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SEVEN ALPHA: Culture and History

Seven Alpha is a Private Network developed to secure privacy and communication rights among a community resisting progressive lebensraum (child taking and concealment based on political and religious theology). The network responded to fraud and a terrorist hoax portraying non-Progressive persons such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims as mentally ill due to their refusal to accept extremist ideology and abuse of conservative and traditional values by sectarian progressives.

The "Progressive" movement in the United States, European Union, and Asia holds as a religious tenant the claim that mental health is defined by obedience to the state, subordination to statutory law contrary any moral or religious right, and superior in right over the instruction and bonds between parent and child.

This movement is a resurgence of sectarian 'taking of private property for public use' first popularized by G.W.F. Hegel in 1820 through his book, "Elements of the Philosophy of Right", and styles itself as an agnostic and inclusive movement in order to assimilate and ultimately eliminate any moral or theological resistance to a totalitarian regime. Examples of this extremist thinking contrary the rule of law, which relies on emotion and judgement based in incitement of public outcry over protection of statutory code and rule, are seen in the Soviet Revolution, the Cultural Revolution, and the rise of national socialism in Nazi Germany. All of these persons were 'Young Hegelian" dialectics, and inconsistent with rights for individuals and civil rights, human rights, and the concept of inherent dignity over which the State or other political body has no authority to deny a person contrary any offense against society.

The very core of Hegelian Dialectics (Hegelian arguments) is that civil honors and titles are granted by society to the individual, and are privileges. The fundamental oppositional view is that civil honors and titles are inherenet in the nature of individual people by right of their existnce and relationshp, and standing in such claims cannot be suspended or denied by will of society whatsoever at any time, nor granted or themed absent unless granted by a court as a 'title', so prohibited in United States Constitution Article I section 9 and 10.

The failure to teach these concepts, subordinated by science and narrative history to prescribe an ambiguity of power and force to compel normative standards and obligations in society based on economic and political power, is a basis for justification of prior revolutions and destruction of human rights portrayed as "progress" in common core education Asia, radical Islamic terrorism funded by Western Austrio-Hungarian terrorism, and prior radical national socialist supporters in the United States and Europe.

Data mining and global reach of profiling in data services by Alphabet Inc. (Google) have allowed hate groups to target and harass conservatives, ban their communication and discriminate against their popularity and economic reach, and organized harassment similar to the "brown shirt" (stormtrooper) movement in the 1930s. Seven Alpha is a defensive technology to protect and preserve academic and professional trades against abuse and extortion, blackmail, and economic taking without right of invention and design by radical socialist elements engaging in human trafficking activity in the United States and other areas under color of law; and supported by the Supreme Court of the United States in its recent decisions (586 U.S. case 17-1091; 588 U.S. case 17-647) and regulations (Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244).

When States and their regional agencies resist these rights to unlawfully violate Title 22 Chapter 78 and Title 18 Chapter 95 and 96 as a policy, similar to abuses of Lebensraum in the Netherlands and Poland after Nazi occupation, a variety of protections are necessary and regionl bodies entitled to their exercise (22 O.S. 22-31, 22-32, 22-33) their rights (76 O.S. 76-9) against such abuses ( 76 O.S. 76-1, 76-3, 76-4, 76-6, 76-8).

The manner in which they do this is protected by the Oklahoam Constitution ( Article I-1, II-1, II-3, II-5, II-6, II-7, II-9, II-10, II-13, II-15, II-17, II-19 II-20, II-21, II-24, II-25, II-29, II-30, II-32, II-33, II-36A). Allegation of violations in this matter in each case are now formally part of a single complaint before the court in 2019.

