Real Programming : The INDIVIDUAL ESTATE

This July 2019 the fraud brought to point several issues that small business need to consider in hiring and "intimidation of labor and employment" (21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838).

Chief among these is the claim regarding what a "real programmer" is.

Real Programming

A programmer is, by definition, anyone who has ever written a line of code. Not a person who is being paid or has been paid a fixed amount to write code, nor is presently employed by a UNITED STATES or other corporation to perform the job of programming.


The prior counter-claims - themed stupid claims, no doubt, but claims made none the less by TEK SYSTEMS employees and their agent in fraud spanning 2001-2019 extortion activity in the concealment of a child since August 2001. Such claims likely stemming from Nortel subcontractor developers were trying to pass off Allaire COLD FUSION (a software platform) as proprietary software prior being recommended for termination by JAMES ALLEN, then a member of the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION asked to investigate this activity by the Richardson, Texas Director via Douglas Minnick, Department Head. These claims since employed in alleged violation of 21 O.S. 21-836 concealment of a person from a writ of habeas corpus and suspension of the right of habeas corpus on taking for perpeptual conealment of a child.

Real programmers are not a union or class, whose membership is subject to approval. However sociopath dysfunction admitted to programming communities have circulated claims to the contrary, confusing in an effort to sell services in organized and Interstate Racketeering exclusive of other vetted and experienced programmers.

This conduct is criminal activity in INTERFERENCE IN INTERESTATE COMMERCE against Oklahoma and Texas developers, and documented in claims in 2003, 2012, and 2019 in context to kidnapping for ransom and extortion barred by human trafficking statutes in the State of Oklahoma (21 O.S. 21-748).

Impersonation in Child Kidnapping

Like "The Real Ghostbusters", the effort to impersonate and assume the identity and reputation of real persons in professional trades by an underclass of criminal actors ruined what was otherwise a very American business industry. Creating by fraud a condition in which exclusion of states and corporations who have nexus in those states from the privileges and benefits of a "tainted patent and trademark registry" influenced by RACKETEEREING INTERSTATE CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS (RICO).

This abuse is predicated upon the claim that programming is an exclusive or entitled field which persons not commissioned by the STATE OF TEXAS or STATE OF OKLAHOMA, STATE OF MICHIGAN, or other similar incorporated body at-law, may not be entitled to admission of service or right to commerce in competition with their commissioned or accredited personnel.

This activity, an alleged violation of Title 18 section 1961, to disclaim the right to commerce or ability to perform in the securities backed activities of registered organizations in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES, paired with deprivation of alleged rights and unlawful taking prohibited in TEXAS STATE LAW and FEDERAL LAW, leave the persons targeted entitled to a statement under 22 O.S. 22-31.

States drawn into Fraud Activity

A person who is accredited in any way by the state, or any organization, has no right to perform computer services or industry activity in commerce exclusive of another party, and claims to that effect which are related to "ad hominem" (character, reputation, or health related diagnostic claims) to gain commercial advantage over that person, are criminal activity which render the organization, state, or nation which has employed or does employ the party issuing those claims to be subject to full loss of rights and privileges under THE BERNE CONVENTION and COPYRIGHT.

This is permitted response under THE HAGUE CONVENTION regarding "retaliation" rights of nations and people, and affects both "THE BERNE CONVENTION" and any other OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES where such acts to deny the rights of the UNITED STATES CITIZENS or other party of equal market access in perpetuity, in equal form, as is "necessary force" (76 O.S. 76-9) to the restoration of rights (76 O.S. 76-8).

This right to resistance against injury affirms that the claims that certification of an unregulated industry to create a fraudulent union on kidnapping and hostage taking of American developers August 2001 to present, shall taint the UNITED STATES, NATION OF JAPAN, and UNITED KINGDOM registries sufficiently to disbar their standing and claims in all patent, trademark, and copyright laws while such violations of "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE" are refused recognition.

This concept, which breaks the national standing of those incorporated nations, for injury to the INDIVIDUAL ESTATE, held to be the rights of all persons in individual rights themed a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT obligated by the UNITED STATES to the American People per 586 U.S. ____ 2019 Case No 17-1091 and 588 U.S. ____ 2019 Case No 17-647, void the claim of such registrations against any body politic whose right to registration were barred by acts of violence denied remedy under Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6 and II-1 rule.

