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Seven Alpha - CDC NOTICE / Teleconferencing

Serious Games are a non-gambling community-based product of Seven Alpha, designed to restore community activity in online play similar to social settings prior the Internet. Sevne Alpha uses keys to identify users, so members cannot abuse other members, create anonymity in a very crafted system of professional namespace for each product, and allow users a middleware to meet and socialize based on the Beyond War character project (1996-2020). AM24 areas ensure adult-only areas remain designated from family areas of our network, to affirm standards protecting 1st Amendment rights in both regions of our service cloud. Seven Alpha is the result of a "dumbing-down" of adult literature and language to suit "all ages" audiences, promoting attacks on individuals and businesses in a socialist style of felony stalking and violence.

As person-to-person contact increasingly represents a serious health risk to children and the elderly, the use of and value in "SEVEN ALPHA" products becomes apparent. Stigma that telecommunication is inferior to direct human contact contrary video, audio, and interactive environments is a Medieval idea - despite still having diagnostic use by Oklahoma's outdated psychology medical practice. Persons who remain in their homes speaking to groups of 2000 people or more are actually more social and in contact with more people than any member of the community offline in 2020 in many communities like Ada, Oklahoma.

Despite this, retaliation and abuse of online workers in violation of XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" is very common, and a form of terrorist hoax targeting teleconferencing workers and skilled workers in PONTOTOC COUNTY and other areas of the country; primarily perpetrated by foreign owned corporations like NTT GROUP and their downline, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC (An NPR Affiliate), former KEIF-LP (An NPR Affiliate and disgraced not-for-profit station of Enid, Oklahoma shut down by the FCC for commercial use and exploitation of the public spectrum) and other forms of medicare and social security frauds like that found in documents from the 2017 car theft and threatened concealment of our company car - themed sale of false instruments for medical billing by victims in State of Texas. Fraud relies on confidence in social networks to leverage injury against businesses that are involved in complex legal and financial dealings, to extort and allege false sale of property, and engage in identity theft to intimidate and bully the public during elections.

SEVEN ALPHA ends that fraud, by engaging your identity and your family in a strongly guarded network of security tools which preclude false personation and false signature, and allow you to enjoy the privacy the Internet was intended to provide without the legal abuse of automated and systematic account fraud used by the radical left wing communist and socialist "progressive" movement to resume "brown shirt tactics" against their political and economic opponents each election, school year, and against women and children in organized anti-American activity coercing young and vulnerable youth to embrace "socialism" under the guise of "democracy" - a less offensive term.

Customers who are not Professional Trade Persons may access SEVEN ALPHA through DEEP LAYER INC., and be registered under the BOXOFFICE operator desk. This affords families and children over the age of 12 to participate in the general audiences component of services, while AM24 league members bear the cost of eSports Registration which include promotion and service fees for events set-up and network broadcasting costs.