SDP Multimedia Group

Available Staff

All personnel are available based on prior booking and schedules. Failure to pay promptly will result in cancellation of your booking period. All services are pre-payment conditional deployment of agency personnel, with a limited down payment on contract and final payment prior first day of work on-site or on project terms.

Senior Software Engineer
Development of billing application software on Oracle and MariaDB SQL systems for large accounts.

Telecommunications Administrator
Administration of 500+ seat call center operations with hold and skill / split routing intelligence.

Database Architect
Application layer warehouse and sku tracking with inventory for component electronics and consumer appliance services.

Database Manager
Oversight of programming team operations and database integration to existing enterprise applications and roles

Sr. Office Manager
Employee and policy management for professional corporate office and appointment, customer relations management software, and integration into executive-client contact control methods.

Web Application Developer
Full application development of front-end forms and interface with back-office data and client security application design.

Data Entry Specialist
Specialist in data integrity and application loading for sensitive production and real-time enterprise environments.

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