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Fraud Notice Concerning Business Matters Now Before the Court

Special Matters are cases where simple legal process does not afford a 15 minute inquiry, and should by law be the duty of the City, County, State, or Federal Justice to carry - but often are improperly disposed of due to fraud and embezzlement of State and Federal Grants themed qui tam (31 U.S. Code §3729a) whereby a professional body such as medical or legal officers act to falsify Federal reports and conceal a serious crime.

The following is a Special Matter, obligated rule of law, and created by concealment of legal standing of parties in an INTERSTATE COMMERCE clause fraud by TITLE IV AGENCY subject exclusive 5 U.S. Code §101 rule of judicial hearing not entitled State Sovereign Immunity a full or partial defense; from which human trafficking and debt bondage with forced labor described under 21 O.S. §21-748.1 and under present civil suit afforded 21 O.S. §21-748.2 rule notwithstanding any permission or duty to give authority to file by the District Attorney or U.S. Attorney General, and in ongoing and malicious deceit of the public to defraud, which affords a legal notice based on incitement of real violence and prior burglary to extort and fire to destroy legal service of process in 2002 and theft of U.S. Mail now documented by the U.S. Postal Inspector as of December 2021 in ongoing destruction of U.S. Postal service and interference thereby in civil process evident and incorporated a child taking with injury for perpetual concealment by force predicated in a false court swearing of oath as "abandonment" by Veronica Marie Petersen, aided by Iva Petersen and Donald Jonathan Beal.

Use of false name, evasion of service of process, concealment of medical facts, injury to a child, and active public efforts to incite the public to carry out commercial harm in concert with activity themed competitor acts by employees seeking to displace the Oklahoma parent and their business, are evident and alleged a Hobbs Act Violation not afforded proper jurisdiction due suggested lack of financial injury sufficient to warrant the FBI tasking agents or carrying out duties that local civil court, City detectives, and District Attorney should ordinarily do in similar situations; and by consistent and systematic misrepresentation to conceal material facts of the case by such officers of the court as to constitute accessory in felony degree evident to persons familiar with the parties, eye-witnesses, and facts; in interest of $2.2 billion embezzlement from the U.S. Treasury each year for grants conditional terms of protection denied to the Oklahoma parent and child.

Due to lack of awareness of the legal standing of the parties as COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES and agents of FOREIGN SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT COMMERCIAL FRANCHISE ACTIVITY in FORMAL CORPORATIONS using names and mergers (8-K filings) to conceal this direct foreign ownership and conflicts including export and distribution of lynching and conspiracy to do violence outside the United States afforded a network of real persons admitted in organization and to incite domestic terror against a place of business, using concealment of a child ORDERED TO THE POSSESSION of that business owner and refused and concealed in INTERSTATE COMMERCE requiring Federal or International cooperation denied by the UNITED STATES wrongly; the letters and documents are entitled a public notice for cause and to overcome rejection of evidence themed central to such matter and fraud to suggest no crime done if no case (investigation) undertaken contrary Federal Law (22 U.S. Code Chapter 78).

The failure to establish a case on complaint is a crime, per 22 U.S. Code Chapter 78. Prima facie of fraud alleged, with commercial and identity theft, including the most recent "service of legal process from a POSTNET store in Dallas Texas on the CITY ATTORNEY to obtain video for use in COMMERCIAL EXTORTION and interference in IRS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA tax filing in premeditated business activity disruption themed under the Oklahoma Antiterrorism Act a felony in each count and void partial or full defense for any prank, joke, or similar incapacity to fully deliver on threats and claims and abuses in the letters threatening, demands, or implied abuse of public office violating State and Federal Law, and in conspiracy in the assumed nature of homosexual hate crime language employed for this purpose and ongoing fraud to violently take, conceal, abuse, and flee the jurisdiction with a child from ORDERED POSSESSION the ordinary aspect of a competent court and duty to enforce superior any imputed demands for civil fines, a serious fraud by STATE OF TEXAS in formal and ongoing demands enjoined these letters threatening (21 O.S. §21-1533 and §21-1304 allege violations in each count).

