The SEVEN ALPHA™ Network

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Seven Alpha

Seven Alpha™ is a private network, legally distinct from the INTERNET or other networks used by some countries. Access is restricted to REGISTERED members only.

The purpose of Seven Alpha is to create a 'Bastion Host' against 'Ruism' and other Extremist Secular Taking now present in Young Hegelian Dialectic Socialism (YHDS).

YHDS (a form of Ruism, an official CCP state religion) is also called "Progrssive Democratic Socialism" (PDS) or simply "Democratic" socialism to de-emphasize its anti-Republican anti-rights focus. The Term "Democracy" has been popularized by illegal trust activity in the United States from Saudi Arabia, Nation of Japan, and People's Republic of China.

The Network is protected by 2048 bit strong encryption (SSLv3/TLS1.3) with client-certificate authentication and VPN private-network access.

Seven Alpha Networks provide a workspace for American Dialectic research and development projects.

Seven Alpha™
A Network and Association created to prohibit Ruism (a religion) from imposing and coercing the academic and protected rights of members - prompted and necessary in its contruction due to the abuse of mass communications by the American Democratic Party in service of the Regional Economic Commerce Partnership (RECP), a trade union similar to the Warsaw Pact in post-Nazi Europe, whose goal is to exceed the United States in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and reap credit benefits made upon such claims contrary GDP-per-Citizen ratios and debt, to improve the power of People's Republic of China (PRC) in global relations with aid from Nation of Japan and 'Government of Japan'. RECP values appear similar to AXIS claims in 1930-1945, including kidnapping and extortion to influence the 2020 Presidential election and suggest mental illness in those opposing their false claims not unlike the Holocaust claims by the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany. As of 4Q 2020, Ruism appears to be rampantly overtaking United States media and content platforms in a pattern of classic religious intolerance, promoting itself as moral values and secular philosophy despite traditional religious intolerance contrary the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, Article II, which prohibits this conduct as illegal speech and criminal use of communication so barred in Federal Law Tile 18 Section 2261A to abuse members of the Republican Party and commerical business opposed to Socialist Ruist political and medical claims.

Seven Alpha™ API and SIR system
Strong Identity Registration (SIR) is a process used to link real-world verified persons to account infrastructure trust mechanisms for multiple profiles and multiple services.

SEVEN ALPHA™ includes an API solution for application developers and clients to share trusted informatation across the Seven Alpha platform, affording strong enterprise-class rights and compartmentalization already required by Payment Commercial System (PCI) standards across other data and transactions. SEVEN ALPHA™ is developed by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma and deployed by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, a United States Schedule C Corporation, exclusive of any other company or brand.