim these persons, until they are restrained and the injury restored - and the living injured party a claimant unlike slavery of prior Centuries, first in line to receive the protection due and prior other grievances and regrets for those dead and gone ens legis or natural persons; the fraud of modern "Hegelian Socialism" expressly.

The debt is more than chattel or credit. It is a war crime, territorial, and serious permanent injury affirmed a restitution under 18 U.S.C. § 1589 obligated due to the injured parties. It is territory, immunity, and Allodium due. A nation that does not accept it will be reduced in authority and boundary for sheltering and sustaining such activity either directly or by proxy, is due nothing and admits no standing before the law of civilized people.

That G.W.F. Hegel's students would dismiss or espouse contempt for such fact, confession of a deep defect in their nature which sets them apart from the rights, privileges, and honors of the Human Race wholly and in totality. For an injury to the Dignity of one, is an injury to the Dignity of all. That is a Republic, in essence, and nothing less commissioned by JOHN KNOX WITHERSPOON than that rule, nor lesser art accepted as the legal agent of the writ, nor in abayance of the duty even in an instant, the authority and title due or owed to that office or officer who dissents or stays their hand from the act obligated at law and direction of its immediate execution to relieve such injustice as may strike down the very standing of the United States or any nation duly made upon the principles of man we hold to be True.

PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN have rejected these principles, again, in partnership wtih REPUBLIC OF GERMANY and many sympathizers in the UNITED STATES, NORWAY, SWEDEN, ICELAND, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, SINGAPORE, FRANCE, UKRAINE, PANAMA, and CANADA. IF this were a Democracy, that might mean something. But as a Republic, it simply extends the duty of the officers to act in resitance and broaden their guard against those who would aid in genocide, as ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT GROUP, SOFTBANK, and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD have for their respective states and nations utter liability now due.


As such, and due to disregard of Law by unregistered agents operating under foreign legal theory to engage in a pattern of espionage, sabotage, and industrial criminal activity; SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and its related brands now maintains a Qualified Customer registry; enjoining by contract those persons to the duty of the Laws of the United States for work and service done, goods and articles, and all trade - themed upon arbitration by labor union member services exclusive of the civil courts of the various nations in which this fraud is active or present. This act is necessary to ensure that resort to abuse of the legal process is not a remedy or tactic of public fraud and deceit favored by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN in unlawful trade practices and public fraud evident on NTT GROUP networks over 2001-2021, and to ensure absolute accountability to the laws made and registered by our community and so described in LEX REX IMPERIALIS as similar to those of State of Oklahoma and the Constitutional Code and Statutes themed Supreme Law by those documents in Oklahoma Territory. Per McGirt v STATE OF OKLAHOMA, the Territory no longer exists "inside the borders of the United States", and such claims and mandates now being imposed and proposed against the People of Oklahoma Territory, born outside and resident outside UNITED STATES territory and outside the Sovereign Nations authority of the tribes land in the same region; shall be subject to binding arbitration and select customer pre-approval, including strong identity and subject to civil process abandoned by STATE OF TEXAS in 2001-2021 violence and fraud.

Similar to Qualified Investors, the Qualified Customers rule provides a set of terms against which violation may void privileges and relief afforded good faith trade and commerce. Like cryptocurrency, these systems are designed to thwart abuse and undue influence express by illegal activity of state and Federal agency, for which the People have a right to protection and security in their belongings and civil lives outside of the endorsement and disclosure of association or conditions imposed upon such right of travel and communication, association, and other 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendment rights. All customers compliance with the Laws of the United States is obligated, like any professional trade oversight group similar to the SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION or medical board; but are exclusive of State government direction or association in superior obligation to the written laws and terms of the Statutes, Constitutions, and regulations so made; including Blacks Law Dictionary and other standard legal references exclusive of "public policy" or "precedent" claims of a foreign legal theory never having held authority to suspend or injure or harm as they have in 1991-2021 abuse.

Superior to common law claims, Statutory Law and LEX REX IMPERIALIS afford focus on the protection of persons from injury to dignity and rights superior to general welfare or benefits of other claims at-law. This means that a law may protect a person when a jury would not, and the arbitration will assert the privileges clause over any custom or local will - contrary "Democracy" (Socialism / Hegelian Dialectic Rule) popular in emerging courts and the 117th Congress of the United States. In a Unilateral Contract, the words - not the intent of the parties - shall apply; and operation of law shall prohibit intent from being wrongly portrayed as legal force. <\p>

This is not to say that contracts may be altered or amended by parties, but the practice of tacit agreement shall not prevail, nor restraint due concealment of terms, as specified in Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII.

Good Will is essential to contract law in good faith, and th erosion by design and abuse of mass communication and electronic mass publication has been express in FR-18-04 and 01-17702-R, to expose the abuse of such tools similar to Hitler and Stalin, in the mass murder of persons and abuse of generations in separation and violence against the public for false claims and in unlawful cause to suspend the rights of one for the benefit of others. LEX REX IMPERIALIS asserts as the name implies: "Words are Supreme and Assert their Full Authority by Design at Law". Words - likewise - may never injure or enjoin the erosion or destruction of the dignity of one to benefit others without legal cause and necessity, as already prohibited in 42 U.S.C. § 1994 and related law.

That many in our society believe "Democracy" grant some power contrary that rule or its duty inherent in the public trust to expose and eliminate perfity and fraud, is clear and present danger obligating the necessity of a strict code and application similar to the UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE (UCMJ) or Lieber Code, which has been absent in the 2001-2021 violence documented by the firm in STATE OF TEXAS taking of hostages in August 11th 2001 to present.

A nation, or people, whose credit is based on a hostage, is not a legal body or country at law. It is a criminal impersonating the ordinary and genuine authority of government and law, courts, and a false security intent on the manufacture of a threat by the injury and deceit to conceal such injury to persons against whom it would set the public and the state to enhance its own power and authority.

Whether the act of one person or the small acts of many who fail to recognize their role, all bear the total and full responsibility for such acts against the Human Race, and are entitled no benefits or rights arising from such abuse (ex injuria jus non oritur).