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Shadowdancers Press - legally SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS now 33 years since June 1990 registration of SHADOWDANCERS PRESS was first filed in State of Oklahoma as a commercial business - is as of 1998 reorganization then made a limited liability company. James Allen, the author of Beyond War and the Manifold Space Engine (MSE) game engine and server platform, created the firm to protect his academic work from criminal fraud, and recommends anyone considering any form of work do the same to protect their property from what happened since.

Manifold technology allows for distributed unified spatial mapping and signal message stacks across multiple stateful machines on distributed hardware and geographic locations, a platform imitated by numerous companies in the 2001-2021 fraud to conceal and extort this product from the United States.

MSE combines data replication and signal communication queue stack dynamic instancing and address management for network systems predating modern cloud computing and virtualization, and is platform independent in protocol solutions for implementation on a number of diverse operating systems. MSE uses Path Tracing Technology since the year 2000, which several companies are now trying to claim they invented as of September 2022 in fraudulent conveyance of title and concealment to abuse a child in industrial espionage activity initated in August 2001 by contractors for NTT COMMUNICATIONS, a NATION OF JAPAN corporation owned 23% by the GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN, and to export such ballistic target acquisition and flight system automation technology to People's Republic of China in a criminal fraud abusing a minor child.

MSE technology has applications in product simulation and logistics, control surface and signal processing, and is a framework for physical feedback measures in signal loop technology as well as parallel tasking and signal process interpretation across multiple physical devices with centralized pattern recognition and management.

These technologies are precursors to the modern ray-tracing interpolation, compute, and discrete logic parallel technology frequently seen in intelligent system logic and learning software technology 20 years later. Due to industrial espionage and sabotage activity, all MSE technology is protected by trade secret and against export or use outside the United States or its local territories and Native American reservations.

Fraud to coerce or compel disclosure will be treated as felony harasment in concert with violence and false claims in 1996-2021 efforts to disable or dilute the legal rights of the developers. Early work in standard query language and relational database management systems (RDMS) is not subject any foreign claim, and platform independent of major provider languages and patents.

Technology for this platform is only available to limited audiences under separate license who are already users of the Seven Alpha strong identity and network security system, a private network separate from the public Internet.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, a registered tradename of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., remains the only licensed vendor of this technology and services - which are not for export or foreign use or sale. Other intellectual property is likewise licensed solely under the authorization of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., all rights reserved.