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The prior is necessary verbiage, for a very simple idea: "The United States (a nation, by definition) in registry of nations, a political body at law, and its government - an agent and ens legis creature of the law made in UNITED STATES so designated in the agency of that national character, is 'real' and entitled to contract. That contract does not mean it may ignore the terms of the charter or bylaws, rules, or act only in its interest or benefit where equal protection is obligated and a duty of office in all execution of that position in the Public Trust.

This is not 'bad', and serves a very important purpose for protection of property and complex (intangible) rights, like real estate or name use (see Title 78 Oklahoma Statutory Code, Section 78-21).

However, other countries - and their agents and followers in the physical United States territory, often don't give a flip about that, and will act like they are in Beijing China or East Afghanistan as it suits them. Ordinary travel and communications barriers once prevented this from becoming a mass problem, but those days ended around 1992.

While the term "title fraud" and "slander of title" is relatively new, it is often not well understood in digital crime and digital abuse backed by foreign sovereign private or state support to legitimize false claims and to make public confidence in improper claims appear to be the sole resort of persons against which the law or communication systems are weaponized and where such systems are overcome or under 'undue foreign influence' by improper administration and poor safeguards, checks, and protections.

While such issues are associated with "Texas Nationalists", "Klansmen", "Separatists", "Terrorists", and "Sovereign Citizen" movement claims; we are far more familiar with their abuse in 2000-2023 by organized "Smart Gangs", groups of unusual members in organized crime syndicate activity who hold down regular jobs while operating clandestinely in other areas outside the law - relying on their public persona and employer to shield them from suspicion in radical activity and abuse of persons. Such persons often rely on the 'perceived status' or 'perceived economic means' of their public office (or private commercial or not-for-profit franchise of government) as a badge of station to overcome other persons and appeal to less sophisticated and simple procedures designed for earlier times. Exploiting those systems by fraud and organized collaboration to deceive the court and law enforcement where cross-examination of claims of a radical and wholly fabricated nature rarely receive the cross examination that an internal affairs officer or technical corporate department head would afford. Reliance on the organization engaging the party to vouch for their character and competence and integrity, where foreign agency can purchase or construct such entities effortlessly, is exceptionally dubious and flawed.

This is not a matter of foreign government conspiracy. It is a simple matter of wrongly placing Judicial Review in private corporate and for-profit or social community control, which is inherently going to look the other way to protect its own interest and minimize its liability or discovery of other corrupt activity.

Deceit to suggest 'conspiracy' where there is simply 'incompetence and complicity' in private organizations, disclaiming a duty of State or Federal Justice or other audit to rule-out the claims and fact-check EVERY CLAIM MADE and speak to EVERY WITNESS CITED, is evidence on the merest suggest of 'conspiracy' as defense - a fraud in evidence to deceive less sophisticated investigators.

Such fraud is usually intent on overcoming the 'title' of such property - which like cryptocurrency or other off-book transaction or back-channel, is an easily convertible asset for personal gain in transfer; and no proof of conveyance required to establish malice and criminal activity beyond the violation of the right after notice of a title against that or in duty of care to violate any right afforded to a child in their care by any order over such child; as the caregiver has a DUTY TO BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE TERMS AND UPHOLD THEM TO THE LETTER AND BY INTENT, even where they are delegated care by a party specified in the contract such as a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR.

Or in the case of registered property or 'any article or device or design' such as described in Title 21 Section 1173 subsection (c) "information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, customer list, business records or process," and (c)(1) "derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and not being readily ascertainable by proper means by, other persons who can obtain economic value from its disclosure or use;" and (c)(2) "is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain its secrecy."

Such as designs for a game, mechanisms in a game not published to the consumer, concealed media or artwork in preparation for a future release as part of a product, and all information and context of that material disclosed by the viewing or transmission or description or summary of such elements;

(d) "The word "copy" means any facsimile, replica, photograph or other reproduction of an article, including copying, transferring and e-mailing of computer data, and any note, drawing or sketch made of or from an article."

And by such work to reverse engineer or convey or disclose the methods and patterns and practices and purpose of such work without sale to other persons in a design without consent and permission of the title holder.

This is not impractical, nor comprehensive, but the "construction of words" express in Oklahoma Criminal Code, to define the limitation of communication and behavior by persons against a 'real' Oklahoma company or corporation, or a natural person for that matter, in the overreach of their property and to damage their labor or works through abuse of that real, physical, or intangible property.