Suspension of Rights Voids State Claims

Whereby the STATE OF TEXAS has alleged that invoked Article II-29 rule shall forfeit property to SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or its contributing workers, in 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21 O.S. 21-838 violations so alleged - and such claims lawful in "public danger" posed by this abuse per AMENDMENT V - filed with the DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY June 2019; in fraud to collect $113,500 USD violating final judgment issued July 1 2002 of $500.00 USD in an action themed "res judicata", these rights are not subject to conditional enforcement or the forfeiture of any other rights on their exercise per Title 18 Section 241, of the United States Code.

This matter, related the "title of office" which the STATE OF TEXAS has sought to license, suspend, or commission on surrender of property themed to be registered with the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNTIED STATES, prohibited "fraudulent conveyance" per estate rights in Article II-15, Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and all other implied agreements void by 21 O.S. 21-748(E) and Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, disables the STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and UNITED STATES in any claim against the rights of those injured by the fraud themed 01-17702-R, registered a "discharged obligation" November 21 2018 on confessed payment in full in contract.

Effort to deceive the public in violation of 76 O.S. 76-4 rule, to commit fraud in violation of civil procedure guaranteed in procedure of law to render a "final judgment" by TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.261, which violationes Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 obligation to update the 1995 law as required on February 20 2017, affords no relief or defense to this confession of forfeiture of registrered patents and trademarks, copyright claims, and other property held by the parties named DEFENDANT in formal civil suit filed in response, seeking $12,000,000 in direct damages and unlimited punitive damages, and voiding all claims subsequent to 2001 August 10 made by the states and UNITED STATES, and by the nations sponsoring the fraud in NATION OF JAPAN and UNITED KINGDOM.

Forfeiture of Rights Extend to State and Federal Registration

Similar forfeiture of registry, performed in like answer to aggravated abuse in 1945 against the REPUBLIC OF GERMANY for war crimes, afford these rights in prior precedent at law, and international rights reserved by the American People against violation of the I, II, IV, V, XIII, and XIV AMENDMENT rule cited in the prior cases so affected by wrongful taking and concealment of newborn children to influence the right of suffrage and commercial entry to market by Oklahoma residents named in those frauds, on the grounds that such taking constituted a "qualified justification to deny employment themed $60 USD (Year 2000, adjusted $90 USD 2019 compensation) hourly, and $200 USD (Year 2000, adjusted $300 USD 2019 compensation) hourly, by kidnapping for ransom and control of minor children of the American People in 2001-2019. UNITED STATES confesses destruction of reports and records in this by the Department of Justice, as do the STATE OF TEXAS confess fraudulent record of payment contrary 564 U.S. 431 Supreme Court ruling in evidence offered in 2019, and STATE OF TEXAS confess BARRATRY on suit for a debt themed past due which was a balance and such balance disclaimed in full in sealed letter prior from all collection, in false suit sustained thereafter.

Experienced Programmer Examines the Problem

When you force an experienced programmer to look at your Constitution, Federal, and State laws and regulations, as are evident in 45 CFR section 302.56 and 303.6 - to cite flaws including 303.6(c)(2) and 303.6(c)(5) violations, the outcome is both predictable and binding force at law.

Whereby commission of the license of the practice of law is prohibited to the ordinary person wrongly, precluding form 1995-2019 any resistance which was lawful and never authorized licensing or penalties imposed by the legislature or Congress of the United States at any time in this matter per 588 U.S. ____ 2019 Case No 17-647 rule that immunity shall not be sustained against any employee of any state or government who violate the civil rights or "privileges and immunities" of the People; it is exposed that the PRO SE right of a programmer accused in such fraud may be in no way better employed or eximplified than the "Debugging of the Constitution of the United States" to enable safeguards and privileges then ruled (9-0) absolute and superior law by agreement of the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) in February 2019 586 U.S. Case No 17-1091.

