Terms of Service

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All services are governed by our Terms and Conditions Agreement. Violation of the terms or rejection or termination of consent will result in suspension of service and possible termination without further notice.

Use of the service constitutes consent, including use by any 3rd party, and it is the duty of the contracting party to both inform and enforce any conditions set forth under these terms with their users. SDP Multimedia Group nor its parent company assume no liablity for any loss or damages resulting from the failure to enforce these terms or breach by any user of the service, account, or access tokens related, whether by the buyer or a 3rd party. For questions or concerns contact the number provided in support and at the time of purchase immediately.

SDP Multimedia Group is specifically not responsible for any data uploaded or stored on the server by the client or any person they permit to use their account, nor for any loss or damage to data. TeamSpeak file storage is for temporary use only, and should not be used to substitute for long-term file storage. Storage is limited where any use shall cause undue impact upon other customers or impair the normal function of the server and voice services whatsoever.

Do iot upload copyright protected material to the servers. Uploads constituting full length movies or very large files will trigger an audit to ensure compliance. Inspection of storage is required by law where activity creates probable cause to investigate potential unlawful activity such as movie or music sharing.

Illegal files including copyright restricted movies, books, and protected software may be removed immediately without notice, as is required by law.