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Competitor Declaration:
Understand the competitor equity in our market and that all claims to force sale of our property or to demand we adopt or employ any competitor product, service, or technology may be construed as criminal demands per clear and evident market activity of foreign sovereign interest per 21 O.S. §21-837 & §21-838 by:
Tencent Holdings Ltd. Embracer Group AB / Plaion GmbH / Gearbox Activision-Blizzard / Valve LLC
NTT Communications Cogent Communications Inc. Juniper Networks
Pearl Abyss CCP GAMES Games Workshop Group
Paramount Global Simon & Schuster NPR / KEIF-LP Enid OK
VK (company) / Mail.RU My.Games (Russia) My.Games (Cyprus) / Owlcat 1
Akami / Linode LLC Amazon Inc. Alibaba Group
Hurricane Electric During our Dispute With Cogent, attacks from Hurricane Electric persist, suggesting fraud to implicate Hurricane by employees of Cogent. False fabricated claims our IP is attacking other sites have also been fabricated by 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX employees during protective order hearings in 2012, to defraud. Cogent is the host of Netflix, a Major Competitor with our clients, and evident in letters to abuse our firm.
Effort to style the very large ( 126 / 600+ ) company portfolio of Embracer Group / Tencent of Sweden and China as a delusion of foreign influence on United States subsidiaries and global competitors amid threats of a monopoly nature January 28th 2022 to February 5 2023 in writing, are part of a hoax to extort money and compel surrender of this firm criminally. Competitor valuation of over $1 trillion and acquisition pattern in 2017 coincided with threats of extortion from Dallas County, State of Texas, against this firm from Texas, Wyoming and Colorado in a pattern of 2001-2023 express criminal demands enjoined 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas employees in 2011 and 2323 Bryan St Suite 700 host companies in 2021-2023. That foreign-backed defamation is part of commercial extortion prohibited by Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A, a crime. Threats from Fort Collins (CO) appear to coincide with regional 2013 and 2014 launch of Dallas TX based foreign (Canada and Argentina) owned TeamSpeak GmbH ATHP service in City of Ada despite no business registration in Oklahoma or Colorado, and to extinguish our firm in concert with 16 Gbps Denial-of-Service attacks, employing services including data centers in Ukraine prior 2021 Russo-Ukraine War for this purpose. It is a violation of Title 78 Section 78-53 to conduct business in this way, and direct such service to a State where the business does not exist at law, and to sell product or give-away product below cost in Oklahoma to impair other business RIGHT TO WORK systematically or in threats to force sale of a business amid such (foreign / competitor) market activity (monopoly activity) and acquisitions (2017-2023).

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is a real (legal, operating, registered) business in City of Ada (State of Oklahoma, USA) being unlawfully targeted during this cycle by persons employed by and enjoined on service to major foreign competitors - with violence - and by persons operating unregistered business entities across State and Federal Borders for foreign influenced activity to overcome our rights - both in intellectual property of substantial value and to missing/exploited/concealed members of the family of our technology developer named in such fraud initiated in a 2001 child abduction knowingly falsified as an abandonment to defraud this firm explicitly of over $50,000 USD and AMEX credit lines, proprietary technology, and registered trademarks in use since 1992.

Written threats continue as of February 2023, in a 2021 November to 2023 active extortion plan described in November 2001, December 2001, and detailed ICANN registered 2002-2004 publications to extort employing identity theft and LEGAL NAME fraud. Declared competitors put the value of such theft of intellectual property in perspective with the parties named in formal complaint and specific Reykjavic (Iceland), London (GB), and Shanghai origins of such ongoing harassment and extortion letters and sexual harassment.

Use of NPR stations in Texas (GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO) as ISP to host abuse sites on concealment of a child (2002-2004, 2011), and NPR activity in KEIF-LP Enid (OK, USA), and from State of California (USA) in concert with Michigan and California coordination with Texas, Wyoming, and Colorado parties in ongoing threats, places the firm on high security since 2001 assault at gunpoint and 2012 burglary and 2020 attempted burglary with ongoing felony stalking activity and telephone harassment of witnesses, death of a witness in March 2nd 2022 (identity theft victim in 2003 and 2022 ongoing threats) and December 25 2022, and ongoing threats across State borders to extort money and property in unfair business practices violating Federal Law and in Federal Hate Crimes activity incorporating concealment and abduction by force of a child for Federal benefits fraud and commercial advantage, seeking forfeiture of this and other (2) companies. Use of GOOGLE LLC and META PLATFORMS INC. assets in this abuse over 2009-2023 are part of a larger complaint. Use of YOUTUBE (a Google LLC subsidiary) to carry out the March 3rd 2022 to February 5th 2023 extortion, is under complaint, along with GOOGLE user myluv187 and YAHOO user hitman4hire account use in these threats on concealment and abuse of a child from 2001-2023.

