What is Seven Alpha (7A)

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Technical Analysis

Seven Alpha requires three (3) digital keys and one (1) password to access the data store and related data associated. This key system protects users from access without authorization, monitors internal access, and automates information without making credentials a mandatory part of the account system, further allowing granular control over access for users concerned about any tracking of their activity not required for site-to-site ban and age verification tools. By rating user authentication using tokens, questions like age validity and right to contact into binary (True or False) query-response API tools.

In context wtih COPPA and other regulations deemd good legal stewardship, Seven Alpha presents a framework API which help vendors be compliant with the minimum amount of customization on their part. By associating the INTERSTATE COMMERCE obligations with strong identity and management tools, Seven Alpha effectively privatizes the traditional role of government in the same manner that lawful agency and trust law in estate afford protection to corporations for individual and private business, entertainment, and social aspects not governed at law by the same protections afforded economic activity.

As a Christian, the developer used the citation of Jesus power to overcome 'Death', 'Hell', and 'The Grave' to represent the ability to defeat the pluralism of property, reputation, and rights associated with the physical living body - preserving those rights with consent and prior agreement of the service provider (rights grantor) and customer (rights receiver), including the right to create transferrable account privleges and benefits as a class of rights. Imagine, if you will, passing down your user account for a game over 50 years to your son, his daughter, and her child... as a founder of that product or service. Seven Alpha preserves the 'works' of a person, in this manner, and creates a portable and industry standard model compatible with transfer of ownership and license rights for major properties which may fall under development of multiple companies over a twenty or thirty year property lifecycle. This type of grant installs unique property rights and collective bargaining opportunities with major vendors to support a large community base and development of that community.

This process only makes sense when the Seven Alpha network exposes that accounts are not destroyed or new accounts created on lapse of subscription, and the data is preserved whenever a member stops paying for service as a permanent account in trust for as long as the Seven Alpha Network shall exist. This means your data - the works performed via this intrumentality at least - will be preserved

For persons who have been through genocide, hate crimes, and other forms of stalking targeting the reputation and character of their mind and mental health, as cited by Justice Thomas in the characiture abuse by Liberal Progressive violence in his term as Supreme Court Justice, the ability to keep a 'diary' during such abuse and records closed to the public which family members and historians may benefit from later is of tremendous value. With online violence escalating to directed attacks and abuse of network services at the national level as Russian Federation members witnessed in the Ukraine cyberattacks, the ability to insulate your online life and protect your channels of contact among trusted persons and communities protecting the contents of those publications from surveillance on a global scale with VPN and other tools available to abusers - Seven Alpha begins to define its niche in privacy application middleware.

The only inaccuracy in the prior diagram is that all keys AND a fourth factor are required to access any of the components of the system. While the keys are named after the three aspects they address, metaphorically, they do not have any ability to open a locking mechanism without the other three components. Seven Alpha is therefore more secure than the International Payment Card Services (PCS) standard, and requires 2048 bit or higher security, to the third power, making for 755 billion possible combinations or more per user account. Counting the user name (factor five), IP address locking (factor six), and device strong identity key (factor seven), that makes brute force attacks statistically impossible without triggering account lockdown and verification activity. Details pertaining this method (security) are not featured or representative above, and do not describe the "Seven Gates" system - the VPN peer network and routing mesh - which are proprietary to Seven Alpha.

Metaphors, especially religious themed ones, tend to quickly identify the irrational and dangerous persons who read into content delusions and projection unrelated to the subject matter (non-germaine content) - and help us to filter these persons out of our community prior to any meaningful discussion or serious dialog. The symbolism and naming conventions also resonate the values and mission statement of Seven Alpha, which is to enhance the dignity and security of all persons against forms of abuse amplified by modern anonymous communication and global visibility of viral media which is beyond the control of regional and national jurisdictions to support adequate protection and enforcement set forth in law. Seven Alpha is just an enforcement mechanism, and unlike early crypto-tools (eMule, Napster, et al) it is designed to support proper law enforcement actions and assist rights holders, not disable them.