The size, volume, and detail of a professional "analysis" of the letters is a burden to the layperson and public, and to some court officials, from which a 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 criminal fraud is constructed to blackmail and seek forced labor, debt bondage, and forfeiture of commission of a real company by false claims and false prospectus in securities tampering using a child as collateral hostage.

Non-professional summary and rush to judgment to disclaim 22 O.S. §22-13 are primarily responsible for the duration of the fraud, now 2001-2022 ongoing without relief; a product of United States vulnerability to local graft and "grifting" behavior to embezzle Federal estate securities and benefits under color of TITLE IV AGENCY commission, duly restricted by 5 U.S. Code §101 and Federal Register Volume 81 No 244, the publication of final legal service of process by the UNITED STATES upon the many member States of the Federal Union; for which some States in this matter reject as insufficient evidence and suppress report to sustain illegal activity barred in 2017 February and violation of United States Public Policy there admitted to be in force in 1991-2022 or later.

The public is vulnerable to such fraud, as it falsely trusts justice will be done by the County Court and State Agencies, for which a Federal Criminal Probe and Federal Criminal Process are obligated relief; and Federal Civil standing to file suit as a "relator" (in name of UNITED STATES) suspends ordinary protection from suit in other matters concerning abuse of 5 U.S. Code §556(d) and fraud defined in §706 rule. Fraud is further obligated this hearing, per UIFSA Rev 2008, per violation of Section 3 to destroy judicial review prior filed in 2015 by prosecution violating immunity in 2018 as retaliation for applied right in 45 CFR §302.56(f) and to coerce surrender of a child and estate, criminal activity to overcome a civil process requiring Federal intervention against State and County employees named in express complaint and 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III civil counter-suit; alleged in Federal Criminal Code Title 18 §2071 and §666 to be felony activity concealed by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS and Director of commissioned agency made in State of Oklahoma to carry a false civil process impairing INTERSTATE COMMERCE and International Trade with irreparable harm to the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE and registry of the Library of Congress to disbar its authority in matters of $70 billion USD trade and multiple transactions related $40 billion merger and $44 billion merger and several $1 billion acquisitions initiated and supported by a $423 million specific property sale and two transfers in fraudulent conveyance of U.S. trademarks for dilution in false sale to UNITED KINGDOM and SWEDEN observed in concern with the fraud and threats made to extort - a COMMERCIAL enterprise of multiple persons and letters alleging organization and direction of such purpose by the party and in legal answer, and on behalf of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, an estate ens legis not a party to the original 2001 civil suit or legal matter, in transfer of assets and debts by STATE OF TEXAS in false ledger for TITLE IV grant fraud to the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION registry of cestui qui trusts ens legis persons (legal person) for TITLE IV fraud themed alleged 18 U.S. Code §666 violation not abandoned by KEN PAXTON, OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE STATE OF TEXAS, despite overwhelming fraud with death a result and kidnapping refused enforcement by his jurisdiction witnessed by MARK DEAVER and CHRISTOPHER MAIDT (INFRAGARD, DELL COMPUTERS) who have given testimony without regional FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS report being duly processed in a pattern of themed abuse of persons and II-36A equal protection and II-2 "Inherent Rights" enumerated in Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 76 and 78.

Laypersons not in the industry of corporate law or intellectual property law or International franchise law and property may be deceived by the fraud, and per Article II section II-3 and II-22 and Title 76 Section 76-8 and 76-9 rule; notice is obligated protected release on publications in recent activity on YOUTUBE.COM related FEDERAL INCOME TAX tampering and abuse to disable a REGISTERED AGENT of a registered UNITED STATES CORPORATION in State of Oklahoma; resulting in death in the family and imposing high probability of two additional deaths in ongoing activity to extort under color of law and value in excess of $1 million USD subject spoliation or theft threatened in this fraud and improper civil process being illegally sustained without ruling of fraud, and protection per THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT OF 2000 evident in the threats and commercial parties sustaining the activity with PRIVATE INVESTIGATION confirming a multi-party fraud of criminal mens rea evident and pattern alleged 18 U.S. §1341 violation on prima facie claims of false employment and job performance and intentional stalking to harass and abuse the victim in deceit of the public on the taking, holding, and abuse of a child.