Effort abuse, sexually harass, misgender, and infantilize the Oklahoma parent in Chickasaw Nation Reservation, enjoined harassment of U.S. Military family members in 2021-2023, are part of an organized campaign described in 2001 November and December and public plan made in 2002-2004 sustained on concealment of a child to overcome this company, dilute its property, and transfer its assets illegally to other very large and foreign buyers systematically for a TITLE IV fraud initiated in 2001 August 11th by forced removal to conceal a child. These acts are evidence of anti-competitive business practices and regional corrupt foreign influence.

Efforts to misrepresent knowingly such activity as a 'conspiracy theory' are a fraud and a terrorist hoax against a place of business, concealing unlikely acquisitions by foreign capital groups into the 2017-2023 U.S. and global software, entertainment, and hardware industry in monopoly activity, paired with specific corrupt employee and regional officer conduct under LOSTSERVER.NET and related (LOOPBACK0.NETWORK) offices in Dallas (TX), Ann Arbor (MI) and South Korea / Southern-California with satellite activity in Wyoming, Colorado, Florida, Panama, Italy, Australia, and Israel (The Omega Building) data center administrative credential abuse in BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and IX (Internet Exchange) optical long-haul tier 1 and 2 network service provider abuse, themed simple defined and evidnet U.S. antitrust law violation by specific employees and complicity evident in improper multinational enterprise management strategies in an intangible property market.

Effort to recruit minors into this fraudulent activity have resulted in an AGE REQUIREMENT for access, license, and insider event participation due to U.S. failure to recognize the coercive nature of such abuse in context to very large foreign capital investments and Sovereign Fund participation in those industries (Saudi Arabia Sovereign Investment Fund, Chinese Communist Party, Government of Japan ownership in 23% equity of NTT GROUP, etc.); paired with foreign sovereign jurisdiction to shield legal harassment activity in a highly organized and multinational manner to carry out coercive abuse and false claims.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its imprints (registered trade names) are independent of the prior firms, do not license their property to the prior firms, and intend to remain indepedent and refuse sale to such companies due to the prior and ongoing abuse of its employees and patrons, clients, and creditors in a systematic fashion to force and compel sale. Activision, Blizzard, Pearl Abyss, and Valve LLC have expressly not participated or cooperated with the fraud, and are listed for context of market and in citation of subsidiary misconduct to compel and suggest forced-sale or license of the parent company products at times, a form of 21 O.S. §21-838 violation, by workers in unregistered labor activity across State lines to interfere in Oklahoma and Chickasaw Nation Reservation business ownership and activity prior established and contracted. Specific threats from Reykjavik (Iceland), Shanghai, London (GB), and Frisco (TX, USA) suggest subsidiary labor activity contrary the policy of those firms - a product of the developer community and national socialist political activity in those groups.

Companies hiring dozens of people via Kickstarters working on remote, making editorial claims of intellectual property as original, are basically doing what A.I. art and writing apps do manually - concealing Intellectual Property transfer under delegation of agency and a legal policy of publish-first-pay-later civil litigation practices. As Ma Huateng (Pony Ma, 9.7% equity owner of Tencent) once said, "[To] copy is not evil."

This practice, taken to heart by ALPHABET INC. and GOOGLE LLC abuse in the prior case, over 2001-2023, does not indicate the personal direction of Mr. Huateng to the act - but is a fair statement of cultural differences in PRC and Japan which do not scale to the multinational market or abuse of their authority granted to regional hires and persons operating in their U.S. and European supply chain in a highly organized and malicious fashion - and such actions disgrace and injure People's Republic of China (PRC) and Nation of Japan by context, creating permanent and lifelong resentment and barriers to future trade and trust.

(sources: as of Feb 28 2023 10:30 am CDT)
Many of Tencent's software and services share similarities to those of competitors,[288][289][290][291][292][293] and to their own.[294] The founder and chairman, Huateng "Pony" Ma, famously said, "[To] copy is not evil." A former CEO and president of, Wang Zhidong, said, "Pony Ma is a notorious king of copying." Jack Ma of Alibaba Group stated, "The problem with Tencent is the lack of innovation; all of their products are copies."[295]

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