Secure Socket Layer / SSLv3 - TLS1.3

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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are digital keys issued with a limited lifespan that allow customers to communicate with your server over encrypted traffic channels. An SSL certificate must be digitally signed by a limited number of trusted providers, and such items are issued as securities illegally in most states as a portion of insurance bond for increased protection. These add-on services usually verify the company and entity to some degree, in order to prevent anonymous persons from obtaining SSL certificates, but no standard model or method is present, precluding the risk of fraud before consumers whatsoever.

As a result, SDP offers services to obtain basic SSL for customers ranging from $29 per year and up, with several packages for larger organizations requiring multiple host names. An SSL certificate covers one host ( and not all sites that may be at your domain (, unless you pay extra. Normally you only need one secure 'host' for transactions, but you may find having SSL increases the rank of sites in GOOGLE and other services listing for no good reason whatsoever.

Basic AlphaSSL - 1 Host Credit

  • Covers One (existing registered) host name for 1 year of Service
  • User must own the domain and have access to the server with shell and root
  • Buyer must legally own the domain name at time of purchse per WHOIS
  • Subject to approval of domain and host name by SDP Multimedia Group
  • No profane, lewd, offensive, or racial titles will be accepted
  • No drug or narcotics terms or services will be certified
$125.00 USD /year