The seizure of a programmer's children, family, reputation, and right to commerce, was a poor decision where the rule of law relies upon logic rather than "discretion" prior themed an escape from absolute accountability via "Sovereign Immunity" and other void theories at-law, as exercised in GREG ABBOTT claims for "MARK BITARA et al vs. STATE OF TEXAS" and appeal; justifying the lack of "definition" of the word "parent" in "Federal Law" to void 28 U.S.C. section 1738(e) and deny any obligation to rule 15 USC 1673(c) in unlawful taking and forfeiture in body of UNITED STATES CITIZENS from other states on contact or appeal for return of their child, then moved in the State of Texas from DALLAS COUNTY to DENTON COUNTY and no information afforded by the court from 2002-2015, as well as no reunification in 2015-2019 on demand for $2000 per month or more regardless real income.

Fraudulent Demands by STATE OF TEXAS on Record

These demands, themed "imputed income" in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, are illegal and a form of embezzlement from the TITLE IV program barred by 18 USC Section 666. Changing the $500.00 "final judgment" is also barred by the UNITED STATES Title 42 section 666(9)(C), and claims to modify such orders in TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157 void any contract as "debt bondage" per 21 O.S. 21-748(A)(3) rule.

No industry which relies upon "kidnapping" (Title 18 Section 1201) to void the rights of a party nor imparts by "blood relation" immunity as a class at law, is lawful nor an authorized act of the Congress of the United States, and voids the claims by UNITED STATES in all matters, having relied on this to violate the Lieber Code Article 15, 16, and 23.

The defining ability of a programmer is not to remember the entire API (Application Programming Interface), but to use the tools to research and obtain the information and relationships, requirements, and circumstances of use appropriate to the logical use of any "code" - whether a programming language or the statutory or contract law defined by Blacks Law in all matters. The failure to cite a code or condition does not make it non-binding, and reliance upon the incapacity of a single programmer to invoke all calls to stop a violent war crime at the time the crime occurred and under threat of incarceration, bodily harm, and loss of property and estate including personal property, real property, and intangible property, is a gross failure of the UNITED STATES executon of American Jurisprudence.

Per UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT, a contracty themed illegal between STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA contrary Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6, II-15, II-29, II-32, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9 to introduce "severable clause" where no contract clause exists and is barred expressly in Article XXIII rule, bypassing Federal "Full Faith and Credit" clause in Article I section 9 and 10, and also barring Article IV section 2 and 4, by inferred agreement among States, these rights are disclaimed in Section 607(b) obligation to issue "appropriate orders" and section 604 rule of "obligations and their satisfaction" wihch entail both return of children as well as possession in addition to child support collection. In short, there was never an agreement to deny rights conditional money, or any right to force victims to "self-extradite" to face criminal penalties in STATE OF TEXAS nor was such agreement authorized to the STATE OF OKLAHOMA as an incorporated agency to enter into such agreement, evidence of 18 USC section 2383 and 2384 violations in acts and claims contrary.

Determinations Which Contest Facts Themed Void

When the determination of a court of law is themed superior to the facts and findings of a real-world circumstance, that determination is void and a fiction themed fraud by the UNITED STATES or its court of record, and enforcement of relief reserved by Oklahoma Constitution article II-6 is enumerated plainly to prohibit this abuse and many others (II-15, II-29, II-32, XXIII-8, XXIII-9) to include the prohibition of altering contracts by agreements made by the legislature ex post facto.

Assault on Dignity Warrants New Institution

If there is a sufficient mastery of a trade or skill, then it is epitomized in the execution of that craft upon the instruments of government, a formally organized society, and people - whereby the least injury is done to them for the protection of the greatest "dignity" - defined by the rights and protections inherent in the term REPUBLIC as having a construction centered upon individual rights rather than collective rights or collective benefits or other public "good" themed to have at any instant the right to infringe upon these "INDIVIDUAL ESTATE" rights.

New Standards in Data Structures Define "Dignity" Formally

The creation of an "INDIVIDUAL ESTATE", which is a class (body politic, styled in the fashion of polymorphism concepts in the programming language C++) by which each person is granted an instantiated instance thereof, and any alteration to that "INDIVIDUAL ESTATE" or its properties and protections is an alteration in injury to all who call upon the "INDIVIDUAL ESTATE" in any instance, fully appreciates and conveys the net result of this experience.

As Alexander Dumas so eloquently stated, in perhaps the most quoted philosophy of his father, "All for One, and One for All", is in no way better exposed both in the programming language and concepts of C++ classes and American jurisprudence than the principle installation upon the defintion of "life" at onset, in the extension of the INDIVIDUAL ESTATE to children at birth or potential separation from their mother's body, replacing the flawed construction of "best interests of the child".