The effort to "second guess and describe a persons inner thoughts, intentions, motivations, goals, emotions, or state of mind" to justify a line of argument as a legal fact or public claim of character, merchantability, or fitness of purpose as a 'real' product - like a LEGAL PERSON, and their qualifications to be a parent toward a child as a 'real' right using mass communications - would be one such false statement and a 'slander of title' in the PARENTAL RIGHTS of that LEGAL PERSON over the instruction and character and bond exclusive with their child. Such a person inserting themselves into that relationship as an interpreter and asserting they have an authority to validate or invalidate and conduct an authoritative diagnosis of such data they have obtained by force, threat, or coercion - is displaying a deeply distorted perception of reality that is clinically either known to them to be utterly false and thus fraud to injure - or a delusion of mental disorder.

At law, we are not entitled to speak for the party engaging in such action on their behalf to assert they claim a MENTAL HEALTH disorder as defense; nor in business or administrative review of actions as non-clinicians. We may only examine the claims, the construction of words, and without benefit of a "MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER" as a defense - conclude and report formal findings that such actions to assume that right at law is a criminal intent to defraud and cause irreparable injury.

Persons so engaged in such activity should be removed from office, while persons speculating on the potential or factual pattern of behavior consistent with known disorders objectively and with cause on factual and express specific citation subject a counter-claim and cross-examination are entitled those statements and assertions to warrant protective and immediate sanctions in protection of other persons and removal or reduction in privileges afforded by the scope of their office.

Where children do not have the benefit of this objective protection, these behaviors may not be recognized as dysfunction or criminal behavior patterns, and adopted and incorporated in isolation. Abusers often will seek to isolate children - in whom they can obtain validation for this behavior due to a lack of common life experience to disbar the conduct as improper and unacceptable, making these persons predators and expressly dangerous to the child during development.

While these behaviors are usually and quickly extinguished in executive and academic family homes, the public school and foreign government direction of unskilled labor and line operation academic and scientific workers frequently and broadly normalize such dysfunctional behavior - further wrongly installing authority and delegation to a class of authority separate from the written law or regulation as superior and sole exclusive authority to sanction or limit such abuse. Whereby all acts become permissible and peer review and support sole limit to malicious behavior until such authorities are engaged by victims or peers to interdict the group.

The way such groups target dissent and victims to disable their report and credibility, augmented by electronic communication and covert long-distance communication methods not open to the court or other public channels; change the way law enforcement must operate in the 21st Century, and make the question of natural person and LEGAL PERSON in title, rights, and equal access to markets a central aspect of security and equity in public trade and labor.

Whereby regional standards would exclude bad actors from local organizations and community, global electronic markets afford bad actors a ready auxiliary of smaller more extreme groups to approach when initial rejection ends abusive relationships and interactions; escalating and refining criminal behavior with collective and distributed member support in areas of cybercrime and title and benefits fraud, abuse of mass communication, and identity theft.

Eventually such persons lose the perspective of normal conduct in this permissive atmosphere, to the extent that any information contrary to their present mindset and oversimplified belief is rejected as invalid by default; often projecting their incompetence and incapacity on other persons as a defense to disable facts of a case and complex aspects of behavior they do not want to accommodate in a narrative delusion of criminal pursuit and reward.

In prior periods of human history, people would escalate in this manner until someone popped them for trying to roll up on a child or spouse, horse, or land claim - and very often that worked until the early 1900s. The advent of computers to remove that ability to carry out justice and impose a security against violation of property and family - while billed as a positive development - made protecting yourself and your property more dangerous as a 'real' person of registry than of any party acting outside the system or in an 'undocumented' status; and limited the prior right of persons to stop such abuse and defend themselves through improper application of Court records and the reach of court actions to wrongly and falsely suggest a "TRUE FACT" rather than an "ASSUMED FACT AT LAW", one that is the stated belief of the Court based on limited time, limited information, and a moderate application of economy of force and less-than-lethal application of fines and punishments reliant on other (grossly dysfunctional and inoperable) safeguards wrongly.

Auditors and investigators do not look to COURT RECORDS, a JOURNAL of an officer, and assume that represents any information in full or outside of a court of law in limited time subject intentional concealment of facts. A qualified regulator will ask instead, "What Happened, in fact?" and assess the claims, evidence, data, and all supporting patterns to make a reasonable determination of the inquiry. The ability to induce this is a conclusion and is not based on probability or events, but rather on a confidence in the stated facts and less-than-certain; as well as to weigh numerous uncertain findings and data - and to distinguish data from inferences and conclusion, as separate legal things.

