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Seven Alpha: End User Annual Registration

Why Register for Seven Alpha

The reasons that led to Seven Alpha are not just about children or custody, but also about abuse and violence made possible by Internet technology and social media tools which police and law enforcement refuse to act against.

The belief that 1st Amendment rights afford abuse and stalking among law enforcement led to the development of the tools and technology associated with Seven Alpha.

Other incidents include harassment of a Norman High School student by her peers and an adult during the death of her grandmother due to cancer, urging her to commit suicide due to her medical disability and themed sexual harassment.

Cases like this, similar to the check fraud in Ada Oklahoma that sought to overturn the legal ownership of the company for reporting fraud and abuse of a minor child. Claims of assault to cover up a cheating college student, which almost jailed another agent, and similar abuse going back to 1995 underline how telecommuncations and chat tools allow abusers to destroy people based on privileged and false allegations.

As a result of this 1996-2019 abuse, working with the public has become much more dangerous for academics and vulernable persons with physical disabilities. Populism, violence, and a failure of UNITED STATES law enforcement to act in cases of serious violence and child abuse without destroying families to embezzle Title IV funds in false cause are a typical response to academic and serious issues.

Combined with false narrative supporting socialism and pro-socialist dogma as "idealized mental health" contrary human rights, these actions led to a separation of professionals from the public institution on cause of their efforts to invalidate capitalist and republican values as a mental illness in broad terms similar to G.W.F. Hegel's early work, "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" (1820).

Ageism (calling people over 25 a 'boomer') and similar abuse to shout-down mature (30-50 year old) personalities on Twitch and other services also aggravate this situation, to the point that no practical academic work can be done by masculine or heterosexual males amid this culture of gender violence. No one has said no to these children in 12 years of public education, or shut down their behavior when it went from opinion to abusive behavior, leaving a generation under 24 years of age unable to communicate or conduct themselves according to a civil society.

Seven Alpha is a civil society with rules, exclusive of this abusive and hostile atmosphere. It is designed to foster a community which can work constructively together without barriers to entry now present in private society based on expectations of equity and compensation which are unrealistic delusions installed by public education and higher education for-profit and subsidized programs.

Efforts in 2018 to allege that persons with less than $100,000 USD should not have a right to raise or educate children and should pay 'imputed fines' despite physical injury preventing work, paired with harassment and defamation, wrongful taking of over $90,000 USD in excess of actual deposits, and violation of Federal Law, supported the decision to go public in 2019 with the Seven Alpha project.

Funds in this program serve to help educate the public that this is illegal behavior and a violation of United States Law so ruled 9-0 in 2019 February as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and EXCESSIVE FINES, imposed illegally in violation of 45 CFR 303.6 and other laws intending habeas corpus rights, contributing to a human trafficking problem in the United States and corruption of the United States Patent and Trademark Registry as an asset subject to such unlawful influence in registred commercial business and child abduction of shareholders in competition with foreign firms engaging in this form of intimidation of United States registered securities. This includes building secure tools for stakeholders and owners to better protect themselves from this activity and populist form of taking through public deceit similar to socialist tactics in the 1930s.