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After three decades, we should not have to explain how computers can impact business and public life. Unfortunately our public education system has failed to perform this simple and essential part of minimum education. SDP Multimedia Group has formed a new community based on standards and practices themed "AMERICAN MEDIA 24" or "AM24".

I.   AM24

The AM24 program is a license for professional user conduct and behavior themed minimal to communications technology use in the 21st Century. Knowledge of lawful use of written and public claims is absent from basic United States Department Of Education criteria, and is not an elective for any worker with access to cell phones, SMS text messaging, Internet access, or similar service. The "24" in AM24 stands for a minimum age of maturity post-college undergraduate level in the United States of America, when most phsychologists agree the brain has finished adolecent development.

Persons under 24 are not incapable of AM24 performance, but are not yet experienced by workplace and life to make fundamental decisions regarding public communication use. As a result, their ability to participate in discussions, forums, and chat for AM24 services are restricted. AM24 allows guaranteed user identification to ban, suspend, or silence a user, and to carry bans against users over from one service to another in the common AM24 service layer shared by multiple businesses.

Participation or use of an "AM24" service, forum, broadcast, or communication subject to administrative authority signifies agreement and consent to the terms hereafter explained in context to United States Federal Law, State Law, common law, and Constitutional Rule in arbitration and final judgment affecting all AM24 servicers.

II.     Virtual Private Network Community (VPNC)

AM24 is carried on a "virtual private network" (VPN) known as "Seven Alpha", which restricts access to members in good standing and applies security rules based on member data retained by the central service, protecting users privacy while enforcing a higher standard of public communication and business among users than the "old Internet" still maintained by Google and other foreign owned corporations. Seven Alpha is owned by American residents, and complies with the Constitutional and Supreme Law of the United States enjoined with the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and its statutory code. Arbitration and management services for disputes are handled through a process known as "Imperial Coalition American Jurisprudence" (ICAJ), which is separate from the former STATE OF OKLAHOMA courts and Federal Courts of the UNITED STATES still present outside NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY and the ceded land known formerly as Pontotoc County prior McGirt v STATE OF OKLAHOMA decision by the United States Supreme Court releasing such territory wrongly claimed as UNITED STATES JURISDICTION over persons born there. Matters pertaining ICAJ will be handled by agreement of this process, and does not waive those rights of protection from criminal injury or other privileges or extend to agreements to contest jurisdiction of the regional States.

III.     Applicable Law

The rights of American Jurisprudence are therefore defined by common law and Supreme Law in registry since 1907, a duty of the UNITED STATES and other nations to respect and external to their claims or incapacity to carry out services due or other discretionary abuse.

The Purpose of Seven Alpha is to maintain civility and protect enumerated rights from abuse now common in Chinese "Ruism" and its western theology known by "Progressive" and "Democratic Socialist" titles, which are barred at law by Title 21 of the Statutory Law of the state of Oklahoma from any effect or practice against such rights retained by the People in the United States or its allies sovereign authority.

As a republican form of government, "Imperial Coalition American Jurisprudence" (ICAJ) purpose is to serve and protect the rights of its members, not act for its own interest or profit contrary those members own privacy, property, and clear title. Any interpretation to suggest an entailment suspending these rights is barred by Article XXIII-1A, XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and void, such as estate law to entail bondage or force labor, human trafficking, corruption of blood, or other act of insurrection, rebellion, or treason (18 USC 2383 and 2384) against the members or their property, person, reputation, family, or other rights (Title 76 Oklahoma Statutes).

IV.     Necessity

Ignorance of these rights, a product of public education and abuse made a pattern of extortion and racketeering in 2001-2021 by UNITED STATES in violation of 18 USC 666 and 31 USC 3729(a) qui tam fraud, is not tolerated in Seven Alpha or its franchise rights so made, nor claims of private personal sovereignty granted to any franchise of the UNITED STATES or its member states so made afforded standing, as per United States Supreme Court 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647. Any civil claim to suggest such powers by contract or lien there also void, per 586 U.S. ___ (2019) case no 17-1091, in oral arguments of Ruth Bader Gisnberg so made record of the court, are binding in American Jurisprudence in perpetuity, and such rights prescribed in protection at law in civil matters from criminal conduct regardless of case or indictment so made prior, enumerated in 15 USC 1692d and 1692n rule, a duty of the member states to carry out or withdraw contrary any Sovereign claims.

Pursuant to 21 O.S. 21-31 "Right to Resistance", any felony such as 18 USC 241 may warrant full and immediate use of necessary force, as also specified in civil matters per 76 O.S. 76-9 State Law, and others may further aid in resistance to such abuse. Seven Alpha is an organization for the resistance to this abuse, in community and protection of community members, by which tactics of foreign sovereign nations and foreign law do not have standing or bear any claims to the contrary without risk of formal charge for the allegation of lesser force in the Laws of the United States or those of its people so made and retained powers not granted to the UNITED STATES or any government organization over the People, their affairs and welfare, children, and right to relations among parents and children not afforded lawful DUE PROCESS or HABEAS CORPUS in 2001-2021 of record.

V.     Penalties

Abuse to suggest other motives or purpose will be construed as 'false prospectus' in securities fraud and so pursued as foreign economic acts of espionage and sabotage by all officers of Seven Alpha in all cases, based on harassment and organized criminal Interstate activity themed in 2001-2021 against SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and its fellow Seven Alpha firms. The firm reserves the right to treat these acts as "acts of war" and other violations of "THE CONVENTION FOR THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE WAR CRIME GENOCIDE", and enforce and declare sanctions accordingly across all members for offense or violation, including immediate termiantion of acecss to services, accounts, and contracts subject Seven Alpha terms of services. This is a "Zero Tolerance" policy of civil conduct in literal terms.