Any effort to summarize or generalize these terms themed LEGAL authority, as evident in the prior legal advice to intimidate the public in taking from the victim a child and XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" themed a crime in the overt act in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma; may be named accessory after the fact for such claims.

To protect the Peace of the State of Oklahoma, public notice is therefore necessary and protected speech.

Effort to imply such RIGHTFUL NOTICE is substantial or supportive of false claims, is criminal, and subject civil or criminal complaint; and in an employee of any State agency or grant may be criminal abuse of license subject forfeiture of license and other remedy including but not limited to civil malpractice of medicine or law or other field; for which suppression of evidence is prohibited and this matter a SPECIAL MATTER involving complex law and Interstate Jurisdiction to extort, and in a presence of $100 billion annual income foreign sovereign 23% government-owned foreign monopoly activity incorporating financial support and undue foreign unregistered influence over local, State, and Federal Justice employees - as warrant a Congressional Hearing of the United States Congress and absolute privilege to speak not afforded by improper policy suspending HABEAS CORPUS, discovery of a person subject HABEAS CORPUS by design, and representational government by improper practice of law to sustain embezzlement of Federal Treasury funds in excess of $46.2 billion USD over 2001-2022.

Amounts of money and cost to prosecute are intimidating to laypersons, and merit a Congressional Special Session to address matters of FEDERAL REGULATORY NON-COMPLIANCE driving the fraud beyond ordinary civil remedy; and to impose upon the public a themed lack of legal defense including "fraud" a cause of action obligated UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008) Section 6; for which State Courts refuse to enforce 15 U.S. Code §1692n duty and rules in favor of their own account benefits, and to spoliation of the case a customary activity barring representation by BAR ASSOCIATION members against misconduct among members as a rule not afforded Federal protection. Abuse of which by criminal mens rea affords a foreign corrupt influence to impair INTERSTATE COMMERCE and to sell the commission and license and security of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, and 14th AMENDMENT to parents based on religious and gender discrimination in a pattern described as BLACK CODES by Justice Ginsburg for pronouncement of case 586 U.S. No 17-1091 in order from the bench to bar such claims de facto at Federal and State Civil courts; and make void all claims to that extent a clear UNCONSTITUTIONAL act voiding any order presuming or applied to that abuse, and to terms of ordinary fiducial review excluding property and agent of the estate ens legis trust from lien or forfeiture for fines exceeding monthly or term obligations set and limited and due automatic modification and judicial review and 45 CFR §302.56(c) and §302.56(f) rule, a duty on "fair" and "just" condition and "circumstances" disbarring all INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE and XXIII-1A violation from enforcement or registration or making of any such order de facto and retroactive in law a 1776 established CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION not met by civil procedure or civil contract, and void waiver per XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule of the Oklahoma Constitution in 1907 to present.

Rejection of these rules, in fact, is criminal - and component to human trafficking with commercial claims of a right to work taking for bribery paid to VERONICA PETERSEN in excess of income, void under 15 U.S. Code §1673 a power to DALLAS COUNTY or any County or State or Federal Court; and modification 42 U.S. Code §666(a) rule barring this conduct as abuse under color of law, a high crime, due "automatic modification" solely based on the STATE INCOME TAX FILING, for which States are refusing to carry out or apply to falsify books and continue to use "imputed" sums barred enforcement at law per new Federal Grant Terms, and in income "averaging" also used to bar abuse of persons to establish bondage themed in the following letters against ordinary civil honors.

These acts, barred prior the 18 U.S. Code §249 amendment in 2022 April, were already illegal in the Oklahoma Criminal Code Title 21 §21-3 and §21-8; and are a serious fraud as evidence shows in 2011 and 2002 use to conceal and abduct a child from the Allen family for commercial extortion and for TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX group members by a ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee, and refusal to investigate or cooperate with witnesses in false indictment and false investigation evidence of State fraud now obligated a Federal removal of the case for review denied in obstruction of Justice; for which statutory limitations should not apply and 18 U.S. Chapter 200 "Speedy Trial" must apply equal or greater protection in civil cases involving incarceration to bar use of suspicion of potential incarceration to damage and limit by class and performance the employment of persons in vulnerable and critical technology and intangible property rights subject unlawful foreign taking, transfer, and the race to registration of vital technologies with lifetime injunction powers and among multinational competition in time-sensitive markets harming the victims.