Extending this concept, American Jurisprudence under "Seven Alpha" portrays the infringement of any of these properties of the INDIVIDUAL ESTATE to be in form and intent an act against the same rights of all members equally and simultaneously as the physical person affected, and applies to the doer of such violation or infringement the full force of remedy as though an attack had been executed on all persons entitled to the INDIVIDUAL ESTATE, as expressed in 76 O.S. 76-4 rule of deceit of the public, as an offense against the class and the natural person simultaneously. This action extends Ayn Rands "objective" logic, in the express analysis of acts against individuals as acts against all persons invididual rights when infringement is evident in any single individual to injury or "serious harm" themed in 18 USC 1589 or other legal theory of harm; separating injury from ad hominem "to character" abuse which confuses injury with "mental health" labels frequently used by Hegelian Sectarianism to disable victims of severe violence and serious harm themed "persuasion" by their stormtroopers and supporters.

This is the ultimate answer to violence using social media and modern "new media" (data switched networks having global access) which the UNITED STATES and other nations have abandoned in their official office, citing jurisdiction and cost among other legal theories to refuse protection obligated to The People (Oklahoma Constitution, Article II-1).

The Best Interests Argument

The "Best interests of the child" are wrongly themed to imply the "best interest of society" by the UNITEDS STATES, STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and TITLE IV programs; in fraud to deny the fundamental rights and privileges of UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP and of American Jurisprudence (the law and rights of The People, defined in Article II-1 of the Constitution of The State of Oklahoma, a ratified agreement of 1907 accepted as Supreme Law by the Congress of the United States and binding at law in all language).

Wrongly - in the creation of suffrage rights - were the rights of The People including protection from injury and deprivation of contact and communication assumed in confusion with the right to participate in government bodies and political questions.

Benefits to Children and Adults

The "INDIVIDUAL ESTATE" restores to children the full rights of human beings themed by American Jurisprudence under the self-organized body at-law and national character "Seven Alpha", a network of professionals formerly of the UNITED STATES, and affirms that the right of "suffrage" - that is, the right of political execution of voting power and participation in the affairs of government, shall be separated to correctly recognize the inherent protection of young from abuse while affirming the rights of suffrage to those persons who are 24 years of age or older, based on degraded cognitive and moral development resultant from the STATE BOARD OF REGEANTS activity under the member states of the UNITED STATES and in the sale of employment and commission of trade union rights under color of higher education themed a general fraud and usury activity by the UNITED STATES.

In full, this statement by the "Seven Alpha" community fully answers the question "What is a real programmer" for grounds of economic activity and rights completely, in addition to entailment of rights which are inherent rights (76 O.S. 76-1) and exclusive of the grant or revocation by any government, body, or organization at-law whatsoever.

This answer, made in context to the kidnapping for perpetual concealment in hostage taking by STATE OF TEXAS from 2001-2019 and coercion themed human trafficking activity in violation of Title 22 section 7102 rule, including "coercion" and abuse of legal process, fully affirms the commitment of the "Seven Alpha" organization to the "American Jurisprudence" themed a separate law and nation from the UNITED STATES and its incorporated member states activities against The People and so also prohibited in The Constitution of the United STates, upon which American Jurisprudence rely while invoking their right to alter or omit portions which may not be enforcable without infringement upon the enumerated rights of The People, who are per Article II section II-1 the sole authority entitled to these changes and incorporated into "Seven Alpha" as a single class equal in privileges and rights of commerce not affecting healthcare nor prohibiting the free election of healthcare obligated in Article II-37 rule of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma.

To Follow - Or Not To Follow - American Jurisprudence

If you cannot follow the prior logic, you probably are not a programmer.

To a programmer, the prior is the Declaration of Independence of the United States restated by the American People, and evident in its citations of law without the need to recite every line of code in every library to make a point.

As a rule of thumb, if the person you hire cannot make sense of the above, hiring them may not be a good choice for the term "Programer", but the concepts are the same as C++ as they are in contracts and laws, and as easily ignored by less competent persons without a clear understanding of the severeity of consequences your company and organization will be liable and obligated should you accept their service or product as your own acts.