Advanced Gaming Systems™ (AGS)

Originally developed for proposed e-sports and content developers, the AGS product now serves distributed scientific computing as its major industry application. Video editing and bias in the platform space prohibit high investment against content developers who are enabled by their producers and platform agenda. AGS platforms continue to operate between the server and super computer space for professional game developers and bleeding edge application platform development among scientific and special interest groups in interactive computer applications.

What is an AGS

Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS) are media workstations for specialised markets.

AGS provide superior multi-tasking ability for real-time intelligent systems in small business studio environments. Recent efforts in 2023 September to overshadow the features of existing AGS platforms with claims of discovery in distributed computer applications underline the need to isolate your data from cloud, data center, and for-profit rental servers - owing to the infiltration of Automated Scraping Systems as psuedo-Artificial-Intelligence products.

Private Network Computers

PNC (Private Network Computers) are intelligence systems designed to thwart ISP and hosting company data gathering by employing end-to-end encryption with clients managed by an intermediary "trust" layer prohibiting use of your publications as "training data" or other form of pesudo-public-domain claim.

AGS are the first PNC solution for the public market.


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