These frauds are similar "hearsay claims" in "Baker Act" fraud, known as "Red ORDERS" in Oklahoma, which exploit temporary protective orders to intimidate, disarm, and abuse persons based on gender stereotypes predicated by TITLE IV AGENCY fraud over years of false enforcement and against gentlemen targeted by organized groups in blackmail and extortion value of such records; imposing a cost of court and legal representation far in excess of ordinary fines for actual offenses and to damage their employment and commercial rights - as in Depp v Heard hearings.

PETERSEN v ALLEN and related use of ICANN global defamation to promote that fraud, in interest of THECHURCHBOARD.COM membership and DEPRF.NET users involved in the registration of such property in ICELAND and to extort; are clearly evidence of this abuse by a subsidiary interest of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD of CHINA, in ownership of PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, and its interest in ICELAND exceeding $423 million USD work with JAMES ALLEN in 2001-2022 abusing his family; and activity by NTT contractors and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (their subsidiary in merger) acting in State of Texas and nationally across borders to conceal a child for commercial extortion of similar network service firms and employment barred by XXIII-1A Constitution of the State of Oklahoma rule; a crime on withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to obtain forced labor and money and property, evident in the public letters that follow issued by the legal representative for VERONICA PETERSEN in LEGAL ANSWER to ATTORNEYS OF RECORD to defraud and extort and under color of law to threaten litigation and employment for representation of JAMES ALLEN in express and ongoing child taking themed a crime under 21 O.S. §21-891 for any period and each period of ORDERED POSSESSION (a right, not a privilege at law).

UNITED STATES must bring STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to account for this fraud; and recover its losses in 31 U.S. Code §3729(a), with restitution to the injured parties and victims in Oklahoma and elsewhere affected by this fraud in authority of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, per Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 and 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 rule - which enjoin State of Texas without a RULING FOR FEDERAL EXEMPTION granted prior such violations, not made or obtained in failure to answer discovery and 36 months hold on the victims legal person and estate and written threat for release in U.S. Mail not afforded such prohibited acts.

March 13 2022 the party has harassed the victim in cause of letter January 28 2022 sent from this address as SERVICE OF LEGAL PROCESS upon FRANK STOUT, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF ADA, and in avoidance of legal service or counter-suit, a clear design by use of a postal store to conceal assets and factual discovery under color of law and in COMMERCIAL use to extort, blackmail, and conceal a child owing communication and return to the parent and full information released on medical and developmental and location data - prior withheld to obtain payment of an EXCESSIVE FINE and false civil cause of action admitted taking, then post judgment due concealment publicized criminally as abandonment, to deflect from kidnapping during INTERSTATE TRAVEL and $10,000 USD fraud against AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and $50,000 AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK fraud carried by removal and control over a family member of the Oklahoma Business Owner to extort.

To be compelled to know and recite the number of facts in repetitious interrogation to compel change in testimony as a criminal under suspicion for 20 years without due process, is to do grievous mental injury and bodily harm to James Allen, and so reported in impact upon James Allen in abuse of U.S. Mail and dual collection activity with harassment to extort and blackmail, cause for relief in ORDER STAYING CASE, for which all such claims themed contrary his report are false narrative with minimal facts incorporating a few admissions which are criminal confession to extort the victim and family - a show of power by organized labor to overcome a business and seize intangible property for false title sale and export effort of clear written design and amounts cited and derived work discovered in concert in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB use of his chickasaw username and character registered trademark for products without royalty payments to compete with JAMES ALLEN and industries of that estate; and to damage securities and credit violating TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008 and §157.009 and disbar §157.261 limitation and §157.375 immunity to coerce a false agreement fraudulently themed a collateral contract among parties by DENTON COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY, and by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to embezzle from the benefits of the UNITED STATES in a systematic fraud; taking 65% of gross wages paid and 100% of Federal Tax returns, in a pattern to extort and obfuscate normal civil protections from a child of elderly and infirm parents he is working to support since childhood; and to conceal from the public this 40 year age gap in the Allen family with illness obligating a work ethic and long-term strategic and royalty-bearing industry, vulnerable to this form of criminal interdiction of INTERSTATE COMMECE and INTERNATIONAL TRADE.

