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We are struggling with format options - and aware that the "newsgroup" style 8pt text is irritating to users who did not grow up with "alt.newsgroup" threads and similar PHPBB forums; a hard read.

PDF does not really work. Nor HTML on most small consumer (low-end) devices.

The writers use XP-PEN 24" tablet desktops, in QuadHD, which make the content read like a Newspaper with a "zoom" dial physically built in. While awfully elitist, this device does act like a huge iPad tablet, allowing reading the content just like traditional print. Accomodating "window" scale for "art deco" graphic and ad copy or visual website design, does not afford what level of college reading and scientific journal material the firm regularlly deals with.

Customers who are not familiar with scientific journals or high end 1080p or greater displays, are going to have a very hard time reading "modern" websites for "academic" or "scientific" publications. To some early and remedial readers, it may feel like "reading a dictionary", as is common in precise legal copy of a highly formal nature in extremely violent and Interstate controversey a specailized skill not generally taught in public schools by the United States. Home school readers have no such difficulty, and we cite that suggests a cultural defect rather than a visual disability.

There is nothing we want more than to return to our projects, but threats of violence and abuse of persons to sexually assault and extort, are pressing matters against our firm and its industry.

Therefore, like a party under legal duress, verbosity is specific and not entitled interpretation or misuse to suggest claims other than expressly made and limited here. Use of the content elsewhere in part or less than full, or without permission in any degree, are further felony activity cited in 2003 and 2013 letters of extortion themed felony conspiracy 18 U.S. Code §249 Hate Crimes.

With legal notices, you either get the whole story, or NO STORY and no right to take a portion without the balance. This is contrary "sensational journalism", and only required because our competitors have again elected to incorporate identity theft, child abuse, and falsify their own 2001-2022 activity to blackmail our firm in fraud to deceive their employers and government of a legal right to carry out terrorism violating the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act and Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act expressly - with legal right to sanction and suspend all legal trade and copyright, trademark, and other terms with any country those firms or their employees represent at law and immediately.

In short, Russian Federation is right - and a lot of people died because of people like those we are giving public notice on, who by their actions to evade responsibility and conceal serious injury to children did trick the People of Ukraine into committing suicide by engaging the Russian Army head on while relying on the United States or Texas to bail them out. And now their kids are going to grow up without parents, many victims of human trafficking, because the scenario begun in 2001-2022 has been repeated at scale in Ukraine. Take a lesson from that, and decide if its worth it to your kids to read the scientific breakdown of such matters and laws before you pop off or comment on something you don't fully understand or simply cannot believe.

The purpose of such disclosure is not to entertain or sell you cereal.

These are Constitutional and legal matters pertaining open insurrection and rebellion in the United States by Texas Nationalists and organized foreign unregistered agency imposing a false property claim upon the People of the United States, including a claim on the right to take and raise their children without DUE PROCESS.

Such matters deserve the full detail which follows, and are utterly non-fiction.