SDP Multimedia Group hosts its own channel 15 hours each week, providing viewers with local online competitive games led by an experienced alpha playtester credited in MechWarrior Online, Planetside 2, and other creative projects.

Our service provides 1080p 60 fps high quality video with multiple players featuring Intel and AMD systems for comparison of performance and cost-benefit, targeting the PC gamer market.

If you would like your business or website features on our channel, we accept sponsors subject to approval at the following levels:

  • Alpha - Provided full review and in-game chat about products and services, product testing, notices, events promotion, reminders during each program, and mention at least once per day in special thanks as our premier service sponsor.
  • Beta - Feature of product content at least once per day, up to five times per week, for 30 seconds equivalent to conventional billboard or radio airtime. Great for lower cost members and audience testing.
  • Epsilon - Inclusion of a URI link with product and brand name in our host page, appropriately positioned to similar products or services, with no guaranteed airtime or mention. Ideal for a regional niche market service or personal sponsor. Website is not required, but recommended.

Pricing for sponsorship is $500 / $200 / $50 per month for alpha / beta / epsilon. Public donations are also welcome, and the highest current donation will be given beta placement in the program for the following month term during any previous month.

$1500 USD Omega Sponsor - (5 day promo) 1 month

$1000 USD Alpha Sponsor - (2 day promo) 1 month

$500 USD Beta Sponsorship - (half day) 1 month

$250 USD Epsilon Sponsor - Link Only (1 yr)

For an invoice and contract with complete terms and conditions, contact or call sales at: 1.866.332.2821 9-5 cst.

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