Due to these factors not being afforded the public, and for protection of elderly and vulnerable persons, the abuse has not been afforded relief as is moral or obligated a civil contract; is a civil contract in fraud; and is enjoined the claims of State monopoly actors patent and trademark and commercial activity predicated on their labor and unregistered agency in the United States to extort a competitor of registry and record, generally themed by design a war crime in extent and degree of application to abuse - similar prior strategies of Volksverhetzung and incitement to genocide claims barred in Germany. Support for this abuse in Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Brazil, strongly suggest a neo-nazi white supremacist component working with similar extremist-nationalist-socialist groups in Japan and China to carry a fraud. Many of the claims are textbook neo-nazi / Axis arguments from G.W.F. Hegel and "Elements of the Philosophy of Right", a pseudo-psychology political theory book which inspired Mein Kampf and the Communist and Fascist movements of the Holocaust. Incorporation of support in material electronic threats originating in Ukraine and France, appear to support an expansion of this activity, which was reduced by Russian Federation interdiction into Ukraine in response to similar activity verses ethnic Russians there.

JAMES ALLEN is a registered author of copyright protected works and trademarks made for COMMERCIAL USE and based on 1992 characters used in 1998 products improperly adapted for foreign commercial franchise in a pattern of improper fraudulent taking, to overcome his rights, and to diminish all potential sale and licensing of his works by the parties incorporated with a taking and ethnic and religious motive for removal and concealment of his child in an act themed International criminal act of genocide and complicity with genocide; against which his written works are criticisms of socialism and communism and the abuse of persons similar to Rod Serling and Ann Rand. Solicitation of persons in China to aid in this fraud in 2021 November to present, show a general act against the Peace of the State of Oklahoma, and a clear obligation for the UNITED STATES to perform their duty to protect the State and the people from such violence, without sale of interest or threshold for protection paid to the United States; or abandon its claims set forth in The Enabling Act of 1906 incorporation over such land and persons and industry and property; as obligated; and in furtherance admit fault in fraud per McGirt v United States ruling to wholly reverse The Treaty of Pontotoc Creek and other agreements violated in similar fraud and abuse governing the Black Hills and Native Territory there owed relief. PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN and other franchise owners in bona fide title, are likely to be held accountable and sanctions to void BENRE CONVENTION rights already under discussion by the Russian Federation, substantial and lawful relief owing and due to the actions cited by other victims and taking and abuse and cultural extermination efforts of this movement under COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY to extinguish anti-socialist culture and family bonds, a genocide without relief for any law or any discretion of any sovereign nation against the people - and violation of THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, an agreement not afforded perfidy by endorsement made for United States; sole absence of a Sovereign Defense by any member State or employee or division or agency thereof afforded excuse in this ongoing and sustained criminal activity against the Peace and persons and to falsify the Credit of the United States before the IMF and other issuers of property, who may be liable for lending to such organized human trafficking and bondage activity under color of National Sovereign Debt or relief or other legal avenue or instrument whatsoever.

JAMES ALLEN is a former Telecommunications Administrator and Senior Software Engineer, experienced with data and regulatory compliance, and President of a United States Corporation for 13 years this May 29 2022; engaged in conflict to recover missing and exploited children used for COMMERCIAL FRAUD.

