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Established in 1990, incorporated into a limited liability company (LLC) in 1998, and in operation since then to 2019 - SDP Multimedia Group is the City of Ada, Oklahoma's oldest PC manufacturer. Founded by the son of the engineer at a former Apple Computer retailer Computer Utility, SDP Multimedia Group began its work in the early Internet and BBS era of digital publications and related law.

Over 2001-2019, civil rights law and criminal racketeering in computer networking and foreign investment in United States utilities for data long-haul optical services led the firm into conflict with State governments engaging in Title IV fraud, described under 18 USC section 666 Federal Law. Through lobbying and resistance to extortion, the firm promoted and supported Federal Law decisions such as 564 U.S. 431, 586 U.S. ____ 2019 Docket No 17-1091, and 588 U.S. ____ 2019 Docket No 17-467.

These decisions restored Constitutional Law to its rightful place over State and Federal Law, removed catch 22 rules that prohibited appeal to the United States Court for civil rights infringements where State property tax and asset forfeiture regulations were being abused to take land, intangible property, and children from American Citizens, and asserted the rights of Constitutional Law over United States Citizens in the social security registry equal to that of natural born persons - eliminating the loophole claims that permitted forfeiture of property and body by pecuniary fines deemed 'excessive' in a 9-0 SCOTUS decision February 20 2019, and opened the door to civil litigation of states by victims in a 5-4 SCOTUS decision.

The firm further brought light to the admitted use of 'coercion' in the dissenting opinion of "TURNER v ROGERS et al", whereby federal felony confession barred by 22 USC Chapter 78 was made in dissenting opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, confessing wrongdoing by the UNITED STATES in 2011 which led to reform in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and changes to 45 CFR in 2017. This decriminalized poverty and employment manipulation in custody disputes, affecting nearly 200,000 new victims each year otherwise subjected to unlawful perpetual loss of contact with one parent over economic factors themed moral defect and criminal wrongdoing unlawfully by the state and Federal courts of the United States (source: American Bar Association, 2001-2010 study).

While the firm continues its civil rights mission, the company also manufactures high-end computers and provides International and Interstate communications with encryption and private ownership of nodes protecting customers from information scraping and data mining of conversations in free voice, email, and social media services.

The company became an affiliate with in 2018, and provides programs for mature audiences in software evaluation and talkshow formats which suit a 7pm to 11pm broadcast standard, dealing with the sciences in a caustic and humorous way with military perspective.

GUIDE: How Not To Buy A Toaster

SDP Multimedia Group manufactures computers systems designed for long life.

The average operational lifespan of our systems is 10 years (120 months). This is because of part selection, support, and channel relationships established over 1992-2019 combined with XCORE™ technology.

XCORE™ allows our AGS and BGS platform to refit its CPU, memory, chipset, and remain current without repurchase of expensive electrical parts like $300 power supplies, FRAME, peripherals with extended standards (DVD, et al), display, and classic components (which we are really good at maintaining, as our working EMU 1010 series cards for Windows 10 professional are a testimony). No other system under Windows 10 has WDM support today except our AGS and BGS Creative Line. Lessons learned from maintaining American air force equipment support our computers.

We build computers like my father and his brothers built airplanes:
With a reliability for armed service operations one rivet at a time.