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Documented Attacks And Discovery

Ongoing attacks to disrupt the firm are documented from June 5th to June 28th 2022 in regard to the retaliation to coerce a witness. New evidence shows "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC.", "EQUINIX", and "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS" occupy the 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas address where the defamation sites were published and registered by Donald J. Beal for LOSTSERVER labor union - an NTT GROUP service organization led by persons claiming to be Dorian Kim of PCH.NET and Jared Mauch of NTT AMERICA INC.; hosted on patriot, atlas, and titan servers attached to

Address information in the data matches the D4 site of "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC.", "EQUINIX", and "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS" per GOOGLE MAPS (Map and Summary 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX). Original perpetrators were known contractors of TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and TERRABOX at the D3 site (1950 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas TX) for NTT-VERIO at the time of abduction, and cited in the letter to claim false employment of JAMES ALLEN by TEK SYSTEMS to defraud in 2011 letter of extortion. Such letter was issued despite WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION to abduct and abuse the child, spanning 2001-2019 without pause or relief, and JAMES ALLEN never worked for TEK SYSTEMS nor with Donald Beal as PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES hiring party Andrew Miller attests. Mr. Allen's true client of record and timesheet and contract was NORTEL, directly by PROCEED, and as such this attack an assault upon a "vital employee" with "first hand eye-witness information" to the email server breach, targeted by the firms who extorted him through concealment of a child to overcome NORTEL NETWORKS shareholders and sabotage the bidding by NTT and HUAWEI against NORTEL causing a $250 billion financial collapse.

Donald J. Beal has persisted in this fraud in 2022 January 28th as evident in this letter from a POSTNET office to conceal and obstruct CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS in false legal process upon the City of Ada and City Attorney Frank Stout, shown here: false civil processs themed a Freedom of Information Act employed against the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and CITY OF ADA; and to use such material for COMMERCIAL use in extortion on YOUTUBE.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, GOOGLE LLC, and to extort in March 3rd 2022 after the death of Mr. Allen's mother March 2nd 2022 in repetive contact to extort over $67,000 USD under color of law violating 45 CFR 303.6 and 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule - and to seek forfeiture using false persona in such adjudication of debt to defraud prohibited by Oklahoma State Criminal Code 21 O.S. §21-1533 which bars the claims at law per 15 U.S. Code §1692d rule.

The following service log shows the pattern of abuse, sustained to extort. Additional information is available at ADAOK.ORG detailing the defamation site contents, images, admission of kidnapping to conceal a child, and 26 page report on the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and SINGAPORE role in attacks upon the NORTEL NETWORKS corporation causing $250 billion USD in losses.


Refusal to report this and to conceal these facts appear as Fraud by STATE OF TEXAS, in similar fashion to prior MCI WORLDCOM ($80 billion) and Savings & Loan Scandal ($20 billion) securities fraud refused local law enforcement and protection for witnesses coming forward. We were very surprised in review of CANADASUCKS.NET and CANADASUCKS.ORG use in defamation sites, to see the 2323 Bryan St address listed as the ADMINISTRATOR of such fraud; linking formally the occupants of D4 site of DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. to this fraud and early activity in D3 site by NTT-VERIO contractors later themed COGENT COMMUNICAITONS employees, who aided in the 2001-2022 concealment of the child and threat of murder of James Allen.

DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. is a firm created by unknown investors and a "donation" of real estate by NTT AMERICA INC.; then traded with EQUINIX to conceal the use of such property and ownership. DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. is a $53 billion firm - about 20% of the size of NORTEL NETWORKS at the time of the 2000-2009 DATA BREACH (Alt. Academic Copy PDF 11MB) causing its bankruptcy due to industrial espionage.

The 2000-2009 data breach caused the 2002-2004 TELECOM RECESSION and a loss of 80,000 jobs worldwide in Nortel alone, preceding the November 11th 2001 attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York State.

Even more surprising, our firm discovered June 26th 2022 that is routing requests for InMotion hosting in California from Oklahoma to Dallas via AFRICA (; in what appears to be distinct route tampering to exploit cryptocurrency binary downloads from leading mining resource (see: report.txt) These routes changed after we filed a formal complaint with DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. - in apparent route monitoring and tampering by employees in their Dallas LEVEL3.NET edge network and system administration; indicating a retaliation and prejudicial route manipulation normally seen in FIVE-EYES wiretapping or man-in-the-middle attacks on software downloads to substitute payload binaries from common trusted sites with malware binaries in network intrusion activity requiring admin privilege abuse at