Effort to overcome his commission by the State of Oklahoma, a Sovereign State, through improper civil or threat of criminal or incarceration not afforded a legal right at law, is a criminal offense against the sovereign rights of authority and legitimacy of the State of Oklahoma, and in violation of the conditions of employment and use of the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION estates duly offered conditional undertaking of such commission or works, to forfeit the credit of the United States in those estates by fraud, and for commercial business advantage in the extinguishment of a competitor for foreign sovereign franchise and salvage of goods in conflict, and as per admiralty law differs in illegal taking and boarding and confiscation or destruction of a ship to claim it as abandoned salvage goods; "piracy", an offense punishable both by the Crown and other Courts of sovereign jurisdiction - and entitled material resistance by the crew and stealth and other means of protection and security which the criminal enterprise has attempted to style as some "magical knowledge" or "right" of equity in interest, and those terms fiduciary and legal meaning central to the SPECIAL MATTER, a fraud in jus tertii law unique to socialist extremist criminal activity and war crimes exempt from conquest or capture in ordinary jus bellum (Laws of War); from which a cause of action and extraordinary remedy detailed in THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and incorporated fundamental terms of the 1906 "Enabling of Statehood Act" enjoin and restrain the United States, Federal Union, and State of Oklahoma on ratification of the State of Oklahoma to membership in 1907; which are recursive and self-defeating dissolution of incorporation for failure to provide restitution and relief sought, an obligation conditioned their incorporation and all land and property and other rights at law.

This knowledge of terms, spanning 1905-2022, and in contest with false claims of "Sovereign Nationalist Socialist" activity in State of Texas to disclaim all Federal Union and United States authority and also "Laws of the United States" are - in essence, criminal and suggest overt and express treason with recruiting and incursion into the rights and welfare and property of other States on behalf of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and UKRAINE (a very large contractor and game developer prior Russian Intercession in these threats originating from their extremist socialist nationalist movement labor force enjoined the prior parties).

The basis of such complaint is thus intersecting with present open war with the Russian Federation, and would suggest as early as 2001 such elements were acting to instigate war and carry out a violent campaign under color of law, to provoke a collapse of the Peace and resumption of prior radical socialist movement "pogrom" activity of the 1930s and 1940s; incorporating injury to the industry of the City of Ada and State of Oklahoma in those acts, aided by State of Texas and other States receiving substantial foreign financial support similar to the Texas and California revolutionary uprising model - a fraud under color of self-franchise to obtain new territory and install a puppet government complicit with such acts of commercial genocide and to make false report and false write-down of such claims evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN (2001-2022, an abandonment case here admitted child taking by force prior, during, and after trial - to defraud and promote concealment with extortion as suggested legal abandonment ex post facto, in fraud and use of the child as collateral for COMMERCIAL dealings of very high financial value over $40 billion USD).

Further in the letters, we see home ownership and the right to property of other persons not a party to a civil suit contested to extort XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" and in effort to overcome the Oklahoma business based on number of employees and a "show proof" style fraud to compel discovery of business information, obtain video of the production floor of an industry by a competitor, and to do this in release on YOUTUBE.COM to extort commercial value for named employers and partners in a child taking and concealment fraud - for which COMMERCIAL VALUE pledged is not a potential use in letter to attorney FRANK STOUT of CITY OF ADA, PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA - is clear fraud and an incursion to violate search and seizure planned by and directed by persons across state borders and aided by supporting parties in the PONTOTOC COUNTY district known to private investigation, observed in person November 13 2021 prior such activity as Alicia (McMahon) Scarbrough, and conduct to extort in like fraud to abuse directed to injury exceeding $5000 of Lindsay Tarver, a disabled person then a minor in Norman High School of City of Norman, Oklahoma by McMahon. Acts which in a prescribed patterns injured and irreparably harmed bodily on the basis of the same "emo" hate crimes, slurs against autistic high functioning persons and genius-level cultural groups not defined by mental health as a culture and religious sect, to harm and remove children and child-bearing rights from those groups systematically and by fraud. While in the same act, moving to take COMMERCIAL GAIN OF FUNCTION and market themselves COMMERCIALLY in the interdiction of access to tradeshows and by use of physical violence witnessed by MARK DEAVER at events toward JAMES ALLEN and LINDSAY TARVER and other members of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED upon the prior claims of collateral withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to the parent and officers of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