In review, what we find is that many title fraud cases resort to an 'almost magical certainty' that some event or fact occurred, from which a right at law was created affording control of title. While in fact, title is just a legal writ supporting one party over another, having no physical force or power of its own not enacted by a court or other enforcement action - often by a prior agreed process and multiple brokers in financial accounts and law enforcement. When any of these brokers breaks down or neglect their office or duty - the process fails.

This is true of title over cows, cats, cars, and children.

The inability to see the evident harm to the natural person, to the natural child, and to the persons injured by the false assertion of any fact as damaging to obtain control over the property of the title; is certainly not a factual indicator of a genuine title, and is closer to criminal strong-arm coercion than a legal process or any power at law inferred to engage in that conduct and spoliation of property (and title).

Spoliation is the wasting of value - not only to the title holder, or to society, or to the integrity of the child or animal or property - but also to the welfare and benefit of any party who is a beneficiary and in portion set by the legal standards and franchise of such title. In Communist legal systems, this is to the utility and service and product of the property, for the public as a class represented by the State. In the United States, this is to the health and welfare of the child as a vulnerable disabled person, unable to make decisions for a period of minority, and to the family in traditional law or to the state in Progressive Socialist and Democratic Radical Socialism. The state is such communities is not the government LEGAL PERSON or nation, but in fact the community as a representative of persons seeking the utility of the child and willing to trade for that with the parent in credit or goods or standing in the community for mutual protection - regardless of written law.

The better you understand that "Spoliation" has multiple meanings reliant on the religious, moral, and political theology of the parties - which differ and are never going to be uniform or consistent; the easier it is to see the entry point for title fraud in intellectual property and LEGAL PERSON title fraud, as well as abuse of real estate for liquidity value immediately to persons engaged in title fraud.

Just screaming "SOVEREIGN CITIZEN" like LEROY JENKINS and charging right in to invalidate these complaints and issues, is a certain sign of title fraud disbarring any value other than that to the party overcoming the normal and ordinary welfare of the property in title.

While these protections are evident to most Americans prior 1996, the overwhelming influence and financial buying power of regional justice and law enforcement, motivated by local economic affluence from overseas and foreign investment and job creation, have utterly destroyed that assessment: rendering the inherent value of property subject title to be "book value" (sale or liquidation value on present immediate market conditions, often bad conditions) solely. Power to hold property versus these "book value liquidation" efforts, a punitive abuse of the 4th Amendment, are closely enjoined 1st Amendment (Speech) intimidation and 2nd Amendment (arms) violations sought and directed by parties compelling "book value forfeiture" or control for labor and debt bondage of persons the rights of parents, property, and essential activity such as elder care and pet care, to knowingly, falsely, and criminally impute a "duty of labor" (Service) owing the protection of such property (a 4th Amendment right) and of one's own natural person (human body), in the interest of the LEGAL PERSON (an estate, a legal thing) for cause of debts.

While some countries style debt as sin or proof of criminal offense to fail repayment, equitable with murder or armed robbery, the United States is not one of those nations by law. All civil debt is at-risk and cannot be sustained where circumstances occur or markets or industry changes, and subject limitations in taking set forth in the Federal Law and State Law. Where human rights are suspended to obtain payment of debt in excess of income or 65% of net income (15 U.S. Code Section 1673), that is not lawful and EXCESSIVE FINES, void at law.

Increasingly, the influence of foreign lenders and parties cultural direction has enabled persons to import these foreign claims barring economic life from having authority over personal life and personal property already obtained in separate transactions; and to style all property as "collateral" falsely and wrongly. This was denied by the Unanimous Supreme Court in 2019 in case 17-1091 during the 586th Session, in eloquent order by Justice Ginsberg. Despite this, the final ruling was not allowed to keep her oral pronouncement, and as such - its loss was a major blow to the correct interpretation of the United States Constitutional Law against this encroachment of the Uniform Code of Commerce and foreign courts.

Where such rhetoric by U.S. Citizens is increasing, to support overcoming the 9-0 prior decision, it is rebellion and sedition, insurrection, and conspiracy against rights on prima facie.