The use of mental health claims to circumvent the prior knowing, willful, and premeditated violation of such rights and written contract at law, themed a "terrorist hoax" in Oklahoma by STATE OF TEXAS, is now under order for trial on no registered contract of record and fraud to kidnap a resident of the State of Oklahoma for Title IV fraud prohibited at law (18 USC 666) under formal complaint. The plaintif, a Psi Chi Honors graduate of East Central University holding a degree in clinical psychology awarded by the regents for Higher Education of the State of Oklahoma in 1999, alleges kidnapping for concealment and ransom on no lawful cause of a child during INTERSTATE COMMERCE and INTERSTATE TRANSPORT in value over $10,000 USD and subsequent $80,000 USD real damages compelling surrender of a registered business of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to parties in STATE OF TEXAS so prohibited in Title 21 Oklahoma Criminal Code (21 O.S. ) as blackmail, extortion, and coercion to obtain signature on concealment of a child from 2001-2019 contrary order to return such child and violence supporting the taking of the child fraudulently portrayed to falsely allege abandonment in a scheme or plan to obtain control over registered securities. These acts by use of UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE continuing in 2019 contrary Federal Law, violating 45 CFR 303.6 and in pattern of violation jointly by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, so cojoined with 21 O.S. 21-1732 "Larceny of trade secrets" and other taking threatened in letters and demands, property damage, and ongoing direct harassment during concealment of the child to extort payment of a false civil debt (15 USC 1692d). Such claims having domestic jurisdiction and right under 15 USC 1692n, and obligated payment for injury per 15 USC 1692k and 18 USC 1593 'mandatory restitution' in a formal complaint of human trafficking (21 O.S. 21-748.1) and 'serious injury' to obtain labor (18 USC 1589) so defined in civil suit filed in 2019 under 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule. These acts alleged and aided by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF MICHIGAN corporation assets in ongoing attacks and disruption of INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS documented in 2001-2019, false claims at law, and total concealment of the child to include threat of false incarceration and fines on petition for relief violationg TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.375 expressly.

Conduct in this matter rising to the extreme degree to warrant a complaint under United States Treaty citing Supreme Law in "The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide", and state policies confessed in Turner v Rogers et al (564 U.S. case 431, 2011), citing violation by states in this matter to carry out coercion (illegal action) to obtain false debts, themed EXCESSIVE FINES by Justice Ginsberg (2019) and disclaimed by the UNITED STATES in 2016 citing no such right from 1991-2019 (Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244), a conditional contract subject all Title IV agency activity and grant of funds exceeding $54 billion USD.

The taking, concealment, and alienation of children to incite a loss of civil honors and civil death in persons under fraud of mental health defect and repeated unlawful taking over $30,000 USD not granted a legal cause at-law, warrant and justify the remedy enacted in Seven Alpha services and security rights now enacted under Article I-1 and II-1 rule, and related rights in contract a civil agreement protected by Article XXIII section 8 and 9 rule.

The Prior Rule was upheld in all Federal Matters in a 9-0 ruling (586 U.S. Case 17-1091, 2019) and as stated in the Oklahoma Constitution:

Contracts waiving benefits of Constitution invalid.
Any provision of a contract, express or implied, made by any person, by which any of the benefits of this Constitution is sought to be waived, shall be null and void.

Notice or demand, stipulation for.
Any provision of any contract or agreement, express or implied, stipulating for notice or demand other than such as may be provided by law, as a condition precedent to establish any claim, demand, or liability, shall be null and void.

The taking of children, based on license, from residency and legal address of a parent for concealment to obtain a payment unconditional and exclusive of all contact and communication with the child as a claim is therefore not lawful, and wrongly recorded in malicious intent to defraud a violation per 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III violation - subject unlimited damages - and so prohibited in Supreme Law the war crime "genocide" aggravated by gaslighting activity using global communication contrary a lawful order of rights then made in evidence to gain commercial advantage over American industry and economic investment rights by NTT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, EQUINIX, and its employee(s) at the Stemmons Freeway data center, #40 site, and related businesses and agents at-law who did falsely circulate this claim in concealment of a UNITED STATES CITIZEN from their proven parent contrary 76 O.S. 76-8 in fraud and kidnapping to carry out forfeiture of estate and title, and false filing 2018 Nov 21 to make false attribution of claim to a new legal party (an estate) not a party to the first legal action in 2001 (a default by Veronica M. Petersen, so exposed in record Dec 14 2001 - falsely ruled default then May 29 2019 over objection and in violation of a guarantee of due process not met by STATE OF TEXAS against the Oklahoma Resident seeking return of their abducted child from their legal foreign residence and against a false bond temed on 'imputed income' not a component of 'factual income' and prior ending per agreement days prior abduciton of the child and under promise of matrimony such funds and interest up to $100,000 USD obtained from the Oklahoma Resident without any promised compensation or repayment over 2001-2019, a fraud). Incitement of injury then following "Volksverhetzung" and an effort to imply mental disability and emotional instability in the parent to justify such taking by force, threat of murder, attempted murder, and false contract - a minor child just after birth themed 21 O.S. 21-891 (child snatching) for perpeptual concealment from a parent in eugenics based alienation.