Fig 1. The Origin of the January 28th 2022 FOIA Demand By Donald J. Beal on CITY OF ADA

Knowledge of these events, and duty to perform under duress themed repetitious coercion with extortion and a legal demand for service not afforded 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule after first answer or to the same question; constitute torture in the 3rd degree of James Allen by improper interrogation not afforded a civil service of process or common law interrogatory - and to evade civil process in falsification of ADDRESS OF SERVICE in such claims as were made on FRANK STOUT to further prove a criminal abuse of guardianship and custody in constructive illegal adoption of a child by State of Texas to overcome the commission of COMMERCIAL FRANCHISE by State of Oklahoma in this case and for SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, a legal registered name of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma; and direction to discover its staff, compel it hire or fire, and to impair its ability to do so while in Direct Competition in Commerce by the parties and jointly in organization and to "set up software" to carry out this organization using also the name of the Oklahoma officer and parent in this process; admitted upon public letter and to residents of Oklahoma in Midwest City.

For this purpose, which is evident, James Allen sets to written record as afforded 45 CFR §302.56(f) and 5 U.S. Code §556(d) rule; the report of his findings - that he may be afforded protection and to receive peace necessary for his health and welfare, which as AFFIDAVIT DULY SWORN, is given now to the public in identical format used and beyond redaction issued by and in concert later acts of Donald J. Beal, and in context due concealment of the doer of such acts in each phase knowingly concealed to evade legal process then and for ATTORNEY IN FACT acts asserting questions of law to defraud and into State of Oklahoma and other juris by Donald J. Beal on behalf of parties concealed his employers and sponsors and partners aka LOSTSERVER aka DEPREF.NET aka COGENT/NTT; known also as HARPOON.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK and SATURN.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK upon ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM and clients SHARKTECH.NET and ATLANTIC.NET businesses there also enjoined his activity and evident competitors as resellers of NTT/COGENT product in fact a front-company for those services of common port; is this account made duly and released for LEGAL RIGHT OF ANSWER such fraud, where D. Beal did set his hand to carry the public controversy and in perpetuity be subject consequences here in denial to such malfeasance of public office that his estate was granted and use of mass communication tools under his authority and abuse evident to release complaints for extortion in withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION evident to a scholarly reading of his written claims and legal answer to ATTORNEY SERVICES for the alienated parent; proof of a Federal Cause for relief and Criminal Justice interdiction as wholly false civil suit and civil judgment evident this TITLE IV AGENCY misuse of Federal authority by State of Texas must be now evident.

POSTNET® employee "McGee" stated May 23 2022, at 9:24 am in full cooperation with inquiry that the company DOES NOT ACCEPT SERVICE OF PROCESS FROM THE COURTS at that location for customers of the service. This notice in INTERSTATE COMMERCE and CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS pursuant to the Oklahoma State Statutory Law, is therefore a "false service" upon CITY OF ADA attorney, to obtain by fraud in Interstate Mail, video files used May 3rd and April 4th and May 13th 2022 to extort and carry out blackmail against the Oklahoma registered agent of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and to extort for license in withholding of HABEAS CORPUS of information pledged in an alleged contract and the child in body and for such cause over 17 years without relief; the evasion of civil process to sustain this fraud - which prima facie should compel State and Federal Law Enforcement to undertake investigation of State of Texas and corporations linked by record or association with the parties engaging in this fraud wholesale to such abuse to extort payment of debt for VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN contrary Federal Law and International Uniform Code of Commerce (UCC).

It should be evident to even a layperson, that persons claiming to be "professionals" and valued at $500/day ($62.50/hr) before the court (2012 Oct 31, Pontotoc County) as Donald J. Beal, are contacting CITY ATTORNEY offices in a matter to execute a "constructive search warrant" on a victim of substantial commercial unlawful contact and following to identify clandestinely the customers and identity of customers at their place of business; while Court Records indicate those persons earn only $2560/month pre-tax ($14.94/hr) according to court documents, that some fraud is evident. And at such time the defendant lived with his mother (See file) and this information not applied prior because our office did not see cause to make notice of such basis of his complaints public - until public controversy initiated by Donald Beal and in his name revealed April 2022 in extortion letters to blackmail and damage our firms were sustained to May 13 2022 supporting a felony organized fraud to demand $67,523.25 in false claims May 11 2022 by KEN PAXTON, violating 45 CFR Federal Law.

