Regular Registration Terms: SEVEN ALPHA (PKI) Network

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Seven Alpha is a 'Private Network' under strict regulatory governance, independent from the Internet and ICANN namespace, pursuant Federal Communications Commission rule pertaining all end-user devices and right to modification for private use or purpose to suit. Neither ICANN or other body are lawfully empowered to a monopoly over this technology, and such monopoly is strictly prohibited in the State of Oklahoma per 586 U.S. 17-1091 ruling.

Users on Seven Alpha enjoy:

  • Limited Anonymity with variable public name use restricted by zones policy.
  • Strong financial and legal accountability for actions while enjoying reasonable anonymity.
  • A 'DO NOT TRACK' environment barring sexual content and violent, racist, and inappropriate material.
  • Enhanced services and application layer not available to the general public.
  • Strong communication default encryption using VPN & SSL technology.
  • Flow tracking to eliminate Denial of Service Abuse using forgery.
  • Screening of persons to prevent use by sex offenders and criminals.
  • American Dialectic and Republican form of governance and policy.
  • An academic atmosophere not hostile to enterprise and intangible-property law.
  • Privacy from web-scraping and other forms of automated surveillance tools.

What you Must Provide:

  • Written Authorization for Background Check including Criminal Background.
  • Financial Background is Not a Part of this Process, nor relevant for membership.
  • Agreement in Contract to Terms and Conditions, Disclosure, and NDA rules.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement governs general privacy, rights of others, and disclaims any agreement to any illegal activity or harm explicitly witnessed.
  • These agreements allow reasonable arbitration claims should infringement of content be alleged.

What you receive on successful registration: Subject Terms of Use and Acceptance

  • PKCS Certificate Device for activation
  • Device Software for Access to Networks and Services
  • Probationary period of 90 days during which background check is executed
  • Obligation agreement to report any further contact with law enforcement or claims against you or your estate, business, or other agency.
  • A very open academic atmosphere with higher standards of integrity to discovery and innovation in science and technology.

Why Do I Want This (info)

What Seven Alpha is:

  • Seven Alpha essentially the opposite of the DarkWeb, a criminal network using similar privacy tools.
  • Businesses and engineers have, for centuries, formed private societies and meeting places for work.
  • Prior societies have been religious in nature, requiring belief in a supreme being, for moral center.
  • Seven Alpha does not disbar religion nor grant all faiths equal standing regardless of moral beliefs.
  • The core moral belief of Seven Alpha resides in the acknowledgement of dignity in each individual.
  • No benefit or value in a collective may infringe upon individual dignity at any point at law.
  • The collective exists to serve the individual, not the opposite, contrary G.W.F. Hegel's Statism.
  • Seven Alpha is named after the Seven 'Seals' of the Bible and Book of Revelations.
  • Seven Alpha consists of 9 'Gates', governed by 3 'keys' which grant access.
  • Seven Alpha is based on '', and a related story.
  • The network is strongly administered, with discretion to act as necessary.
  • There is therefore a relief afforded to injury even unforseen or abuse of terms to cause injury.