What is Seven Alpha (7A)

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IP Seven Alpha Identity Registration

Seven Alpha™ is an integrated client-server technology and network transport which incorporates three distinct databases with security tokens in a portable USB or serial interface data device concealable in a variety of formats. The key device does not contain the data on its own to be exploited by an advesary without network-side access to encrypted files stored online and transported behind a very strong encryption layer as block data packets (BDP).

Block Data Packets (BDP) do not rely on SSL or other weak encryption, and are transported after encryption into logical volumes on one side to another site - where they are re-assembled and then decyrpted separately from the network handshake and session process. This defeats transmission of shared secrets between the handshake protocol that are vulnerable to quantum computing attack.

Strong identity linked to additional authentication tools as an Application Programmer Interface (API) afford our network information then based on a previous and independent layer of control and scope above the hardware and software vendor layer.

What Seven Alpha Is and Is Not

Unlike Kerberos systems used by major companies, which grant temporary grant tokens (TGT) to clients, Seven Alpha functions based on an integrated network-wide identity monitoring schematic that can alert users to abuse of their identification credentials and adapt to suite various positions of security and authority while re-issuing strong credentials in a PKI based infrastructure with diverse relational intelligence.

Seven Alpha is not suited to illegal activity. Unlike other private-key-infrastructure providers, Seven Alpha is engineered to support strong regulatory enforcement and tracking information across independent enterprise systems in a common and concise format, which in turn registers end-user rights and purchases outside the volatile infrastructure of small business and International foreign trade.

Companies seeking a regulatory profesional body like securites organizations governing regulated trade in the United States may rely on Seven Alpha to incorporate strong consumer protection rights and remedy where other products wrongly enter into fiat currency or other monopoly markets as arbitrators - brokering risk and capital insurance under color of collective buying or discounted shipping services (AMAZON INC., et al).

Seven Alpha therefore makes small business able to compete with large corporations in the security and registration of contracts, similar to NFT (non-fungible token) or crypto-blockchain contract methods, using a private, proprietary, and well governed registry across diverse jurisdictions.