Donald Beal's concealment of a legal address of service for LEGAL PROCESS without additional expense, and scope of fraud while reporting himself to the court as INDIGENT and without resources, leaves the firm the legal option to make answer in the same format and to the same audience an allowed LEGAL ANSWER to instigated fraud claims to damage our business systematically by the ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee and upon his "network admin" claims and reputation as if some figure of authority, criminalizing all parties endorsing this claim for authority in a repugnant pattern of criminal behavior under color of law and to withhold a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to a parent in legal admitted written conspiracy with VERONICA PETERSEN.

This week, analysis of the 2022 extortion letters contributing to the death of Dr. Ann Klepper, M.D. and attempt to seize $67,500 USD from her estate after extortion of her child during her injury and incapacity; accredited to Donald J. Beal of Dallas Texas and TEK SYSTEMS, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, and NTT Group of Japan support of that organized fraud to blackmail Oklahoma business owners in withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child from 2001-2022 for sale of property to PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, a TENCENT company (TENCENT GAMES); and attempt to purchase in fraud NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2018-2022 a false lawsuit violating UIFSA Section 314 in concert with this extortion, to overcome the UNITED STATES investment in personal computer and scientific computing technology systematically refused by United Kingdom. Threats from ICELAND continue, in support of this fraud, and concealment of a child to abuse and extort.

Notice provided per Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 22 Section 22-31 and Title 76 Section 76-8 and 76-9 ("All Necessary [Legal] Force" required is a franchise of office delegated to any Oklahoma Citizen immediately and to restore contact with an abducted child and to overcome illegal and unlawful resistance, including fraud or physical interdiction of legal ORDERED POSSESSION or barratry in automatic mistrial no barrier to the right, per KELLY v KELLY (2007, Oklahoma Supreme Court);

Making such order to lessen or suspend on hearsay without 22 O.S. section 22-13 right to appear without coercion to give testimony and to bring witnesses, elemental proof of false trial in case 01-17702 and 15-06292393 of DALLAS and DENTON TX and delay not afforded any waiver of fast and speedy trial in FR-18-04, nor legal answer made, a default at law requiring Federal Interdiction on evident Fraudulent Conveyance violating Federal Civil Procedure rule 18b and 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) to require removal to Federal Justice a case delayed and nonsuit wrongly brought in concert with violence to obfuscate 31 U.S. Code &sec;3729(a) "qui tam" relator standing and right to move the court protect witnesses and evidence;

And in 18 U.S. Code §666 embezzlement by fraud evident on prima facie for which State and regional agencies are unmoved to carry out their duty, an obligation of 21 O.S. §21-1305 in conflict with Federal Agency impersonation and 21 O.S. §21-1533 violation in that abuse of authority exclusive to the United States Department of Health and Human Services in a conspicuous fraud and child removal for human trafficking, obligated relief under THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT OF 2000 and FEDERAL REGISTER Vol 81 No 244 Dec 20 2016 notice of United States Public Policy since 1991 barring this abuse. Perpetrator is evading civil process, striking CITY OF ADA offices using address not eligible for LEGAL SERVICE and to extort, blackmail, and across Federal Borders from the FOIA address in STATE OF TEXAS to the victim and the attorney for their city by U.S. Mail in STATE OF OKLAHOMA. One death has occurred in 2022 during the 2021 November 7th to May 13 2022 ongoing sustained activity, alleged 18 U.S. §249 HATE CRIME for COMMERCIAL EXTORTION of persons born in INDIAN TERRITORY and prior taken against family consent in HUMAN TRAFFICKING, to extort estates in excess of $1.2 million USD in value named property in title and for destruction of U.S. Industry in favor of foreign sovereign unregistered agency and registered commercial foreign sovereign competitors in written letters of extortion predicated on withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child for payment in excess of Federal fines and 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violation.