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Network User Accounts - IP7A

SDP Multimedia Group maintains a private network separate from the Internet, with gateways for authenticated users and services, similar to the 1984 William Gibson descriptions of regional national networks and jurisdictions under corporate private ownership.

This network is known generally as the IP7A (Imperial Protectorate 7 America).

Internal network address space and routing provide for communication with outside networks through gateway systems that allow our strong encryption stack to deny unauthorized traffic without transcoding at several points of ingress preventing conventional attack and spoof activity common in IPv4 and IPv6 technology.

Access to and user rights upon the IP7A network are governed by scope and purpose of use, requiring approval and review of each client, in addition to acceptance of the terms and conditions of use in express contract. Not all applications will be accepted, and general use is not a case for acceptance without clearance assignment.

Network account privileges start at $39 per month in one year term ($468 USD). Access include VPN key registration for use with most public VPN clients, and do not include firewall or DDoS protection privileges at that rate. Additional services including cloud routing of traffic and DDoS protection with firewall for routed services by name and designated public address (domain) are available.

IP7A technology is similar to cloud services with API support, but is not designed for general public use or sale and exists to create a secure network environment and protected subnet platform for development of technology related to the Beyond War Project and registered trademark services in dynamic distributed neural networks.

Application layer access to the IP7A API is not included in basic account access, and is an example of the project model for which this sort of network and stack are designed to operate - not a service or feature of membership. Public network standards are insufficient and protection by law enforcement inadequate to expose developing learning systems to public access and anonymous communication. IP7A provides a strong identity network for development of these technologies without infringing on the otherwise anonymous nature of the public Internet.

Non-IP7A network resources (IPv4 / IPv6) are available upon request for verified clients (non-anonymous buyers), as an alternative to the strong identity/authentication model required by IP7A users. Pricing is on a case by case basis, as market product availability vary daily. All services are managed services, with plans starting at $1500 USD per month for business and professional clients. Smaller accounts will be referred to wholesale.

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