Advanced Gaming Systems™ (AGS)

Video Content creators can no longer compete with consumer equipment, especially in broadcast video on-demand and live performance work. While platforms pay over $10,000 USD per month, consumer PC manufacturers have not identified a workstation class solution for professioanl gamers and video broadcasting which incorporates gameplay features and support plans for changing display technology.

Advanced Gaming Systems™ by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP address this niche market of prosumer video and conference hosting popular on major exchanges with a dedicated system starting at less than $10,000 USD.

What is an AGS

Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS) are media workstations for content creators and streaming media producers.

Each system supports the multi-tasking ability to support complex real-time video and audio service for an at-home or small business broadcast studio.

AGS platforms incorporate modular frame design and future support planning with very high throughput memory and low latency necessary for video encoding with a broad range of products and software-based effects applications.

Display Technology

AGS platforms are built to house and support high grade prosumer ray tracing graphics expansion cards, multiple devices, and future power needs of 280 watt CPU and 375 watt GPU solutions.

Consumer equipment is not rated for this equipment, and is usually built for a much shorter lifetime similar to household appliances and disposable electronics. AGS are manufactured with industrial use and recovery to minimize waste and cost in maintenance over extended operational lifecycles. The oldest such systems now in operation were built in 1999 and continue to perform today using Zen3 architecture.


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