While evident, the ability to take, conceal, remove, and abuse children to accept those foreign convictions over the Laws of the United States is a very real and developing issue in the United States; and the title over children simply another "book value" asset to such persons, convertible to an entitled expected earning without respect to ordinary earnings, proceeds, accounts, rules, and a form of fantasy of perpetual security - for which title fraud perpetrators can directly assault and engage the Court to act as their enforcement for abuse otherwise barred by law and rarely sustainable without the use of a de facto hostage in children, elderly family members, ill or infirm members of a family, or other threat to property, life, or chattel.

That is what we have here, in the prior case, over 2001-2023 well documented - as well as evidence of gross neglect in the private and State and Federal Justice and community protection, to resume BLACK CODES described by Ginsburg as a criminal enterprise of the State and Federal Civil Courts, barred by her ruling in 2019 on case 17-1091.

So long as the public look to a franchise exclusive of their own action, such as the court or State or new ORDERS to affirm and re-apply prior express clear and unconditional duty of prior ORDERS already disclaimed; there can be no effective remedy to this abuse - nor to restore the confidence and thus the equity of credit and trade in the State or United States for many (200,000 victims per year, who lose permanent contact without a legal cause due to the abuse of the United States courts and their officers). Laws like The Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA) and "The Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide" or "The Victims of a Severe Form of Trafficking and Violence Act of 2000" are empty words where State and Local law enforcement refused to enact a basic degree of criminal protection on the violation of civil orders and to broadly refuse relief out of a fear of retaliation by organized foreign corporations and agencies purchasing franchise in the United States Marketplace to overcome domestic business and individual industrial and academic franchise provided under United States law.

The LEGAL PERSON, the instrument of credit, is directly under attack as a result of this abuse; and is a point of attack for foreign sovereign fraud and criminal fraud; which requires immediate revision and security to protect the United States and The American People from abuse. When a LEGAL PERSON is detained, or the agent is removed or incapacitated by fraud or false claims for less than a conviction worked, while civil honors and civil rights are suspended in violation of Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 21 Section 21-8; real injury is done not only to the individual - but to the State and United States.

We have become too reliant in the LEGAL PERSON as an instrument of debt, rather than benefits, and in doing so have afforded a gross abuse of persons in what cannot be sustained and by EXCESSIVE FINES, for which persons with boundary issues (unable to distinguish between private and commercial assets and accounts among shared organizations) are able to leverage public and mass communication to incite the public to take property, carry out spoliation, and inflict irreparable harm on the individual and any person speaking out against their abuse and collective syndicate.

SEVEN ALPHA™ is a mechanism to resolve that issue. Restoring legal rights and law as the equity of protection without a sale of enforcement and broad (society-wide) sanctions not afforded by the patchwork of prior Federal Union members and States vulnerable and inoperable cooperation and prior general interest against foreign sovereignty.

Arbitration through competent fact finding, reports, and supervision - services not afforded to the public by the scale of law enforcement now available, and predictable as well as operable in concert with developing automation in artificial intelligence and support technology evident since 2022 to the public, a product under development since 1998 by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP for social simulations and perceptual multi-user-environments.

It is a rule-based system, as the Laws of the United States and humane merciful and rational Courts were intended, able to scale to much larger populations and procedures; with additional protections not possible in the prior process of paper and non-specialized general courts and juries; similar to the professional review organizations intent and purpose in clinical medicine and legal board oversight. Governing mass communication, trade, and the property rights of private individual citizens and services, both in physical title and intangible property rights, in the context of a PRIVATE LIMITED SET OF SERVICES AND PRODUCTS.

Every service is engaged in this process, to some degree. Few are doing so with the intent of creating a generalist system and mechanism of identity management independent of State and International Sovereign organizations, in which property and rights can be managed without fear of abuse of those systems or conversion to other forms of radicalized 'utility' or 'book value' liquidation, as needs of the State, public, or pledged welfare of a fictional character are prone to do in cycles of public government, law, and title.

One in which the mention of the needs of a natural person, and of natural rights and law, do not become synonymous with that of incapacity to simply understand that the process demands obedience and submission in corruption and breach of agreements, and regardless of injury done, as if immune to natural consequences of a tyrannical sovereign.

And in such system the interest of justice and remedy are to the delivery of protection - in perpetuity - not just in the period of a transaction of business and the proceeds of such arbitration a privilege for which dissent may be cause sufficient to withhold justice, recognition as a legal person, and to abuse and disclaim the standing of persons by sale of commission, title, or utility to the authority of the Court or State, or for convenience.