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Single-Client-Servers (SCS) are dedicated PC hardware attached to a rate-limited firewall managed edge network local to Pontotoc County in the State of Oklahoma. Direct physical access to servers for support and repair, major modifications, and recovery are central elements of Single Client Server (SCS) product design.

The risk of leaving servers in the hands of major hosting firms is their close association with the political party of the present administration in the United States, which has not met the minimum requirements for FISA warrant searches and abused their powers under the United States Justice Department. Where parties who own stock in foreign corporations have such access to U.S. data, the danger of abuse exceeds the benefit of high speed interchange hosting for innovators and sensitive communities. SCS products afford strong user identification and managed key access control with whitelist remote sources, telephone support, and small business assistance not provided by cloud oriented enterprise systems elsewhere in market.

SCS brings in-house customer support levels to small business at a rate they can afford, without minimum spend and metered variable monthly costs vulnerable to abuse by today's social media and unscrupulous overseas competitors. The ability to interfere with costs by abusing normal availability and placing a draw on resources not intended for normal use has no remedy in the Local or State courts, law enforcement, or other agency against anonymous parties. Unmetered use paired with personal management and intermediary edge network security support, make SCS the only rational choice for small business working in sensitive areas of law, government, and technology today.

SCS 2-Core
5/50 Mbps

  • 2-Core Economy System (4 thread)
  • 50 Mbps download-inbound, 5 Mbps outbound upload
  • Unmetered Data Usage

$250 USD /month

SCS 4-Core
5/100 Mpbs

  • 4-Core Ryzen 3 System (4 thread)
  • 100 Mbps download-inbound, 5 Mbps outbound upload
  • Unmetered Data Usage

$325 USD /month

SCS 6-core
10/100 Mbps

  • 6 Core Zen3 Architecture (12 thread)
  • 100 Mbps download-inbound, 10 Mbps outbound upload
  • Unmetered Data Usage

$500 USD /month

SCS 12-core
10/150 Mbps

  • 12 Core Zen3 Architecture (24 thread)
  • 150 Mbps download-inbound, 10 Mbps outbound
  • Unmetered Data Usage

$800 USD /month