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Managed by actual Oklahoma Residents who are actually in the State of Oklahoma (unlike other vendors)

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Teamspeak 3 servers afford users privacy to chat without sale or retention of content, text, and other data retained by no-fee-services. Use for conferencing or in-game coordination of teams is common. Use for file distribution of protected works without authorization or use for harassment or staging, planning, or organization of harassment or civil disobedience to include riots, criminal purpose, or civil wrongdoing or harm to any person is prohibited, and will result in termination at the discretion of the firm. Professional conduct and business atmosphere is expected of all customers, including policies in context with public safety and national public policy against felony stalking, harassment, or other forms of fraud (see 18 USC 2261A and 18 USC 1431 for limitations in specific detail).


Cancellation and Service Changes can be performed by using your PayPal Subscription tools to cancel service at any time. The firm does not retain your payment information, and relies on PayPal to handle all subscriber fees and funds, as well as to provide trusted 3rd party relief should ordinary dispute first through customer service be contested. We have never had a ruling against our firm, but we choose to pay refunds in most cases at our discretion to support our satisfaction goals and service availability expectations. Service Assurance (SA) is not a cause for refund, due to the nature of possible abuse and risk of incitement in misuse of telecommunication products. Mediation is best effort, and proper Internet Safety and fair use rules are recommended to minimize impact from bad actors, competitors, and abusive community conduct. Additional produts including VPN and private network voice hosting for select groups are available. Prices constitute public facing hosting and best effort abuse countermeasures of a high-availability server.

We will then, when we so deem, disable your server after non-payment. Sometimes we are a little slow to do this, as Oklahoma allows 10 days grace period on late payments. Usually in 11-30 days after non-payment a suspension will be made, and the server will be deleted after 90 days following a failed due date.

We can manually cancel accounts for cause or upon request. User verification is required to cancel service, and must be made by the Billing Party, with 90 day period for reactivation thereafter to prevent data loss due fraud. Use of the service to harass or organize harassment may result in sudden termination, at the sole discretion of the firm, and is not authorized use.


SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is a small business in Pontotoc County, located there since 1990, and offers telephone support for customers as-available. Competitors appear to be out-of-state entities in Canada and Argentina, targeting our service over racial and political issues. We are a pro-Constitutional Law U.S. based firm, and not a foreign unregistered entity pretending to be in the United States. Our customer service numbers go to the actual city where we are based, not Colorado or Wyoming or some call center in New Jersey. We are not a front for OVH or Beuaharnois data centers, Dallas Socialist Movements, or other Antifa or foreign business engaged in unfair practices. To our knowledge, we have the only human staff in the State of Oklahoma, and our anti-drug policy has instilled competitor immitation in the City of Ada to damage our business over this concern for user welfare and security. Due to these security concerns, our staff location, availability, and support schedules are confidential and as-available. As some customers already know, we keep odd ours.

Support is in concert with local charity and assistance for disabled communities. Telephone support is subject to availability as a service, so we may assist our clients with limited mobility or other legally registered medical disabilities with priority.

Due to medical service priorities, harassment will not be tolerated. All calls to customer support are recorded and monitored, in the interest of reducing abuse. As a genuine small business, engaged by very large foreign political competitors, we must advise all customers to be aware of abuse and disinformation campaigns to harm disabled persons and the elderly, who are our primary beneficiaries of these services. Our role as a security group since 1999 supports those non-technical customers needs first. The service we offer for casual users is a benefit, not a primary line of revenue for our company, and we will not prioritize false claims over client welfare and privacy rights. Malicious targeting of our charitable clients has been ongoing since 2010 by other agencies operating in Missourri, Texas, Arkansas, and Enid Oklahoma. Please keep this client priority in mind and Regional Hospital privacy policies related to such security practices made necessary by certain scams affecting the vulnerable and elderly members of our community in real estate fraud and probate fraud in end-of-life care requirements misused by Texas and Oklahoma false charties and event promoters to incite public abuse of elderly and disabled customers in City of Ada, Oklahoma under false name and military service false claims in grandchild abuse and concealment to extort elderly retired persons and U.S. Air Force veterans in State of Oklahoma.

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