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SEVEN ALPHA: Governing Body
Theology and Customs of Governance:
  • The "King of Kings" is the title of office of the administrative officer, whose role is that of servant in all matters of legal or administrative contest, unlike judges and officers of Justice in Western and Middle-Eastern courts; so signified by a ritual of service involving the judge first taking a knee prior the parties doing so in response - affirming the fundamental obligation of the court and case are to the dignity of the parties instead of the authority of the state or court or its agents.

    The motto of the dispute resolution system is "You will know him for he is the first to serve."

    This is a response to abuses of the United States courts in violence from 2001-2019 to the injury of the founders children and family without due process or right to trial, concealing unlawfully his first born and only son for 18 years. The "King of Kings" is an elected position, executed by all members using secure voting and strong crypto-card identity ballot, and is a non-technical position. Jury trial is also available at-option in all matters, in the American Dialectic tradition. No jury may make law, but may consider if law shall apply based on circumstances and context.

  • Seven Alpha is a framework for strong cryptographic smartcard-like identity tools facilitating business and scientific works, denying public taking alleged to all content by State of California against academic rights now a matter at-law in the United States and elsewhere, and affording private property without sovereign estate proxy to innovators and developers, writers, and content creators. In many ways, it is an improvement on prior "estate" law, and a distinct jurisprudence known by all persons as "American Jurisprudence", to distinguish it from United States jurisprudence and other law.

    As the code of a private organized society, it is not a court in contest with the regional courts or Justice, nor substitute, and exists under contract law in the State of Oklahoma a civil matter disbarring interference by State and Federal agencies at-law. This means that the matter may resort to regional law and avenues of relief for civil and criminal wrongdoing which are not suited to the private society or its limited authority including fines and enforcement, indictment, and incarceration of offenders at-law, while retaining its autonomy over its own affairs and rules of conduct, policy, and conditions. At law, it would be a civil society and its right to organized enumerated at-law, despite technical tools used to do so.

  • Does not endorse or employ any crypto-currency, token, marker, or other instrument of security nor issue such as prohibited in the 'Securities Exchange Act of 1934' or related Oklahoma legislation. Promotion, use, or substitution of cyrpocurrency or similar instrument is prohibited without payment of full fees as though monetary exchange, despite present ruling as property at-law in the United States, to ensure compliance with the Oklahoma Tax Commission and other regulatory bodies such as the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, et al. All taxes owed are due and not disclaimed nor any debt by the Seven Alpha network, which is not disputed debt in lawful accord and on sound legal theory at-law.

  • Seven Alpha does not participate, donate, or support political action in any foreign country or the United States, nor register businesses or entities who do as members in standing.

    Policy prohibit some platforms, such as communism, socialism, and progressive claims and language from use due to their use to infringe on the dignity of private property and right of privacy and relationship among family members having been placed secondary to 'the greater good' (State, community, philosophy) and such claims wrongly relied upon to incite 'Volksverhetzung' against Americans or wrongly themed 'mental health issues' to suppress American Dialectic philosophy, rights, and the suffrage of persons in criminal activity themed organized war crimes by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and STATE OF OKLAHOMA now under legal suit for 21 O.S. 21-748 human trafficking in the concealment of children and extortion violating 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 18 USC 1091 in context to 18 USC 241 and 242 violations alleged felony crimes. These matters refused relief in FR-18-04 and contrary 588 U.S. case 17-647 right to relief voiding sovereignty defense employed by STATE OF TEXAS in 'BITARA et al versus UNITED STATES' appeal for relief in the 18 year concealment of a newborn child taken during Interstate Commerce and travel on Interstate 35 on August 2001 to 2019 without legal cause and to extort registered businesses in State of Oklahoma under color of law contrary Title 22 Section 7102 and related Chapter 78 rule. So also prohibited in 15 USC 1692d, 1692n, 1589; 18 USC 1589, 1593, 1981, 1994; and obligated manditory restitution at law.

    The civil society is organized under Oklahoma Constitution Article II-3 and II-22, with relief obligated per article II-6, citing suspension to terminate the right of habeas corpus; and enforced under 22 O.S. 22-31 through 22-34 with regard to 76 O.S. 76-8 and 76-9 'all necessary force' including legal acts so provided in Article I-1 and II-1 enumerated Constitution of the State of Oklahoma per 586 U.S. 17-1091 rule.

  • Seven Alpha is founded on the Title 76 section 76-1 (inherent rights) and 76-3 (right against deceit of the public using any form of media or technology in false statements), and the 76-6 rule enumerating the protection of reputation including the 'civil honors' afforded parents falsely accused in taking and concealment activity of Title IV fraud (18 USC 666) alleged in FR-18-04, a civil suit.