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XCORE™ Basics

The CORE and Extended CORE systems for AGS provide replacement board, CPU, and in some cases memory for older products. This is important because major advances in main board architecture quickly make older PC systems obsolete, and conventional systems are NOT designed to upgrade after purchase.

Example XCORE:
2920X-32RE Kit (Cost Effective 12 core Kit)

Ryzen Threadripper 2920X with Pro Carbon board and 32 GB (8x 4GB) 2133 DDR4 RAM
Fits all AGS and AGC models, and Heavy Machine™ branded models.
$1495.00 USD

Understanding Our 10 Year Plan

The speed your CPU talks to the system memory is limited by the memory controller channel bank on your main computer board or chip. This is a part you usually cannot upgrade by design in other PCs.

A PC with single channel can only communicate at 1x speed. While dual channel communicates at 2x that speed, and four channel at 4x that speed simultaneously. Modern software developers frequently fail to realize older single channel banks exist, and many intensive applications fail to work without dual channel support.

Older single-channel memory connections used Hypertransport (Lightning Data Transport) technology to create the 200 to 3000 MHz link for high speed memory. Modern DDR4 memory can operate at 4500 MHz, but most retail computers ship only 2133 MHz memory modules. MHz is not accurate, but commonly used mistakenly in the industry by sales people, for MT/s (Megatransfers per second).

As we arrive in 2018 Fall, many older single channel PCs remain in service, according to hardware surveys, and indicate the aftermarket for older technology remains strong. However, new FPS games depend on fast loading of assets in very large environments, and are observed breaking on older AM2+ and AM3 solutions. Dual channel is present consumer technology, but quad channel is available.

We can therefore assume that as FPS developers move ahead with very large dynamic detailed 2K and 4K environments, the bottelneck at memory load speeds will translate directly into seconds lost in major games. By replacing the board to encourage adoption of the highest memory channel technology, we can maintain competitive positions for our lower cost AMD products, as well as offer current and longer lifetime use for our Intel products as advances become available.

Because AGS include a retail USB operating system key, it can be reinstalled on any main board or processor upgrade - unlike OEM licensing included in most retail branded PC systems. This means your PC can last as long as it has current parts, and has a 10 year warranty from SDP to cover extended service life.


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